You’ve at last gotten that TEFL certification and are prepared to hit the work market to instruct abroad? Or you are a more passionate teacher and a traveller who wants to give them in a go?


There are such countless positions and scouts skimming around the web that finding that ideal counterpart for your ESL work appears to be somewhat overpowering. “How would I accentuate my abilities regardless of whether I have insight or not?” “How would I hang out in correlation with the wide range of various candidates?” “How would I not sound desperate on my resume!?”

It’s uncommon to appear in an outside country without legitimate certifications and tangle a task on the spot. In the event that you have a TEFL and a degree, you’re now astride on the ball. What other central issues would you be able to add in to make your TEFL Resume stand apart from the rest? We are here to show you how to compose a mind-blowing resume for educating abroad.

                  First of all, TEFL resume or TEFL CV?

  A resume is the favored application report in the US and Canada. But  Americans and Canadians would possibly utilize a CV while going after a position abroad or if looking for a scholastic or examination arranged position. So according to the Nation, choose your TEFL resume/TEFL CV.

In Australia, India and South Africa, the expressions “resume” and “CV” are utilized reciprocally.

 The following 20 steps will make you create a good TEFL resume/TEFL CV and get into a job without sounding desperate.

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1. Primary Objective:

Remember that the principle objective of exhibiting yourself in a TEFL resume as an English teacher is to clearly show that you are prepared to move to a new nation, adapt, learn, teach the students and fulfill the requirements of the institution that hires you.

So Emphasize that you are ready to adapt to the new culture, and showcase any and all your learning experiences.

2. Skills Required:

The basic requirement is obviously the language expert. Besides being well versed in English instructing, add the other outstanding skills like syntax expert, public  speaking or how do you do with regulatory desk work, bunch activities, etc. Or your creative and logical side at problem solving.


You can also mention your Communication skills, Time management skills, Leadership qualities, lesson planning abilities, etc. Compose an overview of your hard and delicate abilities and add the ones that have more significance into your TEFL CV.

3. Unique Resume: 

Make your resume stand out among the other. In an ocean of bland candidates, the most captivating resume is that one that seems to match all of their requirements with work experiences, degrees and certifications.

Even if you do not possess the technical skills needed, you could also get creative and frame your current skill set to match in the intended role.

4. Overall Appearance of Resume: 

  • Fonts and formats are significant.
  • Limit the number of pages. Avoid paragraphs, break them into bullets and points.
  •  Adhere to a monochromatic pattern yet try to highlight the keywords.
  • Do not distract by adding popping out colors, flowery prints and margins

5. Be Clean and Precise:

 A wordy resume is a hindrance. The goal is to introduce yourself well and quickly. Ignore irrelevant information, know what to include and what not to include. Do not add every and other information that does not need to be added.

It will make the recruiter fish through all the unnecessary information to find out what is really important to him. So he might get bored and move on.

“A sentence ought to contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph ought to contain no unnecessary sentences, a drawing ought to have no unnecessary lines and a machine ought to have no unnecessary parts” – William Strunk.

6. Keywords

Incorporate keywords and catch phrases that match the job description.

highlighting the Important keywords for TEFL resume

 Follow these steps to add them in your TEFL CV.

  • Check for the job posts for abilities the business requirements.
  • Check for the job advertisements for the similar role.
  • Analyze the organization’s website.
  • Audit the abilities and experience of more elevated level positions.

7. Teaching Experience:

Any and all jobs require 0 – 2 years of experience or more. So it is always a plus to include your experiences.

Formal teaching experience

TEFL teaching experience

In case of previous teaching experiences, add job title, 2 line description of responsibilities and key contribution. Don’t hesitate to include your achievements, rewards and recognitions as they really add value to your resume. Eg. Mention the roles like being a project guide, school ambassador, etc.

Informal teaching experience:

Informal teaching adds more value as professional teachers have license to teach in an educational institute and they have their own credits for it. But as an informal teacher, coaching in a sports club, volunteering teaching and mentoring shows you are an enthusiastic educator.

And if you do not have any formal teaching experience, then it adds as one.

 8. Education and Certification :

Most of the Institutions require a under graduation degree and a TEFL certificate or just the TEFL certificate. List down the education levels in order with most recent one at the top. Include any and all certifications and knowledge gained. Don’t miss out any.

                     Where to add TEFL accreditation on your resume?

Feature your TEFL Certification, including the quantity of hours, long stretches of practicum at or close to the highest point of the schooling segment of your resume or cv. Note that the course is universally certify and meets or surpasses every worldwide norm.

Tip : Don’t possess a TEFL certificate? Click here for the best TEFL online certification courses.

9. Achievements :

Achievements for TEFL resume

List down the all achievements achieved throughout. It might be a tongue twister contest winner during school times, spell be contest , Grammar contests , compering etc given subtleties are formal. No clever email address. Don’t forget to attach the certificates along.

10. Extracurricular Activities:

Activities related to teaching like tutoring, leading a basketball team and volunteer works which tells that you are an enthusiastic educator. Eg. being a Youth mentor, Private guitar instructor, etc.

11. Hobbies:

Hobbies usually helps the recruiter to understand your personality and individual life. Reading , learning foreign languages, travelling, etc. which also connects with your role.

12. Publications:

As a well versed English teacher if you are a reader and a writer, you can also list down the no. of articles published across the sites.

13. Languages known:

For a TEFL job, to teach English as a foreign language, if you are bi lingual or multi lingual, it would definitely be a bonus. It also indicates that you have invested in yourself.

14. Skimmability :

Skimming the TEFL resume

Let the recruiter gasp the important details without spending much time and energy on the resume. Remember that your resume might be scanned through a PC or before any real person looks over into it. Incorporate all the keywords listed in the Job requirements. The institution that hires you might just use a scanner and search all the required keywords.

Eg:  If the main goal of the school is to hire teachers with TEFL Certification, Teaching experience, and candidates with good communication skills and time management skills, they might use scanner to focus on all these terms. So use all possible keywords like ‘TEFL CV, TEFL certification, teaching, knowledge, students, communication , etc’ in your TEFL resume.

15. Avoid Repeated Words:

Do not emphasize on same word or phrases n number of times.

For eg:

        I am able to do complex problem solving

        I am able to work towards the goal

        I am able to work beyond work hours

Ignore such phrases as they might make the reader feel irritated and make you show silly.

16. Be Honest:

It is always best to be honest and accurate. In the eagerness to get selected or Just to make yourself feel good , do not exaggerate your resume. Mainly in your job experiences or level of education. All most all the organization perform background checks. If they find out even a small discrepancy, they will question your credibility.

17. Be Professional :

Before starting your TEFL CV or TEFL resume, choose a professional format to start with. Do not make your resume sound like an over excited teacher to settle abroad. Make your TEFL resume sound more professional.

18. Contact Information:

It is very important to include your all pertinent contact information at the top of the TEFL resume so that the organization and recruiter easily locates you.  

  • Give email, phone number and LinkedIn profile without including other social handles such as twitter, instagram, etc.
  • House address can be ignored.

19. Edit the Resume:

Resume is a marketing tool to sell yourself for a good job. If your resume is well written and well organized with required skills and qualifications, you will make an impression the reader.

So Ask your friends or family members review the resume for their point of view and ask them edit your resume. Or seek professional help to edit your resume. Remember “First impression is the best”. Do spend some time on creating your resume.

20. Proofread:

Make sure to proofread to avoid grammar mistakes and silly spelling mistakes or syntax error. Imagine as a English teacher, if you have committed silly grammar mistakes in your professional TEFL resume. It would surely create a bad impression.


 Utilize the world of Google. In case you’re going after an ESL position through a particular office or to a particular school—Google them! Having a comprehension of the statement of purpose and the manner in which the school is run will assist you with setting up your future occupation as an ESL instructor.

Albeit not all schools abroad have sites that are not difficult to get to, you may discover a huge load of data that is readily available. In the event that applying through an office, do your examination. By having a comprehension of these positions, you can change your resume to fit what they need to see.

Be positive and keep all these points and tips in mind while creating your TEFL CV or TEFL resume. It will surely fetch you a good job. Be positive.

Here are few TEFL resume/TEFL CV examples.

TEFL resume example

TEFL resume example

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