Is there scope for studying taxation courses in India? Absolutely yes! The industry is always on the lookout for dynamic and capable individuals who can think on their feet. It is an ever-expanding industry with many new services being offered every day. A career in the financial industry is as demanding as a doctor or engineer in India today. So choosing to do a taxation course in India will land you a lucrative job. 

Let us begin with the perennial question, what is taxation? Taxation is the mandatory payment imposed by a governmental authority on its residents to raise revenue. It is the most important source of income for governments in most modern economies. Every country, without exceptions, levies taxes on its citizens. All the expenses of a government are fulfilled with tax money. From paying for salaries of government employees to maintaining the public property and providing relief to the poor, are all done with the tax money. Hence, tax is the most important factor that determines a country’s economic growth and stability. Based on the amount of tax collected, the government will decide on how best to allocate funds to optimize the redistribution of wealth.


Importance of Tax

Tax is the biggest source of income for any government in the world. It finances all government activities. The government uses tax money to invest in projects that will boost the economy of the country. 

The infrastructure of the country like roads, parks, railways, etc, government offices, hospitals, schools, and other institutions are built and maintained with tax money. Daily expenses of running these establishments and salaries of its employees are all paid for with this tax money.

Tax is also used to redistribute wealth among the citizens in a country. The money collected as tax generally increases as the income of the individual increases. This money is used by the government in many different ways to help the poor get a better education, healthcare, and other benefits. 

Hence, without the citizens of a country paying taxes, the government will not be able to run the country properly. The economic prosperity of a country is dependent on its citizens paying taxes responsibly.

India’s Taxation Policies 

It is the duty and responsibility of every citizen to contribute to the country’s economy by paying taxes. India has a long and complex taxation policy. Taxes are levied by three different government bodies Central, State, and the Corporation or Municipal. This creates many complications.

Further, different tax rates are levied on different groups, there are varying and complex surcharge rates for corporate and non-corporate entities. The income tax to be paid depends on collective individual income and any deductibles the individual can apply. The more deductibles an individual can prove, the lesser he has to pay for income tax.

Although there are numerous ways of classifying taxes, two of the most common categories of tax are direct and indirect tax. Direct taxes can be ones such as income tax, capital gains, and corporate taxes. On the other hand, indirect taxes are applicable to products and services. In India, indirect taxes are levied under a single tax called the GST or Goods and Service Tax.  

Indian Tax system often requires dedicated study and time to understand which is why a supplementary taxation course will help most graduates hone their knowledge and skill. 

Top Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in India 

1. Henry Harvin 


Henry Harvin is a career and competency development organization that leads in the industry. The organization holds the prestigious position of being the best out of the five EdTech start-ups in India. They provide excellent training courses in diverse industries across India and have trained over 3 lakh individuals in over 1100 batches. They are also affiliated with numerous academies across the world and the trusted partner of many leading corporate companies. This gives the organization an edge as trainers.

The Accounting and Taxation Course offered by Henry Harvin is a 32-hour interactive program. The syllabus is elaborate and comprehensive. The course is designed to equip students with extensive knowledge of the field and to use it for the benefit of their careers. The syllabus is also inclusive of practical project work and so students gain hands-on experience which will prepare them for the industry. 

The instructors for this taxation course are professionals who are well respected within the industry. They are often invited to deliver opinions and take part in discussions as experts on the subject in national news channels like NDTV and Aaj Tak.

 The Academy provides 24/7 e-learning access which can be super convenient for students who want a quick refresher.  

Course Highlights

  • CIST(Certified Income Tax Specialist) Certification from Government of India
  • Self-paced course which allows convenient and flexible classes 
  • Internship opportunities facilitated by the institution
  • Henry Harvin helps the student scout for Job Opportunities 
  • Award winning trainers

Online Business Accounting and Taxation Course

The Accounting and Taxation Course offered by Henry Harvin helps the students focus and expand their knowledge of vital topics such as GST, Income Tax, and TDS. The course has a vast and comprehensive syllabus that will help the students reinforce their competence in the field. It will give students an edge over their fellow competitors in the job market.

One of the best taxation courses in India, it provides training through interactive sessions online. The instructors are professionals with over 15 years of experience working in the field.

Course Highlights

  • 172 Hours of training
  • Experienced trainers with working and teaching experience
  • Recognised Certification
  • Internship attached to the course
  • Placement Opportunities
  • Access to Unlimited Interactive Sessions with trainers in the year

2. SLA E-Accounting, E-Taxation(E-GST and E-Income Tax) Training Program 


This taxation course is offered by SLA. It is tailored to meet the current industry standard and familiarise students with the latest practices within the industry. Employers are on the hunt for capable professionals familiar with digital taxation and its modus operandi. To compete in today’s job market it has become imperative that graduates focus on skills that will help them stand out. This taxation course will help you do just that.

Course Highlights

  • Industry recognised Certification
  • Faculty consists of CA/CPA with over 10 years of experience 
  • Assistance in finding Placements
  • Practical hands on training with case studies
  • Exposure to clients through live projects

3. TaxGuru Edu

Keep looking for a career in Taxation in India, offered by TaxGuru Edu. This income tax course focuses on teaching practical application and producing income tax specialists. The income tax course consists of two three-hour weekly classes on the weekends. Attend an Income Tax course taught in English and Hindi by illustrious field-specific experts. There is an excellent scope of Taxation in India.

Key Features

  • The Income Tax Course consumes all of your weekends. This course is to accommodate working professionals.
  • A program of 3-hour lessons per week for 40 hours of intensive study
  • Course on Income Tax taught in English and Hindi by famous tax professionals.
  • Students can get a video of all classes for a limited time and will be provided with specifics.
  • A platform for the live resolution of all questions facilitated through interactivity
  • Designed for all levels of professionals, from novices to finance experts, TaxGuru only issues a certificate upon successfully completing the exam.

Contact No: 011-24126418

4. Tezpur University and UGC, via Swayam Swayam

A government without spending authority cannot rule a nation. But how does the government generate revenue? Well, taxation plays a significant role in government revenue. The Income Tax is an excellent example of a government-imposed direct tax. As a taxpayer and tax professional, you must become familiar with the Income Tax Act and its governing legislation. This 15-week course is taught by Prof. (Dr.) Subhrangshu Sekhar Sarkar of Tezpur University and UGC through Swayam has a wealth of information. The scope of Taxation will skyrocket in the coming years.

Key Features 

  • Tezpur University and UGC, thru Swayam, offer a free 15-week Income Tax Course.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of India’s direct taxation system
  • If you want a great career in Taxation in India, learn Income Tax Calculation
  • Gain knowledge of tax planning and tax administration
  • Develop the ability to prepare income tax returns
  • Commence the process of becoming a tax consultant.

Contact No: 011-24126418

5. EduPristine Program for Business and Taxation

EduPristine, an industry leader in training, devised this intensive 190-hour curriculum for training industry professionals. The program incorporates the most up-to-date tools, experiential learning, practical experience, and instruction in soft skills to produce well-rounded professionals. This curriculum will familiarise you with the most widely used business technologies, including TALLY, GST, SAP in Accounting, Busy, and MIS Reporting, which will open doors for you to reach your objectives. There is a promising scope of Taxation in India.

Key Features

  • Extensive classroom training schedule with
  • Learning with self-paced content Knowledgeable instructors with industry experience
  • Any graduate with a background in trade is eligible and has a promising career in Taxation in India.
  • Facilities consisting of a computer lab, study notes, and career services
  • Instruction for accounting credentials
  • There is an instruction in soft skills incorporated in the course.

Contact No: +91 1800 200 5835

6. Udemy

Udemy is the new global market that links students and instructors worldwide. The location of either is now merely a moniker, as technology unites us all on a single platform. The Income-tax course can be completed at your leisure. The learning content is delivered through presentations, downloadable PDF files, practice, and comprehensive problems with step-by-step directions answer keys and resources. The income tax course prepares students to successfully comply with the Income Tax Act and file their income tax returns. There is an excellent scope of Taxation after you finish this course that has a great career in Taxation in India.

Key Features


  • Lifetime access to a course with 46 hours of on-demand video, 15 articles, 199 downloadable resources, and periodic updates
  • Mobile, TV, laptop, and desktop access
  • Whenever necessary, course modifications.
  • Learn how to fill out a tax return and compute tax using formulas.
  • Understand the notion of filing status and its tax ramifications

7. Gurukul Mantra Professional

Gurukul mantra offers the top online income tax courses in India. They value actual learning to instil confidence in their students instead of only imparting academic knowledge. Live projects are included in the accounting, GST, banking, TDS, sales, and purchasing curricula. Beginner to expert level Tally courses is offered with a promising career in Taxation in India.

Key Features

  • A month of online income tax courses will make you an accounting expert. We provide you with the flexibility to study from home. Come and take advantage of Besant’s performance-enhancing technology.
  • Learners are interested in taxation and accounting principles.
  • The qualified instructors illustrate the program using real-world taxation scenarios. Himalaya University has authorised the Gurukul Mantra training programs.
  • They provide placement opportunities for students to gain practical experience.
  • The duration of the course is 45 days.

Is There a Career in Taxation?

India is a large developing country with one of the fastest-growing populations. It is indisputable that our economy, too, continues to be one of the biggest in the world. In light of this scenario, the industry will continue to boom and the demand for employable professionals will only continue to rise. 

The rising Indian Middle class is learning the importance of financial planning, advice, and investing. 

Finance and taxation courses have become one of the most sought-after courses in colleges in the country. Numerous educational institutions have also brought about their own courses in the subject to meet the rising demand.

Career Options

Tax Accountants

Tax Accountants assist clients by preparing strategies that will help them minimize tax payments. They also arrange audits with the appropriate authorities and handle all matters related to tax for their client. For example, they calculate the tax owed, tax returns and ensure the taxes are paid on time. They make sure that their client is able to meet all the tax regulations and laws of the country they operate from. 

It is not mandatory for all Tax Accountants to hold the CPA certification. Professionals with enough expertise and experience can handle the job. A taxation course from the concerned country can go a long way for this purpose. PayScale reflects the average salary of a tax accountant working in India as Rs. 3,48,171. However, it is wise to remember that this changes depending on location, skill, education, etc.

Tax Analyst 

Tax Analysts are generally responsible for preparing, reviewing, and filing tax documents for individuals or companies. Their work is done mostly in an office environment during business hours. They are rarely required to travel for work.

Tax Analysts have to ensure that the company they work for accurately pays tax in a timely manner. They have to analyze all the tax liabilities owed by the organization and take appropriate actions. They also have to be familiar with payroll tax-related matters.

A tax analyst will have to be proficient in mathematics and very detail-oriented to bring the best outcome for the organization. It is a job that generally requires a degree in accounting, taxation, or other business-related fields. If taxation or accounting was not part of your degree, a taxation course to advance your skill and knowledge is a necessary requirement.

Tax Manager

Tax Managers file and manage taxes for companies, oversee mergers and acquisitions, identify and reduce tax risks, and monitor client activities to ensure there are no errors in filing tax. They have to regularly interact with clients and maintain a cordial business relationship. They also have to coordinate and manage any audits for the clients.

This is a high-level position the students can set a goal for. Usually only experienced and capable professionals are hired in this position. However, it must be noted that a tax manager position can only be held by a person holding a master’s degree and CPA credentials.

Financial Advisor 

A financial advisor is one of the most sought-after jobs. According to U.S. News & World Report financial planning ranks at No. 25 on its “10 Best Jobs” list. A financial advisor needs to be well versed in the taxation laws of the country in order to appropriately advise their clients. A short course on taxation to refresh your fundamentals can come in handy if you are planning to work as a financial advisor.

Financial advisors or financial consultants are largely self-employed. Their job is to help their clients invest their funds to produce a profit. In order to do this financial advisors prepare a portfolio of investment plans based on the risk attitude of the client. 

Financial Advisors prosper based on their client satisfaction. Their salaries differ according to their skill, experience, and the number of clients they are willing to take on. PayScale shows an average salary of Rs. 627,776 per annum for a financial consultant.

Some other options are:

  • Auditor
  • Accountant 
  • Revenue Agents
  • Income Tax Officer
  • Tax Attorney
  • Tax Policy Analyst
  • Tax Planners
  • Tax Recruiter
  • Employment Tax Specialist 

Skills Necessary 

Like all industries, the financial industry too, demands a number of skills to be successful. These skills will ensure that you stand out in the fiercely competitive job market. The most important and often forgotten fact about skill is that anybody can develop skill with enough practice and effort. If you lack some of these skills make sure to work on them to be the best version of yourself you can be to ensure your professional success.


Thinking on your feet and problem-solving is a key skill a person aspiring to work in the financial sector must-have. An analytical mind will naturally find the best possible solution to any issues that arise. As a tax consultant, your job will be to find a way to save money for your client through legal means.

Detail Oriented

Any person wanting to work in taxation needs to be able to pay a high level of attention to details. An accountant will have to be able to catch errors their client might have made while filing their tax as such mistakes can be extremely costly. 

Deep knowledge 

This is self-explanatory. Working in the finance industry requires clear and definite background information. Professionals will need a deep understanding of the regulations and practices to achieve the best results without which it is nearly impossible to work in the finance sector. So a taxation course, online or offline, will come in handy.


Thinking on your feet and making snap decisions is part and parcel of the finance industry. The rules and laws of the country change every now and then, for example, the government introducing GST that transformed the tax laws of the country. This forces professionals in the industry to stay on their toes and always be learning. Professionals can enroll themselves in taxation courses that offer flexibility to upskill themselves.

Time management and organization

An organized person is always appreciated regardless of the situation. In a professional setting, it is very important to be organized as it saves time and avoids any confusion that may arise due to misplacing or misfiling.

Software proficiency 

Employers are always on the lookout for competent professionals who can work with technology. It makes the workflow efficient and saves them time. So be sure to have at least rudimentary knowledge of Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and Word.


Communication is a crucial skill that every professional must-have. Effective communication is the key to success in every business. An accountant may be responsible for presenting budget proposals, and other financial reports such as tax reports. Hence, it is essential to convey this information to colleagues and clients in a way that is comprehensible to them

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Q1. Is a job in taxation for me?

Ans. You are the only person who can assess your strengths and weaknesses best. Ask yourself if you have the attitude, skills necessary to succeed in the industry, and interest in the subject. If your answer is yes to all three, then the finance sector can give you a lucrative and satisfying career. Generally speaking, it is an excellent career option for the academic-minded, detail-oriented student.

Q2.   Should I do a taxation course in India?

Ans. Many educational institutions offer top-notch courses in taxation and finance. If you see yourself working in India or for any Indian company in the near future it is necessary to have knowledge about the policies of business and taxation set by the Government of India. So unless you see yourself moving to another country, doing a taxation course from India would be your best bet.

Q3. I completed my degree in commerce. Why should I still do a separate taxation course?

Ans. Online taxation courses offered by reputable educational institutions deepen your knowledge in the industry. More importantly, these courses have a practical approach with projects and case studies. They also give you the experience of working in the industry through internships. These hands-on experiences will give you an edge in the job market. Not to mention the certificates validated by the government of India.

Q4. Is taxation a good career?

Ans. In short, yes! It is a very lucrative career for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to succeed. Even as a trainee, your salary package would be a good amount compared to many other career options.

Q5. Is taxation hard to study?

Ans. Well yes and no. yes because the problems can get complex and you need a thorough understanding of the concepts to solve them. No, because once you do grasp a concept you will be able to solve them easily. A good taxation course with an excellent trainer can go a long way in helping you understand the concepts.

Q6. Is there a work-life balance in a taxation career?

Ans. Although most jobs in taxation are done within 9 to 5 office hours, it is rarely so. Like all fresh graduates, the initial few years of working in the industry will be a grind. The upside is that the pay scale in the industry is pretty high, which could make the hours useful. The busiest time for people working in tax will be from January to May when most tax documents have to be filed. 

Accounting and Taxation Course

Ranked Amongst Top 3 Course | Recognized by Govt of India | ISO 29990:2010 Certified | Award winning Institute | 100% Practical Training

View Course

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