Hi! Whether you are an employer or a job seeker in the Golden state of the US; i.e. California; This is for you! In fact, this is for anyone who works or wants to work in California. Just have a look at these Top 15 Recruitment Services in California. It will help you land up at any best suitable solution.

Why California?

Before starting, we will see why is California a favorable place to work or trade?

  • The first thing first is the availability of ample opportunities for jobs and trade as well.
  • Additionally, the booming economy supports and benefits everyone from tech giants to agricultural farmers.
  • Similarly, diverse industry types support and grow every kind of business and job seeker.
  • Also, temperate weather makes work and living enjoyable.
  • Last but not least is, that the State has some unique vacation and paid time off facilities.

Why Recruitment Services?

Now, we will discuss the actual role of recruitment services. Why they have become the hero behind the scene.

  • Keenly, recruitment services are the matchmakers between the employee and the employers. That clearly means that they can offer the best available solutions in the market for the recruits and for the recruiters.
  • In other words, the recruitment services have a clear idea about the opportunities available, and advancements in the industries. They are updated with modernistic functional talent.   
  • Moreover, most recruitment services guarantee on posting of an applicant. Further, this minimizes the risk of placement and replacement. And it is free of cost.
  • Also, the recruitment services are cost-effective and time-saving for the recruiters.

So, without a delay now, let’s fly over and point out the Top Recruitment Services in California.

1. Civic Minds Recruitment.

The first on the list of top 15 recruitment services in California is Civic Mind Recruitment. This is one of the recruitment services which helps you to grab the dream opportunity or talent. Let’s understand them in short.

Why Civic Minds?

First, let’s see, amongst all other recruitment services, why Civic Minds?

  • Firstly, they serve a wide array of industries to serve. This boosts the chances of perfect matches for recruits and the recruiters.
  • Secondly, they have worldwide branches.
  • And thirdly, they also have tailor-made hiring, and recruitment as well as interview process to match the talent with the requirements of the client.

Services Provided:

They readily offer different customized services to their clients. 

  • Contingency Search:

This is nothing but to fulfill the unforeseen requirement of talents at low to middle-level positions in the company.

  • Retainer Search: 

This is high-to-executive level recruitment. Here they use the agency’s own database and references.

  • Container Search:

This is a mix of the above two and so the most famous one.

  • Background Check:

Furthermore, they offer to check the background of a new employee. This includes reference checks, e-verifications, California Board of License verification, Universal Background Screening, etc. absolutely free.

  • Immigration Services:

Also, they freely help candidates in the immigration procedures.


They have diverse specialities over 20+ years in the fields as:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare
  • Medical Devices
  • Healthcare IT
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Banking
  • Analytics
  • Human Resources.


  • Irvine, CA.
  • Los Angeles, CA.
  • Riverside, CA.
  • San Diego, CA.
  • Las Vegas, NV.
  • Mumbai, India.
  • Mohali, India.
  • Gurgaon. India. 

2. Red Cap Staffing:

The next amongst the famous recruitment services in California is Red Cap staffing. This recruitment service is one of the major local service providers. Let’s have an account of it.

Why Red Cap Staffing?

Just go through the key features.

  • It is one of the major recruitment services which is active globally as well as locally.
  • In addition, it can give you a team of talents or skills to fulfill your targets.
  • Also, they are very keen to provide proper safety training to their employees or clients on demand.

What’s there for you as a job seeker?

In addition to availing good job opportunities, the Red Cap recruitment service also extends its helping hand in the following ways.

  • To begin with, they bestow pre-employment training and orientation sessions. So, you are ready from the very first day.
  • If you don’t have your tool or required equipment, they provide PPE.
  • Weekly wages through direct deposit or pay card or cheque.
  • They also look into converting the temporary opportunities to permanent ones.

Types of industries to serve:

They generally serve to fill the positions from low to mid-level.

  • Administrative
  • Construction
  • General Labour
  • Hospitality
  • Light Industrial
  • Restoration
  • Skilled trades
  • Warehouse.


  • California
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Texas
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine
  • New Mexico

3. California Staffing Service.

Matching the workforce talent and need, becomes critical when it comes to the schooling and childcare field. Furthermore, it requires ethics. California Staffing Service is one such, amongst the popular recruitment services in California. Know some more about it.

Why California Staffing Service?

Let’s see, amongst all other recruitment services, what is different with them.

  • The main highlight is, that they work exclusively with preschools, daycares as well as before and after school programs.
  • This means as a job seeker, you will get many options to select as per your skills, talent, and pace, without diverting.
  • Also, signing up is free. The transformation of temp-to-perm employees is complementary after around 6 months.
  • They are very keen to cater to the qualitative recruitments than the quantitative ones.


They offer three basic services:

  • On-call Substitutes
  • Long Term Temps
  • Permanent Positions.
  • Screening of resumes and applications.
  • Verification of work history and health history
  • Thorugh Background checks of the candidates.


  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles

4. Matura Farrington Staffing Services

Moving down to the list, next is Matura Farrington Staffing Services. This is one of the most noticeable recruitment services in California. So, without a delay, let’s question.

Why Matura Farrington?

The eligible temporaries of Matura Farrington Recruitment Services will enjoy the perks below:

  • Easy and quick registration online and via Emails.
  • Benefits like healthcare, participation in profit-sharing plans, retention bonuses, paid holidays, referral bonuses, parking allowances, software tutorial training, etc.
  • Seamless Temp-to-Perm shift.
  • Proper exposure and networking to temporaries also.


They support the following workforce spectra.

  • Legal Law Firms and Corporate Counsels.
  • Professionals in Engineering, Architecture, Accounting Management Consulting, and General Business.
  • Banking Investments and Money Management.
  • Real Estate Investment, Development, and Consulting.


  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
  • Northern California.

5. Addison Group.

When quality and quantity go hand in hand; it brings nothing but success! This is the success story of the Addison Group amongst all the other recruitment services in California.

Why Addison Group?

Merely, these reasons are just enough and success only explains them.

  • It covers almost all the USA with offices everywhere.
  •  Not only widespread with respect to places but also the industry type.
  • Awarded by many reputed industrial service awards. and therefore, it stands among the first fifty recruitment services.

Types of Industries to Serve:

  • Information Technology
  • Banking and Finance
  • Healthcare 
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources and Administrative
  • Digital marketing


This recruitment service caters all over the USA at around 28 locations all around including

  • California
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Washington DC 
  • Georgia
  • Philadelphia, etc

6. Nelson Staffing.

If you find someone who has about 50 years of legacy to help their clients and job seekers; what would be better than it? Nelson staffing is the legendary pioneer among the recruitment services in California. 

Why Nelson Staffing?

Have a look at the benefits they offer.

  • Opportunities to work with Nelson itself.
  • Additionally, they tie up with sensible recruiters who offer competitive pay.
  • Many options to select medical coverages.
  • Referral bonuses.


  • Ample temporary opportunities to understand the skills, interests, and efficiency area.
  • Also, Temp-to-Hire opportunities.
  • Direct hire.
  • MSP Talent Delivery
  • Recruiting for recruiters’ service
  • Workplace safety programs
  • Workforce behavior assessment service.

Types of Industries they serve:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Office and Admin
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Technology
  • Wine, Food, and Beverages.


Throughout California wherever you are:

  • Fairfield
  • Fremont
  • Inland Empire
  • Modesto
  • Napa
  • Orange County
  • Petaluma
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Pleasanton
  • Sacramento

7. Plaza Personnel Service.

In the same vein as the previous one is Plaza Personnel Service. This also has a legacy of 30 years. They offer primarily medical recruitment services among all recruitment services in California.

Why Plaza Personnel Service:

  • Locally owned and active in San Diego itself.
  • Provide accurate detailed information.
  • Keen employment reference checks.
  • Also, thorough criminal background checks of the candidate for the employer.
  • Similarly, they also support small private medical practice hiring. 
  • Great reputation.


  • All kinds of staffings in medical, clinical, and related admins and managers.
  • Specialized in permanent direct hire for doctors and clinics.


  • San Diego County

8. SDI Staffing.

Similarly, SDI Staffing is also one of many recruitment services in California. It is exclusively insurance recruitment services. Like others, we will also check this recruitment service. So, let’s move on.

Why SDI Staffing?

Here are the points to tell you about.

  • For jobseekers:
  1. Weekly Payroll
  2. Direct Deposit
  3. Sick Leave Pay
  4. Online Time Card Entry
  5. Holiday Pay, Vacation Pay, and 401(k)
  6. Online tutorials
  7. $100 Referral Bonus.
  • For Employers:

Being exclusive in the insurance industry, they offer:

  1. Direct HIre
  2. Temp-to-Hire
  3. Temporary positions.
  4. Payrolling Services.


  • San Diego

9. Barrington Staffing Services.

Now, the next one is Barrington Staffing Services. This is one of the recruitment services in California which is steadily serving for 40 years.

Benefits of Barrington Staffing Services:

Let’s have a look at why Barrington Staffing?

  • For Job Seekers:
  1. First and the most important is, the contribution of social securities and medicare benefits for candidates.
  2. Another is insurance coverage.
  3. Weely payrolls
  4. Referral Bonuses.
  5. Paid seek leaves.
  • For Employers:
  1. Temporary
  2. Temporary to Staff
  3. Employers Hire Direct
  4. All kinds of outsourcing services minimize the burden on the employer.

Job Catagories:

  • Admin, Executive, HR, general office
  • Technical
  • IT support, Database operators
  • Call centers, customer relations.
  • Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, etc.


  • Burbank
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Los Angeles
  • Valencia

10. Helpmates Staffing.

Moving on to the next among all other recruitment services in California is Helpmates Staffing. They are professionals as well as modern in recruitment practices. 

Why Helpmates?

  • Firstly, because of an employee and employer, both experiences are unparallel, unique, and professional.
  • Secondly, they provide exceptional client services and maintain long relationships.
  • They also offer a 100% unconditional guarantee of the recruits.
  • Additionally, custom-made services and expert consultation.
  • Also, provide and take care of safety training.


  • Office Staffing
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare Staffing
  • HR Staffing
  • Distribution and Manufacturing.


  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County.

11. HB Staffing.

In the light of woman empowerment, a woman-owned company among all other recruitment services in California for 21 years. It’s not just that! But also, its services are spread nation-wide!! So, let’s see special benefits.

Advantages of working with HB Staffing:

In order to make the best matches between employees and employers, Hb staffing offers the following benefits.

  • Short-duration work and long-term job opportunities.
  • Weekly Pays.
  • Referral Bonuses.
  • Holiday Pays, Year-end Bonuses as well as Sick Pay according to the eligibility.
  • To say nothing of complimentary resume evaluation and interview coaching.
  • This is coupled with complementary skill assessments and online skill training.
  • Furthermore, wellness and medicare facilities for eligible candidates.

Their Industrial Spectrum:

  • Commercial Staffing:
  • Admin and Clerical
  • Accounting
  • Professional, Legal Insurance; HR
  • Engineering and IT
  • Reception and Data Entry
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Customer Service and Retail, etc.
  • Public Agency Staffing:
  • Ports
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Housing Authorities
  • Etar Districts 
  • Education, etc.
  • Federal Government Staffing:
  • Department of Defence
  • Department of Labour
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Justice
  • Naval Post Graduate School
  • LA Airbase, etc.


  • Huntington Beach
  • San Diego
  • Monterey
  • Red Lands

12. Exact Staff.

In the same token as the previous one, is Exact Staff. It is also a women-owned company and has completed its silver jubilee. In fact, it is a Family of Companies and stands among the top recruitment services in California.


  • For Job Seekers:
  1. Health Insurance and Referal Bonuses
  2. Safety Incentives 
  3. Amusement Park and other Entertainment Discounts
  4. Direct Deposit
  5. Skill Training and Certification
  6. Free Online Software self tutorials
  7. Credit Union Membership.
  • For Employers:
  1. The out-of-the-box feature is it is a Family of Companies to fulfill every client’s niche requirements exactly and properly with expertise.
  2. They undergo very keen E-verification Compliances of the candidates.
  3. Safety and Risk management training programs are carried out very seriously.
  4. They maintain total transparency in everything.


  • Direct recruitments
  • Temp-to full-time recruitments
  • Temporary staffing
  • On-site project management
  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • Vendor management
  • Payrolling Solutions
  • Skill training and enhancement, etc.


  • Calabasas, CA.

13. Pride Staff Financial.

Moving on the next among the top recruitment services in California is Pride Staff Financial. Their main specialty area is financial recruitment services, as the name. But, they also provide recruitment services. 


  • For Recruits:
  1. Medicare Benefits
  2. Hospital Benefits
  3. Fixed Indemnity
  4. Also, Dental and Vision plan options are available.
  5. 401K Plan to eligible candidates.
  • For Recruiters:
  1. Back-ups and alternates for accounting support and professional personnel.
  2. Specialties in handling projects
  3. Temporary recruits for periodic high times, workload peaks, and the accounting cycles.
  4. Vacation and all other paid leave, extended leave benefits.

Specialty Areas:

  • All kinds of Accounting Operations.
  • All types of Accounting management.
  • Senior Level Accounting.


Pride Staff Financial is spread not only all over California but also the whole Country.

  • East Bay, Tri-Valley
  • Fresno
  • Modesto
  • Sacramento (East)
  • Sacramento (West)
  • San Diego
  • Visalia.

14. Denham Resources.

In like manner of legacy, maintaining its integrity is Denham Resources. It is a locally owned family business. It has completed its golden jubilee years and is one of the top recruitment services in California.


  • For Candidates:
  1. Because they have exclusive tie-ups with companies; open as well as hidden job markets; candidates get a wide array of job opportunities.
  2. They also manage the whole interview process including resume writing and interview technique tips.
  3. Similarly, they offer and provide skill improvements and training.
  4. In addition to that, they share their own honest evaluation of the candidate and suggest improvements and skill enhancements.
  • For Employers:
  1. Direct Recruitment
  2. Temporary recruitments
  3. Temporary-to- full time hires
  4. Consulting
  5. Outsourcing Services.


  • Fresno
  • Visalia

15. Cornerstone Staffing Solutions.

Last but not least among the top recruitment services in California is Cornerstone Staffing Solutions. “ Where Talent and Jobs Meet “ is their tagline. Accordingly, they present talented, quality, and qualified solutions to employers. 

Why Cornerstone Staffing?

Benefits to the employees and the employers are here.

  • For the Employee:
  1. Life insurance cover
  2. Dental and Vision cover
  3. Also, Fixed Indemnities, Medicare, and/ or Minimum Essential Care.
  4. Additionally, Short term disability is also covered.
  5. Paid Holidays
  6. 401K Retirement Savings, etc.
  • For Employers:
  1. Like all others, Temporary. Temp-to-Direct and Direct Hires.
  2. Additionally, They also help Onsite Solutions with high volumes and fluctuating requirements.
  3. Able to fulfill timely demands in Healthcare.

Industries They Serve:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Administrative and Professional
  • Human resources
  • Technical
  • Call Center
  • Manufacturing and Light Industrial
  • Engineering
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Sales and Business Development.


  • Corona
  • East Bay
  • Merced
  • Sacramento
  • Stockton
  • Pleasanton


It is quoted, “ Pleasure in the Job puts Perfection In the Work.” It can be experienced very well when the workplace is in California. Also, if a candidate seeks the help of recruitment services, he will find a pleasurable job. Similarly, an employer will get the work done with perfection. That means it’s a win-win situation for all the threes. 

So, with this; be ready to open up your wings and fly high! Find the best suitable job for you with the top recruitment services in California. Derive pleasure from work and embrace life to its full!

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1. As a candidate, how can a recruitment service help me?

Ans. It is of great help to the freshers. Freshers do not have any idea about the  recent advancements, job market situation, and the best suitable job 
 category in your specialized field.

2. Do the recruitment services charge?

 Ans. To the candidates, most of the agencies do not charge any fees. But 
        they charge the employer.

3. Can I submit my resume to many staffing agencies?

 Ans. Yes! Of course, you can!!

4. Sometimes if I submit my resume to an employment agency and they do not reply to me; what should I do?

Ans. This happens many times if the openings suitable for you are not there. Then you can just contact them and work out what is the matter?

5. What are the demerits of using recruitment services?

 Ans. As an Employer, the only disadvantage is, that it proves expensive 
many times.

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