Books were the major source of information in the olden days. Whenever somebody wanted any information, they would head to the library and sit with the book for hours. But when the internet came into existence, things started to change. People slowly understood how the internet could be used to gather any information. You would get any data or information regarding anything with just a few clicks. With the internet came new job opportunities such as content writing, digital marketing, and so on. A career in content writing was not a preferred one a few years ago.

But as time went by and the world was heading towards digitization content writing gained its importance. Today a career in content writing is chosen by a majority of individuals. Content writing has even gained the status of formal education. Many institutes and academies offer content writing courses. Many businesses prefer content writing as it is the major source for presenting or providing any information.

career in content writing

Content writing is a challenging yet enjoyable career and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. A content writer should have proper knowledge of writing and an understanding of how different types of content are taken by the readers. A flourishing career in content writing depends on skills, experience, and knowledge. But sometimes you may face challenges due to the lack of knowledge and understanding.

There are innumerable options for individuals looking to start a career in content writing. There are various types of content writing and each one requires a different set of skills and knowledge. For a person to build a career in content writing there aren’t any specific qualification requirements. The basic necessity is to be able to express ideas and views in the form of words, good vocabulary, and have proper knowledge of the language in which they wish to write. Qualification in literature can be an added advantage as it helps to find opportunities easily. Apart from that, there is no specific qualification needed for content writing.

Unlike a lot of professions, content writing offers a lot of flexibility. You have the freedom to work from home eliminating the trouble of going down to the office. You can be a full-time content writer or even work as a part-timer. You can choose to be a freelance content writer taking independent projects directly from clients and be your own boss.

Many reputed institutes in India offer content writing courses. Henry Harvin is one such institute that provides content writing courses. The course teaches different types of content, how to launch a website and maintain a personal blog, language and internet skills, soft skills development, and much more. It is a two-way online course that includes projects, access to assessments, recorded class videos, and other tools. Certification is provided after taking the final assessment.

What are the Career Options in Content Writing?

We understood the importance and requirements of content writing so far now let us look at the career opportunities that content writing has to offer. The list below shows the most preferred and popular professions that can be pursued for a fruitful career in content writing. There is a risk of failure associated with these careers. They require a lot of hard work, dedication, and time as any other profession. Content writing as a profession is suitable for those willing to take all the risks and work hard even if they face failures.

1.  Social Media Writing (Career in content writing)

The content that is specifically written for any type of social media is defined as social media writing. It is a preferred marketing strategy used by content writers. The reason is that social media is a place where you can attract and showcase your work to billions of people without much hassle. A person who manages and improves the content on social media is called a social media writer. Writing for social media is one of the most preferred and popular content writing careers.

career in content writing

Social media writing demands a lot of groundwork along with good writing skills.  The main motive of this type of writing is generating relevant content for the targeted audience. Almost every company now has social media accounts and requires writers that create opportunities and encourage people to take up social media writing as a profession.

The main responsibility of a social media writer is to promote a company’s product or services. The content that is curated by the writer helps to attract the audience and also draws traffic to the company’s website. The tasks to be performed by a social media writer has their challenges and difficulties. Social media writers are sometimes required to post content about the product and other times they are asked to create posts that help in generating traffic.

Nowadays social media is a great source of generating income and making a full-time career out of it. It helps in publicizing content easily. As social media has wider audience scope it becomes easy to reach them for generating traffic. Starting a social media writer career is a good start for a bright future in content writing.

2. News Writing

The job of a news writer is to convert the ground report into articles that then get published online or in newspapers. ­People looking to start a career in content writing as a news writer are expected to have a journalism degree. News writers are expected to write eloquent and thorough articles which can be understood easily.

Creative writing is an essential quality that a person looking to be a news writer should possess. good judgment and impartial and logical vision help a news writer give proper endings to the articles. News writing is a high-paying job requiring steady career experience and proficiency. A strong vocabulary and the ability to convert raw data and figures into quality readable content is a skill that every person aspiring to be a content writer should possess. A journalism degree or literature degree may help get a job easily as a news writer.

3. SEO Writing (Career in content writing)

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Search Engine Optimization or often known as SEO is the process of increasing the traffic of a website to make sure that the company’s site ranks higher on the search engine. Knowledge of Keyword research, demand, and other factors is necessary to be an SEO writer.

Individuals who wish to begin a career in content writing as an SEO writer need to have detailed knowledge of SEO. Hence learning SEO courses from a reputed institute in India may help open up better opportunities. Blogs, articles, and websites are the main focus areas in SEO writing.

Students and content writers who want to be SEO writers have a large scope as many firms and websites are purely content-based such as online news journals and entertainment websites. SEO writing though a good career but may also have many difficulties and hurdles depending on the type of task. Therefore, learning and having complete knowledge of SEO will help you understand its functions and techniques and eventually help you perform your job well.

SEO writing is one of the highest-paid jobs in the content writing field and offers plenty of opportunities for newcomers and content writers. Without SEO knowledge becoming an SEO writer may be difficult as you may lack the fundamentals and find it challenging to complete tasks. Companies prefer SEO writers who have experience and are well-trained to rank articles or blogs on search engines. Technical skills and keyword knowledge are the core skills required to be an SEO writer.

4. Blogging (Career in content writing)

If you want to choose an interesting and fun job in content writing then you should consider blogging. Blogging is writing, photography, or any other form of media that is self-published on the internet. Blogging can be personal as well as professional. Personal blogs are where you address any particular issue through your blog or can share a personal experience. Professional blogging is done for companies and websites wherein you provide information about the company’s products or services.

Blogging is one of the most preferred professions in the content writing industry. Every content writer must have chosen to blog at some point of time in their career. The content writing industry offers multiple opportunities for people who aspire to become bloggers. You can also start your blog and earn through it.

A blogger should possess extensive research and SEO skills along with extraordinary writing skills. Blogging has massive competition millions of blogs get published every day making it difficult to rank at the top in any particular category. A career in content writing as a blogger even though it is challenging is fun as well as exciting at the same time. Writers have enormous opportunities to make blogging a steady and successful career.

There are a lot of websites seeking bloggers who can write a minimum of two articles a day for them. Depending on the level of competence and skill a blogger can earn good money. You can keep your blog up and running by writing about popular topics to attract sponsors and endorsers.

5.  Copywriting (Career in content writing)

Copywriting is defined as the process of writing compelling marketing and advertising materials that motivate people to buy, donate, or book a consultation. A copywriter’s main focus is to capture the attention of the audience and impact them to take action. Copywriting is an enthralling job but it requires excellent creative writing skills and a strong perception of what will people find appealing enough to take action.

career in content writing

Copywriting is a creative and noble profession. Choosing to copywrite is a clever decision in a content writing career. It is also one of the highest-paying jobs in content writing. The major advantage of choosing to Copywrite is that you get to write for brands and endorsements. Working for respected brands and firms may be beneficial for your content writing career. You don’t need any specific qualifications but a graduate degree in journalism or literature may help in better and quick opportunities.

6. Freelancing

Freelancing is a self-employed job where the content writer gets the assignment virtually and gets paid upon completion. Freelancing is a suitable option for students and writers aspiring to begin a career in content writing. Freelancing is a good option for people keen on starting a writing career to gain experience before jumping to bigger opportunities. People who wish to work from home or travel constantly can choose to do freelance writing.

People can also do part-time freelancing which gives them the freedom to work as per their schedule. The main disadvantage of freelancing is the uncertainty of getting regular projects when compared to a desk job. Unless you become a successful and popular freelancer it may be difficult to get new projects. You have to convey the areas of your specialization to a successful career in content writing as a freelance writer.

If you look at the broader picture starting a career as a freelance writer can be beneficial, especially for Indian writers. The reason behind that is the growing demand of Indian students and writers to become content writers has made foreign companies and brands outsource their work to India.

7. Editing (Career in content writing)

Editing is necessary for all content-based firms. Choosing editing as a career in content writing is considered a clever choice. Editing comes with crucial responsibilities as it is the final stage before the content gets published. An editor should have good lexis, writing, and grammar skills. Editors are paid well based on skills, expertise, and experience.

People who have proofreading and editing experience are preferred for this job role. Editing requires minimum effort but maximum attentiveness than any other job in content writing. Editing helps in building better relations with companies, brands, and magazines.

8. Sketch and Script Writers

A person can choose to do sketch writing and scriptwriting as it is one of the most independent careers in the content writing world. Writers choose projects and make scripts from the ideas provided by the production team or they prepare the script and present it to the production team.

This is a highly creative profession that requires a creative mind along with good writing skills. A person can build good professional relations with reputed media brands by writing good scripts and sketches. A career in content writing as a scriptwriter provides many opportunities like creating sketches or scripts for movie projects and award shows. Having a clear and creative vision is the most important factor in this profession.

How the content is presented and consumed by the public plays a vital role in scriptwriting and sketch writing careers. A sketch writer can earn good money but the thing to always remember is that getting people to like and accept your content is important. This type of content writing career has its challenges. It requires marketing strategies to grow.

This profession provides tremendous opportunities. A person with good vision, a creative and imaginative mind, and presentation skills can easily flourish and become successful.

Is a Career in Content Writing Good?

Content writing is diverse and offers a multitude of opportunities to budding writers and students. A career in content writing can be steady and unsteady depending on how a person understands the responsibilities, duties, challenges, and opportunities this career has to offer. Content writing is like any other profession which requires the same amount of hard work and dedication and also has risks of failing.

In order to build a stable career in this field, a person has to have the devotion and passion to learn from mistakes and failures as this profession is highly uncertain. Some may find opportunities soon, and others may have to work hard and learn from experience. In content writing, there’s always something new to learn every day. Content writing is for people who are passionate about writing and want to turn that passion into a full-time career.

If you want to get better opportunities, placements, and internships take up a course that provides certification. Many institutes in India offer content writing courses both online as well as offline. These courses prove to be helpful as the institutes provide complete placement assistance upon completion of the course and help the candidates find a suitable job.

The content writing field as compared to the others is less crowded but has candidates with real potential who have raised the bar high. People who lack interest and creativity will never opt for content writing as a career but even if they do it will be temporary as they cannot manage to do it in the long run. We can rate how good or bad a career in content writing is by looking at the opportunities and money that it offers.

Concerning money, some writers are earning up to 2 lakhs and more which shows that just like every other industry content writing has and offers enough money. Coming to opportunities when we compare it with other industries the crowd is less and the opportunities are plenty which allows writers to earn well. The content writing career has the same advantages and disadvantages the other professions.

People are becoming well-informed about this industry. There are plenty of opportunities as entertainment, media, marketing, and other industries require content writers. Content writers need a lot of patience, be engaged in writing, and actively participate in creative activities. The rules of writing content are changing with the market requirements. As long as you can write good and acceptable content and express your ideas and vision in words you can sustain yourself in this field.

Summing it up

Content writing unlike other professions is fun and has a larger scope. But you need to clearly understand what the job offers. You can’t just take it because it is trending or because a few people are making good money from it. It is crucial to understand the advantages along with disadvantages of becoming a content writer.

Content writing not only makes you a good writer but it improves your vocabulary and communication skills. It also makes you independent and heightens your imagination. You will be able to express your feelings and views through words. But it also comes with challenges like you may not get projects, your content may get rejected, you may miss the deadline and not receive the payment, and so on. So, remember to always do proper research before choosing content writing as a career.


1.  Is it necessary to do a content writing course to get a job?

No, it is not necessary to do a content writing course to get a job. But a certification gives you credibility and also makes you stand out from the people who do not have a professional certification.

2.  What are the requirements for applying for the content writing course?

There are no such special requirements to apply for the course. Any person with interest can enroll themselves in the course. But a person should have a minimum knowledge of computers and the internet.

3.  How much does a content writer earn?

The starting salary in India ranges from 1.2 to 6 lakhs with an average of 3 lakhs.

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