You have tried hard throughout your education and now you are looking for a career that justifies your hard work and rewards you with the best.

We all know that a few years back pursuing a professional course that will earn you a good career was not an easy task. 

If you are aspiring for the best jobs you need to search for various professional courses available with the online and classroom tutorials options. 

Here, we will be discussing the few best online courses that will help you get your dream job. 

However, the highest paying online courses come in a wide array of academic areas. 

One of the benefits of any online courses is that you can also enhance your digital skills without spending a  minute in classroom lectures. Online education opens up new job possibilities since they are more manageable and accessible to those who can’t get a college classroom experience.

Are these online courses easier to get?

Well, the answer is yes!

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Which means that, while doing any online course, you can schedule it according to your flexibility. There are several courses that are asynchronous ie. you can either access your course material or you can tune into their recorded lectures, whatever your convenience is.

In addition to this, the online courses feature multiple dates to start so you can start at any date feasible to you. Online tutorials are not tough yet they are different.  All you need to be is self-directed, motivated & disciplined.

Doing online training is both convenient and lucrative. So, why not explore such job-driven online courses that expand your potential as a professional.

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is now the big thing”.

                                                                                 Donna J Abernathy.

 Now, How do employers view such online certificates?

In today’s era of global digitization, online education has become quite a trend. The hiring managers are mainly concerned about what you know rather than from where you studied or how you got your credentials. 

However, in some traditional professions, degrees and certificates are still important. But in the digital ecosystem,the skills that you have to offer are more important.

Your  ability is defined by your digital portfolio and  professional network. 

Also, there are several online courses that don’t even mention that the certificate is earned online.

Post Graduate Program in Content Writing

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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 As long as you have obtained your certificate from an accredited institution, potential employers will consider your eligibility seriously.

So, what do online courses cost?

The costs of online certifications vary enormously. They can be cheaper but it isn’t always the case.

 Of course, the cheapest online course is the one that doesn’t charge any fee. Some may charge an examination fee or during the completion of certification.

Do any such free online courses really exist?  

Yes, there are plenty of courses available online. But most of them do not qualify for credit ie. they cannot be applied for a true certificate. But, not in every case.

The various online courses that are in trend today are:

  1. Content Writing
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Web Development
  4. GST Course
  5. Data Science Certification
  6. Business Intelligence( BI)
  7. Machine Learning (ML)
  8. Technical Writing
  9.  Cloud Computing
  10. Lean six Sigma Certification

  Let’s take a detailed rundown about the few jobs that are highest paying with their online courses in 2020 

1-  Content Writer:

Content writing is quite a trend in today’s world of global business. A content writer is a person who creates quality and unique content for the website.

These content can be in the form of texts, images, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc.

A content writer creates content for various websites may be commercial or related to academics, blogs, social media platforms.

It has high paying career options along with work from home or freelance opportunities.

In today’s era of global digitization demand for the content-writers has increased There is a wide scope of career opportunities after completion of the content writing course.

Who is eligible for this course?

  • Anyone with a passion for writing and wants to enhanceher writing skills.
  • Students
  • Digital marketers
  • Women willing to start/restart their career
  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneur,  Businessmen, Retired personnel

Scope of doing this course:

Your job prospects will have a broader spectrum. you can work in various roles like:

  • Web Content Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Creative Writer
  • Technical Writer
  • Blogger
  • Freelancer
  • Ghost Writer etc.

You need to do this course because:

  • You will get to know how to create original and unique content.
  • You will get an idea of how to avoid plagiarism
  • Your ability to do research will be brushed before writing any content.
  • You will be able to trace your factual and grammatical errors.
  • You will learn to create posts for your blog or website.
  • You can also generate income by working as a freelancer besides working in any organization.
  • You will learn how to bring more traffic to your website by attracting your target audience
  • If you are a digital marketer various content writing courses online will help you boost your career.

Few best certifications for content writing course online 2020 are available at:

  • Certified Digital Content Writer (CDCW)- Henry Harvin Education, Noida.
  • Ultimate web content writing masterclass- Udemy 
  • How to write great content- Udemy
  • Technical Writing – Coursera

If you want to find out the best certification for Content Writing I will suggest Henry Harvin Education Institute , a popular institute in Noida.  It offers the best Content Writing course. 

The brand of this organisation is of great importance. Alumni from Henry Harvin can showcase themselves as Certified Digital Content Writers. This is a distinguishing feature from other institutes. The organisation has been ranked No- one  by training 360. Their certificate will increase your resume score. 

2 –  Digital Marketer:

It is online or internet-based marketing that includes digital technologies and channels. It is one of the important requirements in the business world. 

The digital channels used in digital marketing are social media platforms, emails, websites, search engines, etc.

Digital marketing involves the use of electronic devices, like your smartphones and laptops. If you look around yourself you will find people are spending more time on their electronic device. It is due to this that digital marketing is increasing.

Every single day we spend hours on our electronic devices.

Digital marketing is both offline and online. But both of them involve the use of an electronic device.

Online Digital Marketing has following tactics like,

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing 
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Email Marketing 
  6. Affiliate Marketing 
  7. Pay per click Marketing

Offline Digital Marketing is purely offline but is done with the help of electronic devices. These are like:

  1. Radio Marketing – It’s still in use but the profit is less. Eg radio commercials, sponsors, etc.
  2. Television Marketing – It’s done with the help of television commercials, teleshopping, etc.
  3. Telephone marketing – It is almost dead due to enhanced use of smartphones
  4. Electronic Billboards

Who is eligible to apply for this certification?

  • Marketing professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and businessmen
  • People opting for a change in their careers.
  • Any college graduate.

 You will develop the following skills: 

  • Excellence in content creation and creativity.
  • You will get expertise in WordPress management.
  • Excellent communication skills with your target audience will be enhanced
  • Strong skills to analyze your data and maintain your records will get developed.
  • You will be able to convert your target audience  into sales opportunities.
  • You will learn various marketing  channels like SEM, SEO, Emails, etc.
  • You can pull the strings of your customers by enhancing your storytelling abilities
  • Your ability to listen to your customer’s needs, thoughts or problems will get increased. This will help you find out the solution to their problems from their perspective.

What is the need for learning digital marketing?

  • To keep yourself updated with all the trendy tactics involved in the global marketing world.
  • To understand your customer requirements in a better way.
  • To develop new marketing and advertising techniques through various digital channels.
  • To understand the various ways to keep your business updated.
  • To understand how to develop unique and quality content required for marketing.
  • To develop the capability to enhance customer interaction.
  • To understand the concept of budget planning during organic and paid promotions.
  • To understand the concept of multiple demographics.
  • To understand how to work as a freelancer or learn to work from home.

Online digital marketing courses are available with paid and free certifications.

The best online certification for digital marketing 2020 is available at :

  • Digital Marketing Certification- Henry HarvinEducation, Noida.
  • Master in Digital Marketing – DSIM, New Delhi
  • Certified Digital marketing Master’s Program- Digital Vidya
  • Digital Marketing – Edupristine, New Delhi.

The free online certifications are available at:

  • Google Digital Marketing Certification.
  • Content Marketing Certifications – Hubspot
  • Email Marketing Certificate – HubSpot
  • Beginner Guide to SEO – Moz

Online Digital Marketing Course provided by Henry Harvin Education and DSIM Institute are very popular. 

But, fee structure varies. Henry Harvin Education’s fee is quite less . It’s  a good option.

Though, an online certification is also a good option like, course’s from Google, Udemy, Hubspot.

Google offers an online digital certification for marketing. It teaches fundamentals of marketing and its necessary practices . It is a free certification.

3 – Web Developer

Web development is the process of  development and maintenance of  various applications of world wide web for the internet. 

The people who specialize in  this programming process are called web developers.

To be a web developer is not easy. It is the process of translating a language For eg, English into a programming language like Python or HTML. The process involves intricate knowledge of such complex programming languages. 

Depending upon the task given for creating a web, web developers are:

  1. Front End Developer.
  2. Back End Developer.
  3. Full stack Developer.

The popular programming languages used by a web developer are, HTML, CSS, Java script, PHP, Java.  

Anyone who wants can take this course can learn it online very easily. It is not necessary to have a long list of formal qualifications or to be a tech wizard.

Few online courses available for web developers are:

  • Online Web Development Master Course- ADMEC Multimedia Institute, New Delhi.

The free ones are available at :

  • Make a website – Codecademy
  • Responsive  web design fundamentals- Udacity 
  • The Complete Web Developer Course- Udemy 
  • The Web Developer Bootcamp- Udemy 

The Websites that help you to take online course for web development are:

  • Team Treehouse
  • Udemy 
  • Codecademy
  • MDN webdocs
  • Cousera
  • Codewars.

Video tutorials by Udemy and Lynda are good but they don’t test your learning outcome by asking quizz or providing projects. Quiz and post are available on Udacity, EdX.

You should supplement your learning by reading web development textbooks and documents related to it .

The training part of the online course of ADMEC is conducted by experienced professionals. They have a detailed course module. The duration to complete the course is six months.

 But their online course is not for all. It is only for selected students. They have provision for easy fee installments. And you can opt for training modes convenient to you .

ADMEC ‘s training for various programs is over a decade old. Therefore, the brand can be trusted.  

4 – GST Certified:

Here, GST stands for Good and Services Tax.

GST is an indirect tax imposed on supply of various goods and services.

On the march 29; 2017, the GST act was passed in the Indian parliament. The various indirect taxes were eradicated after the introduction of this act.

GST has improved the process of tax collection. By removing indirect tax barriers and implementing uniform taxation it has improved India’s economy.

To learn GST , high quality and affordable courses are available. 

What will be your learning outcomes after doing GST course:

  • Fundamentals of GST.
  • An ordered way of working on GST.
  • Features & benefits of GST
  • Payment of taxes under GST.
  • Transaction provisions
  • Records and account under GST
  • Enabling GST in tally ERP9.

Who can take up this course?

  • CA , CS, IAS aspirants
  • ICWA
  • Tax Practitioners. 
  • Accountants.

The GST course online availability can be listed as:

  • GST Advanced- Henry Harvin Education, Noida.
  • Complete GST Course and Certification- A complete guide to GST- Udemy.
  • Goods and Service Tax- Complete Guide to GST- Udemy
  • Basics of GST in India- A Comprehensive Study- Udemy
  • Practical Course in Goods and Service Tax- Udemy
  • Masterclass in GST for Ecommerce Business- Udemy

GST certification provided by Henry Harvin has its own recognition because this  institute got featured on Aaj Tak and Hindustan Times because of its GST certification. This increases the brand value of the organisation.

Their panel of speakers were featured on NDTV and Aaj Tak, the two main stream media channels.

The GST certification form Henry Harvin  mentions their alumni as Certified GST Practitioner which make their certification unique from others.

Onlinecourses by Udemy are also beneficial for the aspirants , but the  brand name of Henry Harvin for its GST course is definitely an important feature that needs to be considered.

5 – Data Scientist: 

Data Science is the interdisciplinary field of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Information Technology that employs various scientific algorithms, tools, techniques, and systems to get an understanding of structured, unstructured & complex data.

Actually, it blends the above-mentioned tools with programming and communication skills in a systematic manner.

What is the need for learning Data Science?

Earlier the data was very structured and supposed to be very small. These could easily be analyzed by using simple business intelligence tools and stored in the database. This data was termed as Traditional Data.

It was in a table format with text and numeric inputs. It was stored in Database Management System

Today most of the data is either semi-structured or unstructured and large which is unlike the data in traditional systems.

This is called Big Data. It is in the form of text with numeric inputs, images, videos, mobile data.

Approximately 80% of the data collected by various organizations is in an unstructured format that can’t be processed by simple BI tools because it is in huge volume with a large variety.

Therefore a more complex analytical tool is required for processing, analyzing the data and then drawing insights from it.

Data Science is creating an impression in various domains like:

  • Marketing and sales eg. in Cross-selling, Upselling, Customer prediction, Demand forecast.
  • Travel Industry eg, Predicting dynamic pricing and flight delays, etc.
  • Medicine & Healthcare eg.,
  • Automation Industry eg Drones, self-driving cars
  • Social media eg Digital marketing 

 Data Science is used in decision making, predictive analysis, and machine learning.

Who can learn data science?

  • Anyone with a bachelor’s degree with a passion for managing data.
  • Analyst and Software engineers
  • Managers with a bachelor degree 

Few best Data Science Certifications for 2020 are available at:

  • Master In Data Science- Electronics and ICT Academy Edureka.
  • PG in Data Science- IIT, Guwahati, Edureka.
  • Introduction to Data Science- Metis
  • Applied Data Science with python specialization- UMich, Coursera
  • Statistics & Data Science Micromasters- MIT, edX.
  • Data Science Specialization- JHU, Coursera.

The data science learning videos from Edureka will teach you the need and importance of data science, how it is different from business intelligence, and various tools to analyze data. There is a chance to get their scholarship also.

You can also learn another course ,that is, Python Data Science Course where you can learn tools of Data Science by mastering the concepts and key features of python programming language. 

Through this course you will also gain hands-on experience after learning  data analysis,data visualization, machine learning,etc.

Who can learn Python data science ?

  • Anyone genuinely interested in data science.
  • Software & IT professionals willing to learn the field of analytics.
  • Analytic professionals interested in working with python.

Online courses for python data science are available at:

  • Python for Data Science- Coursera.
  • Applied Data Science with python- Coursera
  • Python Data Science Certification Programme.
  • Python A-Z: Python for Data Science- Udemy

After  taking the course in data science you can work as product analyst, data analyst, data scientist. There is a wide range of scope for data scientists from Healthcare industry to IT.

6 – Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst:

Business Intelligence or  BI is a collection of software programs and services that transform raw data into meaningful info.

This tool involves a set of strategies and technologies to create value from big data.

With an insight into business intelligence you can achieve long term stability in the competitive market  by implementing  effective strategies after analysing new opportunities .

These opportunities are derived from those useful & meaningful information which is generated from the raw data by using BI tools.

Below mentioned are the benefits of implementing BI in an organisation:

  • Formulating effective strategy for the business.
  • Solution to the various critical business problems.
  • Data entry and data manipulation gets easier.
  • Identification of the areas where the costs can be cut or where more budget can be allocated.
  • BI is global. It is implemented in small and big businesses, from food industry to software

Interested in learning BI,


There are several business intelligence courses available to teach you everything you need to know to implement BI. These courses are available with classrooms and online tutorials both.

Who can pursue a business intelligence course:

  • Anyone who wants to make a start as a Data Analyst.
  • Data scientist 
  • Students learning data .
  • Business Analyst.
  • Entrepreneurs/ CEO/ Business Analyst who wants to upskill their knowledge.

Your learning outcomes after course completion will be:

  • Your proficiency of implementing  BI in your organisation will get enhanced.
  • You will develop skills of analysing raw data and extracting useful information from it.
  • You can easily visualise complex business requirements or  problems 

Is this a good career choice?

Yes! It is. 

It is one of the promising and trending careers in today’s world. This career is a well paid one. Business analysts get a good visibility in the organisations. It  is a stable job in any type of industry. 

There will never be a shortage of business analysts because the corporations will gather more and more data every time which needs to be transformed into useful information .

Online certifications for business intelligence are available at:

  • Business intelligence ( Power BI)- Henry Harvin Education, Noida.
  • Certified Business Analyst- Imarticus Learning, Gurgaon.
  • Certificate in Big Data Analytic for Business and Management- Education lanes, Noida.
  • Power BI Masterclass – Dashboard and Power BI Service- Udemy
  • Microsoft Power BI- A Complete Introduction- Udemy 
  • Microsoft Power BI- Publishing to Power BI Service- Udemy.

Imarticus Learning, Gurgaon, offers online classes for BI. Their course has received a good rating and very good feedback from their alumni.

The institute itself claims that their alumni works at more than 300 leading  global firms.

However, when you compare the fee structures of few leading organisations that provide online courses for BI, Henry Harvin will top the chart. Their fee structure( inclusive of Training + Certification + E-learning & Taxes) is quite less as compared to other institutes like, Imarticus, Education Lanes and  Great Learning.

Find out the best option for you and get BI certified.

7 – Machine Learning Engineer 

It is one of the exciting technologies that belongs to the  branch of artificial Intelligence ( AI).

It enables your system, ‘the ability to learn’.

It is a process of data analysis without  using explicit instructions or being programmed.

It is used in image processing, medical diagnosis, regression, prediction, effective web search, in making self driving cars, etc.

One of the very trendy examples of machine learning is….


It was developed by Amazon. It is an intelligent personal assistant. The Alexa team at Amazon uses Machine learning .

The continuous development and refinement in machine learning is making Alexa smarter and better in anticipating your needs.

 Alexa is available in many languages like English,French, Hindi, Punjabi,Marathi, etc. Alexa supports the regional variants of language with the help of a new method of training speech recognition based on machine learning.

Facebook also uses machine learning while personalising its user’s activity, like their recommendation engine will show the feed options according to the user’s  activity.

Great online courses are available to learn machine learning. They teach you the 

  • Basic concept of ML like algorithm, regression, classification.
  • Machine learning model
  • Deep learning

What skills do you need to have before taking up the course?

  • You need to know the fundamentals of computers.
  • Knowledge of programming languages eg, R & Python, etc.
  • Data Modelling
  • Knowledge of statistics, linear algebra, calculus etc. It is a mathematical discipline.

Who can take the course?

You can learn this program if you are:

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientist
  • Team leaders and Project managers 
  • Business Analysts and
  • Programming professionals.

Your learning outcomes will be:

  • Hand on learning of data, model selection and model complexity which the fundamental issues of ML
  • better understanding of ML approaches.
  • Capable of implementing the algorithms in real life applications

To become a pro in machine learning check out following for the online courses:

  • Learn AI and Machine Learning – Simplilearn
  • AI and machine learning programme- Great Lakes
  • Machine learning – Cousera
  • Machine learning Course- Edureka

The program in machine learning  will enable you to work as a machine learning engineer, business analyst or a product analyst. 

The demand for machine learning professionals has increased due to continuous development in this ecosystem.

Great lakes offer a comprehensive program that offers hands- on industry relevant projects by seasoned industry trainers for machine Learning aspirants. Great Learning claims to offer India’s No #1 AI Learning Program.

Their faculty is world renowned like that of IIT-Bombay. 

Simplilearn also has a team of renowned experts. It provide certifications from elite universities to their students

8 – Technical Writer  

The field of technical writing is constantly expanding. It has a 10% increase over the next decade. Demand of technical writers is increasing to compose manuals, guides, articles and  literature which require knowledge in technical specifications.

It  involves webpage writing. They use technical jargons in easy languages that can be understood by common man. 

Technical writers are working in various fields , but mostly in context  of  technology, engineering, computer science.

It is an upcoming profession . Technical writers are  responsible for writing and editing content for an organisational website. Their content is responsible for their website ranking for applicable keywords.  

To get a hands on experience in technical writing, many comprehensive courses are available that are helping the professional to gain confidence and pride while writing .

Who is it for?

Anyone who has the skill to communicate technical information effectively and efficiently by writing.

If you want to be a technical writer you should have

  •  Flair for writing .
  •  Technical bend of mind.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Various technical tools like, Adobe Frame Maker, Robo Help, MS Word.

Online education opportunities:

  • Learn API Technical Writing: JSON & XML for writer- Udemy
  • Professional Technical Writing, Advance your writing skills- Udemy.
  • Technical Writing – Henry Harvin Education, Noida.
  • Technical Writing – Coursera

Udemy courses for technical writing tend to be  cheaper and require less time commitment but the Coursera’s technical writing certificate is in depth, providing more curated experience.

Coursera is accredited and is more structured  .

However, both are popular learning platforms .

Henry Harvin also  provides certification for technical writing. They provide CTRW certification.

9 – Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the process of storing data and programs and then accessing it on the internet instead of the hard drive of the computer. For example, Google’s gmail .

Here the term Cloud refers to,extensive use of internet based computing.

It is a recent trend of information technology.

Cloud computing enables access to any file or document from any device via the internet.

It involves servers, storage, database, networking, analytics , software etc.

This ecosystem is gaining popularity in the last few years because:

  • Cloud computing is cost efficient. Larger investments are not required.
  • Organisations are not bothered by technical problems arising everyday or the issues related to storage or backup  of the data.
  • Applications and services get auto updated.
  • Chances of unauthorised access to data or loss of data doesn’t exist.
  • If any technical problem arises then only a partial segment is affected, the rest of the segment continues to work efficiently.
  • Computing can be provisioned in minutes with a few clicks of mouse.
  • Cloud computing makes disaster recovery & data backup easier.

What skills you need to have,

You can learn  cloud computing from scratch  if you have basic knowledge of computer with a bit of programming skills or IT skills

Job opportunities that are available after learning cloud computing offer a variety of roles like business analyst, web developer, job responsibilities ranging from IT, user support and management.

It provides a broad spectrum of job opportunities , services, applications.

Business will keep growing in the future with help of cloud computing. The host and customer both will get benefit from it. Cloud computing is powerful , expansive and  has a bright future.

To become a pro with Cloud computing, check out the following courses:

  • PG Program in Cloud Computing – Great Lakes Institute of Management.
  • Cloud Architect- Simplilearn.

10 – Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt has advanced elements of Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma course covers in depth knowledge of six sigma tools. It covers all the aspects of six sigma methods.

Leans Six Sigma helps in implementation, interpretation, performance, and application at a higher proficiency of lean six sigma.

Lean Six Sigma Certification has opened up valuable job opportunities. This certification has a powerful stand in today’s job market, varying from leadership positions to the HR.

Six Sigma Green Belt employees have the ability to lead a team which exhibit quality improvement and process improvement as a part of their job. Green Belts occupy the highest strategic leadership positions in the organisation

They showcase their talent in various projects meant for improvement of internal processes and increasing customer satisfaction. 

The various industries that provide promising career opportunities for green belts are automobiles,electronics, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, etc.

The jobs openings for lean Six Sigma Certified professionals are:

  • Six Sigma Consultants
  • Process Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Continuous Improvement Specialist
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Product Manager.

To get more detailed insight of  Lean Six Sigma you can learn the program online. This will enhance your knowledge.

For those who wish to obtain Six Sigma training online, following  education opportunities can be avail:

  • Lean Six Sigma green belt certification – Henry Harvin Education, Noida.
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Professional Expert- Simplilearn.
  • Online Lean Six Sigma ( LSS) Certification Program- Purdue University.
  • Certified Quality Expert- Skill soft

Online Six Sigma Certification helps the professionals in fulfilling the increasing demand of six sigma skills , expertise and certification.

Certification provided by Henry Harvin enhances your business insights and your leadership skills. You can showcase your certification under the hallmark of Certified Six Sigma Executive.

This is a global credential.

 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training by Simplilearn is aligned to green belt certifications at ASQ and IASSC. Simplilearn offers a high quality, self paced learning. 

Purdue University offers Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, learning with the help of case studies. Students are encouraged and made prepared for their LSS black belt course. Students have greater flexibility and more opportunity in understanding the tool. 

Their online format permits you to work according to your flexibility. But their weekly assignments must be completed on time.

Who all can avail this course?

Working professionals and students.

Your learning outcomes will be

  • You can successfully lead a green belt level project
  • Your customer satisfaction will be enhanced.
  • Your skills to detect the defects in product and processes of your organisation will increase
  • Reduction and elimination of the waste in green belt level projects under your leadership.

Let’s summarize our research,

Importance of online courses,

Online courses are constantly updated according to the growing demand in the industry. These are comprehensive, flexible and well delivered. 

The online courses are available with free and paid options.  It all depends upon your requirement and need.

Like, Google.

It  provides a number of free certifications. Like, Google AdWords, Digital marketing etc. 

However, not every online course is free but their fee structure is low as compared to regular classroom learning. 

You need to find the correct course for you !

 If  you want to become a top performer in your organization or want to enhance your digital skills and build a lucrative career for yourself, then try any of the above mentioned courses that aligns with your interest and educational qualification. 

 A top performer is the person who is self motivated and is capable of constantly learning and working of his own. To be a top performer ,you need to learn many important skills required for your job. 

You can learn such skills with the help of the various online courses. This will enhance your digital portfolio and you will be able to achieve your goals. 

Not only this, 

These online courses are much in trend because all of them are digital in nature. This development of your digital skills will open up opportunities in the world of creative jobs. 

None of the above discussed jobs is a traditional one. They  are digital and to get a promising position you have to be constantly learning and upgrading your skills. 

Final Thoughts:

While selecting the best institute for the desired online course you need to be smart. Your selection criteria will help you to make the correct choice.

Compare their important features with other institutes and websites.


  1. The Brand of organisation is an important feature. Your choice of course from the organisation should be government recognised.

For Example: Training 360 has ranked Henry Harvin as No 1 institute for content writing course.

The institute was also featured on Aaj tak , Hindustan Times for their GST Advanced course.

  • Your certificate should be valuable.

   For Example: Henry Harvin’s certification for content writing , GST, Lean six Sigma green Belt are distinguished from others . Like it’s content writing certification mentions as Certified Digital Content Writer or GST course showcases its students as Certified GST Practitioner.

   3.    The fee structure of the course is a very important feature that needs consideration while selecting the course and Institute. 

For example: Udemy is the favourite platform  for the students looking for online courses that are free. Google also offers free courses.

 Among the institute Henry Harvin Education is also showing less fee structure in some courses as compared to other institutes. ADMEC has provision of easy fee installments.

4.   The course module should be Comprehensive, helpful enough to gain expertise. The course material should be regularly updated and well curated. So that you get top-notch quality content.

Course module should have projects, case studies, assignments

 It should be highly rated by the students and alumni. 

5.   Do consider the reviews and the feedback from  the alumni and other people for the institute that is selected by you.

6.    Do discuss the needed support that they provide like, internship or job assistance.

Like, Henry Harvin provide internship support 

7.  The profile of a trainer is an important feature that needs attention . seasoned industry trainers are required for a powerful presentation of course modules. 

Like, Henry Harvin, Great lakes, ADMEC Institute, Simplilearn, Udemy have seasoned industry professionals as their trainers

8. Last but not the least,

 Compare the benefits and learning outcomes given by all the Institutes. 

Learning outcomes include what skills you will develop after the course . How will that help in searching your dream job?

Let’s take  quick look at the institutes that we have discussed so far:

  • Henry Harvin Education, Noida
  • DSIM, New Delhi
  • Digital Vidya, Delhi.
  • Edupristine , New Delhi
  • ADMEC Multimedia Institute, New Delhi
  • Imarticus Learning , Gurgaon.
  • Education lanes, Noida
  • Great Learning.
  • Purdue 

Websites giving online education opportunities ( Courses & Certifications) that we have discussed are:

  • Google 
  • Udemy
  • Cousera
  • Edureka
  • EdX
  • Simplilearn
  • Udacity
  • Lynda, now rebranded as LinkedIn Learning.
  • Hubspot &
  • Codewars .


That was my compilation for you. You will be able to upgrade and enhance your skills by learning these online courses.

Hope this will help you find what you are looking for.

For now, 

I wish you happy searching.

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  1. ratan khanna Reply

    Anything that can reduce your search time is of immense help these days. I am so glad to get such vast information about content writing in one blog.

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