Web development is expanding, and demand for Web Development projects is rising as well, as a virtual presence becomes essential for organizations to grow and gain exposure among implicit clients. In verity, web development has become a promising sector right now, drawing aspirants from all spheres of knowledge and employment. To help you hone your development skills, we’ll discuss a couple of web development projects in the moment. In an analogous tone, we’ve collected a list of web development projects. You can add these systems to your capsule, and they will help you make the capacities of a full-stack developer.  

Web development  

We access web pages intimately through a website. What are called web pages? And what’s a website?


Web pages  

A web page is a document visible on explorer. Those documents can be written in any programming language. They hyperlink with other web coffers and direct to the same web page. It provides information like text, images, and videos.   


A website is a collection of information on web pages which can be linked by a web address. 

For illustration, Henry Harvin is considered a website which contains different web pages.  https//www.henryharvin.com/web-development-for-beginners


https -protocol

WWW- subdomain  

Henry Harvin- domain and domain suffix  

Development for beginners- directories.   

Web development is the structure block of websites, that makes the website work well with the program development and operations and a great user experience. depending on the languages and platform the user performs the task.   

 Crucial points to flashback about Web development  

  • Web development is of two types front end developer and back-end developer.
  • Create a custom design demanded by the user to implement
  • Need a knowledge of programming languages
  • Front end developer needs to learn HTML and CSS
  • Back-end developer needs to learn java, python, ruby, and php which are server-side languages.

Web Development Process

Create a website for the new client. How will u start?

  1. Gather information and factors.
  2. Plan according to the client’s needs
  3. Design the layout.
  4. Create a content.
  5. Program the code
  6. Web development testing
  7. Maintain the website.


25 Web Development Projects

Web development projects
  1. Countdown timer
  2. JavaScript quiz game
  3. SEO Friendly Website
  4. Netflix Home page clone
  5. Online code editor
  6. Transcript summarizer for YouTube
  7. WhatsApp Web Clone
  8. To-do list app
  9. Weather Forecast website on python
  10. Sorting visualizer
  11. Giphy with a unique API
  12. Tribute page
  13. Toast notifications
  14. AJAX style login
  15. Customer relationship manager
  16. E-commerce landing page
  17. Child safety application
  18. 17Online examination system
  19. e-Bug Tracking system
  20. Network packet sniffer
  21. RSS feed reader
  22. BFit cognitive and memory testing game
  23. Airline reservation system
  24. Codechef notifier
  25. Our app-a social media web app in node JS

Countdown timer

 A countdown timer is a stop clock which can be made virtually for an event to presage the start and stop points. The main purpose of the countdown timer is to decrease the display of hours, seconds, days and minutes and also the date and time. using javascript this can be done.

Create a file and name it timer.html.

After creating add some of the features.

  • Pause, start and stop.
  • Create an alert notification when time gets stopped.
  • A timer can be initialised for each event that users enter, which allows for the input of multiple events.

Javascript quiz game

  The javascript quiz game answers multiple questions to give the correct result to the users. Before creating this game learn some experiments on small quiz games. After you learn through the experiment you can decide to build the game in an easy way or in a complicated way.

Create a quiz by following the steps

  • Create a structure to input the questions, results, answer and submit button.
  • Display the questions and generate a quiz function.
  • Displays the results of the quiz by clicking submit button.
  • Generate a quiz altogether.

SEO Friendly Website

 To find the results on the top search and to increase traffic in search engines. To increase user experience and to improve the overall credibility of the users. when searching for the content we use a specific keyword which is relevant to the topic, search engine serves it to the user. Mainly, search engines focus on the top rank pages. it gives priority to the first content.

 Create an SEO-friendly Website with the following steps

  • Create a unique description.
  • Friendly URL structure
  • Make your web pages load faster.
  • Add no plagiarized content.
  • Well structure your content with header and footer tags.
  • Make it mobile friendly.
  • Regularize the content. 

Netflix Home page clone

Netflix is a user-friendly website developed for users to watch movies.it is created with a front end like HTML, CSS and JS.

Create a design structure

  • Write the basic HTML code.
  • Insert tags to link to other pages.
  • Add more images, videos and other information to the content.
  • Create an engaging button like subscribe, plan, share, link, and download.
  • To make it more attractive and responsive include CSS to style a webpage.
  • Create a Javascript for validation and function selection.
  • Javascript includes actions like button clicking, navigating bars, signing in and signing out.

Online code editor

An online code editor is a  feature to access remotely on browsers. it allows you to practice with different languages. like IDE it has some basic functions like highlighting and completing the code. they are fast, reliable and very efficient among developers.

 Create a project with HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT code

  • Create the basic HTML structure
  • Design with CSS to make it more attractive
  • Implement the features with Javascript.
  • Publish to a hosting service for development

Transcript summarizer for YouTube

In order to save time for the user’s summarizer was designed as a tool for online sources. videos which have a longer duration on youtube find it difficult in watching the full lengthy content. And there is an effort on searching particular content that becomes futile. By summarizing video content it allows the users to quickly find the information so that they cannot waste their time by watching the full video. There are two types of summarization

  1.  Extractive-  Extract only important phrases in the original text
  2. Abstractive- New sentence from original

 It uses NLP techniques and python to summarize the content.

Create a project with the following stages.

  • At the back end create an HTTP request in the browser
  • Click summarize on the youtube video.
  • For a video request a transcript.
  • Set the HTTP response for the video
  • Summarize the video displayed.

WhatsApp Web Clone

 Whatsapp is a one-on-one messaging application and is best suited for dual apps.it is interactive, simple and can be used by two accounts at the same time. Whatsapp clone is a high-quality app which is composed of layers.

 Create an architecture.

  • The layer is of two types unidirectional and data flow.
  • Modularize the categories like camera, chat, call, and status.
  • Design the system with background themes.
  • Create a firebase for authentication and to store the database.
  • Use the front end for the sidebar and chat and the back end for authentication and database.

To-do list app

 You can try this to keep a  track of your record on a daily basis. This is a simple project but you can try this at a hard level. you can store the data as a short text. once the task got completed you can put the data in the trash.it is a quick access for future reference.

Creating a To-Do list app

  • Create a CSS and JAVAscript to organize the task
  • Create an HTML file
  • Create a CSS and style the header.
  • Add JAVASCRIPT to validate the options of the user button.

Weather Forecast website on python

 It forecast and predicts the weather for the next upcoming days.it is focused on analysis and observation. the findings can be dynamic, few forecasters can be of its state. here high computation is allowed due to the fast process, visualisation and analysis.

Create a dataflow diagram.

  • Start and get the data
  • Prepare the data
  • Test the data
  • Train the model
  • Predict the data
  • Display the results

Sorting visualizer

 To list an element in an order sorting algorithm is used. visualizing the working of the algorithm and the step of a bar graph. we know many algorithms like the bubble sort, insertion sort, and quick sort, the data is implemented as a bar graph and an algorithm may be applied. the result will perform automatically or with the user-defined condition.

Create an application.

  • Create an HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT file.
  • Implement the effects and functionalities.
  • Implement sorting algorithms.

Giphy with a unique API

 Giphy is the largest search engine where you can get free GIF stickers in the library. it features all the latest information in the form of entertainment, sports and on. These GIF files are searchable in thirty-plus languages and available in the lowest file size with high-quality images.

 Create an app.

  • Creating an app, you will be allocated a unique API key.
  • An HTTPS request was made to Giphy.
  • Set up the file with the directory and components.
  • Install Giphy API
  • Create a test call.
  • Click the result to be generated

Tribute page

A tribute page is created for the ones who we admired most in our life. For example, we want to create a tribute page for Kalpana Chawla so we need HTML and CSS. First, we create a title and description about them and give their photo under that you can write about their achievements.

Create an HTML project.

  • Write an HTML file and include CSS to make your theme and background more attractive
  • Embed images.
  • Create content or a Timeline of the tribute life.

Toast notifications

 Toast notification also called a pop-up notification is a type of operation to give feedback on certain information. when the user gets notified of some outcome of an action there it appears a small message.it is a window element used to brief the information to the user.

Create a Javascript file.

  • Create a file and name the file.
  • Create an index file.
  • Create a style file using CSS.
  • Create a Javascript.

AJAX style login

AJAX is a new technique created using XHTML content. for better working and to make more interactive web applications AJAX was introduced. it also acts as a communicator between the servers. it can send and receive files in some formats like JSON, XML and text files. An AJAX login page sends data to the server and displays an error without refreshing the page. it gives flexibility to the users.

Create an AJAX Style login with PHP.

  • Integrate JQUERY.
  • Create a Registration form in HTML.
  • Do the data validation.
  • Send a request to PHP via JQUERY
  • Process user registration form and login page.

Customer relationship manager

A customer relationship manager is an application used to create and update user information.it is an organizational guideline and practice to follow with the customers. they include all direct sales, and business-to-business processes based on trends and the latest analysis.

Create a web-based application.

  • Create a front end using HTML and CSS.
  • Request an HTTP and response for create, read, delete and store operations.
  • Design a database like an id, first name, last name, and mail id.
  • Execute the handling operations.
  • Integrate the database with the customer relationship manager application.

E-commerce landing page

An E-commerce website is a trading website and a service for selling and buying products for customers.it is a product-based website where we can buy, sell and process orders. on a daily basis, we use this E-commerce to order things which we want. The E-commerce website accepts the order, payment gateway, handles shipments, and customer service.

Create an E-commerce website with the following steps.

  • Create an HTML File to design the layout. the layout contains a header, main section and footer.
  • Include CSS file and JAVASCRIPT into HTML.
  • In CSS create selectors, colors, and border boxes.
  • Include pseudo-effects and pseudo-elements.
  • Create responsive queries and animation effects.

Child safety application

 To track the children’s progress in daily activities, it monitors the complete track all the time. this is possible only when we introduce a child safety monitoring system. this application tracks the child’s activities from child’s phone to the parent’s phone where information can be sent automatically when the SOS button triggers.

Create a software application.

  • Create a front-end file with HTML and CSS3.
  • Use PHP and MYSQL For the back end.
  • Create the system modules on parent, children, and login page.
  • Create the site details and allow update the access to the geo-locations.
  • Create an SOS button which is used for emergency needs.

Online examination system

An online examination is a system-based service online. these system uses fewer resources reduce the time of preparing question paper, answer scripts, room scheduling, invigilators, coordinators and many more. hence it is a reliable and faster means of examining,

Create an application.

  • Create a front-end file with HTML and CSS files.
  • Create a back end with PHP and MYSQL.
  • Create the system modules for the administrator, student,
  • Create a login page and other modules following it like start exam, view exam, and view marks.
  • Create an administrator module to assign and display the results.

e-Bug Tracking system

An e-bug tracking system is a web application used to track the lifecycle of bugs. As a result, it describes the process from detecting, monitoring and tracking the bugs to eliminating them from the process. Tracking down increases their product efficiency.in order to eliminate the bugs it checks for duplicate ones and then creates the issue to fix it.

Create a web application for tracking system .

  • Create an PHP and MYSQL file.
  • Create a user module and Bug module features.
  • Create an operation of type create, read, update and delete.
  • Create a database using MYSQL.

Network packet sniffer

A network packet is an application used to monitor software or hardware. the act of data packet captures across the network is also called a protocol analyzer. this system is used for administration purposes where it allows you to give a clear definition of complex problems and troubleshoot network problems.

Create a Java file.

  • Create an application to analyze data sent and data received.
  • Send a request to the HTTP request protocol.
  • Create system modules.the user interface, packet analysis, and statistic module.

RSS feed reader

RSS Feed reader aims to shorten the time delay between the publication of the content and its appearance on the aggregator. it makes the content readily accessible to the readers posted on a website quickly to allow retrieval. the system emerges with improved content monitoring policies for all RSS feeds.

Create a java file for RSS Feed.

  • RSS file uses the Stax XML API.
  • XML is used to create and read the feeds.
  • Create the domain model in java.
  • Create XML classes for readers and writers.
  • Test the code for better results.

BFit cognitive and memory testing game

This is an online memory game which plays with your memory and skills. sharpen your brain and focuses on the concentration of problem-solving skills. train your brain to meditate on the power and to improve self-care.

Create an gaming application.

  • Create a UI for the game with the buttons.
  • Add logic to the game.
  • Guide and introduce the app to first-time users.
  • Create an additional screen to load some important files in the backend.

Airline reservation system

The airline reservation system is an application used to reserve a ticket online. the users can book their airlines ticket and can check their updated details of the timing and all. they also process the system with online transactions, e-tickets, fares, discounts and many more operations.

Create a java file.

  • Create a java file with three modules registration, administration and passenger.
  • Use ASP.NET as a front end.
  • Use MYSQL  for the back end.
  • Add all the operations under each module
  • Test the file.

Codechef notifier

Codechef notifier is an application designed to improve your coding skills. The developers’ only remaining choice is to repeatedly examine the site after a predetermined period of time to see if the result is present or not. Codechef is a famous community for aspiring developers to hone their skills. When we use Codechef, the servers are regularly overburdened, leading our submissions to take a long time to be validated by the judge and spending time continuously checking for results.

Create a browser.

  • Experiment with codechef
  • Request for identifying the headers 
  • Request API to capture traffic on the browser,
  • Add JSON values to detect the content file.
  • Develop the content file to rectify the problem.
  • Save and send an XHR request for the result
  • Test the content file.

Our app -a social media web app in node JS

Users of the real-world programmed Our App can interact with others, follow each other, and compose concise tweets. This project is the best fit for users who have mastered HTML, CSS, and JS and want to look deeper into a full stack using Nodejs and MongoDB. Although designing a full-stack program in the first place is challenging, learning how to do so will help you improve your skills.

Create a web-based application.

  • Create UI of the application with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
  • Serves HTML dynamically with the use of EJS.
  • Create an environment node JS
  • Create a framework for servers using the NoSQL database
  • Build the live chat and publish your project.


 Everyone is apprehensive that practicing a technical skill is the best way to master it(whether it’s web development or any other specialized capability). For a while, maturity of people, especially beginners,web make the error of concentrating only on understanding the fundamentals of web development and deferring starting a design for an exorbitantly long time. to acquire web development projects, it’s pivotal to express your ideas as quickly as possible. You can indeed enroll in a free front-end web development course to achieve this.



1. https://www.mygreatlearning.com/blog/web-development-project-ideas/

2. Crio Projects Hub | Crio.Do: Project-based learning platform for developers


Learn Web Development course for Beginners.  

Henry Harvin  

  • Formerly most estimable assiduity professionals with at least 11 times expertise.
  •  Access online literacy coffers including evaluation, vids, and tools.  
  • Obtain 100 placements for a time after graduating successfully Highlight proficiency by earning the Hallmark instrument of an Accredited Web Development Course from the Henry Harvin ® Govt of India honoured & Award-Winning Institute. 
  •  Weekly 10 job openings with Henry Harvin ® or partner enterprises are guaranteed.   


Learning benefits of the web development course  

  • Understand the core Fundamentals of web development courses for beginners.  
  • Capability to acquire data to produce products that are error-free.  Discover how to  produce online opinion check forms.  
  • Designing a  point is an essential element of the web development process. 
  •  In the beginner course, you’ll learn how to test and launch your final web development product.  languages similar to HTML, CSS, C, and others.


Ques 1 : What is a website?
Ans: A website is a collection of information on web pages which can be linked by a web address.


Ques 2 : What is web development?
Ans: We access web pages intimately through a website.


Ques 3 : How to develop a website?
Ans: Gather information and factors.
Plan according to the client’s needs
Design the layout.
Create content.
Program the code
Web development testing
Maintain the website.


Ques 4 : What are web development projects?
Ans: some of them are:
Countdown timer
Javascript quiz game
SEO Friendly Website
Netflix Home page clone
Online code editor
Transcript summarizer for youtube
Whatsapp Web Clone


Ques 5 : What are the web development courses?
Ans: HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT For web developers.
Front-end developer.
Full stack software developer.
Web development course for beginners.
Develop a free website with WordPress.

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