Top 10 SAP HR Courses Online

If you’re interested in learning SAP HR and get a broad understanding of programming, but aren’t sure where to begin, this is an excellent place to start.

SAP is one of the most significant and demanded ERP implementations across the world which provides end-to-end solutions to all various business operations of an organization. SAP HR course covers all the HR-related services of a company such a payroll, income tax payments, and salary of the employees. SAP HR course is considered as one of the valuable courses and the software allows the individual to automate record-keeping processes. It can be called an ideal framework for the HR department concerning based on handling important administrative tasks and payroll documents.

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Here is the list of the top 10 institutes offering an SAP HR course online 

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Educations SAP HR course online ranks No1 in India by The Tribune and has received recognition from the Govt of India. This SAP HR course program gives you a better optimization of HR operations and data of people, by which you acquire knowledge about the connected HR management. With the help of this program, you gain professional knowledge about efficient HR services such as HR Services Analytics, etc, also you get acquainted with the organizational structure of the company in the SAP R/3 system.

Why Henry Harvin Education?

Henry Harvin Educations SAP HR course curriculum is well-crafted in compliance with current IT industry standards and provides thorough knowledge of all HR modules over the training session. The training on SAP HR course with help of live projects helps you gain extensive experience and knowledge in accordance with the topic. Henry Harvin avails you with a 1 year of Golden Membership of SAP Academy that includes E-learning through Videos, Projects, etc with the benefits of free brushup sessions for one year. In addition to learning guidance Henry Harvin Education provides you with a guaranteed Internship and numerous Job opportunities.

Duration of Course:

Henry Harvin offers both self-paced and instructor-led courses. The self-paced course includes e-Learning access with lifetime support, as well as 24×7 access to the course and free upgrades. Live Online instructor-led Classes provide 44 Hours of training in interactive classroom sessions conducted by certified industry professionals.

Course fee:
Self-paced INR 20250 (No Cost EMI available with 0% interest rate.)

Instructor-led INR 22500 (No Cost EMI available with 0% interest rate.)

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2. ShapeMySkills

ShapeMySkills is a well-known online training platform that gives individuals employment advancement and knowledge to increase their skills. ShapeMySkills provides an SAP HR course online at a moderate cost with the support of industry experts. They offer free online training videos, study materials, and SAP-related interview questions.

Duration of Course: 32 Hours.

Course fee: INR 23,600.

3. Udemy

Udemy is a web-based learning platform that assists professionals and students all around the world. Udemy provides a well-designed SAP HR course online that covers all of the fundamental ideas of SAP HR and provides an overview of the capabilities while making learning interesting for you. Udemy also provides a Certificate of Completion and a 30-day money-back guarantee at the end of the course.

Duration of Course: 15 lectures for 1hour

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Course fee: INR 6,400

4. Multisoft Virtual Academy

The SAP HR course online from Multisoft Virtual Academy educates learners on the capabilities of SAP’s ERP software, which is used to manage human resources functions. This SAP HR course is suitable for those interested in implementing HR-based ERP systems. The course covers all of the important topics, from the fundamentals to the advanced levels, and includes four tasks overseen by experienced trainers.

Duration of Course: 30 Hours

Course fee: INR 25,000.

5. GreyCampus

Grey Campus SAP HR course online provides skills required to implement and configure the HCM application process as well as automate the bulk of fundamental HR procedures. The SAP HR course is designed for SAP-certified Application Associates with ERP 6.0 EHP7 who want to learn how to administer SAP HCM applications utilizing customized configuration to provide curated reports for organizational needs.

Duration of Course: 35+ hours instructor-led

6. SevenMentor

The SAP HR course online from Seven Mentors is proven to improve your knowledge and expertise for a successful career in corporate Human Resources. The SAP HR course will give you both academic and practical knowledge on all aspects of HR implementation. The training will assist you in consolidating all HR data and analyzing an organization’s productivity.

Duration of Course: 90+ Hours

7. SVR Technologies

SVR Technologies is a learning platform that offers an SAP HR course online with a team of industry experts. The course is available in two modes: self-learning and live online training, and it covers all of the important issues related to human resources and the application of SAP HR in a corporate context.

Duration of Course: 36 Hours

8. CCube

CCube is the fastest-growing vendor-neutral competency certification center in India. CCubes SAP HR Course online certification is an excellent course for individuals with an SAP ERP business background who want to advance their career in SAP HR. This SAP HR  course ensures that the participant gains an understanding of the core knowledge and abilities in Human Resources. The course includes a live demonstration as well as hands-on live projects, giving you a thorough understanding of all SAP HR components.

9. QuickXpert Infotech

QuickXpert Infotech SAP HR course online is one of the best certifications in Mumbai, with low prices and training from industry specialists. The SAP HR course covers all of the important modules related to human resources and includes a customized implementation strategy to assist an organization’s employee management. The program comprises of five levels that cover all topics from basic to advanced, as well as one-on-one question answering and interview preparation sessions.

10. Edoxi Institute

Edoxi Training Institute provides an SAP HR course online that covers a wide range of abilities that will help you extend and improve your SAP HR skills with the greatest industry specialists. The SAP HR course covers the fundamentals of HR and HCM, including how to automate and handle payroll transactions, time management, and analytics, among other topics. The course covers all you need to know about enhanced automation for greater accuracy and time savings.

SAP HR Business Process

While HR functions appear easy, there is a lot of work that follows the recruitment of a new employee, such as onboarding, resource allocation, compensation and benefits, performance management, promotions, and so on. All of these easy duties are significantly more challenging at the organizational level, hence SAP HCM is the software that can help to streamline all HR-related operations.

SAP HR is also known as HCM (Human Capital Management)SAP HR provides the data of an employee right from the hiring process to the final termination in an organization.

SAP is further divided into various modules such as 

  • Organisation Management
  • Personnel Administration
  • Time Management
  • Payroll
  • Personnel Development

Organisation Management

As the name implies, this sub-module allows the organization to depict various plans, such as analyzing the current plan, creating more plans, and improving workflow management. Organizational Management is used in the SAP HCM environment to map the complete enterprise structure with its organizational units. The program also provides process organization analysis and personnel studies for personnel planning. SAP HCM Organizational Management can be used to plan organizational changes if they are imminent. Finally, this module serves as the foundation for services such as career planning and applicant management.

Personnel Administration

This submodule of SAP systems records all the employee’s essential details and information. Various tasks can be performed with this particular module like hiring the employees, personnel data, travel expenses, payroll accounting, etc. Personnel Administration is the nexus of all human capital management threads. The personnel master record, which exists for each employee, is the focal focus here. The “digital personnel file” replaces paper-based methods and ensures that all employee data is always up to date.

Time Management

With the help of this module, the overall data of a specific employee in terms of attendance, absence, and time evaluation is recorded. Time recording using terminals or analogous technology is recommended to achieve the highest level of automation possible. The time postings are promptly transferred to the SAP system via interfaces, where they serve as the foundation for following procedures such as payroll accounting.


SAP payroll is concerned with the process of compensating employees for their efforts, which includes salary, medical benefits, taxes, and so on. Simulation runs, which can be performed prior to the actual payroll run, give additional protection. Any mistakes can be fixed ahead of time. SAP HCM Payroll also supports a variety of payroll periods. This is especially advantageous for organizations with a global presence.

Personnel Development

This submodule is concerned with processes that improve employee performance. Personnel development plays a vital role in preparing employees to satisfy all important standards, increasing employee motivation and productivity, and decreasing turnover. In SAP HCM, the primary goal of talent management is to compare unfilled and available positions with existing human resources. This is done based on predetermined criteria such as qualifications and personal interests. At the same time, these functionalities enable employees’ specific career and development goals, as well as accompanying target agreements, to be mapped in the system.

Why do Companies Choose SAP?

SAP ERP programming is a management system that is a centralized process. Information duplication, gaps, and repetition are all eliminated using this unified framework. It continuously sends data to all offices. SAP ERP allows you to manage a variety of company metrics. The centralized network boosts efficiency, improves stock management, boosts quality, lowers raw material costs, improves HR management, lowers costs, and boosts benefits. Individual requirements can be improved, and organizations can provide greater results.

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Who can enrol on this course?

Individuals with extensive experience in HR administration, payroll, and benefits management can opt for SAP HR training.

What precisely is an ERP?

ERP is an abbreviation for “Enterprise Resource Planning.” ERP software includes systems in all major business areas, such as acquisition, marketing, and material management, manufacturing, marketing, finance, and accounting (HR).

What is an Infotype?

The data units used in the SAP HR Infotype are used in the Human Resource Management System. SAP HR Infotype organizes data and works with workers to enter their information for specific time periods. SAP HR Infotype aids in the documentation of data for administrative and financial purposes.


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