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Teaching English abroad is really a great opportunity to start with. Whether it’s a new job, a new career, or just a trip it will help you find your calling. As a teacher, you will get full support when you arrive. After your first year of teaching abroad, you will come to know what you want to do there, either you want to be in the same country or explore more.

Now, the question is, how much money can I earn teaching abroad or in simpler terms you want to know about teaching English abroad salaries and how to earn them. Different countries have different salaries.

What are the salaries for English teachers?

The salaries for English teachers depend upon their qualifications, position, experience, and country where they are working.

  1. Asia : Japan $ 1,500-$2,000 USD/ month:,China $  1,200- $ 2,800 USD/ month : and South Korea $ 1,800-$ 2,000 USD./month.
  2. Europe : chezh republic $ 700-$1,100 USD/ month: Spain $ 1,200- $1,800 USD/ month. Germany $ 1,100-$ 2,000 USD/ month
  3. Latin America : Argentina $ 600 -$1,000 USD / month. Mexico $ 500- $ 800 USD/ month.Chile $ 750-  $ 1,000 USD/ month.
  4. Middle east : U.A.E $ 1,800 – $ 5,000 USD/ month. Bahrain $ 1,500-  $3,000 USD/ month Qatar $ 1,600-$ 4,000 USD/ month.

Teaching English abroad salaries for teachers is not always paid in local currency. We should always think about the country and its cost of living.


In Asia 30%-50% of the salary, you will be able to save after your expenses. The savings is totally affected by the cost of living in a particular area. It also depends upon the exchange rate of the dollar as well as the local currency in which you are paid.

America and Europe

English teachers’ salaries in Latin America and Europe allow English teachers to live in an apartment. For the new teachers, it is a little difficult in these counties to save but as you are experienced you are able to save a little bit.

In both the countries private lessons are in huge demand and give good money, it also provides excellent teaching opportunities for the teachers.

Middle East 

Middle East English teachers’ salaries in the Middle East and the Gulf countries like Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, U.A.E  are some of the highest in the world as they range between $ 1500 -$4,000 USD/ month.

They also pay a lot of benefits to the teachers like health benefits, paid vacations, flights to the home country, free housing.

The job opportunities are very competitive here as compared to other countries in Europe and America. Many schools in U.A.E hire teachers only with extra experience, extra qualification, or addition to TEFL certification.

In less developed countries like Turkey, Jordan, Morocco teachers salary is not much initially. In such countries, the cost of living is also very low. The English teachers can get high paid jobs in U.A.E and  Gulf countries compared to any other country. So, you can try in these countries. Salaries get paid to English teachers are always high in the middle east.

Country Comparison

teaching English abroad salaries, teach English abroad salaries

When it comes to teaching abroad, even if the countries are nearby, then also their teachers’ salaries may vary. The teacher’s salary is more in the U.A.E and the gulf country because they require more experienced and qualified teachers. Even if you hold a TEFL Certification your salary becomes very high.

How to make a good salary

As I have mentioned above,  a good salary is always dependent on the country’s cost of living. Even if the salary is low by American standards, it might be amazing pay in that country. Like, most of the English teachers are looking for a job with a good salary that allows you to live comfortably as well save some money. When you are searching for a job you should take the help of some websites which will help in searching for jobs and calculating the cost of living in that particular country.

How to negotiate a salary offer

  • If you are not an entry-level English teacher, you will not get an entry-level salary. If your salary is beyond your expectations you can talk to the employer about that.
  • Professionally tell him why you have the teaching experience to get a high salary job.
  • Always use facts to show why their offer doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • After all, they will say no, then always wait for the new openings to come and meet your expectations.
  • Always remember teaching  English abroad is the experience you make So, always find the best job for you.

Salaries get paid to teach English Abroad

If you are looking to calculate your salary for teaching English abroad there is some App from which you can take help.

Here is the list of some countries according to the salary paid to the English teachers.

  1. The United Aab Emirates
  2. Japan
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. Kuwait
  5. Oman
  6. Taiwan
  7. South Korea
  8. China
  9. Vietnam

Always keep in mind that a high salary is not everything but you have to compare it with the local cost of living, which makes teaching English abroad easier.

 Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is a great career that requires a lot of dedication. If you are doing TEFL certification you can do it from  Henry Harvin Education Noida, which is ranked#1 in India in TEFL Certification and internationally ranked no#3. 

How much do TEFL teachers Earn?

teaching English abroad salaries, teach English abroad salaries

English teacher’s salary may depend upon where you are teaching. If you are teaching in the U.A.E or gulf countries you are getting more salary, like$ 1500 USD-$4,500 USD. So, the salary you get here it’s pretty good. But if you will go to some other countries like  Turkey, Jordan they pay very less.

What are your qualifications to teach English Abroad

Your salary is directly affected by your qualification. For e.g, if someone has a Master’s TESOL will get a higher salary compared to the person who has done only TEFL. There are a lot of factors upon which the salary depends. The teachers with high qualifications will definitely earn more. They will also get higher posts in universities.

What type of schools will you teach?

  • Your salary also depends upon which type of schools do you work. If you are working in a private school you will be paid more as compared to the public school and if you are working in an international school then your salary will be more compared to the private schools. So, this means that an international school pays a good salary.
  • If you are teaching English at a University you will be paid more as compared to teaching at a Junior level.
  • If you are working for a business firm, you will be paid more than taking private lessons at home. This is how you earn and teach English abroad.
teaching English abroad salaries, teach English abroad salaries

Which countries pay the most for English teachers

According to some surveys and research, there are some countries which pay a handsome salary for teaching English abroad. According to the survey here is the list of some countries.

Western Europe

  • Highest paid country: Germany
  • Average monthly salary:$ 1,500 -$ 2,500 USD
  • Best country: Spain
  • Average monthly salary: $ 1,000-$ 1,500 USD 
  • The average monthly cost of living:$ 500 -$1,000 USD

Western  Europe has a lot of job openings for teachers, but the market is a little competitive. For most of the jobs, it is recommended to have a bachelor’s degree and a TEFL  certification course. When it comes to work visas UK citizens are always favored.

Some Tips

If you want to work for Western Europe it is one of the best places to work. You will see there are a lot of job openings with a lot of opportunities. For e.g France’s program Teaching Assistant Program In France (TAPIF) which provides 12 hours per week of teaching in different schools. Spain also offers a similar program for cultural Ambassadors that offers a lot of medical facilities and stipend. This makes teaching English abroad easier.

Central/Eastern Europe 

  • Highest  paid country: Czech Republic
  • Average monthly salary:$ 1,000-$1,500 USD
  • The average monthly cost of living:$ 600-$ 1,000 USD
  • Best Country: Russia
  • Average  monthly salary: $ 600 -$ 1,500 USD
  • The average monthly cost of living:$ 600-$850 USD

If you want to work in Eastern Europe the best part is you should only have a bachelor’s degree. The best part about this is that they are more flexible in hiring non-EU citizens.

This is how you can teach English abroad.

Some Tips

Countries in this region also offer government placements in places such as the Czech Republic. Central European Teaching Program (CETP), which offers a 10 months long teaching contract in Hungary.


  • Highest-Paid Country: Japan
  • Average monthly salary :$ 1,900 -$2,500  USD
  • The average monthly cost of living:$1,000-$ 1,800 USD
  • Best Country: SouthKorea
  • Average  monthly salary: $ 1,700-$2,500 USD
  • The average monthly cost of living: $ 500-$ 700 USD ( housing is always provided.)
  • China
  • Average monthly salary: $ 1,000 -$ 2,500 USD
  • The average monthly cost of living:$ 500-$ 1,000 USD
teaching English abroad salaries, teach English abroad salaries

Asia is one of the biggest markets for Teaching English abroad and there is a huge demand for English teachers throughout the region. Most of the requirement of the job in Asia is Bachelor’ s degree and 120 hours of online TEFL session. Some countries like China and South Korea even arrange for housing and give flight tickets to go home. These are some big plus points and from the point of view of savings also its good. This all makes teaching English Abroad much easier. So always do a job search. Salaries get paid to English teachers are good.

Some Tips

Most of the cities in China require some teaching experience.

Middle East

  • Highest-Paid Country: U.A.E 
  • Average monthly salary: $ 3,000-$ 4,000 USD
  • The average monthly cost of living :$ 800-$1,200 USD
  • Best country: Saudi Arabia
  • Average monthly salary:$ 2,000- $ 4,000 USD
  • The average monthly cost of living :$ 500-$ 800 USD

The Middle East is considered as one of the best places for teaching English abroad. Here the job market is quite competitive. For teaching here you have to hold a Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification as well as several years of experience etc. If you look to Saudi Arabia it is more flexible compare to the gulf countries. Housing will be always provided here and the teaching job is also tax-free. The salaries get paid to English teachers are high here.

Latin America

  • Highest-Paid Country: Brazil
  • Average monthly salary:$800-$1,500 USD
  • The average monthly cost of living:$800-$1,300 USD
  • Best country: Ecuador
  • Average monthly salary: $600-$850 USD 
  • The average monthly cost of living: $450-$600 USD

It is very difficult to find an English teaching job in Latin America because here they mostly prefer people who are already in the country. You can find some placements but it is part-time or home tuitions.

 If you are interested in teaching English in Latin America then you should try jobs in International schools. Teaching English abroad is one of the best ways to earn more money.

Best  Place to Teach English Abroad

Getting a handsome salary and saving more money can be the key points to teach English  Abroad. And with a TEFL certification, you can get a lot of better job options. So, let the work begin! 

TEFL Course

teaching English abroad salaries, teach English abroad salaries
  • TEFL is  Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. These two are the best courses for teachers who want a good career opportunity.
  • As English is in high demand, students want to learn from a skilled teacher.
  • TEFL certified trainers can work in schools, colleges or Universities.
  • TEFL  programs are for countries where English is not a primary language. but due to global demand, they are using it like France, Japan China, Russia. This will make Teaching English Abroad easy.

TESOL Course

  • A TESOL Course will provide any individual to become a qualified all-around teacher.
  • It also helps in developing a lot of skills.
  • The Experience anyone will gain will utilize in creating their own teaching methodology.
  • This course will also help them to think out of the box.

TESOL Course is for whom?

  • A certified TESOL Course is for anyone who wants to do well in teaching fields.
  • The person can be from a linguistic area or no linguistic area.
  • They can be IT professionals as well.
  • For many of them work from home opportunities are also there.
  • A TEFL certification opens up doors for a lot of job opportunities.
  • This course will help in teaching English abroad. 

How To choose the correct TEFL course

  • Choosing the correct course is very much important in deciding the correct path. Because there are a lot of courses open in the market. So, we have to make the correct decision.
  • According to international surveys, the TEFL Course should have taught 100-150 hours. The pricing of the course fee is$ 500-$1,200.
  • The course which provides a trainer must have a senior degree and be well experienced in the teaching field. The institute should also have job support after the course. This can all help in teaching English abroad easier and also will help in getting high salaries.

Some best TEFL Courses

There a lot of TEFL certification courses available in the market, which provide online classes, But the comparison is very critical and based on several points they are:

  • Accreditation
  • Curriculum and course span
  • Course fee
  • Trainers
  • Projects
  • Certification
  • Job support

Henry Harvin offers a TEFL certificate which is ranked #1 in TEFL teaching.

  • Henry Harvin offers about 120 hours of learning certified TEFL courses. This should be completed within a year of enrolment.
  • The course fee is $600 but now on offer is $299, which makes it absolutely cost-effective. This makes teaching English abroad much easier and helps you in getting high salaries. 
  • Henry Harvin also offers a lot of job support with 1200 partners and placement in 42 countries on all 7 continents. Media partners of Henry Harvin are Russia Today, Bloomberg TV, Japan News English, and U.S news, etc

Internationally Henry Harvin is Ranked#3

Teaching Techniques

teaching English abroad salaries, teach English abroad salaries
  • TEFL that uses the literature to teach students is in high demand. The language is very simple and it is mostly used by a lot of publishers. Children’s literature also provides cues to pronunciation through rhyming and other wordplays. Reading aloud to students using English as a foreign language is a highly effective method in making them understand the process of reading. In this process first, the instructor reads the books and makes them understand the meanings of the words.
  • Textbooks contain a variety of stories, poems, essays, and plays.
  • To make sure that the students are understanding the text.
  • To make connections between what is being read and the new vocabulary.
  • This will help in teaching English abroad and get high salaries.

Communicative Language teaching

Communicative Language Learning interacts as both the means and the goal of learning a language. It is quite popular in Japan, Taiwan, and Europe. In India also CBSE ( Central Board Of Secondary Education) has adopted it in some schools.

Blended Learning.

Blended learning is a combination of multimedia elements and is also known as Computer-based language learning. Is achieved through virtual learning achieved through a virtual learning environment with a classroom, instructor, teacher, and students. This technology also includes a lot of technology in learning. Even this type of learning is useful when the teacher is absent in class.

Online sessions 

  • Several online classes are there to learn something or to do a TEFL certification which will make teaching English abroad easy. Students can enroll in such online classes and each class is divided into modules.
  • After successfully completing the modules the students will be granted a certificate.
  • The certificate can come in digital form or can be posted in the student’s address.
  • Teaching English is growing in popularity, and different kinds of students, professionals, are involved. And due to this online teaching is growing.

Teaching English abroad as a second Language in many foreign countries is a dream come true. Many of you I think must be interested in teaching abroad. There everything is completely new for us like Music, food, people, places, etc.

Some people go abroad for teaching just after graduation or sometimes some people go on their retirement days.

Tips for good teaching

  • If you are going abroad you should always plan.
  • Always make. your lesson plans are ready.
  • Always prepare some digital presentations for class.

These above points will always help in teaching English abroad.

To get a student visa

Before Reaching

  • Citizens of Britain, Ireland, and other EU countries do not require any work visa or permit.
  • Citizens of Canada and Australia may also get a hard time getting the visa but they can get a student visa or a working holiday visa.
  • If you are new to the place and don’t know anyone then you can live in hostels.
  • Always use budget-friendly accommodations. Use resources such as the Lonely Planet.

After Reaching

  • As soon as you arrive, get a local phone number and keep all the details in it and make sure that this number is in your resume.
  • Have your resume translated into local languages and also make business cards for yourself and try to be listed as a certified TEFL.
  • The TEFL Academy will give you the job references for top international schools and institutes.

How to start Job Search

  • Many corporations or business trainers will require English Teachers who can teach abroad and get a high salary.
  • I also recommend posting notices on bulletin boards.
  • Posting ads on local newspapers will also be of great use.
  • So, make business cards and ask friends if they have any requirements for English teachers.
  •   Start making publicity of yourself as a private tutor.
  • Search for local teachers and talk to them.
  • Dress professionally and neatly.
  • Always arrive on time for interviews.
  • The corporate world will ask you to do business marketing of the English language.
  • For people looking for summer jobs, there are a lot of options.
  • Most of them will hire local English teachers between 20-30 yrs of age.

The above points will always help in teaching English abroad.


Now I  want to quickly summarize my message. My main message in this blog was to

  • Tell people about how they can teach English in Abroad
  • How much salary will they get?
  • What are the best places they can work?
  • What courses they should opt for teaching English abroad.
  • Some tips for good teaching
  • How to start a job search.
  • What type of challenges they might face.
  • Some solutions to their challenges.

They should do the courses of TEFL from India’s no #1 Henry Harvin Noida, Which provides better learning opportunities.

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