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Would you like to explore more about the language of love? The romantic cities, scrumptious cuisine, world-class wines, alpine villages, stunning Mediterranian coastline, fashion houses, and classic art, who wouldn’t want to learn this wonderful language?

France is rich in culture and very influential as we can see the presence all around the world. At least we will find some fine french cuisines served at many restaurants across the globe. The art and architecture are stupendous which attracts the highest number of tourists every year. 

The French language is the second most learned language and the sixth most widely spoken around the world. It is the third most extensively used language on the internet. The language is taught on every continent.

Once I met a girl who hails from Tamil Nadu. She was a French lecturer and was working with Amazon as a French Translator. Also, she got an offer from a reputed MNC with a salary package of 15 lakhs p.a and her ambition is to settle overseas. Does it make sense that learning the French language opens a wide range of opportunities too?

Significance of French Langauge

-French is a world language spoken by more than 200 million people.

– Command in the French language is a trump card in the international job market

– It will good access to French culture

– It will be easy to travel to French-speaking places for vacation.

– It facilitates higher education in top-ranked French universities

– It helps to connect with French Media and French thinkers

Learning the French language

Many people are scared of learning the French language. But French is one of the European languages which can be learned easily. Compared to English, French doesn’t hang up on the past, gender patterns are easy to understand, French verbs are simple and French vocabs are easier than other European languages.

Anybody can learn French irrespective of their age. There are no prerequisites to do a French language course. 

French Language Courses

Can you learn French on your own? Yes, if you are highly motivated and committed with a healthy learning habit, you can learn the Fench language with the help of the right methods and tools.

But when it comes to learning languages, self-study may not be an ideal option to learn with perfection. So taking up a French language course will advisable who wants to do learn a language in a proper and professional way. 

French language courses are at different levels. You can undergo Graduation, Post-graduation, and Doctorate. There are many Diploma and Certification French language Courses offered by various institutes both offline and online. The French language fee ranges from Rs. 7000 to Rs. 1,00,000 depends upon the level and duration of the French language course.

There are many colleges and universities that provide Graduation, Post-graduation, and Doctorate programs such as Bachelor of Arts- French, Master in Arts- French, etc. The duration for graduation is 3 years, Post-graduation is 2 years and Doctorate is 3 years, and also as the requirement of research. 

French certification courses help to learn the French language skills of Speaking, Reading, and Writing. It also gives the scope to learn pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary of the French Language. The course duration will not be more than 1 year.

French Language Certification Course

You may not feel necessary to do a course to learn the elementary level of the language. But expert guidance is very significant if you want to deep dive and learn with perfection.

Although many institutes provide offline as well as online, Online courses are very easy to learn and save time. There are no specific eligibility criteria to do an online French Language Course. Short-term courses give scope to learn basic fundamentals of the language aspects of French.

Top 5 Institutes of French Language Courses 

Let us explore the top 5 institute that offers the best platform to learn the French language course.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is an ISO 29990:2010 certified institute and the winner of the Best Corporate Training Platform Award. It is ranked among the top 500 Global Edtech Companies with having customer base in 97+ countries. 



Henry Harvin offers the best platform to learn French language course being a significator conductor of many professional courses. They help to acquire knowledge by learning different levels of the French language to reach the goals. It also guides to attempt some prominent French Exams like DILF, DELF, DALF, DCL, and TCF. 


The trainers have 15+ years of experience and training partners are recognized by various organizations. They have invited for 100+ keynote classes for French Language Course and delivered more than 350 lectures with Domain Experts of Henry Harvin Language Academy

Key features

  • Live Interactive Online Sessions
  • Projects in the French Language
  • Internship to attain practical experience in the French Language
  • Access to Moodle E-learning Portal
  • Complimentary Modules- Soft Skills and Resume Writing
  • Certification – Government of India Recognized
  • 100% Placement Assistance for One Year
  • E-learning Access
  • Free Bootcamp Session for One Year
  • Hackathons and Competitions
  • One Year Gold Membership along with recorded videos, games, projects, and CPDSPe studies

French Language Course Syllabus

A1- The Beginner’s level – This level focus on the Basics of the French Language. It starts with basic French vocabulary, Greetings, and Basic Grammar like parts of speech, plurals, etc

A2- The Upper Beginner’s level – The level focus on expressing an opinion, making comparisons, indicating a chronology, and expressing certitude. It also includes grammar like Relative Pronouns, Demonstrative Pronouns, Adverbs, Comparative/Superlative Sentences, Future Tenses, and more.

B1- The Intermediate level – This level focus on listening, reading, and writing. Learners will be able to develop the skills of framing sentences in the French language.

B2- The Upper Intermediate level – This level focus on Complex texts and French Dialects. Learners can attain the knowledge to express complex thoughts in French and create long speeches.

C1- This level deals with longer texts and their implicit meaning. Learners will be able to speak spontaneously and fluently without much effort.

C2- The Proficiency level- This level will help the learners to comprehend whatever they read or heard. The learners will be able to paraphrase the information spoken or read from different sources, restructuring arguments and accounts with coherence.

French language Course Fee

Level – A1- The Beginner’s Level

Duration – 30 hours

Cost – USD 300

Level – A2 – The Upper Beginner’s Level

Duration 30 hours

Cost- USD 300

Level – B1 – The Intermediate Level

Duration – 40 hours

Cost – USD 500

Level B2 – The Upper Intermediate Level

Duration – 40 hours

Cost – USD 500

Level C1 – The Advanced Level

Duration – 40 hours

Cost – USD 800

Level C2 – The Proficiency Level

Duration – 40 hours

Cost – USD 800

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

Henry Harvin Provides French Language Course in these Cities:


Delhi,NoidaMumbaiPatnaPuneKolkataHyderabadChennaiGurgaon, Chandigarh


Media Coverage

Henry Harvin French Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Education World



Indian Institute of Foreign Languages (IIFLS) is an institute that provides foreign language training. They have trained 2000+ batches and 10,000+ students so far. 

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages (IIFLS) are conducting French courses for the past 8 years. They are a member of the European Language Council. They train the candidates as per CEFR ( Common European Framework of References) and also help to prepare for International Exams. 

French Language Course Syllabus

The syllabus covers Introduction to the Structure of Language, French vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence formation, phrases, grammar, accent, developing speaking skills, Improving listening skills, Conversions & Interactions, Reading skills, writing skills, language interference, translation, and phonetics.

A1- Beginner level- Self Introduction, Alphabets, Numbers, Frame sentences, Basic vocabulary, Present tense.

A2- Elementary level- Express feelings, habits, likes, etc. Understand Newspaper ads, Speak in all tenses, Explain your own profile.

B1- Pre-Intermediate level – Able to speak with friends and peer, Narrate incidents, Speak and write with proper vocabulary, Emails, Participation in group discussions, and Write opinions.

B2- Upper Intermediate level- Able to speak fluently, React to ideas related to various topics, Abe to discuss opinions, advantages, and benefits. Able to write grammatically on various topics.

C1- Advanced level & C2- Mastery level – Able to read and write various complex and longer texts and Communicate effectively for Academic, Professional, and Social purposes.

French Language Course fee

Level – A1 – Beginner level

Duration – 60 hours

Cost- Rs. 12,800

Level – A2 – Elementary level

Duration – 60 hours

Cost- Rs. 12,800

Level – B1- Pre- Intermediate level

Duration – 70 hours

Cost- Rs. 15,800

Level – B2- Upper-Intermediate level

Duration – 100 hours

Cost- Rs. 28,800

3. Let’s Talk Academy of Foreign Languages

Let’s talk Academy was established in 2004 and trained more than 17,000 candidates towards language learning courses. They provide the right platform to learn French Language courses.

The French language course has five levels and two assessments at each level. Its focus is on the enhancement of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. They help to expand the knowledge of vocabulary, sentence structures, and grammar. They also guide the learners to become a confident speaker on various topics.

French Language Training

Group Training –In group training, there will be 8 to 10 students per batch for the Elementary level where only 6-8 students per batch for Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced levels. The classes will be held on weekdays or weekends.

One to One Training – It is for those learners who need one-to-one attention and focus. The course can be customized as per the level and requirements of the learner

Private training- It is group training provided to a certain group who wish to take sessions privately.

Corporate training – It is done for companies and corporates to meet the specific requirements of their organizations.

Level – A1- Elementary level

Duration – 70hours

Level – A2- Pre-Intermediate level

Duration – 80 hours

Level – B1- Intermediate level

Duration – 100 hours

Level – B2- Pre- Advanced level

Duration – 150 hours

Level – C1- Advanced level

Duration – 250 hours


ITESKUL is an institute that provides certification courses on foreign languages and English communication. It offers the best platform for French Language learning with the support of expert and qualified experts.

French Language Training

Standard Courses – This course has 6 levels from A1 (basic) to C2 (Advanced). It follows the syllabus as recommended by CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

Exam Preparation courses- They will help to prepare for some international exams such as ECL, DELF/DALF, TCF/TEF (Canda) Exams. Also, french courses are taken to students who follow IGCSE, ICSE, and CBSE Exams.

Group and Individual sessions- Learners can choose an individual session to get personal attention. The group sessions will be also customized to suit the requirements for maximal learning.

Specialized courses – It is to enhance the French abilities through French-speaking and writing courses. There are courses to develop the skills to become a trainer, interpreter, or translator.

5. Ace Global Institute

Ace Global Institute provides a quality environment in foreign language training. They focus on the enhancement of reading, writing, speaking, and reading skills of languages.  They offer French language courses and help to prepare for DELF and TEF examinations. 

French Language syllabus

A1- Beginner Level- This level focus on self-introduction, basic phrases & vocabulary for daily expressions, and simple reading.

A2- Elementary Level – This level deals with speaking along with reading & listening comprehension, group discussions, and role play. 

B1- Intermediate Level- This level focuses on complex and long texts and enhances the ability to understand. Listening skills will be improved. At the end of the level, fluency will be improvised, and the ability to debate on given topics.

B2-  Pre Intermediate Level- This level is able to speak spontaneously with appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structures. It also helps to understand the key idea of various topics.

C1- Superior Level – The learner will be able to construct well-structured and complex sentences on complicated topics. It will enhance the ability to control the patterns and cohesive methods.

C2- Master Level – The learner can speak fluently and precisely. This level focuses on the coherent presentation of arguments and the summarization of spoken and written subjects.

UnderGraduate French Language Courses

The Bachelor’s Degree requires campus to study and the duration of the program is 3 years

It can be done in General or Specialized form. The training will be classroom and the admission are sone with proper entrance tests and counseling.

Top Colleges and Cost




St. Xavier’s College


Rs. 5,400

Hindu College

New Delhi

Rs. 14,333

Madras Christian College


Rs. 18,719

Presidency University


Rs. 3,700

Christ University


Rs. 56,667

Post Graduate French Language Courses

Master in French Language courses is opted by the learners who want to gain more knowledge and continue their study in this particular language. The total duration of the course will be 2 years

Top Colleges and Cost




Delhi University


Rs. 2,600

University of Lucknow


Rs. 30,160

Osmania University


Rs. 3,540

Mumbai University


Rs. 34,405



Rs. 20,000

Doctoral French Language Courses

This course is for learners who want to explore the research field and submit their thesis. The duration of the course is 3 years and will be extended as per the research requirement. 

Top Colleges and Cost




Pondicherry University


Rs. 30, 168

Jawaharlal Nehru University


Rs. 1,031



Rs. 14,000

Gauhati University


Rs. 16,500

Diploma French Language courses

A learner can take a diploma in a French language course at any stage. But a PG diploma can be taken after graduation. The duration of the diploma is 1 year and the postgraduate diploma will be 1 or 2 years depending on the college/university. Diploma courses provide a wide range of specializations and are suitable for those who are looking for jobs.

Top Colleges and Cost




Andhra University

Andhra Pradesh

Rs. 4,000

Karnataka University


Rs. 17,000



Rs. 34,000

Bharti College


Rs. 18,000

Jamia Millia Islamia


Rs. 9,550

Himachal Pradesh University

Himachal Pradesh

Rs. 18,000

Jadavpur University


Rs. 20,000

Skill required to learn French

  • Concrete Basics of English Grammar
  • Listening, Speaking, and reading skills
  • Ability to learn fast
  • Dedicated with a Positive attitude
  • Conversational abilities
  • Passion to learn
  • Patience
  • Leadership abilities

Career Prospects 

The French language gives exposure to job opportunities globally. Many candidates are getting hired by MNCs. Once you have completed the French Language course, you can work either as a full-time professional or freelancer. 

Knowing the French language is one of the most demanding skills to stand out from the crowd. It also provides job security and a good salary hike in BPOs, KPOs, and IT sectors too.

The various job positions for French Language jobs aspirants are

-Technical Translator

– French teacher

– ESL teacher

– Interpreter

– Business Analyst

– Tourist Guide

– Brand Manager

– Language Experts

– Language Advisor

– Subject Matter Specialist

-French Content writer

– Publishing – Proofreader

– Publishing – Editor

– Diplomat or Ambassador or Consul

– Flight Attendant

– Voice over Artist

– NGO Staff

Avg salary 2 lacs to 15 lakhs p.a depends on the profile and experience.

French Speaking Countries and Territories

  • Europe- France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland
  • Africa- Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Niger, Reunion, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Togo, Tunisia
  • America and the Carribean- Canada, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique
  • Oceania – French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Vanautu

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Q1. Is French an easy language to learn?

Ans. It depends on the capability and mindset of the learner. The language should be learned with passion and retention power.

Q2. Is it mandatory to learn French to get admission to a college in France?

Ans. It is not mandatory to learn but knowledge of the language helps to explore and get along with communicating locally.

Q3. What are French Alphabets?

Ans. French Alphabets are hinged on 26 letters of Latin Language, lowercase and uppercase, two orthographic ligatures, and five diacritics.

Q4. Is the French language in demand?

Ans. French is listed under Top five highest paying languages all over the world. So the people with french language knowledge are given priority in many sectors.

Q5. Is TEF valid in France?

Ans. The TEF Examination is accepted by French Ministry who wish to apply for France citizenship. It is developed to measure speaking and writing skills on comprehension and expression in French.

Q6. How long does it take to learn French?

Ans. Since the language is closely related to English, the English speakers can learn within 24-25 weeks to become proficient in the French language.

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