Accounting is a demanding career, and every company requires the guidance of an accountant to handle their businesses, hence, creating a high chance of being employed. Knowledge of accountancy and the skills enable a person who is good in accounting to bestow the growth of a country’s economy.  Taxes will always be a factor in all individuals’ and organizations’ lives. It will be a smart decision to do a Business Accounting and Taxation course to become proficient in job markets. The following article discusses all you need details about the BAT course programs. 

What is Business Accounting?

Business Accounting is a process of maintaining track of all business operations. The financial documents are evaluated, documented, and constructed in this process.


It is a process derived by governments all over the world. It includes levying charges on individuals, a group of people or an organisation to generate revenue that can be used for the country’s developmental activities. 

So, let’s discuss these simple points and know the concept of what will be a part of the BAT course:

  • A diverse curriculum, a BAT course is a detailed certification program conducted through classroom and online classes. It offers students an in-depth understanding of Accountancy. Moreover, it embeds a balanced mix of theoretical and industry knowledge of bookkeeping and account-keeping to aid students in gaining wholesome knowledge.
  • This course also delivers formal training in the System Application Product (SAP), a system comprising modules completing all the elements of Business Management. Highly demanded in the field of Management, learning SAP is an asset to add to your skill set.
  • A BAT course also enriches an individual with tools and techniques of software named Quickbooks Coaching. When it attains to storing personal financial statements or information, this software is one of the most authentic sources in the field of Accounting. 

Eligibility Criteria of BAT Course:

The candidate has to be a 12th pass out in the accounts field, graduate with a commerce and maths background with 50 per cent marks and above from a certified college to be enrolled for the Business accounting and taxation course.  Hence, the course is rewarding for freshers or even for experienced people.


This program is designed specifically for candidates who desire to make a career in financial taxation. Every academy may have its prerequisites. The basic term is a commerce graduate from any approved college. So, an individual must be a graduate with a Commerce background to be eligible for the Business accounting and taxation course.

The course is beneficial for freshers or professionals with two years of experience. So, to pursue a BAT course from a recognised institution, one must carry a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from a certified institution.  Except that the entry conditions could disagree with relation to the launching chosen.

BAT Course Syllabus & Subjects Covered

The major topics and pointers prescribed under the program below:

Topic         Concept Covered
Financial Reporting using ERP Software – Tally Basics of TallyAccounting management through TallyProduction
stock management deducted at the source
payrollTally ERP 9
GST compliance
Direct Taxation  Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) 
Accounting for TDS Income
Tax Returns Filing TDS Return
HR Payroll Over View payroll management
labour law Statuary compliances
computing tax saving
investment deductions
exemption payroll processing and reports.
BUSY Introduction to Busy Transaction Posting Extraction of GST Reports Creation of Ledgers
Finalisation of Financial Statements  Analysing the balance sheet process of preparation
understanding GAAP and its applicability
comparative analysis
bank Reconciliation
Group Heads
How to read the Financial statements of a firm
SAP Module (Simulation-Based) Introduction to ERP
Financial accounting Basic settings
General Ledger Accounting
Accounts PayableReports and Asset accounting
Excel and MIS Reporting  Introduction of Excel 
Lookup FunctionVLookup
HLookup Objective
Advantages of MIS 
MIS Reporting Using Excel.
Goods and Service Tax (GST)  Introduction to GST
GST concepts
Registrations and Provisions
Invoicing, returns, And Management

Career and Salary After Business Accounting and Taxation Course

With a unified degree in Business Accounting and Taxation, candidates can explore many job opportunities. One can choose from various job profiles available in the public and private sectors. A BAT course also equips individuals with knowledge about the Finance sector, thus offering them a special skill set.

Along with following the profile of a tax accountant, given below is a list of other suitable career profiles for a BAT course graduate:

  • Analyst or a Senior Associate
  • Assistant or Senior Manager
  • Accounts Executive
  • Deputy General Manager
  • Lecturer

Therefore, the fresher salary after the BAT course is around Two Lakhs INR to Eight Lakhs INR p.a.

Course Fee for Business Accounting and Taxation

The course structure varies from institution to institution. Generally, the course fee ranges from 50000 to 75000.

Top Institutes Offering BAT Courses

Here are the best institutes offering business accounting and taxation courses in India:

1. Henry Harvin

This institution ranked first among India’s Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) course providers. They offer 172 hours of live online and off interactive sessions. Students perform projects in GST, HR Payroll, Advanced Excel, and more. Henry Harvin has internship opportunities for real industry knowledge for their students.

Moreover, they award certification for their Business Accounting and Taxation courses. 

Besides, they come with 100 per cent placement support for their candidates for one year after the successful completion of the course. Here, one can easily access  Business Accounting, and Taxation (BAT) courses LMS containing video content, assessments, and also great tools and techniques.

Aspirants with gold membership have the chance to attend boot camps, hackathons and different competitions. Besides, all these gold membership candidates get weekly job alerts. Further, they can attain multiple classes of various trainers. Henry Harvin’s trainers are highly experienced and certified, with great teaching experiences.

2. EduPristine

EduPristine is a premier BAT Training institution with five business verticals in Finance, Analytics, Accounting, Marketing, and Healthcare. So today, it has a strong online platform and educational networks serving three modes: classroom, self-paced, and online learning. 

Moreover, the industry experts-led programs at EduPristine provide students with an intensive learning experience to enrich the candidates with practical knowledge to face challenges in the real job environment. 

  Further, Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT) by EduPristine is a theoretical and practical learning program created to help students become streamlined skilled accounting professionals. 

The program modules here are curated, well-structured, and designed by industry experts with years in the field. Besides, their job assistance team guides the students to master soft skills and prepare for job interviews. 

3. APG Learning

APG Learning started functioning in 2013 with a task to train and educate learners and ensure sustainable socio-economic development. Additionally, this institution hosts some of the most successful job-oriented programs in business, technology, finance, and lifestyle. Their interactive courses make their students ready with knowledge and skills for a work environment.

Further, they update the programs periodically to ensure learners’ advanced knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques for the learners.

The BAT course by APG Learning gives students practical training in Tax and Accounting and updates them with the latest knowledge of taxation to prepare them job-ready. It will also improve professionals’ confidence and competency to seek promotion in existing Jobs.

4. National Institute of Finance Market:

NIFM is one of the renowned educational institutes in India, with 15 learning centres for Accounting and Business Taxation. Additionally, the institute follows the latest industry skill requirements and crafts students’ short-term certifications and one-year diplomas.  Besides, these industry-demand courses focus on enhancing practical training of students with live projects.  

Therefore, the BAT course by NIFM tries to fulfil the requirements and demands of the industry.  The program covers GST, TDS, E-filing, and Income tax practically.  It trains its students to make a decision and review the balance sheet.  So, through it, you obtain knowledge for a  full-time job, part-time job, or freelancing as a proficient accountant.  

5. City Commerce Academy:

 The City Commerce Academy, established in 1999, has the track of successfully training thousands of students in accounting in India. Further, they employ a unique training methodology built over twenty years in their training on Accounts, Tally Erp 9, Taxation, and other Accounting Software.

Therefore, the Business Accounts and Tax course includes all concepts of our Business Accounting, Accounts, and Tax Course. 


Nowadays, all businesses, regardless of the company’s size and scope, know the significance of accounting. They also know of the requirement for tax compliance. In this situation, the skills in accounting and taxation have become highly formidable skills.    The business accounting and taxation course training will help you acknowledge accounting operations and the State and Central taxation rules for corporations, businesses, and people. Thus, this article discusses everything you require to know about Business accounting and taxation(BAT) course programs.   Hopefully, you select a course smartly and enter a promising career without fear.   Happy learning. 

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Q-1.    Why is Accounting essential?

Ans. Accounting is crucial to any firm as the company’s financial information permits managers to mould business decisions based on these numbers. So, it works on interpreting, analysing, and communicating the company’s operations and finances. Every business owner and individual uses accounting concepts, whether they have a business or just plan how to spend their salary.

Q- 2. What are the basic differences between Business Accounting and Taxation?

Ans. Accounting aids in determining the right profit or loss and position of assets and liabilities on a date and for a given period for a company or individual. 
In contrast, taxation is the process of governing what you have to collect or pay taxes. It also includes the filing of individual or company tax returns.

Q3. How can someone apply for a BAT course?

Ans: One can directly visit the official website of Henry Harvin or your select institute to apply for the BAT course and fill out the application form. Therefore, the minimum requirement for a BAT course is a bachelor’s degree in a Commerce field specialisation.

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  1. Meena falwadiya Reply

    Taking the BAT course was a wise decision. The course details were comprehensive, providing a solid foundation in bat ecology, taxonomy, and physiology. The instructors were experts in the field, offering valuable insights and support. The interactive learning environment made the content enjoyable and easy to retain.

  2. Japneet singh Arora Reply

    I found myself wishing that I had enrolled in the bat course eligibility since it would have provided the finest possibility for me on this platform. Please keep publishing articles like these.

  3. yashu chilwal Reply

    From my personal experience, the bat course eligibility requirements can vary depending on the institution. Some may require a biology background, while others may accept a more diverse range of educational backgrounds. It’s important to research beforehand.

  4. parvaz khan Reply

    The BAT course is a must for those looking to build a career in business accounting and taxation. The salary prospects in this field are lucrative, and the syllabus is designed to impart practical skills. The eligibility criteria for the course are clearly defined, making it easier for interested individuals to pursue their dream career.

  5. Online courses have benefits and drawbacks.Here is a list of resources I used to succeed in this BAT course also known about eligibility and the details and syllabus of bat course as well.Although the bat course material is extensive,this website makes it simple to comprehensive each topic and finish the required readings on time.

  6. Online courses come with advantages and disadvantages. Here is a list of the business accounting syllabus and tools. I utilized to complete this BAT course and prove my business accounting and taxation course eligibility. Although there is a lot of reading material for this course including  job, and syllabus , this website makes it easy to understand each topic and finish the assigned readings on time.

  7. I found myself wishing that I would have taken business accounting and taxation course eligibility best opportunity for me that I needed in this platform, please doing posting more and more posts like this.

  8. An on-line class has it rewards and down falls. Here is list of things I found to be helpful in helping me succeed in this BAT course their syllabus are lengthy but with HENRY HARVIN easy to understand every topics and easily to complete syllabus within time.

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