Apart from Beaches Are Their Schools In Florida?

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The sun is at its highest peak and summer vacations are going on, this year we couldn’t travel anywhere but we have to convert problems into opportunities. Schools are one of the best places for learning that’s why I am going to tell you about the top 10 summer schools in Florida which you can experience easily on your phone so grab a fruit drink and let’s get started!

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy


  • Henry Harvin is a leading career and competency development organization with a focus on value creation. They are into the business of training, skill development, assessment centres, content services and higher education
  • They have n number of courses
  • Personal interaction
  • Academy for any page

Some of the courses provided by Henry harvin are

Let me take you through some courses in detail-

Teen MBA Course

Teen MBA Course aims to learn about the fundamentals of business. Henry Harvin invigorates candidates to comprehend the secret of business with industry-experienced instructors. 

This course will help to ride the specialization with different streams of business administration. Teenagers will get a magnificent opportunity to understand the basic level of MBA to reach the advanced level. You can embark on the exotic voyage of business with Henry Harvin and get exposure to different courses.

  • CEO- You can acquire an executive level of intelligence to become Chief executive officer. Moreover, you can imbibe business planning, team management, and time management qualities that will help you to flourish in your organization.
  • CMO-  Henry Harvin enables you to understand the different tips of marketing to publicize your brand. You can be aware of the accumulation of web traffic.
  • CTO-  Demand for technology is growing rapidly so you can be well-versed in technology after completing this course. It gives you the perfect direction to explore technology.
  • CFO- This is the best platform to understand the facts and figures of finance. You can gain an overall understanding of finance.

You can choose any area of business to become a successful entrepreneur and enlighten with the knowledge of the business.

Content Writing Course

Content writing course helps you to pick out the words and frame sentences. It is all about a game of words. Content writers can pen down in a magnificent way to put their resplendent ideas on paper. Henry Harvin propels learners to comprehend different types of writing formats. This course will help you to indite effectively.

Technical Writing Course

The Technical Writing Course teaches you the art of transforming data and information into technical documentation. You can get hands-on experience in the technical writing segment with the help of industry experts. You will be able to write different types of technical documents like technical reports, research papers, design and feasibility reports, etc.

Medical Writing Course

Medical Writers are a boon to society as they share the latest health updates. Medical Writing Course helps the medical writers to write different forms of content related to medical journalism and medical education. Medical marketing is also one of the emerging fields nowadays to publicize medical products. Henry Harvin gives you the experiential experience to explore in medical writing.

Digital Marketing Course

The Digital Marketing Course alludes to different techniques of digital marketing on digital platforms. It also assists the candidates to know about the promulgation of the brand digitally. Henry Harvin propped up their learners by giving tips and tricks of the marketing segment. You can gain an overall understanding of the marketing field.

For further information click here

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2. American Heritage School

  • Being one of the most popular schools of USA and Florida

Long known for its academic excellence, American Heritage has been the leader in innovative education for 55 years:

  • #1 in Private School in National Merit Scholars
  • #1 in Private school in Math Competition in the Nation
  • Top 1% in Speech and Debate in the Nation
  • 95% pass rate on AP exams

Courses provided are as follows- https://www.ahschool.com/international-program

Cost – Min 2000$ for summer program

Now looking at the price, It is a bit expensive but I assure you it is worth the money and time.

For admission click here

3. Palmetto Bay Academy

Unlike any other summer school in Florida, this school provides an array of activities and events that students enjoy most from traditional schools in a socially and emotionally supportive setting. A true alternative to the traditional model, they offer rigorous academics in a socially and emotionally supportive setting.

Tutuion fee-1500$ for one course

For admission click here

4.Forest Trail Academy

The mission of FOREST TRAIL ACADEMY is committed to provide innovative, academic, cultural, and pragmatic excellence by empowering future leaders of life-long learners in a holistic online environment WORLDWIDE.

To know about summer courses provided by them click here

Fees – affordable

5. Brevard Private Academy

 Brevard Private Academy (BPA) is proud to be accredited by the National Independent Private summer School

The Academy’s goals are to help every student by providing the following:

  • Smaller Classroom Settings
  • One-on-One Environment
  • Tutoring
  • Make-Up Credits
  • Counselling
  • College Scholarship and Application Assistance 

For futher info click here

6. NSU University School

What makes them unique?

  • You want a school that celebrates your child’s unique interests and strengths.
  • You’re seeking an environment that brings out the very best in your child.
  • You want your child to have every opportunity to succeed.

For admission click here

7.Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School

Recognition of Saint Stephen’s as one of the most respected independent, college-preparatory schools in the nation is a byproduct of the expertise and dedication of our talented administration, faculty and staff

For admission click here

8. Canterbury School Of Florida

Interactive libraries on both campuses, makerspace on both campuses, a Learning Center, a gymnasium, three playing fields, a center for the arts that includes a 375-person theater, and a 2,800 square foot marine studies facility.

Faculty & Staff

Number of Faculty: 65
Number of Staff / Administrators: 20
Student/Teacher Ratio: 15:1

Application Deadline

Canterbury runs on a rolling admission schedule, which means we accept applications year-round. There are waiting lists for specific grades, so acceptances for applications submitted in February for the fall school year will be at the top of the list.

Admission open now

9. Florida Prep

Florida Prep summer school is now located in one of the fastest-growing technological communities in the United States, the Space Coast Corridor, a far cry from the sleepy small town the Dwights came upon in 1961. They would no doubt be proud to note how their school has evolved to meet the growing needs of the area, and also the new student body, one firmly established in the 21st Century with a desire to embrace technology and to touch the global marketplace in which they live.

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10.Saint Andrew School

Saint Andrew’s Summer School is a nationally recognized junior kindergarten (pre-k) through grade 12, day and boarding, college preparatory school in Boca Raton, Florida, in southern Palm Beach County. We offer a rigorous, private school curriculum that fosters creative thinking, opportunities to achieve balance, and experiences that build strong character.

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