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Are you an Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast? Obviously, you are and that’s what brings you to this page. So, let me tell you that this article covers the Top 12 Artificial Intelligence books to read in 2024 and gain knowledge from. They will help you get insights into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).


Furthermore, these artificial Intelligence books are loaded with the know-how of the Artificial Intelligence and the Machine Learning world. In short, they are a sea of Wisdom. Therefore, let us go through some of the Artificial Intelligence books required to sharpen your expertise. Below are the names of 12 books.

Go and explore the market to buy any of these Top 12 Artificial Intelligence books to sharpen your skills.

By and large, in this article, we’ll look at books from beginners to Advanced level. So starting with the beginner-level books, you have:

1. The book – Artificial Intelligence Basics – A Non-Technical Introduction is written by Tom Taulli

Top 12 Artificial Intelligence Books to Read in 2023

About the book

This book teaches you the basics of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on today’s world. The author has given a non-technical explanation of important concepts like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, Robotics, and much more. He has also answered questions related to ethics, societal trends, and the future impact of AI on the daily lives of people, world governments, and company structures. For this purpose, this is one of the most essential Artificial Intelligence books available in the market today and is an asset to your knowledge. To conclude, anyone such as managers having no technical background and really wanting to understand AI to assess solutions, can buy this book.

Available on: Amazon

Price: Paperback – INR2,877/-

2. The book – Artificial Intelligence with Python: Your complete guide to building intelligent apps using Python 3. x, 2nd Edition has been written by two authors namely Prateek Joshi, Alberto Artasanchez

About the book

This new edition is one of the best guides to artificial intelligence and has seven new chapters added to it which cover RNNs and Big Data, chatbots, AI, fundamental use cases, and much more. This is an extended version of the old edition offering you tools you can use to explore intelligent apps and also create your own applications simultaneously. In addition, it covers real-life scenarios to which you can apply relevant AI algorithms from basics to advanced depending on the difficulty of the challenge. To sum up, if you are a Python developer wanting to build AI applications, this is one of the best Artificial Intelligence books you must buy and read.

Available on: Amazon

Price: Paperback – INR3,235/-

3. The book – Life 3.0 Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence is authored by Max Tegmark

About the book

This book is an International Bestseller and one of Barack Obama’s favorite books of 2018. It answers a lot of questions related to myths regarding AI, differentiates between utopias from dystopias, ways to use AI for our benefit, how is growth and prosperity possible through automation without affecting people’s income, guarantees that systems will work efficiently without crashing, getting hacked or malfunctioning. Other questions like whether will AI outsmart the human mind in all possible tasks or may replace us have also been taken up. To demonstrate, this book is a great visionary book and is a great addition to the collection of one’s Artificial Intelligence books.

Available on: Amazon

Price: Paperback – INR405/-

4. The book – Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd Edition) is authored by Peter Norvig

Top 12 Artificial Intelligence Books to Read in 2023

About the book

This edition provides information on the transitions that have happened in Artificial Intelligence since the year 2003.  Important applications of AI technology like widespread deployment of speech recognition, autonomous vehicles, machine translation, and household robotics are there. Not to mention, it talks about algorithmic landmarks and theoretical progress in machine learning, computer vision, and probabilistic reasoning. All put together, the topics covered in this book, make it one of the best Artificial Intelligence books to read.

Available on: Amazon

Price: Paperback – INR700/-

5. The book – Artificial Intelligence: Learning Automation Skills with Python is written by Chris Baker

About the book

This book talks about how Artificial Intelligence will shape our future in the approaching times and how will it help humans perform complicated tasks with ease using AI. 

The topics covered in this book are:

  • A brief history of artificial intelligence
  • Artificial neural networks applied to machine learning
  • The state of machine learning
  • Effects of AI on our daily lives
  • How to build an AI-ready culture

All these features, make it one of the best Artificial Intelligence books to read.

Available on: Amazon

Price: Paperback – INR10,289/-

6. The book – A First Course in Artificial Intelligence is written by Deepak Khemani

Top 12 Artificial Intelligence Books to Read in 2023

About the book

This particular book follows a bottom-up approach which means it starts first with research-based methods and gradually moves to knowledge-based methods for problem-solving and focusing on the intelligence part specifically. It offers both the updated concepts and classical methods of tabu search and beam search subjects. It carries an easy explanation of concepts, a well-annotated writing style, and consists of detailed and well-structured algorithms with proofs. If you are a student and are looking for a book with all these features, I must say that this is one of the best Artificial Intelligence books to read.

Available on: Amazon

Price: Paperback – INR635/-

Now, going further I’ve covered the Advanced-level Artificial Intelligence books and Industrial Specific Artificial Intelligence books.

7. The book – Artificial Intelligence Engines: A Tutorial Introduction to Mathematics and Deep Learning is written by James V. Stone

About the book

To master a wide variety of tasks such as chess, poker, speech recognition, cancer diagnosis, object recognition, robotic control, and backgammon and Go at the level of human intelligence, deep neural networks rely on adaptive algorithms. The beauty of this Artificial intelligence book lies in the informal explanation of important neural network algorithms and detailed mathematical analyses. This book is written in an informal way which comprises a comprehensive glossary, a list of further readings, and tutorial appendices. All this put together, makes this book as one of the Artificial Intelligence books to provide you with an introduction to the algorithmic engines of modern AI as suggested in the title.

Available on: Amazon

Price: Hardcover – INR6,306/-

8. The book – Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp is by Peter Norvig

Top 12 Artificial Intelligence Books to Read in 2023

About the book

This book teaches advanced techniques of Common Lisp to build major AI systems. In this book, the author has addressed issues pertaining to real working programs of significant sizes. There are chapters on troubleshooting and efficiency combined with fundamentals of object-oriented programming discussion. It also has a description of the CLOS functions. All these combined together, this is one of those Artificial Intelligence books that is apt as a supplement guide for general AI courses, a course on AI programming, and as a reference for Professional Programmers.

There is a newer edition available which is authored by Stuart Russell and costs you INR15,512/-

Available on: Amazon

Price: Hardcover – INR5,688/-

9. The book – Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: AI, Machine Learning, and Deep and Intelligent Medicine Simplified for Everyone has been written by Dr Parag Suresh Mahajan MD

About the book

This is an academic edition. It provides information about how impactful Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep and Intelligent Medicine Simplified is for everyone in the healthcare sector. This is one of those Artificial Intelligence books that provides you an updated and in-depth knowledge of how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the healthcare sector ranging from health insurance, medical research and education, electronic health records, drug discovery, and the fight against COVID-19. Without a doubt, this is the best book you can find currently in the market to update you on healthcare, and is written in simple language for easy understanding.

Available on: Amazon

Price: Hardcover – INR2,530/-

10. The book – Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics, Second Edition: Algorithms, Worked Examples and Case Studies (The MIT Press) is written by three authors namely Brian Mac Namee, John D. Kelleher, Aoife D’Arcy

Top 12 Artificial Intelligence Books to Read in 2023

About the book

This is the second edition of the original book which was published recently. Moreover, it is more economical in comparison to the first edition. However, this book has a comprehensive introduction (covering both theory and practical) to ML approaches that are used in predictive data analytics.

These data analytics applications such as customer behavior, risk assessment, price prediction, and document classification use these models. To clarify, the second edition in particular outlines the latest developments in ML which are specifically covered in the new chapter named Deep Learning. In addition to this, two new chapters are added which cover reinforcement learning and supervised learning. The case studies mentioned in the chapters illustrate the ways in which the process of learning predictive models can fit into a vast business context. Overall, this book can be used both at the introductory level and as a reference for professionals. It solves both purposes.

Available on: Amazon

Price: Hardcover – INR2,500/-

11. The book – Applied Analytics through Case Studies Using SAS and R: Implementing Predictive Models and Machine Learning Techniques has been written by Deepti Gupta

About the book

As the title suggests, this book uses a practical analytical approach to analyse business problems by implementing predictive models and ML techniques using the SAS and R analytical language. If you have a basic understanding of statistics and have a good knowledge of how to write codes but lack in implementing predictive models and ML techniques to analyse real-life data, this is the ideal Artificial Intelligence book for you. This book gives you hands-on knowledge of using these tools to the best. It will teach you to understand basic data concepts and analytics, ways to use analytical approaches in solving Industrial business issues, building predictive models and ML techniques, and creating and applying analytical strategies.

Available on: Amazon

Price: Hardcover – INR4,131/-

12. The book – Advances in Financial Machine Learning is written by Marcos Lopez De Prado

Top 12 Artificial Intelligence Books to Read in 2023

About the book

If you want to improve your organisation’s investment performance through Machine Learning, this Artificial Intelligence book is a good buy as it helps you understand and implement the latest innovation tools required. Moreover, this book will help generations together to understand how to handle money and make wise investments. The book will teach you the ways to structure and conduct research on big data which is amenable to ML algorithms and avoid false positive Advances in Financial ML by backtesting their discoveries and using supercomputing methods. This book focuses on addressing real-life problems that practitioners face every day. Simultaneously, it offers scientifically sound maths solutions which include code and examples. These problems and solutions can be practiced regularly in real life and thereupon, you can become an active user of the book.

Available on: Amazon

Price: Hardcover – INR3,313/-


While it may be true that Artificial Intelligence is the future. Many Big companies rely on it for their customer data collection and to enhance customer experience. We can also say that apart from going for online or offline courses, there are various books available in the market to upgrade your knowledge about Artificial Intelligence. To conclude, this article covers the top 12 Artificial Intelligence books to read in 2024. So why wait?

The above information provided will help you choose the best book you need to buy according to your level and requirements.

Last but not least, if you change your mind anytime and wish to pursue a course in Artificial Intelligence, then there are many courses available online as well as offline. One renowned institution – Henry Harvin Education offers amazing courses in AI. The Artificial Intelligence course offered by them is one of the best and most economical.

Other Recommended Courses:


Q1. How will The Henry Harvin AI course help me?

Ans: The course will benefit you to become a certified AI expert in order to get better job prospects.

Q2. What is Artificial Intelligence?

Ans: Artificial Intelligence is the ability to perform tasks as capable as the Human mind.

Q3. Why should I buy Artificial Intelligence books?

Ans: Books are considered a sea of knowledge. Hence, apart from doing a course in AI, one should also buy some Artificial Intelligence books so as to enhance their existing knowledge. In case you forget something, you can always open the book and refer to it.

Q.4 Which AI book must as a non-technical person to understand AI?

Ans: A person with no technical background can understand AI by reading Tom Tauli’s Artificial Intelligence Basics- A non-technical Introduction. A perfect book to understand the basics of AI as the author provides a non-technical explanation of machine learning, deep learning, robotics, and a lot more.

Q.5 How important is it to take an AI course?

Ans: As an enthusiast reading books would suffice as you get to know the fundamental concepts of AI. However, pursuing a career in AI requires you to enroll in an AI course.

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