What does TEFL Stand For?

TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It denotes teaching the English language to non-native English speakers. TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language), and ELT (English Language Teaching) are other acronyms that align with TEFL in different countries based on the context or scenario. When you talk about teaching English abroad, all the above short forms are interchangeable. They are available across the globe. This article elaborates on the top 10 TEFL courses in Montana. Due to the present global health crisis, taking a TEFL course online and TEFL certification online has become very popular. The search for the best TEFL certification online has increased rapidly.

The yearning to learn the English language has catapulted by leaps and bounds all over the world. There is also a significant demand for qualified teachers; this growth is increasing substantially. It eventually leads to more institutes and organizations offering a TEFL course to facilitate teaching English to non-native speakers or to teach English abroad. The number of accredited TEFL courses worldwide is expansive, but it requires tremendous effort to choose the right one.

What is TEFL Certification?

A TEFL or TESOL certificate is globally recognized. If you complete the TEFL course online or in a classroom, you will be eligible for the TEFL certification. These days the TEFL certification online is also possible. Most prospective spend hours looking for the best TEFL certification. Technically speaking, TEFL is the accredited qualification to teach English in countries where English is not the native language. TESOL has more validity in countries where English is the native language. In the past, just knowing a language was good enough to teach it. Nowadays, most employers want their instructors, and teachers have received professional training of some level. The best TEFL certification gives more credibility. The TEFL certification online is also valid. A qualification that is among the best TEFL certification or a TEFL certification online is a necessity to qualify for a work permit or visa when you take up a teaching assignment overseas.

A TEFL course also offers specialist skills and knowledge that are part of the curriculum. TEFL institutes customize according to the regions that are the target audience. If you live in Montana or the US, this write-up will help you chose the best TEFL certification. The following are among the top 10 TEFL courses in Montana.   


1. Henry Harvin Education TEFL Course

The TEFL certification online that is offered by Henry Havin is considered by many as the best TEFL certification. It is like a passport to getting better paying teaching jobs. Communicating in English is often the preferred mode of communication between countries. This feature has boosted the necessity for citizens of non-English speaking countries to learn the English language. It has also increased the need for prospective teachers of English to enroll in a TEFL course online or in-class to get professionally certified. 

Henry Harvin Academy has a broad network that consists of ministries of education, private and public international schools, colleges, institutes, language academies, online teaching portals, and placement agencies. Those who enroll are sure to be holders of the best TEFL certification. The TEFL course online is in great demand. Acquiring the TEFL certification online gives the participant a platform to raise their profile higher. There are numerous jobs for teachers and administrators that are available worldwide. The TEFL certification is just a click away after completion of the TEFL course online. Successful candidates are eligible for the best TEFL certification that facilitates lucrative job prospects.

Highlights of the TEFL Course

  • Credible TEFL certification online after completion of TEFL course in any mode 
  • Unlimited job opportunities from reputed companies
  • Network expands to 66 countries, covering all seven continents
  • Extensive job support 
  • Unstinted placement support
  • Acquire your TEFL certification online from anywhere and at any time
  • Hassle-free administrative process
  • Convenient and self-paced
  • Provides unmatched flexibility
  • 100% online cost-effective and convenient 
  • 120-hour TEFL certification
  • Affiliation to American Association of English as a Foreign Language (AAEFL)
  • Exclusive LMS Access
  • Job support 
  • Outstanding academicians
  • Best Pedagogical practices

If you are passionate about teaching and travelling, the TEFL course and is ideal. It allows you to travel and explore different cultures. It is a stepping stone to achieve your long-pending goal. 

2. TEFL Course – International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

A TEFL certification online is a great option during these days of uncertainty. A lifestyle change is not easy. It makes sense to be accredited by the best TEFL certification online. There are several options after you do a TEFL course online, like teaching full-time, flexible schedule jobs, part-time earning, etc. The TEFL certification online from ITTT will make your dreams a reality.


The 170-hour TEFL course online is a specialized one. It is for those who are motivated to acquire qualifications for employment. The TEFL certification online or offline is a credible document to possess in the TEFL employment market. E-learning has become the go-between for more than a billion learners of the English language. Thanks to the internet, the TEFL course online that is the best TEFL certification in the line of teaching English as a foreign language, is becoming more accessible. People from remote corners of the globe can continue enhancing their skills. The cost of education is rising immensely, and in comparison, a TEFL certification online after completion of the TEFL course online has become a much in demand alternative.

Significant Features to Note About TEFL Certification Online

  • 170-hour TEFL course online done in your comfort zone
  • Study at your own pace
  • Normal duration is 3-4 months or 60 hours or less
  • Duration of 12 months to complete the course
  • Comes with or without the support of a tutor, who is available for queries and problems
  • A network of renowned TEFL recruiters who offer online teaching positions
  • Short-format and among the best TEFL certification online
  • Perfect TEFL course to teach on a short-term voluntary basis.
  • Combined course option that has a TEFL course online and on-site
  • Training materials cover vital teaching skills, classroom management, grammar, phonology subjects, and methods of effectively implementing it in class
  • Courses are moderated by an independent teaching body or by highly ranked professionals
  • Teaching material is updated to reflect any developments in teaching a language
  • Advanced TEFL course of 250 hours
  • Observed Teaching Practice (OTP) online to add teaching practice to your portfolio
  • Affiliated to and accredited by some of the leading language teaching practitioners and institutions

ITTT is among the few known to award the best TEFL certification online. ITTT is internationally recognized, and its standards go way beyond the expectations and requirements of employers. TEFL course graduates equip themselves with all the tools necessary to teach English to new learners. Completing the TEFL course online from ITTT equates to a platform to confidently embark on a new career as an English language teacher anywhere in the world. ITTT’s course in-class offers a wide choice of exotic and exciting locations. Automated tests are part of the assessment system in the range of TEFL courses offered by ITTT.

3. Bridge TEFL

The Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) is an agency recognized by the US Department of Education. ACCET accredited BridgeTEFL in 1998. The TEFL programs are verified by an independent institution, thereby ascertaining their high quality. The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) has evaluated and recommended college credit for five Bridge TEFL certification programs. Renowned academic institutions have trusted Bridge TEFL courses for more than 30 years. The reliability of these programs has made it a popular certification choice.

Unique Course Features of TEFL Course Online 

  • Responsive Design
  • Easy Navigation
  • Tutor support
  • Interactive content
  • TEFL videos for future reference and to observe techniques
  • Options for a variety of learners
  • From beginners to courses for advanced learners
  • Designed to boost your resume with advanced skill sets
  • Additional training in high demand areas

The courses offered are Foundational Certificate Courses and International Certificates.

4. World TEFL Institute

World TEFL Institute (WTI) is accredited by the International TEFL/TESOL Accreditation Council to offer TEFL and TESOL training courses. They have the necessary resources required to deliver effective TEFL training. The high standards that they have set have made the TEFL course conducted by World TEFL Institute a much in demand one. WTI has met the four key components that training providers have to meet to get accredited. The following are the exceptional characteristics of the TEFL courses offered by WTL.

  1. Organization Standards
  • Management Accountability
  • Administrative Procedures and Practices
  • Services for participants
  • Financial procedures
  • Policies and statements
  1. Course/Module
  • Design of course module and ongoing development
  • Course module delivery
  1. Feedback and Assessment
  • Feedback
  • Assessment
  • Abides by basic principles
  1. Staff and Tutors 
  • Staff is highly qualified with experience and skills relevant to their role
  • Tutors have professional qualifications, skills, and experiences related to their subject areas.

The120- hour TEFL course online and TESOL course prepares you for teaching abroad in a classroom as well as to teach from home or a remote location. The modules have text, videos, quizzes, and a personal tutor. A tutor assists you through the course and gives you appropriate feedback. WTL also helps you find a job through its broad global network. Throughout your learning journey, experienced faculty go through your lesson plans thoroughly. It is a fabulous opportunity as you will get valuable pointers from experts in the field. The TEFL certification online is provided by WTI.

Career Path From One of the Best TEFL Certification Courses

After completing this course, the following are some of the job options you can choose. 

  • Jobs at an English academy across the globe
  • Work as an Au Pair, nanny, or child-minder
  • Teach private one-on-one lessons
  • Teach English online or in a classroom
  • Gain a better understanding of English and teach the language efficiently
  • Improve your language studies
  • Graduates of the advanced and professional courses get lifetime job support

To receive certification, you must complete the course, pass the exams with a minimum score of 60%. Each module includes a test based on key learning objectives in each topic. A minimum percentage of 60% is mandatory. Your certificate is sent by email if you meet the criteria. A hard copy of the certificate is available for only $75 plus a shipping fee.

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5. University of Montana

The terms TESOL and TEFL courses are interchangeable. TESOL provides future teachers with a concrete foundation and a diverse background in the practices and theories of teaching a foreign language. The principles of modern linguistics need in-depth understanding. These principles are applied to language instruction after the teacher candidate undergoes systematic training. The certificate program offers 100 hours of training online and a 20-hour practicum. There are two highly qualified instructors from the English Language Institute of the University of Montana. 

Highlights of the Course

  • Anyone interested in working with non-native speakers can enroll
  • International participants should meet the requirements of English language proficiency requirements
  • Costs $1300
  • Mentorship by experienced ESL/EFL teachers
  • Assistance to pursue a career in teaching
  • Option to make part payments
  • Courses are during spring and fall semesters
  • Course duration is for 12 weeks
  • Teacher candidates can complete the 20 hours of observations and practicum and submit the teaching portfolio up to two months from the last day of instruction
  • Provides certification after completing the program with a 75% or higher
  • The program meets industry standards
  • The combination of this certificate and an undergraduate degree is a passport to teach English at most independent language schools worldwide
  • Possible to do it while working full-time or as a full-time student

6. International TEFL Academy 

Key Points – TEFL Certification Online

  •       Length of Training: 11 weeks part-time for 10-12 hours per week.
  •       170 Hour Certification: 150 hours of academic coursework + 20 hours of practice
  •       Specialty TEFL Classes
  •       University-Level Instruction: TEFLCertification classes are taught by highly qualifies and experienced university-level instructors.
  •       Technology Requirements: Computer, laptop, or tablet; The course is accessible through the Moodle app downloaded on cell phones. However, this mode is not an ideal way to study.
  •       Online Proficiency Quiz to navigate through the course platform for more insights.
  •       Cost: $ 1399
  •       Job Search Guidance: Hands-on job placement assistance and lifetime, worldwide job search guidance from an expert team
  •       Class Size: Classes have 20 students. Personal attention and the highest standards of instruction is a priority.
  •       Interactive Features: Live lectures, webinars, and the recorded sessions are accessible
  •       Accreditation: The TEFL course online is accredited and awarded a Level 5 status
  •       Job Opportunities for Teaching English: This TEFL certification online is the best TEFL certification for paid employment as an English teacher globally.
  •        Non-Native English Speakers: Verification of English skills is a requirement.  
  •       Training materials, assignments, and quizzes are available online as well as in hard copy. 
  •       Age Requirement: Those who are 18and under must submit an essay and speak to an ITA Admissions Advisor before enrolling.

7. i-to-i TEFL Course

This course is employer endorsed and trusted by teachers. The TEFL courses online and Diplomas are government-regulated. Employers all over the world hold them in good stead. The training includes the basics of TEFL, specialist modules on one-to-one and online classes, and teaching Business English. The range of Level 3 and Level 5 online qualifications qualify you to teach English online or abroad. Level 5 is ideal for the highest-paid TEFL jobs in the most sought-after locations. With 180 to 300 hours of in-depth training, i-to-i has a variety of TEFL courses. 

TEFL Course Online – Level 5

  • 180 hours of TEFL training online
  • Level 5 is a government-regulated qualification
  • Support and feedback from DELTA-qualified tutors
  • Highly respected by employers internationally
  • Boost your earning and employment potential
  • 240 hours of Level 5 includes teaching one-to-one & online (60 hours)
  • 300 hours of Level 5 includes teaching Business English (60 hours)

TEFL Course Online- Level 3

  • 120 hours online TEFL course
  • Internationally recognized professional TEFL certificate
  • Government-regulated course
  • Support and feedback from DELTA qualified tutors
  • 180 hours include 30-hour Teaching Young Learners Course and 30-hour Awareness of Grammar Course
  • 300 hours include 180 hours plus 30-hour Advanced Lesson Planning Course, 30-hour One-to-One Course and 60-hour Teaching Business English Course

8Teach Away – TEFL Course


Your TEFL certification facilitated by Teach Away is rated among the best TEFL Certification online. This recognition boosts your resume up a notch. International employers want a candidate that stands out. Teach Away has partnered with an accredited North American educational institution. Experts in global leadership consulting, coaching, training, and those qualified to certify graduates and teachers to teach English worldwide are associated with Teachaway. You can make your ambition of teaching abroad worthwhile by enrolling in a TEFL course at Teach Away.

What is exceptional About Teach Away?

  • Wallet-Friendly – The TEFL course online is light on your pocket and is a valid accreditation, so you don’t have to worry about attending an in-class program. 
  • Flexible Schedule – The online, self-paced TEFL courses are easy to handle and manage your routine and lifestyle. 
  • A Star Resume – Teach Away graduates are employable and are in line for lucrative job offers from language schools and teaching companies across the globe. 
  • Top-Ranked Education Institute –   Certified to teach English abroad by a globally acclaimed institution.
  • Criteria– Meets the minimum requirements to teach overseas, with various course options.
  • Specializations – Includes specializations in teaching English to learners from specific countries too.
  • Well-prepared – Living in a foreign country requires immense preparation. Teach Away also focuses on international teaching and intercultural relations.

9. The TEFL Academy (TTA)

TEFL Course in India

The TEFL Academy has the leading online Level 5 TEFL course in the USA. This one’s just 168 hours and is an all-inclusive program. They want their students to be skilled exclusively and have the best access to worldwide TEFL job offers. TTA has received official recognition from government-regulated organizations that give accreditation both in the US and the UK. After successful completion of the TEFL course, the internationally recognized Level 5 TEFL Certificate (168 hours) that you receive is the only qualification you need to be eligible to be employed by highly notable language teaching companies. The online-only version of the course is flexible. A dedicated tutor gives continuous support. You have the liberty to study in your own time and at your own pace. 

On getting certified, you will be among the honored to be qualified enough to teach English both abroad and in the USA. There is an offer to specialize in a field of teaching English of your choice. There is also a unique discount code with your booking confirmation email. You may redeem it against your chosen course. The TEFL course online consists of ten units, and it is compulsory to complete it. It is accessible for up to six months and takes four to six weeks to complete. The design of the unit makes it easy to soak in vast knowledge in a doable time frame. They also offer a 10-hour Teaching Practice Course (Webinar).

10. Premier TEFL – Level 5 TEFL Course

Premier TEFL provides holistic training for new teachers. If you speak English well and are passionate about teaching a language, then Premium TEFL is the right place to enroll for a TEFL course and get your TEFL certification online. It is government- regulated, internationally recognized, and approved by top-notch employers. The cost is pocket-friendly. Premium TEFL also assists in procuring an organized teaching internship abroad. 

Why is Premium TEFL different?

A team of academic experts associated with Premium TEFL will prepare you to teach English with practical and accredited courses. You also have the benefit of enjoying a lifetime, personal support during your TEFL career. There are also a plethora of job opportunities through their network of global employers. Their regulated TEFL courses guarantee you the highest standard of teacher training leading to extremely well-paid jobs. So far, they have certified 52,000 certified teachers from 89 countries. The fast-track course system is a great way to start your career for a job at the entry-level. They have a regulated course system with noted international standards. The advanced courses are for high-paying jobs and aid in having a career-changing qualification.

The content of the course is well structured, interactive, and handled by experts. The recorded live-sessions are references and resources that will be useful for the rest of your career. Working at your own pace on any device is a blessing. You are in control of your learning. Premium TEFL also offers virtual teaching practice and live feedback. Their hand-holding technique from learning to earning has been beneficial to a large number of learners. Their expert TEFL training and fully-inclusive paid teaching internships is the cherry on the cake. Local-in-country support is an add-on offered during the internships. The recent achievement is the development of hybrid courses. During the pandemic, Premium TEFL has given future teachers courses worth over $80,000 to help people earn a living by teaching online. It will be a fruitful journey indeed.

The above suggestions have been well-researched. Montana is a beautiful city and is an ideal place to do the TEFL course. With a variety of up-market institutes that offer TEFL certification online and in-class, you are most certainly spoilt for choice.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. Am I eligible to take a TEFL course?

If you are 18 years or above, you are eligible to gain a TEFL certification. Native English speakers and non-native speakers are equally entitled to enroll in a TEFL course.

Q-2. What genre of people wants to teach English as a foreign language? 

It is open to a wide range of people with diverse interests. A sizeable number of teachers are passionate about traveling and combine it with teaching English worldwide.

Q-3. Can I teach English anywhere? 

After becoming a TEFL certified teacher, the main benefit is that you are qualified to get a job in almost every country in the world.

Q-4. If my Grammar is not good enough, Can I enroll in a TEFL course?

Most of the time, as English teachers, the focus is on conversations. Even a few native English speakers are not proficient with grammar terms. The course covers everything you need to know as a teacher. You will also have access to substantial resource material.

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