Definition of Data

In the earlier stage, the invention of the computer, the data was called computer information. Computer use only for data transferred and stored. After that data have different definitions numbers, symbols, and texts, that are all stored on electronic devices.

However, the basic explanation of data is called the collection of information. Nowadays data types and uses are ruling all over the world, it can play a big role in the digital world. The data is the various types of information that sort out the ascending or particular manner.


Data type and uses is a collection of information and the program takes control of data to manipulate the action.

Types of Data

Data is mainly used in the programming language. Computer languages store data in different kinds of ways. Let’s see about the types of data.


Integers are called whole numbers of programming. One integer value moves to another value without any permissions. The numbers can be different from one device to another and also some languages accept the negative values.


It included all the characters for instance letters, numbers, symbols, and space. In coding, programmers represent these data types(CHAR) or (VARGHAR). They might be letter or symbols and this character’s normal position is 1 octet ( 8 bits). But it can be increased by 65000 octets.


It contains the decimal point numbers and it is referring to fractional numbers in programming. There are two types of floating points. The difference by allowing the values of string:

  • Float: This data type after that decimal allows up to seven points.
  • Double: this data type after that decimal allows up to 15 points.


This data type stored the calendar date with the other programming. This data helps to automatically change dates and also dates are combinations of integers and numbers. Some programming languages self-change the date every day. This program is full of mathematical operations.  


Long data types are one of the data types. It often uses the 32-bit to 60-bit integer code. This data also illustrates integers in 20 digits either positive or negative. Ampersand is used by programmers to find the long data variable.


It is a data type of short integer variable and it’s also similar to long data type. Programmers symbolize the short as a whole number, they can be positive and negative. Short data types sometimes be a single integer.


A string data type is the mixing of constants and variables. It includes the several commands which are given by programming languages and it also depends on language. Strings can have lowercase and uppercase, numbers, and punctuation. 


Programmers used the boolean data to show the logical code.  It either shows the this or that values for instance true or false–  scope clearly shows the conditional statements.

These are answers to the if/ when actions. If a user does one action, when indicates the code. Boolean data manages the program and, after that confirms the next code of sequence.


This type of data is called the nothing data, it shows no code value. If any program has been missing or any programmer makes a code incorrectly which might indicate the missing codes.  Then nothing type data indicates the values resist the logical code. This data type is also called the nullable type.


Void data is Almost similar to nothing data type. The void data type holds the value code which cannot process. It is used to indicate if the code cannot return a response. Programmers may use the void-type data for system testing, if they may not find the program for future tests.   

Data type examples

Integer data type represents the whole numbers.

Example: 435, 34,57

Characters are figures and letters

Example: a, *, $

Date include dates, time, ranges, and differences of this code

Example: 05/09/2002, 08/23/1998, 09:35:56, SYSDATETIME()

Long is referred the whole numbers, both positive and negative

Example:  -398, 241, 129,  9,000,125,134

Short data types are several integers but they are not long data

Example: -27400, 5428, 17

The floating point looks like 

                float num1 = 1.45E2

                float num2 = 9.34567


The floating point double looks like

               Double num2 = 1.8764223423E9

               Double num2 = 3.786362829303093

The string is a compound of figures with letters and punctuation

Example:     String a = new String(“Open”)

        String b = new String(“The door”)

        String c = new String(“Say Hello!”)

Boolean data helps to find the logic in code

Example:  bool baseballs best = false;

                 bool baseballs best = true;

Nothing is referred the code has no value. The programmer coded only the 0 value 

“Nothing” is the code example:   Dim option = Nothing

                                                       program.WriteWords(X is Nothing)

Void is a similar type of nothing data. Code functions indicate the code does not respond.  Examples: int function_name (void).

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Data Type and uses

Counter objects and represent the discrete values

The integer data type can help in counting the objects and discrete the values of various types of situations. Such as calculating the population of a particular city, tracking the items of the supermarket, illustrating a player’s score on the game, and maintaining the stock level of the warehouse inventory system.

Using the scientific calculations

The floating point data type can be used to calculate the physical measurements and scientific calculations. Floating data refer to the fractional values which use the various calculations.

It is to measure the temperature of Celsius and Fahrenheit, calculate the area, volume, and pressure of various shapes, solve mathematical problems with real numbers and equations, and make 3D animation and graphics in computer software.

Using text processing and communication

String data types are the mandatory tool for text processing and communication in several applications. We can make, develop, and edit documents in word processing tools. used to store and question the data in databases and search engines. Transfer the messages and send the multimedia content to the internet. Improving natural language and working on algorithms and chatbots.

Decision-making and state representation

Boolean data types play an essential role in decision-making and state representation in various applications. Control the program using either true or false statements and loops.

Enhance the algorithms for decision-making and solving problems. Portraying the home devices in home automation systems. Handling user preferences and settings in software applications. 

Above the information are important uses of data types besides that some of the uses have the data types. It can accurate the results by using the values, appropriate data types can give the accurate and consistent results.

Every data type needs memory for storing data, memory use is different from one data type to another. If a programmer gives the proper data type, it can help update the memory and avoid the wasting of memories. It can help faster and more effective code programming.

Appropriate data can help the proper data typing without errors and it can manage proper coding. Choosing proper data types can help to make good code readability of code. It can help the understanding easily to team members and enhance communication with members.

This topic can give us a lot of information about the data types and uses.  In the digital world, we should know about data science. All over the world data science is a trending field and it will be ruling the entire digital era. 

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Q.1  What is data?

Ans. Data is a collection of information. That information is stored in various electronic devices.

Q. 2 What are computer languages?

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Ans. The computer language is a program to give comments to computers for work in a short time.

3 What is the integer value?

Ans. The integer value is the whole number of programming code values. It can use the stored numbers without fractional values.

4 What is information?

Ans. Information is organized data that can be analyzed to help make better decisions for taking action.

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