Data Science Course is emerging as the hottest job provider of the decade. There is a huge demand for data scientist and the supply is comparatively less.

This makes it a more lucrative career option in terms of salary.

Data science experts are going to be needed on almost every sector as it has its implications practically everywhere.

For instance, the digital marketing industry,  Retail,  Marketing, Distribution Finance etc..They all use AI in the background to utilize their untapped data and information.

Understandably, data science is booming and its the right time to dive in to invest in an exciting future.

Now the questions that come into mind are-

  • How to get a data science certification?
  •  What are the best data science courses?
  • Which country is the best hub for these courses?

This article will guide you step by step to choose the best data science course to pursue.

Where to study the best data science course?

Firstly, it is imperative to mention that the USA is the largest market of data science in the world and it offers a huge pool of job opportunities.

In addition to this, The USA is also home to many prestigious colleges and institutes. The advanced courses in these colleges equip you with the skills required to gather and analyze the vast set of data to make insightful decisions. 

 So, if you are planning to study data science in the USA, you are on the brink of gaining access to huge job opportunities.

The USA is the most evolved and innovative markets of data science in the entire world and the best place to study.

So here is a list of best data science courses in the USA

#1. New York University, New York

New York University is one of the best" Data Science Course  in USA


 New York University is a prestigious private university in America and has a dedicated centre for Data Science courses.

Accordingly, it offers various courses both for Masters and undergraduate programs such as:

  • Master’s in Data Science
  • Major in Data Science
  • Minor in Data Science
  • Joint Majors
  • Data Science for everyone

Location-               New York

Mode of learning – distant learning and on-campus .

Fees                      $64,768, there is a scholarship program called Hauser’s Global Scholars Program where you can get $25,000 off. 

#2. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin is the leading  analytics centre.
Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is one of the pioneers in data science courses in America and offers a host of various analytics courses.

Their meticulously designed courses, job assistance and virtual support make them the top data science educators.

The courses they offer are:

  • Business Analytics with R
  • Marketing Analytics with R
  • Financial Analytics with R
  • Machine Learning with R
  • Business Analytics with Python
  • Financial Analytics with Python
  • Marketing Analytics with Python
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Content Strategy Course

Location – 355, Serrano drive,
10 C, San Francisco, CA 94132,
 United States.

Mode of learning – Both classroom and online

Fees                     – Varies from Course to course.

Moreover, Henry Harvin provides placement assistance on completion of courses. They have a unique autonomous certification called Agile Ninja which has a lifetime efficacy.

Hence, the courses here are definitely worth a try.

#3. Columbia University

"Columbia university" is among the top 10 best "Data Science Course" in USA
Columbia University

This Data Science University offers an in-depth curriculum of data science encapsulated within four fundamental courses offered in their Data science certification module.

Main Courses offered are-

  • Masters in Data Science
  • PhD Specializations in Data Science
  • Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Science

Location                   – 550 West 120th Street, Northwest Corner Building, New York.

Fees                         – $2,104 per credit 

Mode of learning        -Both online and campus.                                                  

  • 4. DePaul University
DePaul University is one of the best "Data Science course" in USA
DePaul University

This is another reputed University that offers data science courses. It has been awarded as one of the most innovative schools in The USA by US news.

It offers MS in Data science and four concentrations in their data science program.

Each concentration lays stress on technical expertise and practical applications. As they cover the aspects of big data, data mining, machine learning and big data processing.

Location      –         Chicago, Illinois

Mode of learning – campus and online

Fees                        — $850 per credit hour

#5. University of Rochester

Rochester  University offers some promising "Data Science Course" in USA
Rochester University

The University of Rochester is a top-rated private research university in the USA. It is a mid-sized institution with an impressive ranking in data science courses.

It provide Master’s in Data Science degree through Gregorian Institute for Data Science.

And It has three concentrations such as:

  • Health and biomedical sciences
  • Computational and statistical methods
  • Business and social science
  • Also, there is a provision of getting career advice and internships throughout the program.

Location                -Rochester, New York

Mode of learning    -Campus

Fees                      -$51,072, on average, for 32 credits.

#6. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University has some of the finest "Data Science Course" in USA
Carnegie Mellon University

This is a world-class renowned research institution which is consistently ranked among the top 25 institutions in the US.

This university offers Master’s in Computation data Science through the Tepper School of Business .

It offers concentrations such as-

  • Systems
  • Analytics
  • Human-Centered Data Science.

This program emphasizes on scientific experimental design, data collection, data modelling and analysis, problem -solving and human-computer interaction.

Thus, this course provides the ability to deal with complex IT environments.

Location               – Pittsburgh and. Pennsylvania

Mode of Leaning – Campus

Fees                    – $25,000 per semester

#7. North Carolina University

North Carolina university campus

Another public research university that excels in its approach to quality education is North Carolina University.

It offers MS in Analytics and follows a unique model of teamwork and one-on-one coaching.

The MSA batch of 2018 had an impeccable 95%employment rate with an average salary of $98,500 per year.

Furthermore, a strong knowledge of coding and qualitative analysis is required to enrol for this program.

Location               -Raleigh, North Carolina

Mode of Learning- Campus

Fees                     – $23,460 total for in-state students and $43,466 total for students f other states.

#8. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology has the best " Data Science Course" in USA
Georgia Institute of Technology

Ranking as one of the best institutes in engineering and technology departments, this institute offers a plethora of research opportunities to its students. It is a public research university.

Mainly, the MS in Analytics data certification offered by this University has three concentrations such as-

  • Business Analytics
  • Analytical tools
  • Computational Data Analytics

It also provides job counseling in person to the students, who opt for the on-campus program,

Location               -Atlanta, Georgia

Mode of learning- on-campus and online

Fees                     -$1,206 per credit for in-state students and  $1,665 per credit for out of the state students. $275 per credit for online mode.

#9.University of Oklahoma

University Of Oklahoma is one of the best "Data Science Course" study centre in USA
University Of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma is a public research institution offering a Master’s degree in Data Science and analytics through the schools of Computer Science and Industrial and System Engineering.

Ideally, this data science course combines the knowledge and expertise of both the domains to impart the right skills to design and build tools to gather and analyze data to derive future performance.

Basically, it’s a short term course of 14 months for full- time students and there is no concentration,

Location               -Norman, Oklahoma

Mode of learning – campus, online and part-time

Fees                    – $30,000 per semester.

#10. University of Iowa

University Of Iowa offers best Data Science Courses"in USA
University Of Iowa

If you want to study in a big renowned national research institute in the US then Iowa Stata University is your place. They offer a Master’s in Data Science and Analytics through the Tippie College of business.

Essentially, this data certification course enables the students to apply predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics in practicality,

There is no concentration and it’s a three years degree which can be completed off- campus, part time or full time.

Location                -Iowa City, Iowa

Mode of learning –On Campus

Fees                      – $10.457 per semester for in-state students,$16,860  for out of state students and            $19,950 for full 10 course program.


 Besides, other universities also offer Data Science courses with more prospects.

So, don’t wait anymore dive into the world of data and explore success. Good LUCK!

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