Do you want to work in the top companies like Google, Microsoft or Apple? Then the right choice you have to make is to undergo SAP training. To gain proper knowledge, choose the best SAP training course from among a large number of courses available. SAP is the top business software company in the whole world, and more than half of the largest American companies run on SAP software. Systems, Applications and Programs, abbreviated as SAP, offers you many job opportunities that pay you high salaries.

Across the whole world, SAP is the third-largest independent supplier of software and has more than twelve million users across 180 countries. SAP has more than 1500 partners and over 130,000 installations across the world

. Among the best jobs available in the market, SAP jobs occupy a primary position. The demand for these jobs increases every year. Having proper SAP training will be more advantageous for you. Most companies demand that their employees have prior knowledge about SAP. Hence SAP training is needed for any aspirants wishing to work in this field. 

10 things to know about SAP before you start are :

1. Know what SAP is

SAP is a German company, and its headquarters is in Walldorf, Germany. There are over 100000 employees worldwide. The global revenue of SAP is about 27.34 billion euros based on the 2020 study. You might know that small businesses use QuickBooks to run their business by keeping a record of their vendors and customers, writing invoices, balance sheets, payroll and many related tasks.

But QuickBooks are not big enough to handle the data of big companies like Apple, IBM and hence it cannot be used to run their business. SAP software is able to meet the legal requirements of accounting, and its use is widespread in different countries. SAP can be used in any location, currency, language or industry. Different SAP products are SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP SCM, SAP SRM and SAP PLM. 

A large number of companies are now shifting towards SAP, and if individuals have undergone SAP training, more career opportunities are open for them. 

SAP is an ERP software that helps to lighten up your business. It helps to manage different business processes. It can develop solutions for the proper data processing and the information flow across a wide variety of organizations. The various business functionalities that are managed by SAP are material management, finance, human resources, sales and distribution. It is integrated well, having the most demand in the industry. The SAP HR course deals with the various modules related to the management of a company’s employees, their salary details, employees’ time management and other government statutory requirements. 

SAP is a business platform having global recognition in fields like Financial Accounting and Controlling, Production Planning and Materials Management. Various SAP training courses are available in different parts of India.

Some of the business functionalities that are managed by SAP 

  • Material management
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Sales and distribution.

2. Choose the right SAP training course and institute

Different companies give you SAP training once you join them, but if that opportunity is not available, then you have to take a SAP training course. SAP training offered by most institutes focuses only on theoretical knowledge. But Henry Harvin provides the best SAP training, and they offer the best SAP training course.

Henry Harvin is ranked amongst the top three SAP FICO Training Courses in the industry. They provide training, internships and assign you various industry projects to provide you with hands-on experience. Their trainers have more than ten years of experience. You get the opportunity to learn by yourself through their self-paced course, or you can attend their live online training. You will get exam assistance from their experts for the successful completion of their certification course. 

Their ERP academy aims to provide additional skills on the current technology. Subject Matter Experts having many years of industry experience provide the SAP training. They impart skills by action-oriented learning solutions after being carefully handcrafted. The professionals who work in leading organizations are carefully selected to teach you the various learning solutions. The SAP training course they provide is different from that provided by other institutes. Through their SAP training, Henry Harvin helps their SAP professionals to become fully potential professionals. In the year 2021, they generated 50,000 employable ERP & Oracle professionals. 

Learning Benefits of SAP training

By getting a certificate for any of the SAP courses, you can boost your career and thereby help you to gain respect from your co-workers and employers. The SAP training and its certification will help you earn a handsome income faster than your colleagues. Henry Harvin helps provide you with many job opportunities from the top companies and will also give you assistance. Through this certification, you can get business by building a better relationship with your clients, thus helping you to build a better professional life. By gaining knowledge, you can help your organization to grow substantially.

3. Different SAP training courses

SAP training Courses

The different SAP training courses that Henry Harvin offers are :

  • SAP FICO S/4 HANA Course
  • SAP FICO ECC Course
  • SAP MM S/4 HANA Course
  • SAP HR S/4 HANA Course
  • SAP MM ECC Course
  • SAP HANA Course
  • SAP HR ECC Course
  • SAP Simple Finance Course
  • SAP BO Course
  • SAP BASIS Course
  • SAP ABAP Course
  • SAP PP Course
  • SAP CRM Course
  • SAP SCM Course
  • SAP SD Course
  • SAP Ariba Course
  • SAP Security Course
  • SAP BW Course
  • SAP SuccessFactors Course
  • SAP GRC Course
  • SAP PM Course
  • SAP IBP Course
  • SAP TMS Training
  • SAP QM Course
  • SAP Simple Logistics Course
  • SAP PLM Course
  • SAP Analytics Cloud Course
  • SAP PS Course
  • SAP EWM Course
  • SAP MDG Course
  • SAP BRIM Course
  • SAP PIPO Course
  • SAP UI5 Fiori Course
  • SAP EHS Course
  • SAP Business One Course

4. Course Fee

The course fee of some of the courses offered during SAP training varies in different institutes. The course fee for the self-paced SAP training and live online training is given below.

Self-paced training

  • SAP FICO S/4 HANA Course – Rs.26550.
  • SAP FICO ECC Course – Rs.20250 
  • SAP MM S/4 HANA Course – Rs.26550
  • SAP HR S/4 HANA Course – Rs.26550
  • SAP MM ECC Course – Rs.20250
  • SAP HANA Course – Rs.26550

Live online training

  • SAP FICO S/4 HANA Course – Rs.29500.
  • SAP FICO ECC Course – Rs.22500
  • SAP MM S/4 HANA Course – Rs. 29500
  • SAP HR S/4 HANA Course – Rs. 29500
  • SAP MM ECC Course – Rs.22500
  • SAP HANA Course – Rs. 29500

5. Eligibility

If you have chosen the SAP HANA course, then those who are eligible for this course are :

  • Business Analyst
  • Developers
  • BW Application Consultants
  • Employees who work in the Finance department
  • Finance Executives
  • Technical/ Functional Consultants
  • Graduates in search of a Successful Career
  • Working employees seeking a better role to prove to their employers the value of their skills through this certification
  • Professionals generally want to improve their skill set to make their Resume/CV stronger.
  • Finance Generalists
  • Candidates having a degree in the field of B.Tech, B.SC, B.Com, or hold a master’s degree.
  • Employees wishing to switch to Finance Profession from any domain

The eligibility for joining the SAP MM course are :

  • Finance Executives
  • Candidates having a degree in the field of B.Tech, B.SC, B.Com, or hold a master’s degree
  • Employees who are currently working in the Finance department
  • Professionals who want to improve their skill set to make their Resume/CV stronger
  • Employees planning to switch to the Finance Profession from any domain through this certification
  • Finance Generalists
  • Graduates looking for a Successful Career
  • Existing employees seeking a better role to prove to their employers the value of their skills
  • Job seekers who plan to find employment in the domain of SAP MM

The eligibility for joining SAP HR ECC Course are :

  • HR Professionals
  • Professionals generally want to improve their skill set to make their Resume/CV stronger.
  • Finance Executives
  • Employees who are currently working in the Finance department
  • Fresher’s seeking Career in HR Admin
  • Existing employees looking for a better role to prove to their employers the value of their skills through this certification
  • Finance Generalists
  • Graduates looking for a Successful Career
  • Candidates who have a degree in the field of B.Tech, B.SC, B.Com, or hold a master’s degree
  • Employees switching to Finance Profession from any domain

6. Common SAP job roles

Those who are working in the accounting world or finance world in various areas such as general ledger, asset accounting, accounts receivable or payable, controlling and various other finance-related areas offer plenty of SAP job roles. 

If you are in the supply chain management working in the sales or with the CRM system, distribution or procurement, then there are a variety of SAP roles available for you. Various SAP roles are open to you if you are a personnel administrator or run payroll. By working in the business analytics section, which deals with data mining and reporting, you still get exposed to the various SAP job roles. SAP roles are also available to those who are working as a system administrator, database administrator or programmer.  

SAP is not limited to just one area, and all the areas mentioned above offer SAP job roles. If you are from a computer-science background, it will be easier to master the various SAP platforms. 

7. Average Salaries

A person having more than five years of experience can earn a very high salary. Given below are the average salaries for the SAP roles in the US: 

  • A SAP Analyst can earn more than $120,000.
  • A SAP Consultant can earn more than $125,000.   
  • A SAP Developer earns almost about $145,000.
  • A Project Manager earns nearly $99,000.

As a fresher, you can earn a fair salary when compared to other jobs, but your experience always speaks for you. There are a large number of job opportunities in each of the roles mentioned above. For each of these roles, some employees will make more money than other employees based on their performance. But all these are high paying jobs, and it is absolutely useful to have proper SAP training. After getting SAP training, anyone can earn such high salaries. 

8. Scope of learning SAP

By undergoing SAP training, you can enhance your career. There exist a wide range of roles and responsibilities in SAP, and jobs are available for any of the technology skill sets. There is a good increase in the SAP Developer vacancies each year. With an increase in the amount of data, data handling becomes more difficult. The SAP implementation is comparatively a complex process, and hence an in-depth knowledge about SAP is mandatory. Hence learning SAP through proper SAP training is required by any candidate who aspires to work in this area. 

A career in SAP pays you high salaries, and when they pay you, they expect you to give the best results. Anyone working in this area is expected to be highly talented as SAP is a highly competitive area in IT. If you have a career in SAP, you will have a higher reputation in society, and there are greater chances of getting a promotion. 

In LinkedIn, more than 500,000 people in the US alone list SAP skills in their profile. More than a quarter-million students in college have enrolled in various SAP training programs. CNN Money has done a survey and based on it, SAP consultant is among the top 100 jobs. Based on statistics, the jobs for SAP Projects Manager are found to increase by 15% every year, which is faster than average. 


9. Different companies that use SAP

Due to its cost and complex structure, small companies cannot use them. But large companies use them for their functioning. You should have the collaborating and communicating skills to specialize SAP. Through proper SAP training, you can develop these specific soft skills. 

The various industries where SAP is used are :

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Life Science
  • Automobile
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Aeronautics
  • Multimedia
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Defence and Security
  • Oil and Gas

10. Course curriculum 

Some of the high paying SAP jobs are SAP FICO S/4 HANA, SAP FICO ECC and SAP HR S/4 HANA. For each of the areas, modules vary. 

SAP modules include the following areas:

  • ERP and Finance
  • CRM and Customer Experience
  • Network and Spend Management
  • Business Technology Platform (data and analytics)
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • HR and People Engagement


SAP is a popular software used worldwide irrespective of location, language or industry. Some of the top software companies using SAP are TCS, Deloitte, Capgemini India, and so on. Due to its growing demand, if you develop a hands-on-experience through the SAP training course, you can stand out from the crowd. After proper SAP training, you will get an understanding of the various SAP areas.

All the big companies focus on your prior experience in this field. The SAP training and certification will be an added advantage if you are fresher. If you are a working professional who wishes to increase your knowledge in a particular area, an online SAP training course comes to your rescue. You can learn through this online SAP training at your time and convenience.

Choose the right area of interest, whether accounting, finance, supply chain management, human resource or the technical side. Based on your area of interest, go through the right SAP training by selecting the appropriate SAP training course. Each year, companies’ dependence on SAP software keeps on rising, so having knowledge in this area will always be an advantage. Have an understanding of the above ten things before choosing a course.

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Q 1. Mention any two high paying SAP jobs.


Q 2. Why should one choose a career in SAP?

Ans.SAP is the top business software company globally, which lies at the top of the ERP market. Hence the career opportunities are very high.

Q 3. Which are the popular modules in SAP?

Ans.Financial Accounting, General Ledger Accounting, Controlling, Business Warehousing, Quality Management, Sales & Distribution, Production Planning and many others.

Q 4. What is SAP used for?

Ans.Companies use SAP software for running their business, and it helps to meet the legal requirements of accounting, and its use is widespread in different countries. SAP can be used in any location, currency, language or industry.

Q5. Mention the different SAP modules.

Ans.FI (Financial Accounting), TR(Treasury), EC (Enterprise Controlling), CO (Controlling), MM (Materials Management), PP (Production Planning), IM (Investment Management), QM (Quality Management), EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), HR (Human Resource), SD (Sales and Distribution) and BW (Business Warehousing).

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