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Would it be an exaggeration if I say,’ This World runs on Communications’?  I don’t think so. Communication is a vital part of our lives. You might be a student, pursuing your dream career, or working professionally, and conversing in English is of paramount importance. The way we portray and express ourselves helps us to form our image also.  Interestingly English-speaking courses can help you tone your speaking skills and enhance your confidence. Moreover, speaking about, Noida, it’s a city which has the best companies in India. A person with strong communication skills can express himself well and leave a mark in this city. So, that is why there are ample options for English Speaking courses in Noida . We have made a whole list for you to make it easier for you to choose from the best English Speaking courses available on the market.

1. Henry Harvin

Become a fluent and confident English speaker in a short period. That is what is promised by Henry Harvin. This English-speaking course is promising to make concepts clear for you. Upon completing this English-speaking course you would be able to read and speak complicated text with ease and proficiency. In addition to this, the English speaking course in Mumbai is making concepts easier through Live Interactive Online sessions.

Henry Harvin follows the framework of the Common European Framework {CEFR}. Dedicated speaking sessions with professional speakers will help you understand and build your accent and style.

Why choose Henry Harvin’s English-speaking course

  • The curriculum is designed to enable all the candidates to attain fluency in Spoken English.
  • Learn the basics of English speaking like vocabulary, diction, spelling, and pronunciation.
  • You can choose from 6 levels – Beginner level to Advanced Level.
  • Remember! You are opting for 9 in 1 English Speaking course which includes Training, Projects, internships, Placement, E-learning, Bootcamps, Hackathons, and Gold membership.
  • Grab the opportunity to study in the World’s best Universities of English – speaking nations.

Henry Harvin English Speaking course fees:

  • Single level fees start from INR 15000 to Six-level combo – INR 44500
  • If interested learners can go for one-to-one training for INR 1400/per hour. If not satisfied, we guarantee you a full refund.

Henry Harvin’s English speaking course in Major Cities:


Henry Harvin’s other language courses:

2. Cambridge Institute Foreign Language Classes

Mastering English speaking might not be an easy task but it is not impossible. You just need to know your level and where you have to reach. This is exactly where Cambridge Institute English-speaking course helps. The Institute has provision staff who will evaluate your current degree of English language ability and will guide you for the best course for you.  English-speaking courses in Noida are of utmost importance as the city is home to many multinational firms. Here English language is a major language in the business sector and corporate world. So skillfulness in Spoken English can be a powerful tool to be equipped with.

Why choose Cambridge Institute English-speaking course

  • Choose between Basic English, Elementary English, Advanced English, Smart English, and Business English.
  • Choose timing according to your convenience.
  • On-hand experience with the best English Language faculty to prepare you for your future.
  • We assure to give you proper time so that you are well versed in your English at the end of your course.
  • We believe in practical experience so, you will get enough chances to practice in class.
  • We follow step by step strategy under the guidance of a mentor.

Cambridge Institute’s other Foreign language classes:

  • French Language Courses
  • German Language Courses
  • Spanish Language Courses
  • Chinese Language Courses
  • Japanese Language Courses
  • Arabic Language Courses
  • Russian Language Courses
  • Korean Language Courses
  • Hindi Language Courses

3. Ascend – English Speaking Institute

Learning English can help you widen your horizon and help you meet new people. Reason? English is the official language of 53 countries. Mastering English can help you get a better job. Firstly, we can understand the importance of English by knowing that more than half of the material on the Internet is in English. So, Ascend will help you with your mission. Our different levels of English courses help you choose the one which is the best for you.

Why choose Ascend English Speaking course

  • Their Virtual Lecture rooms make the courses super affordable.
  • They offer immediate tests and feedback making it easier and more transparent for our students.
  • They make sure we keep a track of Individual progress because every student matter to us.
  • They have a team of certified and experienced trainers teaching you practical and easy methods.
  • Students can choose between General English Course and Intermedial English Course.

Other Courses offered by Ascend English Speaking Course:

  • Business and Executive course
  • Effective Email Writing
  • Interview Skills training
  • Personality Development training
  • IELTS training

4. New Oxfords English speaking classes

As we are continuously discussing the advantages of English speaking. Moving ahead in our English-speaking courses list in Noida is New Oxford English Speaking Course. New Oxfords believe that command over the English language is crucial to developing an impressive personality. The institute provides you with the facility to expand your knowledge of the English Language. They guarantee that with their English Speaking course, the students will be able to understand, comprehend, listen and speak effectively after the completion of the course.

Why choose New Oxfords English-speaking course?

  • With this English-speaking course, students will be able to understand, comprehend, listen and speak effectively.
  • Choose from the level which is best for you. The institute has basic to advanced levels.
  • As promised by New Oxfords, their classes are enjoyable, interactive, and relevant to today’s needs.

Other courses offered by New Oxfords in Mumbai

  • Personality development courses
  • Language classes
  • Corporate training
  • Translation classes
  • Public speaking classes

5. Empower- English Academy Pvt limited- English speaking classes

Empower is committed to giving a cutting-edge experience with promised results. This is a group of qualified and experienced trainers dedicated to helping you in your journey. The best part of Empower English speaking course is individual attention being paid to every student so they can learn and grow. Empower believes students, working professionals, or entrepreneurs can go the extra mile in their careers by learning this communication skill. People with English language constraints in their mind will benefit the most from Empower English-speaking course.

Why choose Empower English speaking course

  • You will be trained by qualified professionals
  • Empower focuses on individual training, working on minute details for overall development
  • Students can choose from Basic English to Advance English language.
  • Specially curated course and focussed work on pronunciation.

Other courses offered by Empower:

  • Basic English Language
  • Advanced English Language
  • Voice Culture and speaking skills
  • IELTS, TOEFL, and others
  • Corporate training

6. American Institute of Language

Established in 1996 American Institute works with the motto of providing overall development programs in various languages with a special focus on Spoken English, Public speaking, and Business English.  The class timings are scheduled in a very flexible manner. Reason? American Institute is focussing on Undergraduates, Graduates, Post Graduates, and working professionals of all genres. American Institute claims to have successfully trained thousands of participants. 

The staff of the American Institute evaluates the candidate’s English level and then allot the course. American Institute has a set of trained professionals for every course. In today’s competitive world, with a professional degree, what one needs is strong communication skills. This is what where American Institute is working on. American Institute has regular as well as customized to individuals and corporate in various languages. American Institute is a credible name in language courses. It has won 21 awards, with 87000 satisfied customers it offers 30 types of courses.

Why choose the American Institute of Language

  • The customized program is according to the need of the students.
  • Focus on every small aspect so that students can learn and grow.
  • Students can choose from Basic, Advanced, Stylish, Fast track batches, and Travelers crash courses.
  • Specially designed course and video material for making things understandable.

Other courses offered by American Institute

  • Arabic Language classes
  • Chinese Language classes
  • Dutch Language classes
  • French Language classes
  • German Language classes
  • Hindi Language classes
  • Italian Language classes

7. I promise

Recognized as a pioneer in the field of language training and English speaking. I promise provides customized training solutions and delivery styles to suit students’ requirements. They have a range of courses to choose from. They have mentor-led training to get the right inputs and develop the right skills. The English language is the most convenient and accepted means of communication. Upromise helps you to hone your skills and build your confidence. I promise testimonials to speak for its success.

Why iPromise English speaking classes:

  • Efficient and trained mentors
  • Regular guest lectures by professionals
  • Tutorial and mentor-led initiatives
  • One ON One Coaching
  • Group discussions
  • Technology-based training

Other courses offered by Ipromise

  • Foundation English Course
  • Fluency development course
  • Business English course
  • Personality development course


So, Perfect Spoken English will add so much to your professional and personal life.  It will add confidence in you and open new horizons for you. Do you know the fact that English is a widely accepted official language in the world. So, if a language can give you confidence and chances both – Why not to go for it. Believe me, your efforts will not go wasted. Improving your English- Spoken and writing will be beneficial for you in many ways. These English-speaking courses will help you to choose the right way for you. So what are you waiting for? Learn English to add so much more to your life. Don’t they say, “learning is always rewarding?”

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Q.1 Why spoken English is so important for individual development?

English is a globally accepted Official language. If an individual is accomplished with flawless Spoken English, then he /she will be confident. Proficient English users will always have an edge over others.

Q.2 Why English as a language is so important for entertainment?

It’s OTT time. One needs to be proficient in speaking and understanding English. The OTT platforms have opened the horizons for entertainment lovers. The entertainment explorer can have a taste of American, Dutch, Spanish, etc series only if he can understand English. So why not have this complete explosion of entertainment in our lives. Why settle for less, when we can have it all. But improve your English first.

Q.3 Can Spoken English be aced by just watching English movies and OTTs?

Yes, they can help but you need to learn and practice the basics first. This includes grammar, vocabulary, diction, and pronunciation.

Q.4 What are the common exams that become mandatory for an overseas job application?

English in India falls under the non-native category. Exams like IELTS or TOEFL are mandatory to apply for jobs in countries like the UK, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. 


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