SAP security courses are increasingly in-demand. Many organisations are moving to SAP systems, the future of data privacy and integration. Moreover, SAP security helps prevent cyber attacks, frauds, etc. It is crucial in ensuring data (for example, company intellectual properties) stays secure and well protected.

SAP Security Courses in India

As a career choice, SAP Security is promising. SAP Security Courses in India can enhance your career in a phenomenal way. A definite edge exists for experienced SAP Security professionals. Educational qualifications of SAP Security professionals would include graduates, post-graduates and doctorates.

Project team managers, business/IT Analysts, and system administrators stand to benefit from pursuing SAP Security Courses. For example, an SAP Security Consultant ensures that the network and applications are safe and secure within database systems.

While referring to the below list, one may find that a few institutes provide online SAP Security Courses. In my personal opinion, online training offer flexibility and training quality as well.
In these Omicron times, online training can ensure that we remain hopeful towards the future. It can increase your confidence and enhance your career, a few of the many benefits.

The best SAP Security Courses in India

1. Kodak Consulting

Kodak Consulting is a Certified Technology Consulting Company with expertise in SAP software solutions & enterprise application services. It operates across geographies, industry verticals, functional domains, and technical landscapes.  

Kodak Consulting has corporate offices in Hyderabad and San Francisco. It specializes in providing enterprise application services focused on-

– SAP Business Suite S/4HANA
– SAP Cloud Platform
– Successfactors
– C/4HANA with Hybris C4C
– BW/4HANA Cloud Analytics
– SAP Multi-Channel Foundation etc

 Kodak Consulting has its presence in SAP S/4HANA Implementations, Support, Conversion & Cloud Based Services.

With “Customer-first approach” Kodak consulting team helps companies buy, build, implement, service, support, and run SAP solutions to fit their unique needs.

The key area of expertise-

Automotive and Auto Components Manufacturing
– Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
– Pharma and Chemical Industries
– Agro Food Products Processing Industries
– Utilities Industry
– Infrastructure and Project-based industries

Check Kodak Consulting Reviews Videos:

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2. Henry Harvin’s SAP Security Course

henry harvin logo

A quality global educational technology provider, Henry Harvin is based in US and India. It has impacted customers in 97+ countries. Ranked amongst the top 500 globally and the top 100 within India, students benefit immensely from Henry Harvin’s courses.

Explore crucial aspects such as User administration, SAP R/3 Architecture, and SAP Authorization objects. As part of the SAP security course, master network database, SAP security, and application-level security.

The mode of training options are either self-paced or a live classroom session. One can benefit immensely from how the course adapts flexibly to the pace of the student.

Contact No: +91 9015266266
Email: [email protected]

The SAP (ERP) Academy at Henry Harvin imparts skills necessary for emerging technology and management employees. The focus is on actionable skills to succeed at the workplace.

Expert trainers effectively ensure that students depart after each session with key takeaways.

Under Henry Harvin’s SAP Academy, below are a few other SAP certification courses one can pursue:

1. SAP FICO ECC Course – It focuses on financial accounting and controlling. SAP FICO software skills basis the ECC server is another benefit. Flexible study options enable students.

2. SAP MM ECC Course – A popular material management tool is focused upon. Organisations procure and organise activities with the tool. Post completion, students effectively manage material components.

3. SAP ABAP Course – Focused on advanced business application programming, it is valuable indeed. SAP ABAP’s fourth generation is the most recent and given its due. Flexible study options benefit students.

4. SAP BO Course – Best suited for those aspiring to be business managers, SAP BO benefits students of this course. Business Object management and business intelligence are primary focus areas for students.

Check Henry Harvin SAP Courses 

SAP FICO Course | SAP MM COURSE SAP HR Course | SAP Hana Course SAP ABAP Course SAP Ariba Training |

Cities in India where Henry Harvin SAP FICO Course is provided:

DelhiHyderabadMumbaiGurgaonPune, IndoreOnlineBangaloreKolkataChennai


3. Tech Vidya’s SAP Security Course

TechVidya SAP GRC logoAs a market leader among computer training institutes in India, Tech Vidya is reputed for introducing professionals well equipped for the present-day workplace. Its SAP Security Courses in India are designed for graduates and post-graduates.

The SAP Security Courses are designed to promote student–trainer interactions. Experts effectively train students for specific domains. The course has flexible study options for students such as weekend or regular classes.

Analysing case studies and being a part of live projects are another plus.

Contact No: +91-7356692670
Email: [email protected]

4. Revanth Technologies’ SAP Security Course

Revanth Technologies logoRevanth, a leading IT course educational technology organisation is creating waves. Students can choose between classroom and online software trainings. Experts train students to meet industry requirements confidently.

Students stand to gain from the one of the best computer training with Revanth. The key focus of SAP Security Courses in India is the flexible study options – normal track, fast track, or weekend classes.
Expert faculty train students through live sessions. Both classroom and online trainings are provided at Revanth. The online training is for a duration of 30 hours.

Contact No: +91-7356692670
Email: [email protected]

For Online Training:
Call to: 9290971883, 9247461324
Email ID: [email protected]

For Classroom Training:
Call to: 9246599566
Email ID:[email protected]

5. Zaran Tech’s SAP Security Course

ZaranTech-logoAmong the best, ZaranTech is a leading global e-learning company based in USA. It provides IT training and certifications to both organisations as well as individuals. Students can choose between live sessions as well as recordings of sessions.

At ZaranTech, SAP Security Courses in India training is imparted through functional case studies. Become a specialist in SAP Security post this training course can be your reality. The SAP modules are communicated effectively.

Best suited for IT Business Analyst, project team members, and system administrators, enhance skills and increase your income with ZaranTech.

Contact No: +91-7356692670
Email: [email protected]

6. VR IT’s SAP Security Course

VR IT’s SAP Security Course logoRecognised for its excellence, VR IT, is a growing leader among online training institutes in India. Unique aspects of their SAP Security Courses in India include an affordable investment as fees. Also, the one-on-one focus of trainers is a sure recipe for success. 

The training focuses on SAP Security and GRC training. Students are well equipped to pursue a successful career. Students benefit from the flexibility of online trainings. Industry based live projects provide students with an edge.

With rising demand, students can benefit as a SAP Security professional. They can benefit from challenging opportunities to provide security to SAP Systems entirely.  

Contact No: +91 9032734343Email: [email protected]

7. SSNIT Solutions’ SAP Security Course

SSNIT Solutions’ SAP Security Course logoRenowned for effective and end-to-end SAP Security trainings, both corporate and academia stand to benefit. Expert trainers ensure that students are thorough with their concepts from beginner to advanced.

Everyone benefits with training both as part of a group along with one-on-one interaction and assistance. Effective trainers ensure that concepts are conveyed from the basic to the advanced levels.

Edges are the experts who break down difficult and technical concepts into simple ones.

Contact No: +91 9032734343
[email protected]

8. TIC Academy’s SAP Security and GRC Course

TIC Academy’s SAP Security and GRC Course logoPioneers as IT software training providers, TIC has made a mark for itself in a short span. Readiness of the student to comprehend learnings is tracked and the curriculum designed and updated accordingly.

With TIC Academy, the SAP Security Courses in India training is suited to benefit students. It enables students to learn practical skills and be focused towards a successful career. On completion of the course, students get placed into reputed organisations as SAP Security professionals.

The curriculum is designed to equip students as holistic SAP professionals. It provides a complete understanding of SAP Security from the beginner to the advanced level.

Contact No: +91-8680 073 004
[email protected]

9. Udemy’s SAP Security Training Course

 Udmey logoBali, Biyani, and Caglar founded Udemy Inc. in 2010. Adults and students benefit from Udemy, an American Massive Open Online Course. Key focus areas include courses to improve professional related skills.

Designed with the purpose to transfer quality knowledge, Udemy imparts SAP Security concepts effectively. It enables students to pursue careers as a SAP Security Consultant. The interview preparation enables students to get hired successfully.

A captivating feature of this course would be the real life examples. The topics are well covered.

10. Bangalore Training Academy’s SAP Security Course

Bangalore Training Academy logoBangalore Training Academy is a leading IT education provider. It is reputed for imparting quality expert led training. Students benefit from its placement assistance post completion of the course.

Explore SAP Security concepts both from a theory and practical perspective. Expert designed curriculum helps meet current industry requirements. Aspiring students can book a free demo with Bangalore Training Academy to be confident of their expertise.

Bangalore Training Academy includes well equipped lab facilities, interview focused trainings, and placements with reputed organisations.

Contact No: 

Classroom – +91 98458 222 88

Online – +91 98453 999 33

E-mail – Not mentioned

Frequently used SAP Security terminologies:
1. STAD Data

STAD data, a transactional code ensures that access to a SAP system is authorised. It provides security such as analyzing, monitoring, and auditing STAD data.

2. SAP Cryptographic Library

The product provides encryption functions such as a secure network communication between server components of SAP.

3. Internet Transaction Server Security

The Internet Transaction Server (ITS) provides security and acts as a middle component for SAP system accessibility on the web browser.

4. Firewall

It is a system of software and hardware components which decide the pathways of exchange between communication partners.

5. Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

It is provides an encrypted link between communication partners, the server and client. Through its unique variables, one can detect malfunctions.

6. Single Sign – On

Single sign – on enables the usage of a single user credential for multiple people to access. Hence, logins can occur from many systems. It saves administration cost and lowers security risk.

11. Audit Information System (AIS)

Audit Information System logoWith the Audit Information System (AIS), one can analyse how securely the SAP systems function. Both business audits and system audits can be tracked with AIS.

12. ACTE’s SAP Security Training Course

ACTE logoAs a leader in the IT software training space, ACTE has proven its merit within a short span. It is a reputed organisation imparting quality SAP Security Courses in India to students. The course is designed and updated based on the most recent industry trends.

Advantages for students learning ACTE’s SAP Security includes the study materials, interview preparation modules, and lifetime access to the student’s portal. Enabling learning for students everywhere, students can choose between the beginner and advanced levels for SAP Security Courses.
Among many, here are a few mentions of ACTE as authorised partners:

1. Oracle partner

2. Microsoft partner

3. Pearson Vue Exam Centre

4. PSI Exam Centre

Contact No: +91 93833 99991
Classroom Training: [email protected]
Online Training: [email protected]

Benefits of a Holistic SAP Security Platform

SAP systems maybe a mere application technically. Yet, the plethora of possibilities and existing functions ensures that professionals value it. Most IT security focus areas are also similar to SAP Security areas. Across industries, SAP professionals utilise SAP systems and its legacy partners for business processes.

Analysing, monitoring, and measuring risks have proven to be another advantage with SAP Security Systems. 3rd party companies and SAP have successfully created a holistic SAP Security System. Cyber security is a key focus area of SAP systems.

Below are a few benefits of a holistic SAP Security System:

1. The contextual information is analysed and security risks identified and categorized. It is a benefit compared to other systems where time, monetary effort, and energy; transactional costs would be quite high indeed.

2. An effective overall SAP Security solution provides a 360 degree view of each SAP system and its security status. It functions as a central dashboard with mentions of how secure a SAP system holistically is.

3. Optimum capabilities are based on processes. The steps involved in a SAP system such as recognise, defend, seeking, respond, and retrieving ensure that the SAP system is holistically protected.

Unlike specific solutions for targeted outcomes, a holistic SAP security solution ensures that cyber-attacks are prevented. Outcomes such as detection and mitigating risks are also possible with SAP systems.

I hope the above benefits convince one that SAP security solutions provide for a holistic view across SAP systems indeed.

What is SAP Security?

SAP Security comprises of tools, processes, and measures to ensure one’s data is secure. Focus areas include ensuring that SAP System data is free from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.

Why is SAP Security important?

Most businesses would prefer to ensure clientele information is confidential. The best method for it would be to engage with security features of a holistic SAP Security System.

Another plus is the SAP Security audits revealing insights crucial to security for businesses.

History of SAP Systems

Initiated in 1972, five IBM employees introduced the foundations of SAP systems to the world. It is a software application fulfilling the purpose of real-time business processing.

SAP – System Applications and Processing Products functions in the third generation – R/3 where R- real-time data processing and 3 – third-tier client-server architecture.

As an SAP professional, one can help organisations access information just a click away. Functions such as logistics, product management, employee life cycle, etc. can be seamlessly integrated.
One can provide insights into what works well and needs improvement in the organisation.

Discussed below are a few career functions for an SAP professional to excel in:
1. Human Resources

It is a function dedicated to helping employees be at their productive best. To this effect, one can contribute in areas such as employment contracts, appraisals, payroll, etc.

2. Customer Relationship Management

With this function, SAP professionals help build and sustain customer relationships. One would be a part of creating solutions and customer experiences to drive value and profitability for the organisation.

3. Business Intelligence

One would play a significant role as a SAP professional in business intelligence. Whether it is analysing, visualising, or gathering insights through data, one would be invaluable to the organisation.

And many more…

SAP is a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software

Below are a few benefits of enterprise resource planning software:

1.  A Holistic View

An effective ERP provides access and visibility to data. Gathering insights, a 360 degree perspective to organisational processes is a benefit.

2. Integrating Processes

With ERP introduced across functions, reporting and planning can occur seamlessly and at a single point.

3. Customise Purchase Decisions
ERP related businesses often offer applications and other software products to meet with diverse business requirements.

4. Increased Efficiency
With the positives of an ERP, training costs, time, and effort could be saved. Emerging responsibilities could be focused upon.

To sum up, data would be secure with specific controls on who would control and have access to it. Functions can share insights with each other easily through an ERP. 

Closing Thoughts

Organisations are realising the potential of SAP professionals and it is the right time to make hay when the sun shines. One can pursue a lucrative and professionally rewarding career on completion of SAP Security Courses in India.
With SAP Security Courses in India, one would obtain an overview of diverse business functions along with the SAP configuration. It is a learnable skill and can prove advantageous for both freshers as well as professionals.

I truly hope that this blog inspires one to make a justified choice towards investing in a SAP Security Course. As discussed above, Henry Harvin ranks at the top of this list.

Indeed, Henry Harvin is the best. As pioneers in the space of quality education, competency development, and training, many have benefitted from its
student enabling courses.

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Que1. What are the different roles related to SAP Security?

Ans.Roles ease administration responsibilities. To this effect, 2 SAP Security roles exist:
Master Roles – Related to transactions, tasks associated with organisational level management and authorization objects are key focus areas.
Derived Roles – assist in keeping the organisation levels secure and minimise administration tasks.

Que2. What is the fundamental principle of SAP Security?

Ans.SAP Security ensures that SAP systems are secure and access is always authorized. A significant part of this would be maintaining strong internet security and establishing access processes.

Que3. What is SAP HR Security?

Ans.Earlier, SAP BASIS did handle security and access as well. Now, it is the primary purpose being SAP HR Security handles.

Que4. How do parameters in SAP Security function?

Ans.With parameters, one can limit the number of incorrect login attempts. Beyond the limit, the current session could end or the user blocked.

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