In the fast-moving world, where complex problems need quick solutions, there has been a surge in the demand for accurate and cost-efficient decision-making. This is where expert systems in AI play a crucial role in adapting and assisting human experts in making decisions. 

What is the expert system in AI?

Expert systems are a type of artificial intelligence (AI) designed to assist humans in decision-making in a specific domain. These systems use the knowledge base containing information related to the domain and help solve complex problems, provide recommendations, and thus make decisions in a particular field of expertise. 


 Expert systems in AI

Components of expert systems in AI 

The components of expert systems are as follows: 

1. Knowledge base:

The knowledge base includes the facts, rules, and regulations related to the specific domain. This information sets the basis and principles for decision-making and formulating methods to solve the problems. It is majorly the expertise of the human expert and thus lays the foundation for making decisions and solving problems.

2. User interface:

The user interface allows the non-experts to interact with the expert system. It acts as a bridge between humans and AI since it adds certain elements such as providing recommendations and solving input queries can make the website more user-friendly. A good interface can extend easy access and usage to the user and hence have a good experience while using the system.  

3. Knowledge acquisition systems 

The knowledge acquisition model allows the expert systems in AI to gather more information that is collect information from various sources and update the same regularly. This allows for modifying the existing system and hence keeping the information current.

4. Explanation systems 

Explanation systems justify the generated conclusion to enhance transparency among users and make the site more user-friendly. This also helps the users understand the reasoning behind the conclusion or any recommendations.

5. Inference engine 

The main purpose of an inference engine is to gather the information provided in the knowledge base and analyze the information. It is required to draw conclusions and find the reasoning behind the decisions. It interprets the facts and data to provide recommendations and facilitate decision-making.

Benefits of expert systems in AI 

1. Assist in decision-making

Since the decisions are made on predefined facts, it helps in fastening the process of making decisions and eliminates human bias. It becomes difficult at times to make accurate decisions, however, expert systems in AI ensure accuracy and time

2. It helps in preserving knowledge 

Storing information in the systems not only helps secure data without the need for human expertise but also ensures the preservation of knowledge, enhancing the system’s reliability and accessibility.

3. Accuracy

The conclusions made by the expert system are most of the time accurate as they are based on the knowledge base. They are based on a set of predetermined information and thus help in avoiding human bias.

4. Support for human experts 

The expert systems in AI act as a support system for human experts and provide ease in functionality. The AI provides valuable insights to the experts and also works 24/7.  

5. Cost and time-effective 

Since AI speeds up the process, expert systems are time-saving and many times are cost-effective as well. At times these decisions’ costs can increase due to human involvement but with the help of AI, we can lower these costs and also function better.  

  • MYCIN:
    It is an AI program used to treat blood infections and also has roughly the same competence as that of a specialist. This is a great example of expert systems.
  • R1/XCON: 
    It can select specific software and generate a computer system as per the user’s preference.
  • Dendritic Algorithm (DENDRAL):
    This expert system in AI is used to study information and theories relating to science, mainly predicting molecular structure.
  • Pneumoconiosis X-Ray Diagnosis Expert System (PXDES):
    This expert system is used to diagnose lung diseases. It predicts the type and degree of lung cancer and is of great help in the medical field. 
  • Cancer Decision Support Tool (CaDet):
    It is an AI tool that helps in identifying lung cancer at its earliest stages thus helps in saving lives.  

Application expert systems in AI

Expert systems have great significance and are helpful. Apart from medicine and science, expert systems have great applications. Mentioned below are some of the applications:

  • Information management
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Useful for repair and maintenance projects
  • Warehouse optimization
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Financial decision-making Knowledge publishing
  • Stock market trading

These are some of the applications of expert systems. They have vast applications and, are used in fields apart from medicine and science. They have great applications in business as well, also helping in analyzing the company model and providing recommendations on the same. 

Difference between AI experts and other experts 

The conventional or general systems include knowledge and processing units as one. They are much more difficult to work with and hence require full information to work with. These systems are prone to make errors and are not accurate at times. These systems sometimes fail to understand the problem or give a definite solution to the problem.

They are much more accurate than conventional systems. The solutions provided are much more accurate and hence can work with sufficient or even incomplete information at times. It has a separate knowledge base and inference engine, making the information and data more clear to be analyzed. These systems are also time effective as they take much less time as compared to a conventional system. 

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Expert systems in AI have a lot of scope, they are used in a majority of fields for problem-solving and decision-making. It has shown remarkable wonders in the world of science with its applications and hence is intended to grow even further. Expert systems in AI should work in harmony with humans. They are not made to replace human experts, however, to assist them and make their job easier.

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Q1 What are expert systems in AI?

Ans: Expert Systems in AI are tools that provide quick problem-solving and assistance in decision-making. They contain information or a knowledge base that lays the basic rules and principles for these decisions. 

Q2 Do expert systems have any potential in the future? 

Ans: AI has been surging and post-pandemic there has been a significant growth in the field of artificial intelligence. Thus they have great potential and are expected to grow rapidly.

Q3 What are the components of expert systems?

Ans: There are essentially 5 components in the expert system namely the knowledge base, inference engine, explanation and knowledge systems, and user interface. 

Q4 Are courses for Expert systems helpful? 

Ans: Yes, these courses are helpful as they can provide you with great insights into the same. These courses also provide job assistance and practical training which is very much required in today’s age.

Q5. Can we call ChatGPT an expert system?
Ans: Expert systems are discrete pieces of technology. ChatGPT claims to be a language model and denies being an expert system on the grounds that it lacks specialization. Nevertheless, it provides no further details regarding its nature.

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