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· PRACTICE 400 first-rate Exam Questions

· Go through the questions that envelopes all the hot topics of the PMP syllabus

PMP® Certification Training Course

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·  ACQUIRE the skill and accumulate the knowledge that is necessary to get through the PMP® certification exam

· GET aware of  the concepts of PMP by getting into the practice of real-time questions

· HELP you gain confidence 

· ASSIST you in accessing your current situation when you attempt the questions

· GET the experience of appearing in PMP exams.

· GREAT WAY to crack PMP certification exam at one go

· INFUSED with a better understanding with the explanations provided at the end of each question

Course Particulars

Practice Test # 2 400 Questions

The practise test is a constant source to assist you in evaluating your knowledge and expanding your degree of confidence. It will help you while you appear for the PMP tests by giving enough information and experience. You will have the option to evaluate your present circumstance and where you stand prior to showing up for the tests. After having an exact image of your real situation you will have sufficient time to prepare yourself for the big day and can procure great scores in the tests. In the event that you don’t comprehend a question in the training test then there is a point by point clarification given toward the end of each question to make your doubts clear. It will without a doubt land you in a better situation before you take the tests. An extraordinary method to plan for the tests and save time simultaneously. 

A sum of 400 questions is ready for each test that is objective in nature. The requirement of the test is that the participant attempt all the questions. The questions are situational and one can undoubtedly grasp them by putting oneself there. All the significant topics are included in the tests to prepare you fully and in this way, there is no uncertainty in the event that great scores in the PMP test are an assurance with the tests. You simply need to rehearse these papers to be prepared for the important day.

Enroll in our PMP Certification today and develop a strong foundation in the principles of project management.

Ways to prepare for the test

• Go through your course fully to get ready for the PMP tests as the questions are never from outside the course. 

• Revision is an absolute necessity as it keeps you on toes 

• Make it a custom to memories the course every day. 

Guidelines to be followed 

• If there is any urgency or you need a break in between then you can take a halt in the middle of it and continue it later. 

• You can apply for the test a few times on the off if you need to rehearse more 

• There is a progress bar towards the start of the test that is similar to your exam report and you can likewise have an idea of the time left for the test. In the event that your time completes, don’t get anxious as you can, in any case, have the option to finish the test. 

• You can avoid an inquiry in the event that you don’t want to endeavour it or don’t have the foggiest idea about the appropriate response. 

• If you are uncertain about the questions you can likewise use Review. 

• in the event that you don’t comprehend anything you can have a definite clarification of the questions that is given at the end.. 

• If you need to complete the test and see your result promptly then you can press the stop button before you submit your test. 

• If you score bad grades then you can likewise retake the test.

Who is this course for?

• Participants who need to finish the PMP test with great scores should endeavour this assessment. 

• The Project managers can show up for the test 

• If you are getting ready for the PMP test and you are one of the individuals from the task group then you can show up for the test.

Words of appreciation from our Students 

  “I found the content to be very engaging with a great scope that can help me crack the exams. It is really helpful when you get so much information. It is good to clear your concepts and create a better understanding of the subject. The quality of the test paper is great and gave me the confidence to sit for my exam.” Ramagya Sarvpalli

“Very nicely articulated. Covers each and every detail very precisely and nicely. I liked the course and gained complete knowledge of PMP courses. I am confident now to go ahead with the PMP exam. Thank you for such a nice course that covers exam tips and other important things.” Astha Arora

“The questions in the test are well framed. I will recommend this course any day! I took admission in this course, went over it twice and passed the PMP exam on the first try. The exam pointers given in the course are also very relevant to the PMP exam. Great Stuff and can lead the way for a successful PMP exam!!!” – Om  Ahuja

“Very clear and structured instructions and well-framed questions. It’s a highly recommended course to take up that can make you an expert.  Very effective course material under outstanding mentors. Efforts made to develop this course is great and course delivery was excellent as it was conducted with the highest standards.” Sanam Ali

“I learned a lot from the practical experience of the tutor and it was a very good insight into the real world of project management. With 3 weeks of intense studying, I was confident enough to take the exam. Thorough in material coverage with interesting examples. Very clear to the point.  I am grateful to Henry Harvin for this wonderful course. Good luck to all!!” Matthew Jacob

“Great course, All the questions are designed very nicely. The content was good. I finished this course with the confidence to pass my test. It covered the entire syllabus for the exam. The test paper is great as it has all the material needed to prepare well. The sessions were very informative and keep you on your toes.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning.” Pratibha Kubler

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  1. The course supports elevating our business expertise and project management skills as well as advancing our careers in project management, which is widely regarded as the industry’s gold standard. Thanks, HENRY HARVIN.

  2. Naresh singh Reply

    Really enjoyed this project management course, even though the assignments were increasingly hard. In the first week there are a few hours of videos, after that only about 1.5 hours of material per week, but it’s very concentrated goodness. The lecturer is very clear and interesting. Thanks so much HENRY HARVIN Institute.

  3. pammi kumar Reply

    A fantastic blog, whether or not previous knowledge was there, the blog really pushes the reader to understand the concepts in their own manner. Perfect addition to my skillet, Thank you for sharing

  4. An excellent meeting that gave knowledge into the PMBOK guide and the PMP test. Great guide and tutor. A truly decent encounter!

  5. Bhumika Singh Reply

    Sir, I am interested to learn all courses, when it will start the batches in henry Harvin.

  6. Amazing website. Much obliged for giving this data. It was exceptionally useful to peruse and comprehend. My genuine much appreciated!

  7. Dhanesh Sharma Reply

    The course made me add a ton to my current information, got a large number of the ideas cleared.

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