Is PMP Certification Worth It? Find Out in 4 Steps [2021 Updated]


What is the value of PMP certification confuses several professionals, especially with the increasing popularity of the many certifications? PMP, project management professional is the most in-demand certification within the field of project management. It needs lot of hard work to get certified as a PMP. So, you will have many queries. 

But the question is do you have to do this certification? Can it bring value to you? What’s it that a PMP certified project manager has that different project managers don’t have. To know this, you need to take a review and answer four queries.

  • What motivates you to get PMP certification?  

For motivation, two major categories of factors that affect the individual’s behavior are internal or external factors. Different individuals have different priorities and give different weightage to vivid elements for example a person may give more value to money whereas another person may consider self-respect more important than money. Usually, our motivation comes from multiple factors. 

  • Is PMP certification price meeting your needs?

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 Certification may be a milestone that may assist you to manoeuvre successfully towards your goals. Now, how much are you ready to spend to achieve your set goals depends on your priorities of life. One thing is sure, that the cost of PMP certification is not cheap and can cost up to approximately 2500 USD. Besides, PMP certification also shows your co-workers and managers that you are serious about your profession. It also displays that you have built your proficiency in project management, and you are always willing to enhance your professional expertise.

  • Do you have the capability to get the PMP certification?

To determine if you should opt for the PMP certification and eligible to acquire the same, you need to meet 2 requirements.       

a) Education requirement: You must be a minimum high school graduate or equivalent. If you do not have high school certification, but you have a different education, you must contact PMI and discuss with them about your eligibility.

b) Experience requirement: You should have 4-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent and a minimum of thirty-six months of distinctive non-overlapping expertise in project management.  

Do you have the capacity to go for the PMP certification?

  • Time Factor

For the preparation of any test appropriate time and effort is required. However, different people need different span of time to achieve the same level of expertise and control over the subject matter. Hence, depending on the individual’s capacity they can select the number of days required to prepare for the certification exam. Even if the candidate fails and is not able to get the certification in the first attempt, he/ she can again apply for the second attempt.

  • Cost Factor

The cost of a PMP certification exam depends on many factors one of them is the place of examination. For example, if the exam is conducted in the USA the cost of training for the PMP examination is approximately 2000 USD. Whereas, if we talk about India the cost is approximately 500 USD. 

Another factor, which affects the fee, is whether a person is a member of PMI. If you are a member of a PMI then you can avail of discounts as well as the complementary facilities provided by the PMI.

PMP certification can be extremely fascinating for the aspirants who can achieve their professional goals by doing this certification successfully. However, the benefit of having this certificate are numerous and out weight, the money required to pay for the same.

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