LGBTQ –  Lesbian/ Gay/ Bisxual/ Transgender/ Queer. 

These words may not be part of your everyday dictionary but let me tell you friends that they exist in this world. In the Indian context where sex education is kept under wraps where do these people have a place to talk about this. 

Follow this video to understand this better:

Could you feel the emotional grip that an individual goes through understanding their bodily sexual requirements. One you are dealing to understand your own sexual gender then you have the family pressure, Peer Pressure and , oh yes the community pressure to deal with it. What do you think becomes of the LGBTQ in Inida. Imagine yourself in the shoes, I even dread to do so.

Coming to terms with myself as sexually different and then to let my family know of the same. Have no idea of the reactions that may come your way. Will they understand you? Will this be a moving forward family that will accept me as I am or will I be forced into something else.

Brings to my mind a short story of a close friend Richa. We went to the same school and then we graduated from different colleges and moved our ways in life. A couple of years later I met Richa in a restaurant with her mother. Recognising her was easy however, Richa had undergone a lot of changes. She was weaker and I could see a broken nose. There was sadness in her eyes. Moving closer I could sense that she looked as if she had lived a hundred years. The smile she gave did not quite reach her eyes. As we talked her mother suggested that Richa spends a day with me.

We were happy to do so as we had a lot of catching up to do. I left my own kids with their father. And went to my parents house for a night and had Richa come over. It was like old school time. We had a quick dinner and decided to chat through all night. That is when Richa came out with her story. She had been in a marriage for almost 5 years with a man who was Gay and had no sexual interests in her. Initially Richa did not understand this at all as the arranged marriage went off very well. The horoscopes matched, The family looked good, The boy was well settled in a Multi National company and was earning good. Things happened fast and within a period of 3 months they were married.


Life was good, Richa amd her husband were friendly to each other but they never talked about sex. Six months passed no one talked about a honeymoon. Richa being new to the family found it weird but kept it to herself. Somehow she found courage to ask her husband who in these six months had never touched her. She was made quiet by a revert that she must first think of the family and stop being selfish. Also it will be good to be friends before they actually consummated in Sex.

Life started to settle and Richa found herself occupied in household work but her husband seemed queer. He never tried any physical contact with her. She had no idea who and how to talk this about. Totally frustrated she decided to confront her husband. That night was a night of revelation as her husband confessed that he was gay and had no intersts in woman. He had got married to please his parents. They were aware about him being gay and were not ready to accept. 

WOW!!! What a hit below the belt. Richa had no idea what to do. She did not sleep that night thinking what her? Next day morning she went to her parents and mustered up enough courage to inform her mother. Her mother was at loss of words but, decided to keep quiet about the whole affair.She advised Richa to concentrate on her family as everyone does not get everything in their life.

This was difficult for Richa to accept and going on further like this was getting more and more tough. Richa Gathered courage and tried to talk to her immediate family along with her husband. However, she did not realise that this would become so dirty. Herr husband became violent and started to beat her up. That very night she was thrown out of the house by her in laws. She went back to her parents with no choice. After a lot of discussions with her parents they finally agreed that Divorce was the only option here. Richa lost almost five years of her prime for no reason of her own.

Is being Gay or a transgender so difficult to accpet.

Check this out, how these twins speak to their father about them being gay.

LGBTQ Community:

We refer to the LGBTQ community as if it is one cohesive unit. Each element within this community, each individual within this community have their own story, their own personal challenges, their very own professional issues and pressures that they may have at a different level from their family, Peers and the environment around.

Did you by any chance watch the film of Manoj Bajpai, the film showcased the life of a gay professor in the Aligarh Muslim University. The problems he faced because the community around his would not accept him being gay as normal. The psychological trauma that the individual goes through first accepting his different sexual make up and then how the people around them would react.

They continue to face violence and harassment from their families, in schools, on the streets and at the workplace. Many are subjected to conversion therapy, forced marraiges and corrective rape.

On 6th September 2018, the proverbial ruling of the supreme court gave a respite to the LGBTQ community in India and opened the window of acceptance within the society. The court unanimously ruled that section 377 is unconstitutional as it infringed on the fundamental rights of autonomy, intimacy and identity, thus legislating homosexuality in Inida.

India’s First Openly Gay Athelete.

Dutee Chand an Indian athlete and the fastest sprinter did have the guts to open up the Vogue magazine as a lesibian and she also featured on the cover of Vogue. The family of Chand and her village has disowned her, however in her own words, she says,” I was tired of living in fear.

She has earned high praise from many quarters, including talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who tweeted: “She’s the 100m record holder and the first openly gay sportsperson in India. I guess she knows a thing or two about being first. I’m so proud of her.” Closer to home, Indian politician Shashi Tharoor says, “Dutee Chand’s story is one of remarkable courage against the odds… Character and courage triumphing over circumstance—hers is the stuff of legend!”

While recognizing that there’s a long way to go in changing mindsets, younger advocates point to what’s working well. They say the community has become more visible since the Supreme Court judgment. More role models are coming out.

But we have yet to have forums where this can be openly talked about, their stories shared. Have you ever given a thought about writing the experiences of the LGBTQ community online and then being paid for it. Believe me there are sites which pay you very well for these articles provided you come up with content which are unique and Authentic. 

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If you are a storyteller you could earn enough to sustain yourself and your family. This could also be your passive income and do you know in turn you would be reaching out to these people with new emotions and different perspectives. All you need is the eye and understanding and a good command of the language to put your stories into words. 

If you are interested in writing for the LGBTQ niche then you have to understand the market and the target audience just like any other niche. Most of the LGBTQ sites prefer identity pieces or content that discuss the untold stories of what it is like to be gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, sexually fluid, etc. These site are looking to share the stories of queer men and women and want content that discuss how queet life is influenced by modern political and cultural surroundings.

Vehenting your emotions by writing or the LGBTQ community, their lifestyles, personalities in general and their attitude towards the social environment around them can help you make a living around this niche. 

The list of a few websites that will pay you handsomely for writing about the LGBTQ Community:

  • Buzzfeed LBGT: They are looking out for powerful emotional content . They should be personal pieces that pull the strings to the heart. It could be essays that reflect your point of view of an idea, event or a perspective that touches about the queerness.
  • Storeis with Bisexual Spin or personal essays.
  • Vice: Once again they are looking for identity pieces. Essays, articles and experiences of the queer.
  • Pride: They trend on Movies, TV Shows, Interviews, Activism and Coming Out. You can write about sex, dating and queer life.
  • Your Tango: It is  all about the relationships you have with the most important people in your life (including yourself!) so anything you pitch should involve love, dating, marriage, divorce, parenting, mental health, sex and the like. A YourTango piece can be about almost anything—travel, food, fashion, current events—as long as it explains how the subject affects you or your relationship with another person. 
  •  Cosmopolitan: They’re no longer “Old Cosmo” and don’t want pieces about how to please your man. They now want personal pieces about how you tried something out of the box, and were scared to try it, but it paid off in the end by enhancing your relationship. 

As you see most of the sites are American sites and have a large target audience outside India. Basically you need authentic and original content which should be plagiarism free. So get ready with your ideas and pull out your best to take on the LGBTQ community and have fun while you earn as well.

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