Why should you choose NYC for summer schools?


Summer Schools In New York

What could be better than a summer “in the heart of New York City,” taking in the Big Apple’s heady culture, history and nightlife?

From the boutique stores and trendy nightspots of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District – dubbed “New York’s most fashionable neighborhood” by New York magazine – to iconic Rockaway Beach in Queens, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Plus, students have their pick of world-famous museums, theaters and art galleries.

Top 10 Summer Schools in New York

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy


Welcome to the world of business with Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin provides new avenues to climb up the ladder of success. Teen MBA Course of Henry Harvin is in the limelight in Newyork.

Now the wait is over for all enthusiastic and aspiring learners. Henry Harvin will provide a new methodology of learning for Teen MBA courses.

Expedition of  Summer Schools in New York with Henry Harvin

If you are intrigued to perceive the case studies of business, they offer experiential learning. 

They offer the following benefits for Teen MBA courses for striving learners.

  • Constructive feedback and a conducive learning atmosphere for all candidates.
  • Proficient and well-educated instructors who optimistically guide candidates for their better future.
  • Teen MBA course of Henry Harvin alludes not merely business education but also hands-on experience in the business.
  • Learners are guided to augment their performance and reach the pinnacle of their career.
  • Prepare for college with summer schools in Henry Harvin and get a head start to your career.
  • Upgraded study materials are provided to the students for their upgradation in Teen MBA courses.

 Student life is the pivotal time of the learning period. It is the perfect time whe  you can explore and be inclined to make the right decision. 

The Propensity towards learning can take you to the world of other courses by Henry Harvin.

Other available courses are-

Course No.1 Technical writing course

Technical writing course gives way how to write the company promulgation. Moreover, companies can publicize their products in front of the customer. Technical writing courses help you to understand documenting processes like software manuals and instructional materials. Henry Harvin guides you in every manner and ensures the versatility of the technical writing course.

Course No.2 Content Writing Course

Henry Harvin’s content writing course ranks the best institutes. We provide a plethora of advantages for their career in content writing.

  • We provide training and internship to our learners.
  • We provide accredited certification of content writing learning courses
  • We think for your future and offer jobs to embark on your career.

Course No.3 Medical Writing Course

Medical writing course gives a better comprehension of pharmaceutical regulatory   writing and medico-marketing writing. We ensure to make you aspiring learners by motivation and proper guidance. Certified Medical writer certification is the pinnacle of your career. We help you to build up a scientific attitude.

Course No.4 Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing course is the leading trend in India. Grab an incredible opportunity to evolve your future and join the digital marketing course from Henry Harvin. 

We will help you to approach holistic development in digital marketing. 

Hurry up and touch the wings of your dreams in digital marketing.

Henry Harvin also provide these Courses

Junior MBA course

Business Accounting and Taxation course

Data Science Course

Business Analyst course

Also Check the Review of Henry Harvin Summer Internship Program

2. The School of New York Times:

Summer Schools In New York

Summer Academy Online gives intellectually curious high school students the opportunity to pursue their passions and study with experts in the fields of journalism, media, politics, technology, arts, culture, sports, business, fashion and more.

Each two-week course draws on the expertise and unrivaled access of The New York Times and encourages students to think critically and creatively while exploring their passions and building skills for life.

Top Subjects:

  • Art
  • Business
  • Culture
  • Media
  • Photography
  • Politics
  • Writing
  • Sports
  • Social Studies


Each two-week online course is $2,750, plus a $75 tech fee.

Website- https://nytedu.com/pre-college/summer-academy/online/

Applications for Financial Aid & the Diverse Voices Scholarship have closed for 2020. Scholarships will automatically carry over to the online program.

3. Columbia University 

Summer Schools In New York

Admission to the Programs for High School Students is selective.

The admissions committee looks for academically exceptional, highly motivated students who are interested in attending the program because they have a passion for learning and wish to enrich their knowledge of the particular field for which they are applying.

Top Courses:

  • Architecture
  • Arts
  • Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • Creative Writing and Journalism
  • Law and Conflict Resolution 
  • Marketing, Media and Communications
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy and Humanities
  • Physical Sciences
  • Technical and Computer Programming 
  • Politics and International Affairs
  • Social Sciences and Psychology 


To secure a place in the program, a $1,000.00 deposit, credited toward the cost of the program, is due upon notification of acceptance to the program. A bill for the balance due will be issued to the student’s Columbia University email address

Website – http://precollege.sps.columbia.edu/highschool/online

4. Cornell University

Summer Schools In New York

Cornell’s summer program features over 500 options and runs from May 28 to August 5.

Experience the excitement of living at one of the world’s finest universities.

Stay in a residence hall on Cornell’s gorgeous campus. Enjoy meals in the dining halls. Spend free time making friends and participating in fun activities.

In addition to its ivy-covered academic buildings, cutting-edge research labs, and top-notch libraries, residence halls, and eateries, Cornell’s breathtakingly beautiful campus features spacious quads, gorges and waterfalls, woods and gardens, and panoramic views of surrounding hills and Cayuga Lake.

The majority of their summer school programs are open to sophomores through seniors from any high school.

They look for students who are intellectually curious, academically motivated, and mature enough to take on the challenge of college-level work.

Website – https://sce.cornell.edu/precollege

5. Adelphi University

Summer Schools In New York

Examining their own identity, students will explore individual and collaborative creative processes. They will participate in lectures, labs, discussions, studio projects, and field trips to museums and other sites while using tools and processes including prototyping with electronics, 3D printing, Arduino, e-textiles, movie-making and more.

  • Area of Specialization: STEM
  • Host: Adelphi University
  • Grades: 9, 10, and 11
  • Cost: $3,600

Website – https://www.adelphi.edu/high-school-students/summer-pre-college-program/

6. Barnard College

Summer Schools In New York

Choose from courses including :

  • Feminist Art in New York;
  • Gender, Race, and Women’s Writing in the Age of Austen;
  • Sustainable Cities;
  • Psychology 101; and more,

Students who participate in Summer in the City at Barnard College will experience life as a college student as they take college-level classes.

They will gain valuable insight into the college process and future careers, and go on weekend excursions.

One- and four-week programs are available, as are commuter and residential options.

Summer Dates:

Our summer 2019 program will run weekdays Monday – Friday between 10:00 am – 4:00 pm from July 8th, 2019 – August 2nd, 2019.

The courses offered this summer are:

  • Science in Movies
  • Food Chemistry and Nutrition Science
  • Geometry of the Arts
  • Trauma 101

  • Area of Specialization: General Humanities
  • Host: Barnard College
  • Grades: 9, 10, and 11
  • Cost: $8,200

Website – https://barnard.edu/step/summer-program

7. Colgate University

Summer Schools In New York

Underrepresented students in low SES urban areas, including Boston, Lynn/Salem/Peabody, NYC, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, have the opportunity to learn how to improve their SAT scores while building leadership through a “traditional camp model,” which includes hikes, games, campfires, and more. The residential Academy takes place at Colgate University in Hamilton.

  • Area of Specialization: Management/Leadership
  • Host: Colgate University
  • Grades: 11
  • Cost: Free

Website – https://www.colgate.edu/community/summer-academic-arts-and-sports-programs

8. Hofstra University

Summer Schools In New York

Become a Better Writer 

In this one-week non-residential course at Hofstra University, students will learn basic writing skills and hone their own voice.

They will apply these building blocks to SAT and college essay writing and other work. Along with exploring the revision process, developing theses and supporting paragraphs,  students will participate in writing games and group activities.

  • Area of Specialization: Writing
  • Host: Hofstra University
  • Grades: 9, 10, and 11
  • Cost: $675

Website – https://www.hofstra.edu/academics/summer/summer_hsclasses.html

9. Marymount Manhattan College 

Summer Schools In New York

MMC’s Summer Academy offers a wide range of week-long intensive summer programs for high school students. They are designed both to introduce students to the college environment and challenge them academically. They also offer a glimpse into the boundless opportunity of a college career in the world’s greatest city.

The Summer Academy Intensive Programs are tailored toward rising high school juniors and seniors and are open to any high school student who will be 16 years of age on or before July 1, 2020. Spend a summer with MMC!

  • Area of Specialization: Theater
  • Host: Marymount Manhattan College
  • Grades: 10 and 11
  • Cost: $3,700

Website – https://www.mmm.edu/summer-academy/

10. Mercy College

Summer Schools In New York

Students must be nominated to attend this week-long program focusing on building entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

They will learn from Mercy College faculty and leaders from top companies in areas including:

  • Career mindset
  • Personal branding
  • Careers in finance
  • Accounting, Marketing, and more.

While the majority of the program takes place on the Dobbs Ferry campus, participants will also visit the Manhattan Campus and Fortune 500 companies.

  • Area of Specialization: Management/Leadership
  • Host: Mercy College
  • Grades: 11
  • Cost: Free ($300 food charge)

Website – https://www.mercy.edu/admissions/summer/summer-courses

Why Summer schools?

Summer Schools In New York

1. Prepare yourself for college :

One of the main reasons students apply for summer schools is because students are unfamiliar with college life.

They may not be aware of the immense opportunities that colleges have to offer.

The best way to prepare for college is to go to one and have a detailed understanding of how colleges work. Summer schools have provided a platform for students, especially international students to have an exposure to collegiate life before college begins.

2. To improve your grades and brighten your applications:

Summer schools provide intensive tuition in just a week or two. You can take subjects that you are interested in and get a knowledge of the syllabus that will be taught to you in college.

You may also take subjects that are taught at your school and improve and build upon what you have learned. Summer schools offer students an edge over their peers.

You may also take up new subjects. This may help you better decide what subject you want to settle for once you actually reach colleges.

Universities and colleges don’t just look at the academic part of your CV but also look at the extracurricular activities that you have done. Having summer schools as a part of our profile really help in admissions as you have prior experience.

3. To find where you belong:

Summer schools provide the opportunity to have a first-hand experience of what universities and colleges have to offer.

You can explore your campus, your dorms, and even the cities or towns around the campus. You can decide for yourself whether you’d like to study in an open campus or a closed campus, in a city or a town.

The world is your oyster, open it up and see what it has to offer.

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