Indeed, Saudi Arabia is a country where technology took a fast pace by setting its goals to achieve the best place among the other countries in the race of technological development. Besides, AI and Machine Learning Courses in Saudi Arabia are necessary for professionals to grow with the fastest-improving technologies. Career opportunities for those who learn the course can work as a data scientist, AI engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, and more.

AI and Machine Learning Courses in Saudi Arabia:


Rating: 4.9/5

AI and Machine Learning Courses in Saudi Arabia

Henry Harvin Institute is the largest global upskilling company. It offers unique and comprehensive PG programs in various fields. They offer courses through live online sessions as well as tutor interaction. In fact, they offer 1200+ live certification courses, Diploma, degree, and doctorate programs. 

Henry Harvin Education offers a Diploma in AI and Machine Language Courses. In addition to studying regression models, classification algorithms are learned under a supervised learning process. 

Course Curriculum: 

It consists of 10 modules

  • Overview of the RMP certification course
  • Plan risk management
  • Identify Risk
  • Perform Quantitative risk analysis I
  • Perform Quantitative risk analysis II
  • Plan Risk Responses
  • Implement Risk responses
  • Monitor Risk
  • Soft skills development
  • Resume writing

Course Details:

  1.  An AI and Machine Learning Certification is eligible for all graduates.
  2.  The students should have a good grasp of Mathematics as well as Information technology. 
  3. The course consists of 144 hours of Instructor LED sessions
  4. In addition to 48 hours of live interactive sessions, there are 24 hours of live master sessions
  5. They provide 42 auto-graded assessments as well as 144 live hands-on exercises.
  6. 18 months of Gold membership of Henry Harvin Education is provided additionally.
  7. A coordinator will assist the student indeed throughout the course.
  8. They allow trained and skilled tutors for every batch.
  9. Students get certification from Henry Harvin and NSDC after completion of the course. 
  10. The Institute offers certification with worldwide recognition.
  11. Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin and in top MNC companies is provided.
  12. Besides, AI and Machine Learning Course, students also learn Natural language processing (NLP), Machine Learning with Python (CMLP), Artificial Intelligence Course, Chat GPT course, Machine Learning with R, Artificial intelligence, and Machine learning in Business course. 




Rating: 4.6/5

AI and Machine Learning Courses in Saudi Arabia

KAUST Academy is a life-long platform indeed to learn different courses of science and technology. The main aim of the institute is to expand education and impact in the kingdom. Besides, the academy provides high-quality education including AI and Machine learning in Saudi Arabia. It provides training to tech Organizations.


Course Information:

Following are the details of AI and Machine Learning course in this academy:

  1. The Academy offers online classes for AI and Machine learning. 
  2. It is a combination of institutes like Coursera as well as SDAIA (Saudi Data & AI Authority).
  3. Undergraduates Studying Science, Technology, and Engineering are eligible for the course.
  4. Besides, they offer the course in four stages. 
  5. The first stage includes the basics of AI and Machine Learning.
  6. The other three levels include the application of AI in various fields additionally. 
  7. They conduct level one exams for assessment.
  8. Top-performing students are eligible for further levels.
  9. The four stages of this course include a Prerequisite course on Coursera, Introduction to AI, Advanced AI, and AI Summer Program
  10. Certification will be provided indeed by the academy after the successful completion of the course.


Skills Covered:

Besides AI and Machine learning, there are other skills involved in the course

  • Mathematics for Machine Learning 
  • Python Programming skill 
  • Basic Machine learning 
  • Computer Skills 
  • Graphical networks 
  • Natural Language Processing and many more



Rating: 4.8/5

Datamites is a Certified institute under the Accreditation of the International Association of Business Analytics Certification (IABAC). In addition to the live projects and internship programs, It provides good quality training in AI and Machine learning courses in Saudi Arabia with a well-designed curriculum.

Course Details:

Following are the details of AI and Machine Learning Courses provided by the institute:

  1. The institute provides an 8-month course with 700 learning hours for Machine Learning and 780 learning hours for Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree in either computer science, engineering, or mathematics for the basic level and a Master’s degree for advanced levels.
  3.  They also provide self-study material followed by online classes. 
  4. In addition to live projects, students have to apply for an Internship program to learn the application of AI. 
  5. In addition to the certification given by Datamites, certification from IABAC(International Association of Business Analysis Association) is also provided.
  6. The Institute also provides job assistance to the students.
  7. Expert Trainers are provided with customized learning options additionally given by the students.
  8. Course packages are provided based on the type of classes such as Online Classes, Self-learning with Online classes, and Corporate training.


4. EXCEL R Institute

Rating: 4.8/5

Excel R is an institute with international recognition. It offers AI and Machine Learning courses in Saudi Arabia. Besides, Students can customize the teaching plan of every course. In addition to the basics of AI, the advanced level of Machine Learning is learned under the guidance of supervised technical staff. 

Skills involved in AI AND Machine Learning Courses in Saudi Arabia:

In addition to AI and Machine Learning techniques, there are other skills involved in this course.

  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Python Programming
  • Machine Learning and Ensemble methods
  • Intro to Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing(NLP)
  • Generative AI, Prompt Engineering, and Chat GPT.

Course details:

  1. Graduates who have an interest in learning the course can join by registering through the online process.
  2. The course gives you vast exposure to AI and machine learning.
  3. The duration of the course is 6 months.
  4.  Besides, The most knowledgeable trainers conduct classes with time allotted to doubt clarification sessions. 
  5. Besides, They provide tools for well-demonstrated projects.  
  6. Students come across many real-life examples which help them to improve their abilities. 
  7. Some important concepts additionally learned in this course are NLP, speed recognition, GANs, Tensor flow, and Numpy.
  8. The certification is provided upon the successful completion of the course. The 3-in-1 certification includes EXCELR, Steinbies AKADEMIE, and Ai VAriant Internship Certificate additionally.



Rating: 4.7/5


SprintZeal is an extended solution partner that offers training to organizations. It delivers quality training to professionals additionally to fast-track their careers. Besides, It provides a 360-degree feedback training program to enhance knowledge and career growth. The institute offers AI and Machine Learning courses along with many other professional courses additionally.

Course Details:

  1. In addition to AI technologies and machine Learning, students learn Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and more. 
  2. The eligibility criteria for the candidates for the AI and ML Masters program is Graduation with 2+ years of experience. 
  3. Also having a better knowledge of mathematics and programming languages would be an added benefit in understanding the course easily.
  4. Besides, It gives hands-on -experience with tools like Python, Kera, Django, Tensor Flow, and many more. 
  5. The main objective of the course is to improve the skills and necessary knowledge indeed to enhance career growth. 
  6. Also, the AI and ML course improves careers to gain high-paying jobs in the future. 
  7. The duration of the course is 64 hours of Online training


Students ready to join the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses can refer to the above information and apply for the best institute to improve their career. As the information is provided additionally, one can easily check more information through their website.


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Q1. Which is The Best Institute to Learn AI and Machine Learning Courses?

Ans: Henry Harvin has worldwide recognition and it is the best institute to learn AI and Machine Learning Courses.

Q2. What are The Career Opportunities in AI and Machine Learning?

Ans: One can be either a Data scientist, AI engineer, or Machine Learning engineer. Further, there is scope for getting jobs in both public and private sectors.

Q3. What are The Different Modes of Payment?

Ans: Institutes accept any mode of online payment.

Q4. What Challenges do AI and Machine Learning present for Learners?

Ans: Students may experience either privacy or security issues.

Q5. What is The Future of AI and Machine Learning in Education?

Ans: It can analyze a huge data and improves readability. It also simplifies the solution or provides an alternative solution to a problem.


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