What is Artificial Intelligence and what are its Pros and Cons?

Artificial Intelligence is often referred to and known as ‘AI’. What is it, and what are the Pros of Artificial Intelligence and Cons of Artificial Intelligence? Let’s find out.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that enables a machine or system to perform a task as a human. It allows human intelligence simulation in computer systems and machines. Specific applications of Artificial Intelligence include the natural learning process, machine vision, speech recognition, and expert systems.


The basic example of Artificial Intelligence is the one on which we all are guilty of being dependent, our Smartphones! They are a boon and also a bane of our existence. A small example of it is the autocorrect feature. It is a good thing. Instead of typing the complete word or sentence, it just appears with the input of the first and second letters of the word, and it also saves the embarrassment of misspelling words. But it’s also tricky, as sometimes, even after typing out the words or sentences we want, the system autocorrects them and conveys the wrong message.

These are just the basic pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence. Since Artificial Intelligence has established itself so easily in our lives, we don’t seem to notice unless and until it stops working due to some technical and mechanical issues or it creates a hassle in our lives.

Pros of Artificial Intelligence

There are endless examples, like Smartphones, Self-Driving Cars, Robots, and Smart Assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and many more. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence have their share of followers. Here is a list of some of the Pros of Artificial Intelligence.

1. Digital Assistance

Answers pop up by just questioning Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or any other Voice recognition System able to carry on the command and converse back and forth with its users. It is one of the most basic and unseen Pros of Artificial Intelligence. From Autocorrect suggestions to GPS Navigation to carrying out commands and more, there are many attributes.

Pros of Artificial Intelligence

Digital Assistants use natural language processing and understanding and complete the task for the users. This feature has made many tasks be carried out easily with just a command. And this feature is not just used in Smartphones, there are many examples, like Smart Speakers, Smart Watches, Computer Operating Systems, Instant messaging programs, Smart Cars, Appliances, and more…

With the regular advancement of technology and its application and consumption, Digital Assistance has somehow become a part of our daily routine.

 2. Available 24 X 7

A human body demands breaks. A human can’t work 24 x 7 without a break. Humans need breaks to maintain their work-life balance. Whereas a machine can work indefinitely without any breaks. If the job is monotonous, humans feel bored and distracted, which affects the job. With Artificial Intelligence, one can make machines perform the job without breaking the workflow with breaks.

Machines backed by Artificial Intelligence algorithms can perform monotonous and tedious jobs without interruptions. Take, for example, any applications or websites having a chat option. The option is available 24 x 7 once you feed your request or question, the reply is received on a prompt basis. It gives one an interactive experience as with a human, whereas it is software backed by Artificial Intelligence. In technical terms, it’s known as a Chatbot. The Ability to perform 24 x 7 is one of the well-known Pros of Artificial Intelligence.

3. Reduction in Human Error

“To Err is Human – written by English poet Alexander Pope” It is a human tendency or helplessness that errors occur regardless of numerous efforts taken. Whereas computer systems and machines make decisions based on algorithms, it allows the machine or computer system to perform the job with a minute error or zero errors.

Pros of Artificial Intelligence

This reduction in human error is a Pros of Artificial Intelligence that allows efficient and timely work performance. It enables a machine or computer system to take actions and decisions based on previous information by applying certain algorithms. Computer systems and Machines are fed with various information to act according to the situation requirements. 

Various organizations and companies use artificial intelligence-backed computer systems to manage their mountain of data which also helps the system decide on addition to the data.

4. Repetitive Jobs and AI

There are many tasks performed by humans which are repetitive. Humans perform these tasks day in and day out. These monotonous tasks cause boredom and lack of interest and affect the creativity and productivity of an individual. Using Artificial Intelligence, these tasks can be easily automated to machines or computer systems by applying the required algorithms, thereby reducing the boredom of repetitive jobs and allowing humans to perform tasks requiring high human expertise and increasing their creativity and productivity.

Take, for example, verifying certain documents for errors, sending a generic email of thank you or others, and many more things.

5. Decisions and AI

Humans and emotions go hand in hand, whether we like it or not. While making an important decision, a human being considers both the practical and emotional aspects. Many times it prolongs the decision-making process and there is also a probability of an irrational decision or biased decision.

Pros of Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand, a computer system or machine backed by Artificial Intelligence algorithms and the required information will make a quick calculated, rational decision without any bias. It is a major Pros of Artificial Intelligence to make calculated decisions devoid of any emotion. It ensures accurate decision-making for its users.

6. Risks and AI

This is one of the biggest Pros of Artificial Intelligence as it lets humans explore more, where the circumstances limit them due to risks involved. Machines backed by precise algorithms can be used to explore places where it is impossible or challenging for a human to survive.

There are many examples of it, like robots sent to Mars, the technology used to explore deep in the oceans, and many more. Artificial Intelligence does not limit itself to the risks involved. Instead, it can be used effectively in both man-made and natural disasters to make quick decisions to resolve problems.

7. Health and  AI

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the health sector has determined its effect on the health industry. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, doctors can assess patients and determine their health risks sooner. It helps doctors to make quick, informed decisions.

The development of Artificial Intelligence in the medical field is one of the best Pros of Artificial Intelligence. Computer systems and machines backed by Artificial Intelligence are used extensively. Some of its applications include diagnosing patients, surgical robots assisting doctors in performing surgery, virtual health assistants, management of medical records, and many more.

Pros of Artificial Intelligence

The Application and use of Artificial Intelligence are changing the face of the Modern Health Care System.

8. Daily Applications

Imagine a day without your smartphones or any assisted service providing information or services. Artificial Intelligence has ingrained itself into our lives. All the desired information is available at our fingertips or by just uttering OK Google, Siri, Alexa, or Cortana on Windows. Humans use this and many other applications for their day-to-day functions.

Other applications that are frequently used by us, like face-unlock, making a call, taking a selfie, replying to a message or email, using maps, weather forecasts, and many more. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and has impacted our lives in many ways. The ability of Artificial Intelligence to make our daily life easy is one of the best Pros of Artificial Intelligence.

9. New Inventions and AI

The presence of Artificial Intelligence is in every field, And it is providing aid in resolving complex human problems. A bright example of this advanced invention is that Doctors can predict breast cancer in women at an early stage using Artificial Intelligence-based technologies. These life-turning inventions will help humans in many ways.

Cons of Artificial Intelligence

Like a coin, everything has its flip side. While there are many Pros of Artificial Intelligence, there are Cons of Artificial Intelligence too. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Makes Human Lazy

The inventions and the ability of machines and computer systems backed by artificial intelligence to perform tasks can hamper the ability and willingness of humans to perform their jobs.

The automation of monotonous tasks with artificial intelligence software has and will impact humans. It makes them lazy. The constant use of applications and software is creating a dependency on them. Humans are getting addicted to this technology. And it is one of the big Cons of Artificial Intelligence and an even big concern for future generations.

2. High Costs

Everything comes with a price. Technology imitating human intelligence and acting like a human is made possible with constant innovation, discoveries, and rediscoveries, backed by appropriate funding of time and money.

Everyone knows that machines need regular maintenance to rule out wear and tear. And systems and software need timely updates to perform at their full capacity every time. These all come at a huge cost as there are complex machines involved, and there is this continuous development in this field. This huge cost requirement is one of the Cons of Artificial Intelligence.

3. Unemployment

One of the big Cons of Artificial Intelligence is that it is causing unemployment. Many companies and organizations have turned towards artificial intelligence-based computer systems and machines to perform jobs that are repetitive in nature and other jobs too.

The constant presence of artificial intelligence and its ability to do the same work as humans more efficiently have created a fear in humans of technology soon replacing them.

Cons of Artificial Intelligence

Humans need to keep adding to their skills and knowledge. Unemployment due to technological advancement is a big concern for the present and future generations.

4. Loss of Creativity

The human mind is capable of creating and developing new things. Assign a group of humans to a job, and every individual from that group will find a unique way to perform and complete the job. This unique and creative approach is not present in machines. The computer systems and machines perform according to the information fed and algorithms set.

It does not go out of its way according to the requirements and circumstances to complete a task. It can only provide results as per the data fed. Sometimes that is not enough. And it is one of the big Cons of Artificial Intelligence.

Some decisions require a sensitive and delicate approach, which machines cannot provide. Humans have feelings and emotions and the ability to think outside the box. A machine can never match this ability of a human being.

5. No Improvement

Humans can upgrade and hone their skills with time and changing environments, whereas a machine performs the same tasks continuously without any changes.

A machine performs the task according to the commands fed; it can’t change its way of performing without changes in commands. However, a human performs a task by sensing its environment and then deciding on the approach. A machine or system is incapable of improving on its own, but a human can do self-improvement.

6. Loss of Human Touch and Emotions

However great a machine performs, it cannot match the uniqueness of the human touch and its emotions. Machines do not possess the power to distinguish between ethical and unethical, legal and illegal. They lack emotional and moral values and have no judgment-making skills.

Cons of Artificia lntelligence

A human makes a decision considering every factor dominating a situation and affecting humans, whereas a machine often shows incorrect results or they breakdown in unfamiliar situations. It is one of the big Cons of Artificial Intelligence.


With the current phenomenon, one is already aware that Artificial Intelligence is the future. And the future is here now. In some way or another, one uses Artificial Intelligence based technology once a day. Whether it’s unlocking your phone using the Facial recognition feature, navigating your way using google maps, hailing a cab online, and more are examples of Artificial Intelligence based technology we use.

Social media uses data and Algorithms to determine consumer preferences and to serve better. There are many examples of it, the tag suggestions that pop up once a photo is uploaded, the target-based advertisement and many more.

Like a coin, everything has two sides. The trick is to make sure the balance is maintained. As seen, there are many Pros of Artificial Intelligence, but at the same time, there are as many Cons of Artificial Intelligence. As evident, Artificial Intelligence has made our lives easier with its continuous development and discoveries, and it will continue to do so. Artificial Intelligence is already present in every industry, and it needs to be ensured that it is not used excessively.

As an industry grows, it also creates many opportunities. A growing Industry requires individuals who have the desired skill set.

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Q. 1 What is Artificial Intelligence?

Ans.  Artificial Intelligence allows human intelligence simulation in computer systems and machines. It is a technology that enables a Computer System and Machine to perform a task as a human.

Q.2  What are the main Pros of Artificial Intelligence?

Ans. Artificial Intelligence has ingrained itself in our day-to-day lives. It provides a great deal of assistance to make our lives easier. Like digital assistance, reduction in error, 24 x 7 availability, and many more.

Q.3 What are the main Cons of Artificial Intelligence?

Ans. Artificial Intelligence involves complex machines and algorithms, a huge amount is required to develop these complex machines and the systems require frequent updates. The integration of Artificial Intelligence with our daily life has made humans lazy. These are some of the main Cons of Artificial Intelligence.

Q.4 Is Artificial Intelligence benefiting Humans?

Ans. Artificial Intelligence is present in every sector and is benefiting them in its own way take for example the health sector, Doctors can predict breast cancer in women at an early stage using Artificial Intelligence-based technologies.

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