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Teaching English abroad has always been a dream for some. Learning a new culture, interacting with new people around the globe, exploring new places sounds so fun. Except for 2020, the uncalled global pandemic has confined us in our homes. But here’s a thing, the job search for online English teaching jobs on work from home platforms has gone up 4 times higher as compared to the year 2019.


Why choose online English teaching jobs?

Because of the global pandemic and increasing numbers of COVID patients the traditional in-classroom school, are shut in so many places due to which more and more people are opting for online teaching classrooms. 

A report from teach away, an online teaching platform stated a 200% increase in people searching for online English teaching jobs. With such immense growth in the virtual learning and teaching world around the world, it has also given rise to potential competition.  

Online English jobs also play such an important role for people who are parents because balancing both work and their child is sometimes difficult. This is also a great opportunity for retired teachers who wish to revive their teaching skills. An online job is also a great way to earn a potentially high income enjoying your own home space. Because you are working at home, online jobs will also save time and travel expenses.

If you wish to apply online for English teaching jobs, we have got the top 40 highest-paying English teaching jobs.

I have divided the top 40 into 15 most popular sites mentioned in detail and the next 25 in tabular format:

1. Amazing Talker :

Amazing Talker is one of the highest-paying companies for teaching English online, hiring from over 59 languages tutor online. One can just log in create their account and start their one-to-one live teaching session setting their charge per hour. 

Amazing talker provides total work-from-home freedom. They offer an automated student matching service for free, where they match you with students as per your learning skills. They also provide in-depth video training.

Average pay rate per hour: You have full freedom to charge the rate at your convenience. Earn up to an average of $22/ hour to $120/ hour as per your country and background. The estimated monthly income at Amazing Talker is around $2000.

Requirements: One must have an English degree or any equivalent, and must be fluent in English with some teaching experience. The selection process at Amazing Talker is very strict and you must provide a self-introduction video.

2. Shiliu Education: 

Based in China, Shiliu Education is an online education platform for students of the age group between 9-18. The class session lasts for almost 60-90 minutes with a minimum of 3 to 6 students so you must be able o take long-scheduled classes. In addition to teaching guidelines, Shiliu education also provides sample lesson planning resources. The applicants who are approved get to interview for a 30-minute demo class.

Average pay rate per hour: $20~$30 base pay rate. Teachers can start at $42 per hour.

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree or above, minimum of two years of experience in teaching, teaching certificate (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA), must be a native English speaker.

3. Education First (EF):

Education First has over 50 years of experience in international education. Candidates can teach for an average group of 5-6 students or one-on-one lessons with a teaching duration of 25-45 minutes. EF has its innovative lesson plans, however, you can also choose to customize your teaching resources.

Average pay rate per hour: Earn an average of $12-$20 per hour.

Requirements: A university degree, proficient computer skills, TEFL certificate. Experience at teaching is their least requirement, perfect for beginners. You must be from the UK or the USA.

4. QKids Teacher:

Qkids is an online teaching platform where you get to teach Chinese learners from an age group of 4-12 years old. Because it’s mostly for children it has its creative online classroom with dozens of game-based teaching resources to teach young kids.

Average pay rate per hour: Earn up to $16-$20 per hour, for a 30-minute lesson. The regular base rate per lesson is $8. 

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree, teaching license or teaching certificate ( TEFL, TESOL ). Must be a citizen of the US or Canada. Must provide a 2-minute self-introductory video. The selection process is lengthy which consists of two demo interviews, online teaching trial. 

5. VIPKids:

VIPKid is a Beijing-based online teaching platform, almost similar to Qkids. At VIPKid you get to teach young Chinese learners. There is no hour commitment and teachers can set their schedules. You also get a set of lesson planning resources. The duration of each class is around 25-30 minutes.

Average pay rate per hour: Base rate of $7-9 per class. Average around $14-18 per hour. Incentives are provided which can add to your earning up to $22/ hour.

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree is a must, a minimum of two years of experience in teaching, must be legally eligible to work in the US and Canada.

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6. Preply:

Preply is an online teaching platform with over 100 subjects, including languages. At Preply students can search for you or choose you as per the time slot given. Further, all lessons at Preply are taken on their very own video platform.

Average pay rate per hour: Popular tutors can earn up to $500 weekly. Reply gives you full freedom to set your rate for your lessons per hour. For your first lesson, Preply will take a 100% commission, it further reduces to 18% or more as per your popularity and number of lessons.

Requirements: Certification is not a must but, for applying as a tutor you need to have some teaching experience or background.

7. SayABC:

SayABC is a Beijing-based online learning platform with students from an age group of 5-12-year-old in China. The process of recruitment is quick and hardly takes 14 days which certainly is a benefit for a quick job. Candidates can apply online by simply signing up to their website. The class duration is about 40 minutes.

Average pay Rate Per Hour: The base pay rate is $13, teachers can earn up to $17-21 per class. Incentives of $4 are given based on quality teaching and productivity.

Requirements: A minimum of one year experience at teaching, teaching certification (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA), Bachelor’s degree or above.

8. Palfish:

Palfish is the best work-from-home online platform for teachers around the world who wish to teach English. At Palfish you get to teach both one-on-one classes and group classes, with a flexible time schedule. It is an app-based platform, that allows you to connect with students all around the world through your phone.

Average pay rate per hour: The average pay rate at Palfish is around $10-$18 per hour. Popular teachers can charge up to $30 per hour. One can also receive a bonus for quality teaching.

Requirements: proficient communication skills, past teaching experience, teaching certificate (TEFL, TESOL), only Native English Speakers can apply.

9. Lingoda:

Lingoda is an online learning platform for languages English, French, Spanish, and German. The learners at Lingoda are mostly adults. Lingoda is best known for its CEFR level teaching where they assign the teacher for students based on their Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level. For this, they have their own CERF lesson planning. The class duration is about 60 minutes with a class group with maximum of 5 students. 

Average pay rate per hour: The average pay rate is around $10-11 per hour. The rate usually depends on your location, choice of language you wish to teach, and class sessions.

Requirements: Minimum of two years of teaching experience, teaching certificate ( TEFL, TESOL ), C2 or above level of the language you wish to teach. 

10. Teachaway:

Teach away is an online platform for teaching English abroad. They have a limited of 100 vacancies for teaching English online. You can find jobs at Teachway by simply signing up and creating your profile.

Average pay rate per hour: The average rate is around $16-18 per hour, as you gain more experience the rate may increase.

Requirements: Must be fluent in English, have a bachelor’s degree, have past teaching experience, ESL teaching certificate.

11. SkimaTalk:

Skimatalks, a Japanese-based company provides learning and teaching opportunities around the world. Sign-up to their website, create a profile, and give a small test to be approved and be eligible as a teacher. The class session time is 25 minutes, with adult students. 

Average pay rate per hour: The minimum rate is $8-16. Teachers have full freedom to set their maximum rate, however, the new teachers have to give their first three sessions free of cost. SkimaTalks take about 20% as a commission.

Requirements: SkimaTalks has no compulsion for teaching experience or teaching certificate. However, the teacher must maintain an average rating of 4.5 from the students on their profiles.

12. DaDa ABC:

DaDa is a Chinese-based online English teaching platform. Teachers can teach students one-on-one at DaDa. The Trial classes at DaDa are about 14 minutes, whereas, the main class sessions are of 30 minutes. The age group of students are 4-16 year old.

Average pay rate per hour: The average rate is between $16-25, for trial classes $7. The pay rate may increase as per the quality of teaching. Additional bonuses may be applied.

Requirements: Native English speaker, must have at least a Bachelor’s degree, a teaching certificate (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA).

13. Landi English:

Landi English is an online teaching platform for Chinese students to learn English. They offer classes to young learners from kindergarten as well as high schoolers. The Landi English teaching system is based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). The class sessions are of 25 minutes with one-on-one teaching. 

Average pay rate per hour: The final pay rate is based on the demo class, teachers can earn up to $16-23 per hour.

Requirements: A Bachelor’s degree or above, teaching certificate (TEFL, TESOL), Teaching experience, must be a native English speaker.

14. Cambly:

Cambly is the most widely recognized online learning platform where students can connect with tutors for English lessons, interview preparation, exam preparations, etc. the lesson sessions may be as short as 15 minutes or 30 minutes as per the student requirements. The students range from all age groups. 

Average pay rate per hour: Cambly has a very low pay rate with $0.17/minute, $10/ hour. 

Requirements: must be fluent in English. No certification or teaching experience is required. Cambly approves your profile based on your self-introductory video.

15. Magic Ears:

Magic Ears is an online English learning platform for an age group of 4-12-year-old. Teachers can teach up to 4 students in each session of 25 minutes. 5 minutes is given extra for the students to give feedback. Magic ears are known for their superior curriculum and flexible hours. In addition to that, they also offer free training from experienced teachers. 

Average pay rate per hour: The base pay at Magic Ears is $8-10 per 25 minutes and up to $26/ hour. Magic ears also let you earn a bonus.

Requirements: Must have a Bachelor’s degree or above, ESL certificate, some teaching experience, must be a native English speaker.

The above-mentioned top 15 are the most globally recognized sites with maximum students around the world and have a higher pay rate. I have mentioned the next 25 online teaching sites below with the required details:

Some More Widely Recognized Sites Hiring Teachers Online:

Sr.No Site Name Average rate per hour Requirements Students age group Lesson duration
1. GoGoKids $14-25 Must be legally eligible to work in US and Canada, a Bachelor’s Degree, one-year teaching experience, 120-hour TESOL certificate Young learners 25 minutes
2. First Future $8-16 Bachelor’s degree, fluent in English, TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certification 4-18 years old 25 minutes, 55 minutes
3. italki $12-25 Bachelor’s degree or above, one to three years of teaching experience, Teaching certificate (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA)   3-15 years old, 15-18years old N/A
4. TwoSigmas $18-25 Bachelor’s degree, TEFL certificate, fluent in English 5 – 12 years old N/A
5. Oakary $16-25 No Teaching experience or degree required. They offer training.  Kindergarten, young learners, business professionals 25-45 minutes
6. Pagoda $15 Bachelor’s degree, ESL/TEFL certification, teaching experience, fluent in English Mostly adults N/A
7. XploreAsia $10 Bachelor’s degree, native English speaker, TEFL/TESOL certification N/A N/A
8. SkyLearn $2000/ month Bachelor’s degree, TEFL/TESOL certificate All age group  Flexible
9. westerns $15-20  Three years of experience, TEFL/CELTA certification, 5-14 years old N/A
10. BoxFish (app) $20-22 Bachelor’s degree, TEFL certificate 5-15 years old 25 minute

Some Underrated Sites Hiring Teachers Online:

11.  UUabc $15-20 Bachelor’s degree or above, teaching certificate, one year experience at teaching 3-15 years old N/A
12. Panda abc Up to $30 Bachelor’s degree, TEFL or TESOL certification, native English speaker 4 – 12 years old 25 minutes
13. BlingABC $14-18 Bachelor’s Degree or above, TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate, ESL experience 5-15 years old 40 minutes
14. VIPX $20 Bachelor’s Degree or above, teaching certificate 3-14 years old 20 minutes, 40 minutes
15. Learnlight $12-14 Minimum of two years of teaching experience, a foreign language teaching qualification 5-15 years old, 15-18 years old N/A
16. Hujiang $16-20  Teaching certificate (TEFL/CELTA) All age groups N/A
17. Cafetalk $8-20 Bachelor’s degree or above, no certification required All age group N/A
18. ESL Starter $18-20 Bachelor’s degree required,  15-18 years old 45 minutes
19. Tutor supply $20 Minimum one-year experience N/A N/A
20. Nicekid $14-25 Bachelor’s degree or above, teaching certification required 4-12 years old 30 minutes
21 31abc Basic $6, Average $16-22 Bachelor degree, eligible to legally work in the US, UK and Canada, one year experience, teaching certificate 4 – 12 years old 28 minutes
22 ALO7 $15-22 College student can apply, BAchelor’s degree or above 6-17 years old 25 minutes, 50 minutes
23 Verbling $15-25 Two years of teaching experience, teaching certificate 5-15 years old, 5-18 years old N/A
24. Outschool You fix your rate, earn up to $50/ hour. Outschool take 30% commission of your earnings Must be fluent in English, no certification required, a background check is done 3-18 years old Flexible hours
25. English to go $15 Bachelor’s degree or above, Teaching certification All age group N/A

So, those were my top 40 online English teaching jobs for you guys. 

Choosing one from them will never be easy, and there are hundreds of others on the search engine platform adding to your confusion. To put you out of the dilemma here are some of the points you should consider before applying for a job:

Be productive!


Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash

Before Applying for a Job:

1.  Know your Computer:

A fast and reliable computer is not only important it is the basic necessity for teaching online. This is something most people I believe don’t give utmost attention to. Teaching online means you are dependent on your home computer and technology. Most companies do specify their tech requirements while hiring but it’s better to have a little knowledge about it so that it will further benefit your chances of getting hired. 

Your RAM has to be minimum 4gb, better go for 8gb with at least an i7 processor if not, i5 processor nothing below that is gonna benefit your online technicalities because students prefer high-quality study experience.

2. Check your Internet Speed:

Second, check your internet speed. The minimum required internet speed is 10mbps, some sites like VIP kids require 20 Mbps. Know which video application you will be using if it’s skype or zoom or another and understand if the bandwidth suits your processor.

Practice with your microphone for audio range practice and clarity. Check your webcam for its video quality, no one would prefer a lagging and low-quality teaching experience. Adjust your webcam such that you are visible and are in good lighting. Use a separate USB port for plugging in your headphones and webcam for clarity. 

3. Practice makes a man perfect:

Just knowing your computer wouldn’t help if you don’t take it into practice and judge it’s and your capabilities. Practice with your webcam how you wish to present yourself if your vocal range is audible. Understand your tone and facial expressions.

This is important because you will have to present a Demo class and a self-introductory video. Your recruitment highly depends on how you present yourself during the demo class. Enhance your other qualities like your communication skills, being confident, personality development and quality teaching.

While applying for a job:

1. Know your students and time zone:

Teaching English online includes a variety of international students of all age groups and different cultures. Language barriers may act like a tough task when teaching abroad so it is important to understand what students you would be teaching. It is okay for beginners to choose students that fit their comfort zone.

Choose what age group you are most comfortable with teaching, whether it’s kindergarten, high-school students or adults. Whether you want to teach one-on-one or group classes.

Apart from that time zones play a key role. Time zones vary internationally and sometimes there are day and night differences. Balance your work schedules with the timeline.

2. Check for application process and qualifications:

Read the application process thoroughly and act accordingly. Prepare for the self-introductory video and demo class. The assessment process is rigorous and sometimes lengthy, enquire for the approval period. 

The most common qualification for Teaching English online abroad are:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in relevant field
  • A Masters degree in relevant field
  • TEFL / TESOL certification
  • Trinity CertTESOL
  • Minimum one year of experience at teaching, training

Some sites do provide training sessions but check for the requirements.

3. Curriculum and lesson planning:

Enquire for the study materials and curriculum. For beginners, it is advised to go for a site that provides its own set of lesson planning and materials. That will give you an insight into teaching materials and also save you time. Ask for teaching guidelines.

After applying for the job:

1. Relax your mind and body:

Once you get selected, relax your mind and body. Be confident, your first impression has to be a long-lasting one. Don’t let any tension build in your body, because you got this. Interact with your students, have fun while doing so. Gain some valuable experience and make memories alongside.

2. Your first payment doesn’t decide your future:

After you get approved and get your first class, don’t expect a high pay-rate. Because your first payment will always be basic, however, know that rates do tend to increase as you grow as a teacher.

Some sites match teachers based on popularity and skills so it might take some time to get your students. Be patient, don’t lose hope.

On an ending note, any and every experience counts. Even if you get one class in a month or ten, if you are good at what you do and are determined enough to ace it, everything you do will help you achieve it. Remember, all things are difficult before they are easy.

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