Are you stuck with questions like ” How to Become a GST Practitioner?” or What is a GST Practitioner? Undoubtedly you have landed at the right place. This blog will help you to clear all your doubts related to GSTP certification. It will also cover each detail that you need to know to become a government-approved GST Practitioner such as Role, Responsibilities, Steps, and place where to learn.


How to Become a GST Practitioner?

In India, Goods and Services Tax ( GST) is a new concept, including numerous rules and regulations. Therefore it is not easy to understand and deal with these tough GST rules for normal taxpayers. As a result, the Government of India has introduced GST Practitioners as they are experts, approved by the Government. They assist taxpayers in registration, return filing, refund claims, and other GST compliances. These days India is in the direction of development and many small businesses are expanding every day. Therefore, being a Certified GST Practitioner has a great chance as a career and future scope.

How To Become a GST Practitioner- Roles and Responsibilities

Before getting acknowledgment regarding the process of becoming a GST practitioner, one must comprehend “what is a GST practitioner”. A GST Practitioner is essentially a helper to complete GST tasks for taxpayers who struggle to file returns, register, or even get their refund. In simple words, a GST Practitioner is an expert who is approved by the Government and can understand the deep roots of GST laws. Moreover, we will understand ahead in the blog. Requirements: Furthermore, now let’s have a look at the supertask below to understand the role of a GST Practitioner.


Key Responsibilities

Additionally, below are the key responsibilities of a GST Practitioner you should know.


  1. Responsible for the registration and cancellation of GTS- The practitioner creates applications for GST registration and could amend the GST registration in the cancellation of existing GST registration. 
  2. Filing Returns- In contrast, the GST practitioner manages all the monthly, quarterly, and annual GST returns, which are GSTR-3B, GSTR-1, GSTR-9, etc. 
  3. Summing taxes and refund claims- A GST practitioner is responsible for filing refund claims or paying taxes on behalf of taxpayers. He or she on behalf of taxpayers pays the refund claims and taxes. 
  4. Authorized representative- A GST practitioner can be an authorized representative of a taxpayer. He or she is always there standing for the taxpayer at the time of GST inquiry. A GST practitioner can also represent the taxpayer at the Appellate Authority tribunal.

Eligibility and the Importance of GSTP Certification

How to Become a GST Practitioner?

Understanding “What is a GST Practitioner, is just the start; it is equally vital to understand the significance of certification. Becoming certified you not only enhances your credibility among taxpayers but also signifies that you are officially recognized by the government. This GST Certification Course builds trust as well as reliability in your taxpayer clients.

Handling taxpayer information comes with great responsibility, as it is sensitive and confidential. That is why it is necessary to register on the GST portal as a GST Practitioner. As part of the journey of “How to Become a Certified GST Practitioner”, clearing an exam is necessary to ensure mastery in the field.


Furthermore, a certified GST practitioner should follow eligibility criteria at the time of registration.

How to Become a GST Practitioner- Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Firstly, Candidates should be Indian residents, of sound brain and not announced bankrupt.
  • In addition, He must not be sentenced for any offense bringing about detainment surpassing two years
  • Applicants should be Indian citizens, hold a useful mind, and also not be declared insolvent.
  • Additionally, with no less than two years of experience in a Gathering B gazetted official position.
  • Another option is to have a degree in fields like Commerce, Law, Banking, or Business Administration
  • Alternatively, Graduates or postgraduates with certifications in Trade, Regulation, Banking, Business Organization, or Business board from perceived Indian or unfamiliar colleges.

Steps to Register for Application of GSTP Certification

Turning into a confirmed GST expert includes a couple of significant stages. We should separate it:

Step 1 – You, first of all, should Visit the authority site which is not only for GSTP but also for all GST purposes.

Step 2 – Secondly, Click on Services – Registration. After that Click on ‘New Registration’

Step 3 – Immediately, you will land on a new registration page.

  • Here, click on New Registration
  • Then, select GST Practitioner in the dropdown list where ‘I am a’ is given.
  • Next is to select your State and District from the dropdown list
  • Now, it will ask to enter your Name, PAN number, Email Address along Mobile Number.
  • Accordingly, enter the captcha code
  • Lastly, Click on ‘Proceed’

Different Ways of Submitting GSTP Application Form

However, there are two ways to submit the registration application. You can go through any of them at your convenience along with your choice.


  • DSC – This is the first way, where you can apply with the DSC ( Digital Signature Certificate) token. Here, it is a must to install emSigner (from eMudra) before submitting the process on your computer. Additionally, your DSC should be registered on the website
  • EVC and E-signature – On the other for EVC you will receive an OTP in both mobile as well as on email. So you must enter both before applying.


Following all the necessary steps, you will get a success message on your mobile, and within 15 days an acknowledgment will also receive an email on your email ID.

 Benefits of GST Certification

Certainly, There are some extraordinary advantages when you get certification as a GST professional.

  1. Supports Credibility: When you become a Certified GSTP, undoubtedly citizens see you as reliable as you are approved by the Government.
  2. Improves Profession Potential: Being a confirmed GST expert not only opens up ways to get new positions but also professional development.
  3. Makes Trustworthy: Likewise, dealing with delicate citizen data with a certificate confirms a guarantee that you can keep their information safe.
  4. Empowers Skills: Moreover, a GSTP Certificate makes you professional and devotional in order to showcase your skills.

Best Place to Learn How to Become a GST Practitioner?

How to Become GST Practitioner?


Henry Harvin is one of the best institutes where you can effectively learn “How to become a GST Practioner”?. Because they provide online classes based on your convenience time. The education system of Henry Harvin reaches across the world irrespective of tire 1 or 2 or 3 or even a remote village. Also, they offer a guarantee on placement. In addition, they conduct exams for all the courses and the certificate is valid for Global.

When Enrolling in the GST Course, Henry Harvin provides you with a comprehensive understanding of GST regulations. Because professionals of various popular media platforms such as Aaj Tak, NDTV, and others instruct it. They cover Important subjects including GSTR 1 and 3B, as well as handling problems with e-invoicing and ITC claims. This is a fantastic chance to gain comprehensive knowledge of GST in order to become a certified GST Practitioner.


In conclusion, becoming a Certified GST Practitioner offers an entryway to various open doors in the dynamic Indian business background. By getting a GST Certificate, people improve their believability as well as gain the trust of citizens as recognized experts in the field. This certification allows experts to explore the complexities of GST regulation with certainty and capability. The job of a GST professional is irreplaceable for citizens who are looking for direction and consistency. It empowers you to explore the many hidden aspects of GST consistency with confidence and proficiency. With the right preparation and certification, you can use your ability to add to the development of businesses across India while guaranteeing compliance with GST guidelines.


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Q1- Can I file Returns for my client without registration?

Ans- It is suggested that you register as a GST Specialist at the GST Entrance to document Returns for your client.

Q2- What is the next step after submitting my Registration Application?

Ans- After submitting the Registration application, the officer will process it safely. After approving your Registration Application, the system will generate your GSTP ID and a temporary password for first-time login.

Q3- Should I register separately in each State or  Union Territory?

Ans- There are No separate registrations for different states or UT. However, if you have a Professional Address in that particular state then you are free to apply for separate registration.

Q4-  Where should I visit to view my administrative authority?

Ans- To visit your administrative authority first you should log into the GST portal and then go under the “Track Application Status” section.

Q5- Can I save my registration application for later?

Ans- Yes, you can save your incomplete Application for 15 days.

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