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In this article, we are unfolding the concept “What is Artificial general intelligence?” which will assist you in effortlessly understanding the idea. Artificial intelligence has become a part of our life in various ways. We are using devices or applications in our daily life that directly or indirectly connect us with Artificial intelligence such as using the voice assistant on Google or using Google Maps for navigation of a place or getting a recommendation based on what we are surfing like YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon.

In addition to it, Artificial intelligence is gaining popularity and carrying a strong place in prime sectors like Health Industry, Food Industry, and Manufacturing Industry even in the government sectors. As a result, Artificial intelligence has concrete input in our life, it is going to be the future.

Describing the concept What is Artificial  General Intelligence?

Exploring the term Artificial intelligence

Although the concept of AI embarked much earlier according to some sources but as a  term, Artificial Intelligence was incepted by American Computer Scientist Mr. John McCarthy. He used this particular term Artificial Intelligence at Dartmouth Conference in 1956. According to John McCarthy human-like machines can be developed using science and engineering technologies. So adapting this man-made which is called AI technology can craft a machine that can act like a human while working on any task. So far his assumptions became the firm future.


Nowadays AI technology taking place in every sector. As a result, it became a necessity to conquer the next level of AI. After the massive success of Artificial Intelligence researchers are going further to achieve the goal to go beyond what they achieved and create supremacy in AI mechanisms.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Basically, AI is differentiated in parts according to its ongoing research and development stages. The types of AI are as follows

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

This is also called Weak AI which is the first or primary AI type. To define Weak AI In this AI mechanism, it performs a specific task assigned by humans.

Even though ANI’s limited accessibility features still it has become an essential factor for various sectors and ANI has been widely used in AI technology worldwide. In fact, currently, we are using devices that are mostly based on Weak AI (ANI) technology. Following are a few examples of ANI or Weak artificial intelligence.

  • Google Maps
  • iPhone Face verification
  • Telsa’s Autopilot car
  • Hanson Robotics invention – Social Humanoid Sofia
  • Alexa
  • Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence researchers have successfully delivered the ANI technology in the market and it’s been getting proper responses from various sectors. So they are now trying to take their next step to advance Artificial Intelligence further, using more enhanced techniques. The research is still in progress to introduce the next level of AI which is Strong AI.

Artificial General Intelligence(AGI)

The term AGI has existed since 1997 but it was mainly acknowledged in 2002. AI researchers Ben Goertzel and Shane Legg reestablished the term AGI. It is even called Strong Artificial Intelligence technology. AGI focuses on constructing software that imitates human intelligence as is. Like human thinking processes, reasoning capabilities, decision-making or multi-tasking, and many others.  

Although machines are incapable of conquering human-like abilities for now that is why AI researchers are working on it to surpass the barrier and introduce AGI technology to the world.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Moving further let’s take a glance at the next AI type which is ASI. ASI theory is based on intelligence that is much superior to human intelligence in every aspect. Although ASI is just a vague concept and has not been proven some tech experts like Elon Musk believe that ASI could rule the world in the future. 

Current status of AGI or Strong AI

To elaborate on the concept What is Artificial General Intelligence? and its present status Let’s take look at where it stands in the market and the answer is, it is just a term. For now, there are no proven Artificial Intelligence examples exist which represent AGI. The term has existed in various Science-Fiction genre-based movies and books only.

AGI or Strong AI validation test

The current scenario of AI is purely based on Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) or Weak AI and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is just a theory that needs validation. Artificial Intelligence progress needs validation to prove its next level of efficiency. For this reason, AI crafted some tests, and if the on-progress AI clears these tests then it gains validation. These tests are as follows

The Turing Test

Renowned Computer Scientist and mathematician Alan Turing introduced this test around 1950. To achieve and validate the human-like AGI theory. Basically, this test involved three components one is a machine and the other two components are human. I.e a human assessor, two respondents in which, one is human and the other is a machine. So human assessor needs to confirm which respondent is a machine and which one is human. Although this has been the most popular test in AI but is not achieved by AGI.

The Coffee Test

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak presented this test. He believed that if a robot can make a coffee using its abilities to identify the correct ingredient and procedure of making it in any random house in the U.S., then only the AGI goal will be fulfilled. Although this test is a difficult task for a machine to achieve for now.

The Robot Collage Student Test

The Robot Collage Student Test was introduced by AI Researcher and CEO of SingularityNET Ben Goertzel. In this test, Robot get enrolled itself in college and qualifies for the classes, and gains a degree like any other human student obtains.

The status of this test responded quite positively. A Robot Bina48 developed by Hanson Robotics has cleared the classes in Philosophy of Love at  Notre Dame De Namur University in 2017. Apart from Robot Bina48, there is another Robot from Chengdu Zhunxingyunxue Technology, China called AI-MATHS has successfully finished this test. This test has been a partial achievement for AGI.

The Employment Test

This test is proposed by American Computer scientist and AI researcher Nils John Nilsson. An employment test based on how AI performs the job that humans have been doing if it’s better than this test will be successful.

Differentiating the concept of Artificial Narrow Intelligence vs Artificial General Intelligence

Let’s understand the difference between ANI vs AGI for better knowledge of the topic. The following few points will assist you to get aware of Artificial Narrow Intelligence Vs Artificial General Intelligence.

Prime Goal

Artificial Narrow Intelligence focused to perform a single task as per human instructions. Basically, this technology has limitations.

On the other hand, Artificial General Intelligence tends to perform tasks exactly like a human. For instance Humanoid Robots.


As we discussed in the article ANI has various limitations. Artificial Narrow Intelligence deploys its task according to human instructions. It would not access or make decisions on its own.

 AGI is the next level of AI that will imitate a human. It will include human-like thinking, reasoning, and decision-making abilities.

Relevant Domains

ANI is applicable in areas where tasks are prearranged, repetitive, and excluded from decision-making. 

At the same time, AGI theory is based on human-like intelligence. So it would be more suitable as an alternate option for humans. It can be implemented in the areas that are involved with human consciousness.

Although the above points are basic descriptions to learn the ANI Vs AGI. Now we will discuss the future of AGI in this article.

What will be the future of Artificial General Intelligence?

Even though the Artificial Intelligence concept is very vast to get through but we have gained a brief knowledge of What is Artificial General Intelligence? In a simple way in this article. Artificial Intelligence making a boom in the tech industry day by day but certain aspects regarding AI have diverse opinions. 

The most prominent stream of AI is Artificial Narrow Intelligence or Weak AI. It’s been utilized in numerous sectors i.e. Manufacturing, Health care, Financial, and many others. Subsequently Artificial General Intelligence or Strong AI blooming to extend AI efficiency. Although AGI is still in progress. AI researchers and Computer scientists are putting efforts into establishing AGI. Developing human-like consciousness in machines is the prime object of AGI, In contrast, some of the tech experts are not in favor to achieve AGI’s goal as they believe it could be a disaster for humans in the future. Even an English Theoretical Physicist and author Stephen Hawking has altered that AGI could be a huge threat in the future. 

However, American Computer Scientist, author, and futurist Ray Kurzweil stated in a conference at Southwest in 2017 that machines will indeed crack the obstacle and will generate human-like efficiency by 2029. As for now, this is just a paper theory that is in process. 

Artificial Intelligence Career opportunities

Artificial Intelligence is almost in demand in every sector. So career opportunities in AI have thrived widely. At this point of time, every tech-driven company insisting their employees to adopt AI knowledge to give a better outcome. Similarly, the students who are enthusiastic to be a part of the computer or technology industry and want to build careers in the same. For them, it has been essential to get along with AI. Nowadays various colleges and institutes are providing certification in Artificial Intelligence. Henry Harvin AI and Machine Learning Academy is one of the best institutes which is offering various courses. A list of courses by Henry Harvin is as follows

  1. Post Graduate Programm in AI & Machine Learning
  2. Artificial Intelligence Course
  3. AI in Finance course
  4. AI in Marketing course
  5. Natural Language Processing course
  6. Machine Learning with Python


As we discussed in the article What is Artificial General Intelligence? and relevant aspects of AI we can assume that AGI or Strong AI could appear as the future for the whole world. AI Technology is growing rapidly even though some people are against it or some are in favor of it but for now, ANI has become a part of our life. As for Strong AI or AGI Tech Experts are in the mode of waiting and Watching. Some Tech experts predict that AGI will explore on its own in the next few years.

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1. Who is the founder of the Artificial Intelligence Concept?

Ans:  American Computer Scientist Mr. John McCarthy.

2. What are the types of Artificial Intelligence?

Ans. 1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence/ Weak AI
         2. Artificial General Intelligence/ Strong AI
         3. Artificial Super Intelligence

3. What is Artificial General Intelligence?

Ans: Artificial General Intelligence focused on crafting software/machines that imitate humans.Like thinking, reasoning, evaluating, and decision-making abilities.

4. What are examples of Artificial Narrow Intelligence/ Weak AI?

Ans: Google Maps,iPhone Face verification, Telsa’s Autopilot car, Hanson Robotics invention – Social Humanoid Sofia, Alexa, Chatbots.

5. Which test validates AGI’s success?

1. The Turing Test
2. The Coffee Test
3. The Robot Collage Student Test
4. The Employment Test

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