It’s that time of the year again when we scan the internet to find summer programs. Summers have heralded their arrival. This is pretty evident from prolonged conversations with our friends, royal brunches with our families, and transitioned sleep schedules.

While we are on the lookout for opportunities to utilize the time we have, an internet search would reveal thousands of results. But, are you not doubtful about which opportunity to grab? From authenticity to productivity, there are endless inhibitions floating in our mind: is the price you pay for the programs worth it? What if a program you put all your efforts into does not guarantee the experience you need?

After countless searches to find the answers to the above-mentioned questions, I finally found out some programs that caught my attention. To make the process easier for you, I have compiled the

Top 10 Summer Programs for High School Students

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy

Teen MBA: Online Summer Program for Teenagers

Visualize your Career Aspirations of Becoming a CEO, CMO, CFO, or CTO. Develop the Necessary Hard skills & Soft Skills. Build a Great Profile for College Admissions!

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Today, our first instinct for anything we need to find out is to look it up on Google. Perhaps, a google search might have brought you to this article as well. But, do you know that Sergey Brin and Larry Page began the roadmap to this revolutionary invention when they were just in their early 20s. Steve Jobs was only sixteen when he met Stephen Wozniak, paving the way for Apple.

Get a touch of the financial world.

In today’s world, there is no rigid way to success. Gone are the days when graduating at 21, doing a job until 25 before starting a business was the roadmap entrepreneurs were exposed to. You have an alternative in the form of teen MBA. It allows you to kickstart your careers with all the guidance you require.

Henry Harvin Teen MBA Program is my top recommendation on the list of summer programs for high school students. From developing practical skills required in the financial world to profile building for Ivy League colleges, this program includes everything an aspiring t-MBA student would need.

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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Teen MBA Course

This program is designed to learn the beginner’s level of business administration. 

It highlights the imperative skills of an MBA. Teenagers can understand the fundamentals of business. You can explore the journey of an MBA with Henry Harvin.

 Henry Harvin provides you with the best platform for the acquisition of detailed knowledge about business segments. 

Summertime can help you to become proactive and actively engage yourself in the majestic side of your life. Magnificent knowledge can help to handle any specialization of business.

Pinpoints of Teen MBA Course

  • Business planning, time management, team dynamics skills can assist you to become a successful entrepreneur or CEO. It is the foremost part of this course that can infuse different novel ideas of business in your mind.
  • Financial planning can make your finances perfect without any error. Moreover, the CFO segment can help you to understand the facts and figures of finances.
  • Marketing prowess can assist you to move forward in your career. You can learn to promulgate your product in the digital world. Moreover, CMO can help you to understand digital marketing.
  • CTO can help you to understand the technology. Henry Harvin propped up the candidates to learn the entire segment of CTO.
  • They provide you a conducive environment to reach the epitome of business.

Some other courses suited for Summer Program are-

Content Writing Course

The content writing course highlights the modification in writing and helps you to understand the different segments write-up. You can become a renowned and certified content writer with Henry Harvin. Moreover, You can learn the valuable skills of content writing and varieties of lexis. It is the best course to explore various methods of writing.

Technical Writing Course

Technical writing highlights the practice of processing documents and visuals, verbal information, and demonstrations to instructional training. Moreover, Technical writing courses help in the drafting of technical documents. Henry Harvin teaches you the fine art of documentation and gives you practical experience for a better understanding of this course. Trained instructors will make the technical terminology simple for your knowledge.

Medical Writing Course

Medical writers work in different fields of medicine. They write updated health-related content for their readers.

 Medical writing courses help you to understand different segments of write-up. Furthermore, it assists you to translate all clinical and scientific data. Henry Harvin gives you the knowledge of pharmaceutical regulatory writing and medico-writing.  

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course is the best to give the guidance of marketing techniques. Moreover, learners can understand conceptual techniques such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and Web Analytics. Henry Harvin provides a different methodology to learn about the digital world.

Henry Harvin also provide these Courses

Junior MBA course

Business Accounting and Taxation course

Data Science Course

Business Analyst course

Rank#2. Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP)

TASP is a six-week interactive program for high school juniors. It consists primarily of three-hour seminars, group discussions, writing assignments, and lectures. It covers diverse fields of study, allowing you to explore what truly interests you.

Summer Programs for High School Students: TASP

There is a rigorous application process to recognize scholastic excellence and a passion for learning. Letters of recommendation, essays, and the interviews-the process can give you an idea of what college applications ask for.

Also, TASP strongly believes that financial limitations should not prevent anyone from participating in an immerse experience. This program is completely free including tuition and accommodation. If required travel costs to the States are also covered.

Rank#3. Oxford Summer Courses (OSC)

Pre-college summer programs are a great way to get a taste of your dream college’s academic and social life.

With OSC, you get to be immersed in two weeks of lectures in your chosen subject. You connect with educators actually involved with these prestigious universities. These are interactive sessions comprising of debates and group discussions, a field trip, extra-curricular activities, and inter-cultural interaction.

They take place in Bangalore in India and various locations across the States and UK. Online courses are also being offered by OSC’s sister company, Melio with one-on-one sessions.

Rank#4. Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Exchange

Leaders of Tomorrow is a digital exchange program funded by the Experimental digital, an organization supporting social enterprises. It incorporates video calls, online workshops, and dialogue sessions. LOT aims to bring together committed youth for finding solutions to global challenges. They want to stimulate a start in participants’ own communities.

Summer Programs for High School Students: LOT youth exchange

As you build a global understanding of problems, the range of solutions alleviates making your current ideas more inclusive. You learn to be more accepting of differences. We can also unlearn the stereotypes we have been taught to attach certain communities with.

Rank#5. CESA Languages Abroad

You might have looked at other websites about summer programs for high school students before you stumbled upon my article. You could have fantasized about the plethora of study abroad programs. CESA fulfills that fantasy, giving you the chance to learn a foreign language abroad.

Summer Programs for High School Students: CESA Languages

While languages can be learned from the comfort of your own home, these programs give you much more exposure to the language. You get to stay with a native family and conversing with them daily is bound to brush up your skills.

You can choose the duration of your program, ranging from a few weeks to even a year! While you explore a new language, you can delve into a new world and perhaps, even get better opportunities for self-discovery.

Rank#6. NOLS: Summer Expeditions for Teens

Where do you come across summer programs for high school students that vouch for adventure and a great deal of adrenaline rush? NOLS allows you to demonstrate and develop your leadership skills. It follows a curriculum based solely on exploring the wild.

The organization is known to be queer-friendly. It offers separate courses to help queer people build a community. So, if you are looking to enter a more accepting place, while also having the chance to visit remote and wild locations, this is the program for you.

Rank#7. Pathways to Stem Cell Science

Summer Programs for High School Students: Pathways to STEM Cell Science

If you are wanting to know how bio-scientific research takes place, this program has all that you need. You get involved in STEM cell research, along with scientists actively working towards STEM cells. Apart from some real scientific experience, seminars and career guidance are added bonuses to this compelling program.

Rank#8. United Planet’s Teen Volunteer Program

You cannot solve all of the world’s problems but you can always solve a part of them. Volunteering with United Planet, you can choose to work towards a cause you are most passionate about.

Volunteering as Summer Programs for High School Students:

Work to improve the standards of global healthcare and education. Give a few hours while contributing towards the sustainability of the planet you live on. Just try to make a difference in your best capacity. You can also opt for virtual volunteering where you might be involved in fundraising, marketing, grant writing, etc.

Rank#9. SOAR: Adventure Camps for Students Having LD and ADHD

With increasing awareness and sensitivity, people and organizations have recognized the need for neurodiversity. As time advances, summer programs for high school students have begun making arrangements to make these inclusive of atypical people.

SOAR is one such organization moving in a progressive direction by improving accessibility. It offers adventure programs for students with LD and ADHD. This takes place in North Carolina. It is known to raise levels of confidence and self-esteem in individuals who are in dire need of these.

Rank#10. AMDA High School Conservatory in LA

This program by  American Musical and Dance Academy (AMDA) is one of its own kind: something that enthusiastic performers would not be able to resist. Music, dance, and theatre: it has it all through fun-filled rehearsals and classes.

Attend professional shows and end the week with a final performance filmed by a professional crew: all of this after an engaging fortnight in the heart of Hollywood.

But amidst all of this hustle,

None of these summer programs for high school students are prerequisites for college but just an added incentive. Don’t fill your plate with more than you can handle.

Don’t attend these programs because they would look good in your profiles. Or because your cousin is going to one of these. And definitely not because you feel the pressure to be productive.

Attend these if you feel passionate enough. When you go to sleep with a smiling unwilling to leave as you dream of attending these. If you are binge-watching your favorite show but subconsciously imagining yourself in a program. If they fit your context of having fun.

Your mental health is more important than proving colleges that you made your summer productive.

Which of the programs in this list of summer programs for high school students will you check out? Let me know in the comments below.

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