I attended a Birthday Party two weeks ago in Dwarka, Delhi. My friend dragged me to the dance floor and the song that played was ‘Senorita’ from the movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. I danced until my dress was completely drenched in sweat. I was feeling extremely hot and put a pause to my dancing feats. Oh! I am fond of that song. But unfortunately, I could not lip-sync. Of course, many can’t do it. Indeed the song was not new to me but this time, it made me curious to know which language is it.

On the way back to my home, I searched the lyrics and their meaning. Oh! It was the Spanish language, I realized. The next day I tried to learn the lyrics and understand the meaning, with Google’s help. I wanted to know more about the Spanish language and its scope. For the next week, I browsed the Internet, visited Spanish language Institutes, met my friends and relatives; communicated with colleagues. I was convinced to take a Spanish language Training in Delhi.    

If you are stuck to choosing the right Spanish language course in Delhi, scroll down and you will know the top 10 Spanish language course in Delhi.

1. Henry Harvin Language Academy:

Henry Harvin logo

About Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is positioned among the top 5 fastest growing Edtech (Educational Technology) start-ups in India, as per a survey conducted by Higher Education Digest. Founded in the year 2013, in a period of short time, the Institute has reached new milestones in the field of skills development. Henry Harvin has skilled more than 3 lacs learners in its wide range of courses.

Henry Harvin best spanish language course in Delhi ranks among the top in the list of Institutes that offer Spanish Language courses. The Institute has hired native Spanish Speakers who are experts in the language and are keynote speakers in various conferences, workshops and seminars. The mentors teach in a simple and interactive style. Learning by listening, Learning by speaking; learning by writing are the ways by which the mentors make the student master the Spanish Language.

The curriculum is designed as per DELE and SIELE exams, which is conducted by Cervantes. DELE and SIELE are the two certifications that certify the holder for fluency and proficiency in the Spanish Language. This certificate is of significant value.

The curriculum of Spanish language courses offered by Henry Harvin is divided into A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 levels. It starts from the beginners’ level and goes up to the upper advanced level.  

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

View Course

A 1 (Beginners Level)- It is the basic level that starts with the basic understanding of Spanish words, phrases and commonly used expressions.

A2 (The Upper Beginners Level)- It covers a better understanding of words and phrases. Communicating at a basic level like exchange of information.

B1 (The Intermediate Level)- It helps in writing, reading and listening. It covers structuring the sentences.

B2 (The Upper Intermediate Level)- This includes learning complex texts and creating long speeches.

C1 (The advanced Level)- This deals with the knowledge of long texts and their meaning.

C2 (Upper advanced Level)It helps the learner to understand the language spoken by someone and write easily.

Why Henry Harvin Spanish Language Academy:

Cherish the below perks for studying at Henry Harvin Spanish Language Academy:

The Spanish Language Course in Delhi has (9 in 1) as its key feature.

What is 9 in 1 Course?

  1. Training: The class will be online and interactive where each student is given the opportunity to interact and ask doubts/questions.
  2. Projects: The candidate will be given projects in the Spanish language, need to work on them and submit them.
  3. Internship: This will be provided to assist the candidate in the internship; the interns will get real – time exposure.
  4. Certification: Certification will be provided on the completion of the course.
  5. Placement: Institute will provide placement support for 1-year post completion of the course.
  6. E-Learning Access: LMS will be made accessible which contains study material in form of videos, audios, quiz, worksheet etc.
  7. Bootcamps: For 12 months, access to bootcamps will be made accessible.
  8. Hackathons: Access to Hackathons
  9. Membership: You will be given Gold membership for the Spanish Language Academy of Henry Harvin for 1 year.

Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course Fees

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

French Language CourseGerman Language CourseKorean Language CourseEnglish Writing Course, English Speaking Course

Media Coverage

Henry Harvin® Spanish Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Indian Express, Daily Hunt, Zee5, Asian News, United News of India, APN Live, Times Education

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course is Provided:


 2. Instituto Cervantes

Instituto Cervantes logo


A public institution founded by the Government of Spain aims at promoting the Spanish language and culture. It is located at Connaught Place, New Delhi. The institute has a global presence, currently working in 44 countries.   

The objective of the Institute is not limited to teaching. It has a bigger objective and purpose:

  1. To provide basic and special courses in the Spanish language course in Delhi.
  2. To keep the teachers updated on the latest teaching methodology and technology.
  3. To participate in events that promote the Spanish language.
  4. To conduct examinations for Spanish Diplomas and issue the certificate under the Ministry of Education and Professional Training.  


The Institute has created its curriculum, which is in resonance with the levels as per CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

There are total 3 levels, further divided into 6 sub-levels:

  • Basic User:

It has A1 (breakthrough) and A2 (Waystage) levels.

  • Independent User:

It has B1 (threshold) and B2 (vantage) levels.

  • Proficient User:

It has C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency) and C2 (mastery) levels.

Course Fee: The course fee varies from 4400 to 8400 as per the Language learning levels like A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. The fee structure is different for other countries.

The fee is discounted for combo (general Spanish course and DELE exam)

Certification: A certificate is given on completion of the course but more than two absences automatically opt the student out from getting the certificate.

3. Instituto Hispania (Spanish Language Course in Delhi)

Instituto Hispania logo

The Institute was incepted in 1997, to create a positive environment for the Spanish speaking community in India and to let Indians know about the Spanish language and the culture. It is working in 5 cities across India. The institute offers one of the best Spanish Language Course in Delhi, located at Panchsheel Park, New Delhi. 

The Institute is affiliated with FIDESCU (Ministry of Education, Spain). Getting Spanish study materials and books is a tough job. The books are not easily available in the market and learners are mostly dependent on notes and photocopies. The Institute has an advantage over others, for its books published under “Instituto Hispania Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.


You will be issued a certificate that is globally recognised and accepted by international educational Institutes.

4. Mundo Latino:

mundo latino logo

It offers the best Spanish Language course, located at Kotla, New Delhi. The institute is affiliated with INPEFA (Embassy of Peru), and the Embassy of Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela. The aim is to create a Latin word in India. The trained international native speakers from Spain and Latin America give the best training to students. A certificate is issued to students who pass the examination with the required percentage.

The institute provides 100% placement support.

SWIRRL is a unique method adopted:

1. S is for Speaking Skills (through conversation exercises)

2. W is for Writing Skills (through in-class and home exercises)

3. I is for Interactive Skills (some total of 5 skills; Interact with family, peers, faculty, natives)

4. R is for Reading Skills (through researched reading material- creative texts and short stories).

5. R is for Role Play (through Spanish plays)

6. L is for Listening Skills (through recorded audios, teachers’ conversation etc.)

Course details for Special Online Classes

Levels- ML 1 to ML 10 

Course Fee- Rs 10900/- from ML1 to ML 4, Rs 11900/- from ML5 to ML6; Rs 12900/- from ML7 to ML 10.

5. School Of Spanish (Spanish Language Course in Delhi)

School Of Spanish logo

If you are searching for Spanish Language course in Delhi NCR, the School of Spanish is the leading choice for most of the learners. The objective of the course is to make the student understand and speak the language in the day-to-day life. The expert mentors are dedicated to imparting skills to students and.

It offers a wide range of Spanish Language Courses:

1. A1 A2 Certificate course in the Spanish Language (For beginners)

Course Duration: 90 minutes

2. B1 B2 Certificate course in the Spanish Language (Intermediate level course)

Course Duration: 6 months

3. Spanish Spoken course (to double the fluency in speaking the Spanish language)

Course Duration: 30 hours

4. DELE Preparation course (for those who wish to clear DELE exams and settle in Spanish countries or work in Spanish companies)

Course Duration: 2-4 weeks

5. SIELE Preparation course (for aspirants who wish to become proficient in the Spanish Language)

6. Intensive Advanced Diploma (basic to advanced level)

Course Duration: 12 months

6. Institute of Spanish Studies (ISS)

Institute of Spanish Studies logo

Institute of Spanish studies, established in 2008, is a leading Institute in Spanish Language course in Delhi. It has many centers across India. The Delhi center is located at Malviya Nagar. The course is designed as per CEFR (Common European Framework for References) guidelines. The objective is to prepare the students to compete in the international setting.

The Institute works tirelessly to engage delegates from Spanish speaking countries and experts, to deliver the best education to students.  

ISS offers multiple Spanish language courses:

  • Beginner courses (A1, A2.1, A2.2)
  • Elementary courses (B1.1, B1.2)
  • Intermediate courses (B2.1, 2.2)
  • Advanced courses
  • Employment Orientated Course

Course details:

A1(Course Duration- 60 hours, Course Fee- Rs 14750/-)

A2.1(Course Duration- 50 hours, Course Fee- Rs 14175/-)

A2.2(Course Duration- 50 Hours, Course Fee- Rs 14175/-)

B1.1(Course Duration- 60 Hours, Course Fee- Rs 15750/-)

B1.2(Course Duration- 60 Hours, Course Fee- Rs 15750/-)

B2.1(Course Duration- 60 Hours, Course Fee- Rs 15750/-)

B2.2 (Course Duration- 60 Hours, Course Fee- Rs 15750/-)

There is a discount on combined courses.

Although there is provision for classroom classes as well but, due to government guidelines under the pandemic situation, only online classes are available right now.

7. New Delhi YMCA (Spanish Language Course in Delhi)

New Delhi YMCA, Institute for career studies, was established in 1927. It is part of the Young Men’s Christian Association, London. It is known for its youth-centric services in the field of education. Delhi YMCA is positioned among the top 10 Institutes offering the best Spanish Language course in Delhi.

It offers one-year diploma in the Spanish Language.

During the first semester following topics are covered:

1. Phonetics- How to pronounce sounds, words and phrases.

2. Vocabulary & conversation- Day to day conversations.

3. Grammar- basic grammar including the parts of speeches.

During the second semester:

1. Phonetics- focuses on conversations.

2. Grammar- Covers all tenses and expressions.

3. Special focus on Culture and literature.

4. Translation and interpretation

Course Fee: Rs 50340/-

The fee has to be paid in 2 installments. The first installment (27398/-) is to be paid at the time of admission and the remaining installment (22942/-) to be paid within 2 months.

Course Duration: 1 year

8. Langma School of Languages:

langma school of languages logo

Language School of Languages is a prominent institute that aims at making the world multilingual. Spanish Language Course in Delhi is one of the language courses that the Institute offer.

Have a look at the following Programs for the Spanish Language:

1. General Spanish: From Beginner to advanced level.

2. International Exam Preparation Program: for students who wish to get an exam clearance certificate for DELE and SIELE exams.

3. Spanish for Attache: For diplomats, government representatives and members of parliaments and civil servants who have diplomatic relations with the Spanish speaking countries.

4. Spanish for Conversations: For intermediate and upper-intermediate students.

5. Spanish for Hospitality– For learners who wish to work as a Tourist guide, Chef and receptionist.

6. Spanish for Professionals– For those who wish to pursue their career in Spanish companies and work with Spanish speaking countries.

7. Summer programme– For children (8-15 years old), through extracurricular activities (in Spanish).

8. Spanish for Kids: For children (8- 13 years)

19. Spanish for teachers: For teachers who wish to pursue a career as teachers.

The syllabus is designed as per DELE and SIELE. A learning environment is created wherein Spanish is learned through various activities like extempore, debate, role play etc. The students acquire writing, reading, speaking, listening skills in Spanish.

9. Jamia Milia Islamia (JMI):

Jamia Milia Islamia logo


The central university Jamia Milia Islamia, Okhla, New Delhi (NAAC Accredited) doesn’t need any introduction. It ranked sixth among the ‘top universities’ of India, in the ‘National Institutional Ranking Framework’ – 2021.

You cannot miss JMI if you are searching for Spanish Language Courses in Delhi.

Part-time and full-time courses are offered by Jamia Milia Islamia in Spanish Language course in Delhi.

1. Bachelor of Arts (Spanish and Latin American Studies) (Full-time)

Course Duration: 3 years

No of seats: 40

2. Diploma in Spanish (1 year) (Part-time)

The objective of the program is (a) strengthening and developing reading, writing, speaking and listening skills; and (b) training the student to get to know about the Spanish culture and life of natives.

No of Seats: 40

Course Duration: Minimum 160 contact hours.

3. Advanced Diploma in Spanish (1 year) (Part-time)

It is a follow-up programme of Diploma in Spanish. Spanish for various industries is an additional objective in an advanced diploma.

No of seats: 30

Course Duration: 160 contact hours

4. Certification of proficiency in Spanish (1 year) 

No of Seats: 50

Course Duration: 160 contact hours

The student has to pass with a minimum of 40% in each Internal Assessment and Final Examination. Minimum 75% attendance is mandatory for appearing in the examination.

10. Jesus and Marry College (JMC):

Jesus and Marry College (Accredited by NAAC, A grade), Chanakyapuri, New Delhi is a women college under the University of Delhi. The college offers Spanish language course in Delhi. You can do B.A in Spanish from JMC.

Course Duration: 3 years

Course Fee: Rs 47,430/-

The college also provides certificates and adds-on courses for JMC students and outsiders. Spanish Language courses are one of the adds-on courses. There are 3 papers in the syllabus:

Paper 1- Communicative grammar.

Paper 2- Text Comprehension and Written Expression

Paper 3- Oral Expression

Course Fee: Rs 15000/-  

The certificate is issued by the college and partner organization.


Language is not merely some words used for communication. It represents the culture of any country, a tradition that binds together. Community comes together through a language. If you look at the scientific aspect, learning a new language has an impact on your brain. It sharpens your memory; you gain better concentration skills and a correct problem-solving approach.

Being bilingual/multilingual is always an additional asset to you. It instills greater confidence; respect and love for other cultures. Spanish, a romance language, is spoken in Spanish and Latin America. Over the years, the language has become more popular. The language is spoken by 4.85% of the world’s population. It’s the third most studied language in the world.

Since India has traditional relations with Latin America, the need for Spanish speakers in India has increased. The recruiters look for Indians speaking fluent Spanish. Tourism, hospitality, translation services have opened doors of employment for Spanish speakers.

Since Spanish is a foreign language in India, you can’t learn this of your own. You need to get into a good institute that can make you fluent in the Spanish language. If you stay in Delhi, many institutes offer Spanish Language Course in Delhi. Getting the right institute, mentors and learning environment can only do the needful. Go for one of the top 10 Spanish language course training in Delhi and boost your career.

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Q1. Is Spanish difficult to learn?

Spanish is easy to learn if you love the Spanish Language. Picking the correct Spanish Language Courses, the right institution and practice can make it easy and fast to understand and learn the language

Q2. What does DELE stand for?

Diploma de español como lengua extranjera (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language

Q3. What is DELE Certification?

DELE certification, is an official and internationally recognized certification that proves your fluency in the Spanish Language. You need to clear DELE exams to get this certificate. You can give exams for any level from A1 to C2. 

Q4. Who is eligible to give DELE Exams

Anyone, you shouldn’t have Spanish as an official language of the country you are a citizen of.

Q5. Which government department issues DELE certification?

DELE certification is issued under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain.

Q6. What is the difference between DELE and SIELE exams?

SIELE exam is for getting certified for proficiency in Spanish. It is for those who speak Spanish as a second language or foreign language; and for native speakers.


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