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First of all, let’s talk about what is TEFL (TEFL Certification) and how it can boost your career. TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and is an opportunity for those who wish to teach English as a foreign language abroad. This field has thousands of excellent professional opportunities for you in all corners of the globe.

Other acronyms used to describe the same scenario in various countries are TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language), TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language), and ELT (English Language Teaching).

In this blog you will see Top 10 TEFL Certification courses in Chennai that you can choose from for teaching English abroad without a degree. So, check this out—

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

Henry Harvin TEFL Course is one of the best certification course which will ensure that you clear the TEFL Certification exam on your first attempt. The training in the academy will help you understand the nuances of teaching English to Non-English Speakers.

Henry Harvin TEFL Academy is accredited by the American Association of EFL.

This course will enhance your productivity and confidence, help you gain an in-depth understanding of learner’s psychology.

You can apply for this course if you have good knowledge of English and are in teaching line. In return you will get access to a platform of most highly paid jobs as an EFL teacher and you can fulfil your heart’s desire to explore new countries.

2. London College of Teachers

London College of Teachers has a 150 hour TEFL Course along with International TEFL Canada for the teachers, who want to teach English as a foreign language.

This globally acclaimed course will let you know how to handle a classroom and will give you the latest teaching methodologies.

After completion of the TEFL course, you will get a certificate and international teaching opportunities.

3. Intesol Worldwide

Chennai is one of the best centres for finishing the TEFL Course with many opportunities. Intesol Worldwide can help you grab those opportunities.

TEFL course here consists of 3 weeks of intensive learning session comprising of 140 hours in total. It will give you best tutor support along with study materials and their certificate is Internationally accredited.

They provide placements across the globe.

4. Asian College Of Teachers

It is a full time TEFL Course where the students will receive certification from ACT and after appearing for the Cambridge TKT exam can receive Cambridge certification.

ACT TEFL courses get their accreditation by world’s largest TESOL accreditation body. the trainers are certified by TESOL Canada.

TEFL Course in Chennai will open new avenues for you when it comes to teaching English as a foreign language and will also provide you with a globally recognized certificate.        

You can get the Campus Placement and kick start your career by getting other benefits like 100% Job Assistance.

5. AP Teachers Training Institute

APTTI has notarized certificate from Canada, they are tied up with many global organizations as their institutional partners. APTTI heads the global teachers training organizations in India and is truly International.

They provide 150 hours TEFL Course which is a full time 3 weeks program. They also give some pre-reading materials.

APTTI has gained much expertise in creating new teaching opportunities in this area. Every year they get a lot of applicants who wish to study TEFL Course.

They give great assistance to outstation candidates by helping them with accommodation in and around the city limits.

6. TEFL Professional Development Institute

The Professional Development Institute provide online courses for those people who cannot afford to pay the TEFL Course fee but are very interested in joining the TEFL Certification course.

TEFL Professional Development Institute believe that English Teacher Training and Learning SHOULD NOT be Costly! They say, TEFL teacher training and the TEFL Certification process, SHOULD be within the reach of everybody.

The courses and materials will be provided online and will be accessible as and when you please.

TEFL PDI have staff from all major sectors of the teaching industry.

7. Cambridge Assessment English

It is an online TEFL Course which is internationally recognised and prestigious. It is a 100% online course with 4 weeks’ time, 6 hours of training each day. It is a convenient study from anywhere.

It is a course for native and non-native English-speakers. The course offers workshops and input sessions it also gives a positive, dynamic and supportive learning environment.

How does the Online TEFL Course Work?

Online courses does not require face to face training at all. You will complete all the teaching practices and assignments online in zoom. Your interview will also be via zoom only.

You can expect 30 hours of training per week and a 15-25 hours study time on your own. You can get access to this course from anywhere in the world.

The methods and methodologies used by the tutors can be adapted and taken into your own teaching classes.

8. World TESOL Academy

World TESOL Academy is built to provide internationally recognized training qualifications for teachers around the world.

This Academy has a 120 hour online TESOL/TEFL Course, where you can earn your qualification and start teaching abroad. The TEFL certification is an essential qualification required by many schools and institutes worldwide for hiring ESL teachers.

The TEFL Course completion will take 2-3 week of your time where you can go through all the lessons and at the end earn a certificate.

You need to first enroll in the course then study online through the course material provided. Pass the course assessments and then get your certificate.

By the end of the TEFL course you’ll have the skill and be qualified to teach English overseas or online.

9. International TEFL and TESOL Training

If you have a dream to live overseas and learn about different cultures, and enjoy having new experiences then you can enrol yourself to International TEFL and TESOL Training certification course.

They provide online as well as in-class programs for TEFL certification which makes it possible for anyone to be capable of teaching abroad as an English language teacher.

ITTT has a 20 year of experience in TEFL market and more than 25 years in the teacher training industry. They can guide you and make your dreams come true.

They provide affordable training courses for all students with quality course modules. Prominent schools and institutes have accredited this institute.

They have good partnership with many TEFL recruitment agencies.   

10. American TESOL Institute

American TESOL Institute is a pioneer in this field and has emerged as an international teachers training organization that offers a wide range of courses. There are Full time TEFL program, online TEFL course, Foundation TEFL and many more.

About the Courses-

The online TEFL course is compact and aimed at providing the best methodologies for the aspirants. In order to teach globally the teachers will be completely trained and will get interaction with the expert tutors.

The in-class program is of 3 weeks where the aspirants will learn the methodologies in a live classroom. The interactive sessions will give the students a lot more exposure in the live sessions.

ATI is globally recognised and is in India and Thailand for 10 years and have trained more than 20,000 TEFL graduates. They provide good placement assistance and have expert tutors to teach.

The ATI TEFL certificate will be notarized with the seal and sign of Govt. of USA Notary Official.

What is TEFL Course for?

This TEFL Course is for teaching in other countries where English is not the primary language but has a rising demand. TEFL Certification will provide you necessary skills to become an effective teacher.

The field of TEFL is one of the fastest-growing educational fields, here you may have a huge scope to grow.

Who can Apply for this TEFL Course?

The TEFL Course is for anyone who wishes to become a English language teacher. You don’t need to have any degree in education or prior teaching experience to get paid here, you will just need TEFL Certification.

TEFL course opens up many job opportunities where many companies seek to hire people who have received a certain degree of professional-level training to teach English as a foreign language.

You can enrol yourself for this course and grab all the skills needed for teaching and explore the world.

Benefits out of the Course-

Teaching overseas:

The TEFL certification will help you to get jobs quickly anywhere in the world. The certificate gained through TEFL course can be used to start teaching English in Asia, Europe, South America and elsewhere. You become a certified English teacher after completion of the course.

Teaching online:

You can even work from home and start your new career. Use the certificate and apply to the top online teaching companies. You need to apply to the institutes and start teaching English online.

The most asked question nowadays is if it is Possible to Get a Valid TEFL Certification Online?

With the pandemic going on, one question that frequently arises from the people who wish to join are: can I get a valid TEFL certification online that employers will give value to when I apply for jobs to teach English overseas?

The answer is yes, you can get a valid TEFL certification online. As long as the course is accredited and meets all the standards you are good to go. A TEFL certificate makes you stand out when you apply for a job.


Q-1. Why should you do a TEFL Course?

If you are interested in teaching and are fluent in English then this course is for you. Most TEFL courses will give you placement assistance or set you up directly for a job after you finish the course.
By getting a high-paying job you get back the money that you invested in best TEFL Certification course. On the plus side, you get offers abroad where you can go and explore the cultures and get yourself acquainted.

Q-2. How long do TEFL courses take?

The length for TEFL certificate course is usually 100-120 hours of training. Depending on how the course is structured it can take anywhere from one month to six month for the TEFL course completion.

Q-3. How much does a TEFL teacher earn?

ESL teachers’ salaries greatly vary from where you are teaching. The salary can be as low as $600 USD per month to as much as $4,000 USD. Each country has different sets of rules regarding teachers salary, their expectation and contract.

Q-4. How much does an online TEFL course cost?

You will see a range of prices while you scroll through the websites. They may range from $150 to $1500.

Q-5. Is there an exam for TEFL?

The answer is NO, completing your TEFL course will qualify you as a ESL teacher. You don’t have to sit for the TKT exams to be able to apply for the jobs.

Q-6. What are the requirements to teach English Abroad?

Teaching abroad is an incredible experience for which you do not need a college degree to teach abroad, you just need TEFL certification for that. The certificate verifies that you have completed training to teach English as a foreign language.
You do not need any kind of teaching experience as well, just the TEFL certificate works. There are certain programs that are restricted to age groups, however there are ample of opportunities out there for people of all ages in this field.

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