Want to develop your skills in your work? Want to be the best in your job? Agile has been one of the major developments of the past decade. Between the debate of whether to use them or not, many agile project development tools have been introduced. To help you choose the best, we are providing you with a list of top 10 agile project management tools that you can master in 2021 to give a boost to your career. 

What is Agile Project Management?


An iterative way to deliver a project through its life cycle is called Agile project management. Agile project management consists of several steps that work towards completion of the project. The main aim of the Agile methods is to deliver benefits all through the process not only at the end. Another main factor is agile methods should display trust, flexibility, empowerment and collaboration.

Agile Project Management works towards offering maximum profit despite the business constraints and the budget. The Agile principles would be

  • The project will break the requirement into smaller ones, which the team will prioritise based on the importance.
  • Collaborative working is part of an Agile project. 
  • The agile project is flexible, adaptable and it regularly keeps track if the project is successful and it will satisfy the needs of the customers, 
  • Agile methods are executed by working as a team where they will integrate planning with execution for producing best results.

Importance of Picking the right Agile Project Management Tool

Project management tools will be useful in all aspects of a project. It will start from planning to execution. It will also make the team plan and collaborate. When you do this, the team members, as well as the stakeholders, will have a sense of transparency. 

Your job will become easier. The right tool can make wonders in your work. If you want to produce a high-quality end result at the same time and make progress all through the process, you will have to choose the right tool. One thing that should constantly be in your mind is customer needs, Choose a tool that would fulfil the needs of your client.

Project Management tools will give you an organized start from the beginning. The right project management tool will help you all throughout this process. With numerous tools being available it might be hard to choose but there are certain tools that will be suitable for most of the projects. With these tools, you will have the best results.

1. Zephyr

Zephyr is the best selling test management tool. It provides you with end to end solutions for agile teams of all sizes. Through the software, you will get the flexibility, visibility and all the insight you need. 


Up to 10 users, it will cost you $10 per month. You will also be provided with a free 30-day trial. For 11 to 100 users it will cost you $4.25 per user/month. This one also is provided with a free 30-day trial. 

Key Features

  • 1-click integration with JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins, Bamboo, and many more.
  • Cloud, Server, and Data Center Deployment Options.
  • Annual commitment is not required.
  • Advanced analytics and DevOps Dashboards.

2. Sprints

Sprint tool will help you to manage your team and product easily. You will be able to track your product without any hassle. This software will be used to find bottlenecks and find ways to generate business value.

Key Features

  • You will be able to get the product feedback with ease.
  • With the help of this tool, you will be able to work on any device and place. 
  • Will allow the team to connect on code changes. 
  • It is integrated with CI/CD tools. 

3. Backlog

The backlog is everything in one kind of project management tool built for developers. If you want to work with other teams, you can use Backlog for better team collaboration and a high-quality end result in the project. 

Free Trial

Backlog provides you with a free 30-day trial. Before you pay and use backlog you can try their free trial for 30 days.

Key Features

  • It is available both in the cloud and on-premise.
  • It is an easy bug tracking tool.
  • Project and issues with subtasks.
  • Git and SVN built-in. 
  • Gantt Charts and Burndown Charts
  • Wikis
  • Watchlists
  • Native mobile apps

4. Bug Shooting

Bug shooting is extremely useful. It also gives you an effortless way to create screen captures and attach them with the bug tracking or issue management system item for reporting the bugs.


Bug shooting project management tool will cost you 982.4 INR including the GST.

Key features

  • It will support the intelligent capture mode.
  • You can create professional graphics by adding effects to screenshots.
  • You will also get easy and fast access to frequently used tools
  • It can also store the screenshots automatically. 

5. Snagit

An extremely popular screenshot capturing tool is Snagit. Snagit offers tools to edit, annotate and screenshot which are extremely useful.


Snagit will cost you around 4,396.44 INR. You can also buy Camtasia along with Snagit which will together cost you around 24,184.43 INR.

Key Features

  • Screen capture and recording
  • Panoramic capture
  • You can also create from templates 
  • You will also be able to create video from images.
  • Simplify tool 
  • Annotations
  • Step tool
  • Grab text


JIRA is a  defect tracking tool. This is used for Agile testing and project management. This tool along with recording and reporting provides you with an integrated code development environment. 

Key features

  • JIRA Query language will be useful in creating quick filters.
  • This agile tool will make your team accurate which will lead to efficiency.
  • The reporting functionality will give your team a very clear critical insight into their agile process.
  • It also allows you to create custom workflows of any size which will come handy in building, testing and releasing software. 

 7. Soap UI

SoapUI is an agile testing tool. This tool is used for service-oriented architectures (SOA) and REST. SoupUI functionality includes web service inspection, invoking, development, functional testing, and load testing. 

Key features

  • It is an open-source testing tool.
  • This agile tool also provides Drag and Drop test creation
  • SoapUI also supports Data-driven testing.
  • You can easily reuse functional test cases and security scans.
  • It supports a multi-environment.
  • It also allows service stimulation.
  • Static content mocking. 

8. Jmeter

This application acts as an open-source agile performance testing tool. The Apache JMeter can come handy in load functional test behaviour and performance measurement of the website.

Key Features

  • You will be able to load and performance test numerous applications and protocols. 
  • You will also get full-featured test IDE for fast Test Plan recording
  • It also offers portability and Java purity completely.
  • Data analysis and visualisation plugins will provide good extensibility.
  • Functions can come handy when you have to give dynamic input to test or provide data manipulation. 
  • You can easily do integration using third party libraries for tools like Maven Gradle and Jenkins. 

9. Selenium Webdriver

This is an automation agile testing tool. It works toward mimicking the behaviour of a real user.

Key features

  •  Compact object-oriented API
  • Selenium server initialisation is not necessary.
  • It is capable of finding the coordinates of any object. 
  • Supports different languages like Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, PMP and Javascript, 

10. Appium

This is an open-source and a free agile tool. It is useful in automating mobile web iOS and Android. iOS or Windows SDKs.

Key features

  • It has an easy setup process.
  • This tool supports safari on iOS and Chrome or any of the built-in browser apps 
  • IT is capable of automating NAtive, hybrid and web applications. 
  • Programming languages supported are Java, PHP, Ruby, Python C#.
  • This tool will also let you use native, hybrid and web application testing on physical gadgets.

If you are a project management professional, it will be really helpful for you to master these tools. These tools will help your team work efficiently. You will get a clear idea of these tools and other project management principles if you take up a PMP course. For specified knowledge in agile, you can also take up an Agile project management certification. In that, you will also learn Agile project management tools. 

Need for Completing a Project Management Certification

In this current era, many organizations have made PMP certifications mandatory for Project Management Professionals. That would be the main reason for you to take up a PMP course and become PMP certified. 

A PMP course will develop your team collaboration. The course will also introduce you to advanced tools in the field.  

Other than that a PMP course will help you in learning more and gain problem-solving skills. A PMP certification will show your enthusiasm towards your job. PMP certification is globally recognised. So, it will directly reflect on your salary boosting your resume. When you want to get PMP certification it would be better to take up a PMP course before that, because that course will help you in preparing easily.

One of the best places to take up a project management course would be Henry Harvin. 

Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin’s Agile project management course will help in uplifting your career. This course is available online and you can take it up anywhere. You will learn about 30+ content types and earn online. This 16-hour course is offered by trainers with 10+ years of experience.  

Benefits of the Course

  •  This course will help in developing your time skills.
  • You will gain knowledge of agile theories.
  • It will nurture your skills in project management, leadership, project analytics, team management, critical thinking and customer-centric management. 
  • This course will help you attain expertise in delivering products successfully. 
  •  Participants will be provided with an opportunity to grasp practical topics for their use in everyday scenarios. 
  • You will learn different phases of project management.
  • It will also enable you to adopt industry best practises on implementing Agile in diverse scenarios. 

It is not mandatory for you to get PMP certified or finish up a course in Agile project management but doing so would mould your career. Whether you want to take up a course or not is entirely up to you. Then also, you can master these 10 agile project management tools for the benefit of your organisation and your career. So go ahead and explore these tools. All the best. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q-1. Is it mandatory to get a PMP certification? 

It is not mandatory to get PMP certified but many organisations have now made PMP certifications compulsory for project managers. So, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get PMP certified. On the other hand, it will help you in your career. 

Q-2. How will the agile Project Management Tools Help? 

The agile project management tools will help you in satisfying customer needs. For any organisation, the customer needs should be your top priority. Using an Agile project management tool will help you in understanding the needs of customers. Which in turn will result in you creating the best product and producing the most favourable result. 

Q-3. What are the Things that Should be Considered When you are Selecting the Agile Project Management Tool? 

Make a checklist of these following criteria. This will help you in choosing the best Agile Project Management Tools. 

  • The price 
  • Allows team management
  • Make a list of your requirements and check whether it is fulfilled.
  • Capable of generating basic reports like bugs and activity report.
  •  The cost of training the employees in the tool should also be noted.
  • Update policy and tool vendor support. 

Q-4. What are the most Popular Agile Project Management Tools?

All of the agile project management tools in the list are reliable but the most popular ones would be Zephyr, Sprints, Backlog, SoapUI, Jmeter, JIRA.

Q-5. At the end of the Course, what will be the Advantage of Taking up an Agile Project Management course from Henry Harvin?

At the end of the course, you will become eligible for most of the agile jobs and also you will be provided with 10+ job opportunities along with a guaranteed internship opportunity. 

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