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Is science worthwhile for me?

Will I be studying all the time?

Will I be able to do it?

What will I do if I opt for science?

I won’t have a social life after opting for science, will I?

These are the questions that haunt every student’s mind who thinks about opting for the science stream. Luckily, I have answers to all your questions!

Science is called ‘the usual favorite’ for reasons such as these:

  1. It allows students to shift streams (Humanities or Commerce) later on in their careers.
  2. The students are provided with a variety of career options.
  3. This stream helps us understand the world around us.



Science is the poetry of reality.

Science is one of the most beneficial streams when it comes to career decisions.

Whether you’re indecisive about your career path or simply want to be a part of the STEM field, the science stream opens all options for you.

But having a lot of options is trouble too, you keep on wavering between multiple fields and end up more confused than you even started with!

Anything is possible. Anything can be.

Shel Silverstein

Hence, here I listed the top 15 career options that can be pursued after 12th :

1. Engineering:

By becoming an engineer, you can make a difference by solving problems that are important to society and create an impact!

This career option is fun but requires a lot of hard work and determination.


2. Medical:

Medical is one of the most famous fields among science students. This field has various professions one can choose from and the best part, all these individuals have a very important role!

  1. Doctor
  2. Veterinary
  3. Public Health Administration
  4. Nurse

This field doesn’t require any further explanation as we all have realized the importance of the field due to the ongoing pandemic.

Also Check the Henry Harvin Medical Writing Course Tutorial for Beginners

3. Biotechnology:

Biotechnology utilizes cellular and biomolecular processes to create technologies and products that help improve our lives and nature.

Students with a Biotech degree have a scope in multiple fields such as:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Genetic Engineering
  3. Textile industry
  4. Cosmetics

4. Microbiology:



Microorganisms being viewed by a microscope

Microbiology, as the name suggests is the study of microscopic organisms like bacterias, viruses, fungi, etc.

This field plays a vital role when a new type of microorganism starts affecting humanity. here, you’ll study the microorganism and hopefully find a cure too!

You’ll be saving the human race in this field!

5. Forensic Science:

Many of us are intrigued by crime fiction, but have we considered it as a career option?

Forensic Science is a field which utilizes knowledge from various fields of science, including Chemistry, Physics, Anthropology, Biology, and even Computer Science

To pursue a career in Forensic Science, you need to be observant and detail orientated.

Since it is a highly skilled job, earning potential is fantastic!

Read more about forensic science and career opportunities in the field, here.

6. Biochemistry:

Biochemistry is the branch of science that explores the chemical processes within and related to living organisms.

Biochemistry has broadened our understanding of how biochemical changes relate to physiological alterations in the human body.

Biochemists can understand and solve biological problems by using chemical knowledge and techniques.


7. Entrepreneurship:

‘Your only finite resource is time. Why would you waste it?’

Entrepreneurship is starting new businesses and taking on the risk and rewards of being an owner. All you need is a good idea and investments.

Entrepreneurship is the career path for you if you wish to be your boss and work on your terms!

Henry Harvin Teen Academy offers courses in the qualities essential for entrepreneurs. With the help of these courses, you can set to be an entrepreneur at any age!

With the help of the science stream, you can be a part of the STEM field and attain success sooner. STEM is a growing field and very profitable for entrepreneurs.

8. Astrophysics:

Astrophysics is the branch of space science that applies the laws of physics and chemistry to explain the birth, life, and death of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae, and other objects in the universe.

Astrophysicist seeks to understand the universe and our place in it.

This the field for you, if you want to deal with the unknown. We don’t know what the universe holds for us and maybe you’ll be the person who’ll figure it out!

Want a career in this field? Read more here.

9. Molecular Biology:

The branch of biology that deals with the structure and function of the macromolecules (for example; proteins and nucleic acids) essential to life.

Molecular Biology focuses on the interactions between the various systems of a cell, including the interrelationship of DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis and how these interactions are regulated.

Education in molecular and cell biology can lead to a ton of careers in botany, genetics, and biotechnology

10. Aviation:

This is the career that will take you to the sky! This is one of the best careers if you are looking to skip 9 to 5. It is a perfect mixture of science, technology, and travel!

You can become a commercial pilot, Aircraft Maintenance engineer, or join the Air Force! This is the field that is full of adventure.

For more details, click here.

11. Psychology:

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behavior. It is a very new science, with most advances happening over the past 150 years or so. 

Psychology has been a crucial part of our lifestyles since the very beginning. We understand each other with the help of psychology only.

You specifically don’t need the science stream to pursue psychology, it can be pursued with humanities as well as commerce.

‘Psychology has a long past, but only a short history’

Herman Ebbinghaus

12. Meteorology:

The study of the atmosphere that focuses on weather processes and forecasting is known as meteorology. It is an important field because of its impact on air conditions on life.

Being a meteorologist is a difficult job. You have to have excellent communication skills.


13. Ethical Hacking:

Ethical hacking is the hacking of computers done with permission. It can also be described as the process of finding faults in the computer system to prevent unauthorized access.

This field is still growing and hence, has a lot of scopes.

14. Merchant Navy:

‘I wanted freedom, open-air, and adventure. I found it in the sea.’

Alain Gerbault

Ever wanted to travel the world and get paid for it? A career in Merchant Navy gives you exactly that! The Merchant Navy serves to facilitate international trade.

Read more: Merchant Navy as a career after 12th

15. Fashion Technology:

Fashion technology is the production of clothing by implementing various fields together such as product design, science, medicine and technology

You have a career in the science stream and are doing something that you deeply enjoy?! This is a win-win situation! For all you fashion lovers, this is like a dream job!!


Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Carl Sagan

Science is a way of thinking and it’s all around us. We are science, our home is science, everything we touch is science. This is the beauty of the subject. It has no ends and no one knows what’s waiting for us out there.

These are just a few career options. More and more professions in this field are emerging every day. Everyone has a place here. Whether it’s medicine or aviation, you’ll fit right perfectly once you find your passion.

I hope that you find your place and enjoy your work!

If you don’t know what you’ll do with the rest of your summer then click here!

Want to know about the skills required for a mini MBA? Click here!

I hope that you found this blog informative!

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