TEFL or Teaching English as a foreign language is one of the sought after certifications for English language teaching. TEFL Courses in Hyderabad. It allows budding teachers to teach abroad both online and in-person, internationally.

English language teaching has become a buzzword among many travel enthusiasts who are trying to make the ends meet. While simultaneously, quenching the thirst of wanderlust.


TEFL opens many new and exciting opportunities for teaching English as a second language all across the globe. In fact, it is the fastest-growing field in the education sector in the world.

English language teaching certifications like TEFL, CELTA, TESOL, ELT, and ESL. It allows a native or fluent speaker to teach English to non-native speakers. 

TEFL Certification

A TEFL Certification is generally needed to teach English in non-native English speaking countries. The certifications serve as a prerequisite for schools and institutes as and when they want to hire the teachers for it gives a certain authenticity of having received proper training.

A person planning to jump-start their career in the field of language teaching doesn’t necessarily need to have a degree in English. Or even some prior teaching experience in order to get paid for teaching abroad.

However, certain recruiters do require a certain level of professional teacher training. In most cases, TEFL certification and training programs are more than sufficient. 

How long does a TEFL Certification Program Last for?

There is not a particular, uniform route for receiving TEFL certification per se. IT solely depends on the organization providing the TEFL course in Hyderabad.

Sometimes, if everything goes perfectly, you might get the certification in less than a month. Other times, it may even take much longer than the expected time. That being said, it is advisable to clear your calendar for at least 3 months.

This would give you adequate interval of time to go through the 100 – 200 hours of lessons, assignments and live teaching.

What is the Average Fee Structure of a TEFL Certification?

There are normally 3 alternatives for getting a TEFL certification. Online, self-paced course, on-site course, or offline, in-person course.

All the three options have their own unique pros and cons. These factors including many others decide the price range of a particular certificate course.

Online courses are usually the most cost-effective. On-site courses are a tad costlier than the former.  While the offline courses, obviously are the costliest. These may range from anywhere between 50 thousand INR – 5lacs.

TEFL Certification overseas becomes extremely challenging to land but with TEFL certification courses it becomes fairly easy for a person to take on international teaching positions.

The right kind of TEFL course in Hyderabad can prove to be quite helpful because of its international collaborations, experienced trainers, and healthy interactive environment.

Moreover, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is that the TEFL certification program can help you find better jobs and internships with handsome packages and impressive perks, which can give you an edge over other prospecting teachers trying to break into this field.

10 TEFL Courses in Hyderabad                  

It is very important to make sure that the courses you are enrolling in are authentic and internationally accredited.

It’s always advisable to conduct a thorough background of the organization providing the course to know exactly where you are spending your time and money.

Below mentioned, are ten popular and accredited TEFL or Teaching English as Foreign Language courses in Hyderabad.

TEFL India or TEFL in Class

TEFL In-Class course is provided by Asian College of teachers. It is one of the top-rated TEFL certification programs in Asia.

With 120 hours of real time teaching, 30,000+ alumni, and a strong network of 600 + schools, it stands as one of the most prestigious choices for TEFL certification.

It is a three-week long course that provides globally recognized ACT and Cambridge TKT certifications to its students after intensive coursework and assisted assignments on language teaching, classroom management, and lesson planning.

The course also boasts of successful campus placements and 100% placement assistance.

TEFL Certification Course 

TEFL certification course is provided by Henry Harvin. The mode of training is strictly online based on self-paced learning. The course provides exclusive access to LMS loaded with 120 hours of course material.

The classes are typically conducted by leading industry specialists and well-qualified academicians who follow best pedagogical practices to deliver an outstanding educational experience to the prospecting teachers who enroll in the course.

This course is best for college students and working professionals who are trying to make a career change, and are unable to make time for classes, specifically.

Henry Harvin’s TEFL course in Hyderabad equips you with AAEFL (American Association of English as a Foreign Language) certification that prepares you for grabbing a $3000/month job in 6 plus countries.

Its placement is super strong and guarantees an interview call right after the enrollment into the course. 

International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy provides one of the most protruding TEFL programs in the world. It offers TEFL certifications in 25 different countries across the globe.

The academy also has online TEFL programs for people who wish to learn at their own pace. International TEFL Academy’s certification is well recognized all around the world, which makes it easier to find a job as an English language teacher in some 80 countries worldwide.

With a wide range of network connections and a strong alumni network, the academy boasts of one of the leading placement cells in the industry.

The Language House

The Language House TEFL is a prominent organization that provides TEFL courses all over the world. It is mainly based in Prague.

The organization holds a global reputation that shall make it easier for aspiring teachers to choose their location for teaching, worldwide. The Language House proposes some exclusive post-course services after the student has graduated.

The organization runs TEFL courses as a 4-week long training program focusing on lesson planning as well as teaching and adjusting in a foreign country.

It promises placing graduates in esteemed companies within one week of completing the TEFL certification. 

International Teacher Training Organization  

The International Teacher Training Organization is a prestigious, cost-effective teacher training program. International Teacher Training Organization offers three varied yet unique TEFL certifications online.

The courses are 100-hour, 120-hour, and 140-hour extensive programs, respectively. All the three TEFL courses are well-respected across the globe.

The course ware consists of the best education resources, video sessions and discussions, strong placement network, one on one mentor support, and vast alumni. ITTO has far-reaching work tie ups, globally.

It provides teaching opportunities in countries like Mexico, Latin America, Thailand, and several countries in Europe.


MYTEFL is one of the oldest ongoing TFEL courses. It has been running for 35 years and is available in both online and offline formats. MYTEFL holds a top-notch job placement scenario.

TEFL certification courses offered by MYTFEL are specifically designed by keeping different objectives in mind. The 40-hour TFEL programs held online mainly includes the fundamentals of managing a classroom in an effective manner.

However, the 60-hour TEFL certification program focuses on various teaching methods and management techniques.

All the TEFL courses provided by MYTFEL have 24/7 mentor support, library access, and technical assistance.

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Teach Away

Teach Away has one of the prominent TEFL certifications in the world, which is accredited by The University of Toronto, Canada. The course is conducted by few of the prestigious university professors that makes it more worthy than any other TEFL course in Hyderabad.

Teach Away’s TEFL program comes with three different options to choose from – a 100 hour TEFL course,120 hours, and a 140 hour TEFL course in Hyderabad. All of these courses are online and self-paced.

Teach Away partners with many large organizations that recruit English Language Teachers all over the world.

Thus, it boosts job opportunities for the prospecting teachers, and improves their chances of being selected in the competitive locations. 

Oxford TEFL

TEFL certification programs offered by Oxford TEFL are taught via both online and offline modes. The online course is self-paced specifically designed for working professionals and college students.

However, the offline course is a 4-week intensive course that follows rigorous coursework and robust training. The course is limited for a few cities in Europe as well as in India.

The USP or the unique selling proposition of this TEFL certification program is that it provides training programs in some European languages alongside the TEFL teacher’s training.

The reason why Oxford’s TEFL course in Hyderabad stands out is because of its vast range of options available for both new and experienced teachers who are planning to kick-start their career as an international educator.

TEFL Worldwide

TEFL course in Hyderabad provided by TEFL Worldwide is a well-recognized certification program in the world. Accredited by the American Association of English as a foreign language.

The institute is based in Prague, Europe, providing a month-long course both online and offline. The graduates of TEFL certification are offered the benefits of living in a different country whilst starting their journey as fellow educators.

TEFL Worldwide has emerged as a popular option among the prospecting educators since 2003.

This TEFL certification focuses on bringing together budding teachers from across the world, curating an intimate and understanding platform for like-minded growing trainers.


Maximo emanates the finest prospects in the field of English teaching and education. TEFL training program at Maximo prepares you for taking on job opportunities and internships in Latin America.

The program delivers a variety of TEFL certifications to choose from. Typically, the course runs for over 4-weeks of intensive training including vigorous course ware and teaching training.

Offered in both online as well as offline formats, TEFL program at Maximo presents a vast array of specializations to master in as to teach for various international exams.

The institute holds an association with numerous native schools and non-profits in Costa Rica. This enables the prospecting teachers for teaching English as a Foreign language without a degree.

Maximo places the fresh graduates with significant organizations soon after completing the course.

TEFL at Maximo has 15-hour long classes inculcating 12 modules. They are strategically distributed among topics like Learning and Teaching theory, Class management, Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary, teaching, speaking, writing, reading, listening, assessing the learners, and so on.
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