What are Project Management Certifications?

In my article I will mention the value of PMC, ( Project Management Certifications) required in PMP. Suppose there is a crowd of managers standing but, the person with the certification, marks him/her to be different from the others. This also proves that the person who has it , is more proficient and experienced for the job.


A certified professional is not completely  necessary for an organization but this is true that their participations make a distinction in multiples. In present times , technology and businesses have completely changed. In this competitive world there is more fear and worry. To try to be better and to win the organizations are in need for certified project managers.

Why are Project Management Certifications Important?

Those persons who opt to become certify project managers are subject to project-based learning and get training in different kinds of potent development units. They also have to go through many educational programs. So, an outcome of these certifications stands of great value. The project manager can deal with broad variety of challenges and specific tasks which help to increase the progress of business industry.

Further if you look into the newspaper advertisement the organizations mention this clearly that candidates who have the project management certification are the best ‘looked-for’. This is an added qualification which add colors to the resume.

Project management certifications have declared and put their rights in every top IT certification for years. All IT operations give importance to the project managers. They are the most sought after, highly in demand and always looked-for by the IT organizations.

A Few Good Project Management Certifications of 2020

Recently a few companies, especially the IT sector had to go through a lot of unpleasant situations. The major businesses voted to hire either a Certified Associate in Project Management or a highly skilled Project Management professional. It is obvious the business sectors were doing well and this led the leftover companies to follow the latest course.

 Some of the Project Managed Courses

Project Management Professional ( PMP) Certification

There are a few restrictions which goes round the Project Management Professional Certification, It is definitely hard and a difficult course which composes of several modules to assist the experts to pinpoint the weak spots within a project. An individual who acquires the project management professional certification has for sure the skill and ability to this particular job.

The consequence is , now the project manager can give the necessary instructions for other options to complete the test successfully and in due course achieve all the milestones for a deliverable product.

The Project Management Institute recognizes the Project Management Professional certification and they work together to launch new changes within the course contents. This certification is acknowledge all over the world and it reveals that the project manager possess enough knowledge and is accomplish to successfully complete a project.

The project management professional certification is configure and arrange and it is a thorough study of the field.

If a certain individual wishes to be a project manager, then certification is highly suggest. Employers trust Project Management Professional certification.

  • Course Duration: 3 years
  • Cost: $400-$555
  • Expected Salary: $100,000
  • Accreditation: Project Management Institute ( PMI)

Enroll in our PMP Certification today and develop a strong foundation in the principles of project management.

Project Management Certificate

Let me tell you something important about project management certificate. The graduation certificate offered by Harvard includes the project management certificate. ( PMC). This certification assists the candidate to manage the project process, right from planning how to begin, the implementation and observes, keeps on monitoring till closing of the project.

This certification correlate and connect with the PMI’s experts. This also gives the candidate how to guide others with full authority.

When the candidate does the PMC course he/she will get to know the following:

  • Step by step to get into the project life pattern on ; how to carry on and cope with the project from start to finish.
  • How to obtain technical and leadership qualities and successfully complete the project.
  • How to master plan the project and can win.
  • Change management in project transformation

Requirements for PMC certification

To obtain the PMC certificate the candidate needs to complete minimum 16 credits for certificates at graduate level and at least a B grade and complete the course in 3 years time.

Nevertheless, project managers are extremely reward with

  • Course duration: 1.5 years.
  • Cost : $11,360
  • Accreditation: Harvard Extension School

Project Management Certificate Online

I would like to share with you as to how you can do courses on project management certificate online. Those who are willing can do a brief survey and look into the online courses. Some many universities and institutions conduct online courses in project management.

PMI Online Courses

The online courses are effective and they teach you the fundamentals and essentials in project management. They make the candidates ready for the Certified Associate in Project Management ( CAPM) anytime and anywhere in the world. The courses that provid are of high-grade and are excellent.

Introduction to Project Management Description

This online teaches the candidate the awareness of PMBOK Guide –Sixth Edition (Project Management Body of Knowledge). These teachings and guidance will qualify the candidates to build the project managers who would give fruitful results working for the other organizations or working for his/her organizations. Each module has the specialty pre-and post-analysis that allows the candidate to measure his/her progress.

What Will the Candidate Learn

The candidates will get to know the important concepts in the PMBOK Guide, as well as:

• The Project Management Presentation

• The Process Groups

• Description on Project Scope

• A Project essential

• Manage and Control Quality

And many more..

What is a PDU in Project Management?

PDU represents for professional development unit. To achieve the certification as a project management professional the candidate will need to go through several PDU’s, that can be secured by being present for events or completion of courses.

These are a few more Online Courses

• Alison: Diploma in Project Management

• Brain Sensei: Complete PMP Exam Prep course

• Coursera: applied Project Management Certificate

• Master of Project Academy Bundled Course

• PMI Project Management Basics

Online Project Management Programs

The online project management courses are helpful as well as comfortable. This is a process where students are teach via the internet. It can be done from anywhere in the world using a laptop or mobile device. In the present world, technology has become so progressive. In olden times all these were unimaginable.

Capability, aptitudes and experience are imperative for overseeing associations from everyday, except overseeing singular activities can be a totally unique test. Directing workers and assets inside severe limitations so as to accomplish quite certain objectives can regularly require an alternate administration style out and out; one that is clean by strong experience and demonstrate accepting procedures.

What is project Management in brief?

Ceaselessly following a demonstrate system or approach has a great deal to offer, regardless of whether self-train administrators might not have any desire to let it known. It can assist associations with saving time, cash and exertion which is regularly squander by ambiguity and hesitation. Simultaneously, a chief must know about how to adjust their techniques so as to suit extraordinary task situations, just as unexpected difficulties.

Not with standing the business, organizations going from little new businesses to gigantic partnerships are consistently watching out for skilled undertaking directors who can lead groups and surpass objectives, and interest for these multifaceted business experts gives no indication of easing back down in spite of the structural movements that are occurring in the worldwide economy.

From recognizing key issues and building dynamic groups to developing complex arrangements and setting destinations, venture administrators are the key players in a corporate structure that blossoms with proficiency and efficiency. What’s more, their growing six-figure pay rates are a demonstration of their worth.

Be that as it may, the developing interest for venture supervisors has made rivalry for the best situations in the field progressively articulated, and in case you’re keen on either starting or facilitating a task the board vocation you’ll have to have at any rate one sought after affirmation on your resume .How would you Qualify for the PMP Exam?

Set forth plainly, PMP confirmations are worshiped in light of the fact that lone profoundly proficient and experience directors can procure them. Dissimilar to with different systems, for example, PRINCE2, the PMP test has numerous resolute essentials, contingent upon an applicant’s current capabilities:

•  A four-year qualification (single men or identical) – Candidates must have at least three years (three years) of one of a kind, non-covering venture the executives experience. They should likewise have gone through at any rate 4,500 hours driving and coordinating undertakings. Finally, they should have at any rate 35 contact long periods of undertaking the executives instruction

•  An auxiliary degree (secondary school certificate, partner’s degree or proportionate) – Candidates must have at least five years (60 months) of one of a kind, non-covering venture the board understanding. During this time they more likely than not went through at any rate 7,500 hours driving and coordinating ventures. In conclusion, they should have at any rate 35 contact long periods of venture the board training

Why to choose PMP?

To put it plainly, in any event, meeting all requirements for the PMP test is an accomplishment in itself! The procedure likewise requires a lot of association, particularly corresponding to accumulating and reporting the hours that an applicant must spend overseeing ventures.

The two accreditations each venture administrator needs

In any case, on the off chance that you haven’t just earned a Scrum or Project Management Professional (PMP) confirmation, you can cancel the quest for the best in class industry accreditation, paying little heed to your particular vocation objectives and experience level.

These two accrediations include the most flexible and well known components of task the executives by consolidating the field’s essential procedures and the board strategies. The Project Manager’s Essential Certification Bundle Ft. Scrum, Agile and PMP is your one-stop asset for beginning.

Stuffed with 10 courses and more than 25 hours of substance, this top of the line preparing group will set you up to pro the tests for the widely acclaimed PMP confirmation alongside a few Scrum accreditations. The guidance is both natural and simple to follow paying little heed to your past experience, and here’s a taste:


All through this present course’s master drove PMP preparing, you’ll figure out how to assume responsibility for any extend and guarantee that each component is convey on schedule and on spending plan. Focussing on the particular points that the PMP test covers and pulling its models from genuine word situations, this preparation is additionally stuff with an assortment of study helps, test prep tips, and learning devices that will assist you with hitting your objectives and breeze through the test without a hitch on your first endeavor.


In the interim, your Scrum accreditation prep acquaints you with both the Scrum and Agile procedures. The included exercises will enable you to approach even the most mind boggling the executives issues with the certainty you have to complete things. You’ll figure out how to dispose of waste, improve new arrangements, exploit strategies that will put your group in front of calendar, and that’s just the beginning. All the preparation rotates around the real test you’re getting ready for.

How Does PMP Work?

The PMP test covers five Process Groups:

Monitoring and controlling

A PMP qualified administrator will be happy with using forms, information sources, apparatus and methods to realize effective undertaking results, paying little mind to an association’s industry, area, size or area. They will likewise have demonstratable involvement in both hard and delicate venture the board abilities – either that, or their capability will be phony!

Some just use PMP preparing to enlarge what they definitely know in anticipation of the test. Nonetheless, even experienced administrators who start examining the PMBOK guide will for the most part have the option to increase new understanding from it.

Key highlights of our PMP confirmation course:

• PMI Accredited

•35+ required contact hours

• Testing system of Project Management

• Instantly an year to get

• Experts guide on support

What is the distinction among CAPM and PMP?

Basically, the CAPM affirmation is expect for the individuals who are in the beginning periods of their venture the board vocation, while the PMP accreditation is for the individuals who are progressively experience.

The task the executives confirmation necessities for the CAPM Certification are far less hard to meet than the PMP Certification, permitting individuals with less undertaking administration experience develop their accreditations. Truth be told, as of August 28, 2019, PMI has evacuate the 1500 hours work experience prerequisite for CAPM, with candidates just requiring an auxiliary degree and 23 hours of undertaking the board instruction.

PMP Network

PMP affirmation is view as the best quality level of venture the board accreditations and is perceive in excess of 85 nations. The accreditation is appropriate for increasing experience venture chiefs who as of now have 3-5 years of experience driving undertakings, an auxiliary degree or four-year degree (this task the board affirmation prerequisite differs relying upon your long stretches of task the executives experience), and 35 hours of undertaking the executives instruction.

What is the pattern of test?

The test is a four hour long test comprising of 200 inquiries while the confirmed partner in venture the board test is a three hour test containing 150 inquiries. The two tests are numerous decision and shut book. As the PMP test is intended for experienced administrators, the subjects secure are further develop in the CAPM test.

The accreditation you pick will rely upon what phase of your profession you are at. Both the industry are perceived-wide, and exhibit skilled in the field of task the board.

How to read for PMP or CAPM?

Study such that suits your learning style best. Nowadays, it’s helpful and practical for the vast majority to read for their pined for venture the board affirmation on the web.

Here are some broad pointers that apply to all test takers:


1. Master the most recent PMBOK Guide – The PMP test is to a great extent dependent on the guide, so seeing the entirety of the information territories in there is fundamental.

2.  Take an online course like – Go Skills PMP Certification Training or CAPM Certification Training that incorporates down to earth practice records and tests to test your insight.

3.      Do practice tests

4.      Create cheat sheets

5.      Study with companions

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