The importance of Finance 

Finance is an important sector of any organization. It is impossible for anyone to make a decision for an organization without knowing anything about the financial condition of that organization. Finance is the core of any organization. So, if anyone thinks about making a promising career in finance he or she can take any financial modelling course for it. This will make their career options wider and more promising. Top 12 financial modeling course listings will be helpful for anyone to have an idea about this kind of course.

Pune, the New Hub for Higher Education

Pune has now become the largest educational hub in India. From management to IT every course is available here and also become one of the largest IT hubs in India. Pune has served India in the educational sector for a very long period, now it has become the educational capital in India. This city is now succeeded to attract students not only from India but from outside also. From IT to management courses it encompasses itself so nicely that no one can avoid Pune. It also has so many advanced research institutes that the demand is always high for Pune.

As per the above discussion, here are the top 12 financial modeling courses in Pune.

1. Henry Harvin : Best Financial Modelling Course in Pune

henry harvin logo

The top on this listing of this top financial modeling course in Pune is Henry Harvin. It has an internationally recognized schedule. They have a 9-in-1 course and the modules are well designed which helps the students to understand the real-world application easily. 

The financial modeling course offered by Henry Harvin has various benefits and key features. Those are;

  • The e-learning platform, so that anyone and anytime can access the platform to learn new things.
  • Gold membership benefits, that there is an opportunity to have one or more than one year of access to the CRM.
  • It has a 100% money refund policy if the class material is not liked by the student after the first class.
  • There are live two-way online interactive sessions happening.
  • It helps the students to make industry ready.
  • A 100% placement guarantee is also available here.
  • An internship is also provided by Henry Harvin after the compilation of the course.
  • It helps to get places in the top financial sectors as the certification has international recognition.
  • After the completion of the course, a certificate will surely be provided by Henry Harvin.
  • Top industry experts will deliver lectures here and the hands-on projects are also available here.

Henry Harvin Financial Modelling course fees:

Cities where Henry Harvin courses are provided:


Henry Harvin® Financial Modeling Course Ranks #1 in India by The Hans India

Henry Harvin Provide other courses:

2. CFI : Best Financial Modelling Course in Pune

The second institution that we are going to cover for the top 12 financial modeling courses in Pune is CFI. It is one of the largest and well- known platforms for financial modeling courses. Finance training, skill development, and certification are the key points of this institution. It offers different resources for the professionals in this module, such as online training for financial modeling, valuation, lendings, capital market, stock market, data science, cryptocurrencies, productivity tools, business intelligence, and many more.

The course it offers is Financial Modelling and valuation Analyst which is FMVA.

This module can assist anybody to develop their skills in financial modeling. It makes them an expert to streamline the budget and forecast the upcoming possibilities. It provides the knowledge and complete guidance for becoming a top-graded financial analyst.

The course modules are divided into 5 steps,

1 – provides some review on the basics 

2- covers all the core topics to acquire a strong fundamental knowledge about financial modeling.

3 – It explores all the advanced parts of financial modeling.

4 – in this step the learner needs to appear in the final exam.

5- If the learner passes the exam then he or she will get the FMVA Certification from CFI.

Some key features of this course:

  • It provides customized and case study-based training.
  • There are experts who are experienced and give personalized attention to all the students
  • Hands-on projects are available here.
  • About 29 types of courses to choose from.
  • Some soft skill development and resume building are also provided.
  • Some free access to the downloadable templates and DCF valuation.
  • Provides 100% placement assistance.

It is a duration of  2 months courses and classes commence on the weekends.

Course fees for this course are about INR 39000/- for the self-study mode and for the full course in needed INR 66000/- approx.

3. NSE : Best Financial Modelling Course in Pune

NSE is one of the progressive institutions in top financial modeling institutions in Pune. It promotes empowering the stakeholders or developing skills regarding the investment policies. It is a positive catalyst for India’s growth story as it believes in smart working. For that, they are working in a continuous process to reconstruct themselves to cope with the changing scenario in the financial sector of India.

The course they are offering for financial modeling is Certification in Online Financial Modelling. This course supports the concept of long-term investment and helps to calculate the value of any organization.

This course has a specific module.

  • It helps to understand the financial statement and the financial model.
  • Guides to building a financial model
  • Provides basic case studies to build the financial model.
  • It gives a proper guideline to learn the valuation
  • The module provides a financial module case study for the basic understanding

The key features of this course are, that they have some experienced faculty, some A class course modules, and almost 59 videos and 30+ study materials.

This is a 10+ hours course and the course fee is only INR 9000/-

4. Udemy : Best Financial Modelling Course in Pune

Another top financial modeling course in Pune is Udemy. It is an internationally acclaimed E-learning process which offers a low-cost and self-paced course that is helpful for both students and professionals. This institution has a good reputation in the global market and the certificate is also internationally accepted. It is an e-learning course that anyone can learn from anywhere and for that Udemy is offering numerous specialists and options.

Udemy has various financial modeling courses. It depends on the student what he or she will choose for their career option. The offered courses are, financial modeling: build a complete DCF model and beginner pro in Excel

 The courses will help the learner to learn about the details of excel and also valuations, finance banking, and investment banking. Any choice will give the learner an advantage to win over their competitors. As stated before that anyone has plenty of options to choose for the financial modeling course and make a wider career of it. 

 The features of this course are 

  • The resources and the videos are downloadable.
  • It provides lifetime access to all the resources
  • This course can be accessed via mobile and TV
  • It provides a certificate after the completion of the course.

The duration of the course depends on each course and the fees also vary. After getting the certificate a learner can showcase it to the Linkedin platform to connect with potential employers.

 5. Imarticus Learning : Best Financial Modelling Course in Pune

 The fifth place in this listing comes to Imarticus learning. It is one of the top financial modeling courses in Pune. It has been serving human resources in different fields over the years. It also provides a concept of a pro degree for the professionals that also has an acknowledgement worldwide.

The name of the financial modeling course is financial analysis prodegree.

The key features of this course,

  • It is almost 180+ prodegree program 
  • This course provides a concept of financial management.
  • This module helps to have proficiency in the core concepts of financial modeling.
  • The course has a collaboration with KPMG in India and unlocks more than 25 hrs of practical training from professionals.
  • It helps to gain industry-oriented skills
  • This is a 360-degree learning program
  • In the addition to the module, it also provides knowledge of excel and PowerPoint

This is a 3 months course and the course fee is INR 65000/-

6. IMS Proschool 

IMS proschool is counted as one of the top financial modeling courses in Pune. It provides the best financial modeling courses. This institution has a record of providing its students a long-term and promising careers. They focus on the career path of the students by developing their skills, they constantly innovate the new way of engagement for the young generation so that they can inspire and help them for a better future. They offer a vast number of courses, in the field of financing, analytics also accounts for mainly the students who are graduates. They also provide a PPP mode program for different fields like healthcare. Retail, mechanical and electrical engineering. 

The name of the course is Financial modeling course and the key features of this course are:

  • This course focuses on the rudimentary knowledge of finance.
  • It helps to improve the skills.
  • The modules help to improve the active learning process among the students and it helps students to learn the usage of excel, to address real business challenges.
  • It provides the knowledge to analyze any financial statement.
  • This module helps to learn corporate finance, project finance, and equity modeling.
  • This is an application-based learning module. 
  • It is a 100% placement-guaranteed course and always makes the students market-ready. 
  • The certification of this course has been internationally acclaimed.
  • This also helps in the soft-skill development programs.
  • Some workshops for financial modeling are also provided here.
  • A resume-building session is also available here.
  • This is a 55 hrs training program and the course fee is INR 32000/- only.

7 EduPristine

This is a combined program by EduPristine and BSE institute. This is also listed as one of the top financial modeling courses in Pune. It also encourages and guides its students to use their skills and learning in the real world. This module is designed in such a way that the students get automatically skilled with soft-skills programs, offers a hands-on learning project, and gives placement assistance.

The name of the course that is offered by EduPristine is financial modeling course and the key features are:

  • The main key to this course is, that it is a crisp, cost-effective, and compact course.
  • Provides various case studies on financial modeling
  • It provides knowledge on mergers and acquisitions.
  • Helps to learn Marcos, project finance, and charting.
  • The contents of this course are industry relevant
  • It provides a knowledge of excel.
  • After the completion of the course, it will provide a certificate from BSE.
  • 100% job assistance is another key feature of this course.
  • There are expert faculty who are always ready to help the student out.
  • The real-life case studies are also available in this course module.

This is a 14 days or 70 hrs course module and the fee information is N/A for this course.


FINXL provides one of the top financial modeling courses in Pune as it has one of the best faculty and training facilities. Anyone without a background in finance can enroll for this course as it is a globally renowned certification program. Even any experienced candidate from a different background can start another innings of their career by enrolling themselves in this course. There is a wide range of topics from the basic level to the advance. 

This module is designed on the basis of practical learning and assessments. The top equity research firms and investment banks can easily resemble this course pattern. It helps the students to develop a genuine knowledge about the operations of a financial organization and the day of a financial modeling expert.

 The name of the course is financial modeling, and the key features are,

  • It claims to provide the best training in financial modeling as well as in the equity research course.
  • This course makes a learner industry-ready, so that top investment banks and equity research firms can hire them.
  • Provides knowledge about advanced excel
  • Helps to learn about data collection and modeling.
  • It basically provides a strong knowledge of the finance fundamentals.
  • This module covers the area of financial modeling and valuations.
  • The resources have lifetime access for all the students.
  • 24 hrs expert support is provided.
  • Real-life case studies are provided for a better understanding and to make a student industry-ready.
  • A resume-building session is also available.
  • After the completion of this course, a certificate will be provided.

The tenure of the course is 4 months and the fee is INR 40000/- 

9. The Wall Street School

The wall street school also counts as one of the top financial modeling courses in Pune. it is also referred to as TWSS. 

The name of the course is financial modeling and valuation. The key features of this course are;

  • The training program is led by the top investment banking professionals. With the aim to prepare the students for the industry.
  • The material is designed with case studies and relevant discussions.
  • It helps to gather thorough knowledge about financial investment, equity research, capital markets, and also about investment banking.
  • This course also covers the topics like finance, discounted cash flow, mergers, and excel.
  • It also prepares the students for the interviews.
  • 100% placement assistance is the USP of this institution.
  • In the fifth week of their workshop, they start the placement process.
  • Various modules are available, such as Basic Finance Concepts, Advanced Excel & Powerpoint, Basic to Intermediate Excel, Comparable Company Analysis, Business Modeling , Precedent Transaction Analysis, Merger Model, Discounted Cashflow Valuation,  and Leveraged Buyout.
  • A mock interview session will also be there in the module.
  • After the compilation of the course, a certificate will also be provided by the institution.

The duration of the course is about 6 weeks and the fees for the closure is approximately INR 40000/-.

10. Coursera 

Another one of the top financial modeling courses in Pune is offered by Coursera in collaboration with prestigious universities over the world. 

The name of the course is Business and Financial Modeling Specialization Course and the key features are;

  • This is an online specialized course. 
  • Provides the knowledge to make the financial models using Excel. 
  • It also helps to learn about risk management, data prediction, decision structure, and the development of quantitative models.
  • Another key feature of this course is Capstone projects and spreadsheet models.
  • Reputed professors from Wharton university are the trainers of this course.
  • A student gets the complete knowledge to develop a decision-making sense.

The duration of the course is 3 months and also a 6 months closure is available and the fees for both are INR 12482/- approx and INR 17833/- approx.

11. EY- (E-learning) 

The eleventh place in this listing is shared by the EY e-learning team. A number of senior professors who are globally recognized trained the students for the industry in this course. This is also counted as the top financial modeling course in Pune.

The name of the course is  Financial Modeling & Valuation and the key features are:

  • It helps the students to evaluate the financial models and helps to make the valuation.
  • Trainers train the students as experts to figure out the individual business valuation and can figure out the well-structured financial model.
  • The trainees will be provided with the certificate when they will score 50% on the final exam.
  • This module helps in tax calculation and integrating the financial statements. 
  • Provides knowledge of designing and structuring financial models.
  • It has a facility to solve queries via e-mail.
  • 6 months of access to the LMS is also provided in this course.

The duration of the course if 36+ hours as it is a complete online course and the approx fee is 10000/- + GST.

12. GTA – The  Grant Thornton L&D Academy 

Last but not least this top 12 financial modeling course in Pune is offered by GTA academy. It is an online self-paced learning module. This module focuses on the upskilling of the students as well as the professionals for the financial modeling and valuation techniques.

The name of the course is  Financial Modeling and Valuation (E-Learning).

The key features of this course are;

  • It has 30 hours pre recorded sessions and about 40 hours of trainer-led sessions along with the proper real-life case studies.
  • The course has various modules such as Basic Business Model, Project Valuation – Introduction, Creating a Model for NPV & IRR, MS Excel, Valuation, Financial Model – Modeling, Valuation, Financial Statements, Project Valuation – Circular Logic and looping, Visualization – Interactive Excel Dashboard, Modeling Delays, M&A – Introduction, Evaluation, Valuation.
  • This course also provides 1-year access to LMS.
  • After the compilation of the course, the institute will provide a certificate for the passouts.

The duration of this course is about 70 hours and the course fees are approx INR 30000/- +GST.

Uses of financial modeling course

The burgeoning demand for this financial modelling course in the corporate world is innumerable. This is basically a process to present an assumption about the future on the basis of the collected financial data from any organization.

The basic usage of financial modeling are:

Helps in the decision-making:

This model helps to design an estimated future cost for the company. It can be used as a future assuming tool for the company in case of decision making.

Evaluate the future:

A financial analyst uses this tool to take future decisions of the company from the internal costs or from the stakeholder’s value. Also from a changing marking strategy or business modules. They estimate the company value from this and even can compare the organization to their competitors.

 Helps in planning:

This model is basically used for the assessment of the company, it evaluates the company value. It helps to crack the value from the earnings of the company. Helps to determine the budget and assume the functions of a company. That can affect a lot of the internal and external affairs of the organization.

Examine the risk factors:

The financial analysts can examine the company risks from the available financial data from the organization. That can save them to face a loss. In the case of the competitors, risk anticipation always helps to perform better in the international market. The organization can continue its work seamlessly after examining the risk factors and finding out the strategies to fix them.

Performance analysis:

It is important to analyze the performance of any organization. Only performance is the definition of the success or failure of any company in the global market. It only can be defined from the available financial data of the company . Also, this can be examined once a month.

Helps to take major decisions:

Organizations also need to assess their own performances in terms of the betterment of the company. That only can be evaluated 8from the financial status of the company. The proper value can be detected from it. Advanced technique of financial analysis helps organizations to take major organizational and operational decisions to perform better in the long run.

Benefits of financial modeling courses:

  • Scratch-made financial models which give an idea about the overview of the performance
  • Learn to make financial statements
  • Different kinds of evaluation are learned from the financial statements
  • Financial modeling can be practised along with the case studies
  • Analysis and Forecasts of Financial Statements
  • It clears all the basic concepts about financial management.

Career Opportunities 

After completing this course a learner is eligible for various job roles, such as

  • Business analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Financial sector research analyst
  • Equity research analyst
  • Manager for planning and analysis
  • Investment banking associate
  • Acquisition and merger associate
  • Accountant
  • Company profiling
  • Debt Syndication executive 
  • Company Portfolio manager 
  • Company Profiling manager 


There are many curses available online and offline. Financial modeling is now one of the booming sectors like others. To be a finance expert a student need to have a clear perception of every aspect of the financial sector. The above listing of the top 12 financial modeling courses in Pune will prodigy the students with a clear idea about the completive world. If they choose any of those, they will be enriched with the knowledge of financing, and they will have wider options for jobs and a promising career on that.

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Q1. What are the basic needed skills to be a financial expert?

Ans. Though there is no such hard and fast rule to become an expert in financial modeling, one must have an eye for detailing and basic excel knowledge to be a financial expert.

Q2. Can I be a financial expert on my own?

Ans. There is nothing wrong to learn a whole new subject on your own by using the resources from the internet and videos on youtube. In that case, the process will go longer and it is always better to ask an expert, so it will be better if you opt for any of these courses that will help you to bag a better job also.

Q3. I wanted to be a banker. Is this course relevant for me?

Ans. This is the most important course for those who want to be investment bankers. This module helps to presume about the investments and helps to have knowledge about financial modeling in detail. So yes, if you want to be an investment banker then this is ideal for you.


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