Staffing services save businesses the precious time of recruiting the right candidate for the right job. The staffing services in Tennessee give corporations the services by acting as middlemen. They prove to be the vital link between the recruiter and professionals. Saving time, thus makes staffing a profitable service. Tennessee has seen significant growth in the past few years. With a growing business, expansion, and recruiting, employees get time-consuming. Hence hiring through staffing services in Tennessee sees an upwards trend. In this blog let us look at the top 10 staffing services in Tennessee


1. Anchor Employment Services, Inc. 

Established as a one-stop solution for staffing requirements of a company. Meeting administrative, clerical, warehouse, forklift, customer service, accounting, and finance staffing needs of any organisation. Furthermore, these staffing services have a talent pool of people. Thus, an organisation looks forward to trained and talented staff recruited by Anchor. Founded in 1997, Anchor boasts of many staffing success stories in its laurel zone. Finally leading the board with staffing services in Tennessee.

2. Wood Personnel Services  

This 3-decade old staffing services in Tennessee gains popularity. Treating people as the best resource and fitting them in their respective job roles. Wood personnel services make this its motto. Their offices get sought after by both job seekers and employers. Every candidate who applies gets screened on various parameters. This Staffing services in Tennessee segregates candidates on their skills, communication, and various parameters. Hence, the right employers find the ideal employee. No wonder in 2021, they won the best staffing services in Tennessee award. 

Meticulous process for screening adopted thus better profiling. The steps shown below:

  • Apply either online or in the office.
  • Resources from the WPS staffing service in Tennessee will get in touch with the candidate.
  • Personal interviews conducted to know the candidate better and goals clearer.
  • Personal and professional character understanding undertaken.
  • Review the candidate and cross-check the references and contacts.
  • Finally, the candidate is set up for an interview with the prospective employer.

3. Proforce Staffing   

Proforce staffing services in Tennessee have been around for more than 2 decades. As a matter of fact, they promise to bring together skilled professionals and employers together. Hence, a positive industry perception among employers seeking staffing services in Tennessee. Services come under 3 categories. Namely Direct recruitment, temporary placements, and payroll services. For professionals seeking jobs. Choices brought forth come with choices. Like part-time and full-time contract work. Additionally, flex-to-hire work, direct-hire work, and overtime positions. 

Staff can opt for Flexi jobs and location jobs. Medical, Dental, Vision, PTO, and Paid Holidays benefits like these for staff.  Current opening for various positions in Project Managers, Estimators, Superintendents, and Project Engineers. Professionals seeking jobs in Foremen, Project Executives, Carpenters, Marine Electricians, and Operational roles at every level. Uniquely placed job openings thus make Proforce staffing rank high in staffing services in Tennessee. 

4. T&T Distribution Staffing   

A popular staffing services in Tennessee, T & T becomes a name to reckon with and work with. Firstly, they cover all the areas of recruitment namely part-time, full-time, and temporary. Secondly, T & T staffing services in Tennessee help employers meet their staffing demands with precision. Over 15 years old, they have successfully partnered with candidates and clients to bring about positive change in the workforce. Nevertheless, they specialise in the Distribution and Manufacturing sector.

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In other words jobs like Forklift and Machine Operators, Picking and Packing, and General Warehouse. Additionally, other jobs in the segment Assembly, Shipping and Receiving, Sorting, and Welding get procured. Most of their clients have a decade or more of association with this staffing services in Tennessee. Many come forth to express their happiness and experience. Through background checks on skills and personal areas. Only a clear candidate attends interview rounds. 

5. Frontline Source Group  

Established in 2004, Frontline source staffing services in Tennessee is already running first in the race. Understanding demand and delivering the promises. Operating on principles of communication, honesty, ethics, respect, and entrepreneurial spirit. The sectors catered being administrative, technology, accounting & finance, and customer service. Other segments alternatively offered in engineering, Oil and Gas, human resources, and legal. Based on strong values of the foundation of giving back to the society.

Frontline staffing services in Tennessee volunteers with food banks. Employees get back incentives for an hour of community service. Must say philanthropy at its best. Helping build superior leadership and 5-year replacement programs. This staffing services in Tennessee, won many awards in the past few years. Podcasts prove extremely beneficial to job seekers. Frontline source group settles the right candidate in the right place of employment. 

6. LaSalle Network 

Calling themselves a recruiting, staffing, and cultural firm. Lasalle network inches towards excellence in top staffing services in Tennessee. Although the firm endured 2 major recessions, it proudly states that in those times too recruiting the right people did not stop. Over the past decade, they have added new services to their portfolio. Helping around 700,000 people in the span of 3 decades. More than 10 thousand companies look forward to working with this staffing services in Tennessee. Proud winner of many awards and highly applauded by clients.

Best place to work award won many times over by this staffing services in Tennessee. Their philanthropy work finds recognition in special Olympics, children’s hospitals, and donation camps to name a few. Podcasts and videos on their blog gain popularity among job seekers and employers. This ammunition helps a candidate clear interviews, give them a perspective of the market, and much more. Their expertise runs deep in accounting and finance, call centre, and human resources. Alternatively, they also cater to the medical field, marketing, supply chain, and technology.

Culture consulting provided by this staffing service in Tennessee helps organisations to build a conducive culture. This leads to employee retention, hence no worries of replacement periodically. Other than that their other social actions keep the staff services in news all the time in Tennessee.

7. PrideStaff

Focus on building staffing services in Tennessee as per the client’s requirement. This motto has acted as a foundation for building Pride staff. The past 10 years have been remarkable as the industry felicitated them with many awards. Regarded as the top 5 staffing services in Tennessee. In other words, you may be a beginner, or in middle management or top brass. Helping you meet your set goals and aspirations. Similarly, this works for clients. Truly, they deliver as promised and this reflects in the appreciation their clients give them. 

Professionals prefer Pride staff due to various reasons. First, quicker placements. Secondly, better employees thus better growth prospects. Thirdly, an increased success rate leads to job satisfaction. As a result of this employers prefer Pride staff. Areas of recruiting, namely done in the field of administration, finance, and accounting, production. Healthcare, legal, and information technology sectors. These coupled with podcasts, and newsletters from Pride Staff provide an insight into the recruitment sector. Ultimately benefit gets passed to clients as well as professionals.

8. Robert Half

Formed in 1948, regarded as the oldest and the best staffing services in Tennessee. Not only do they help staffing services but also other philanthropy work in education. Moreover, they have a strategic alliance with some of the best heads in the industry. Their service segmentation is unique like every service has a unique representation. Robert Half Finance & Accounting deals only with permanent placements in that particular segment. It looks into jobs like accounting managers, controllers, and financial analysts. On the other hand, Accountemps deals with the full-time contracts for the long term. For recurring finance and accounting projects.

Robert Half Management Resources looks into senior management-level job opportunities. The information and technology segment dealt with by Robert Half technology. Office team deals with permanent and contract placements in administration. As the name suggests, the Creative group handles jobs in advertising, PR, and events. Legal as it reads offers legal field jobs. Similarly, Robert Half Direct, Robert Half Executive Search, and Robert Half International. No wonder they are among the best staffing services in Tennessee.

9. Staffing as a Mission

Founded in 2014. Though relatively new, Saam ranks as the best staffing services in Tennessee. Delivering excellence as well as contributing to society. This mission statement strengthens the foundation of SAAM. Again contribution to career transition and educational leadership training makes Saam an example. However, this staffing services in Tennessee runs on 5 pillars of F. Faith, Fitness, Family, Fun, and Finances. Association with many popular community centres. 

HealthIT completes the Electronic Health Record needs. Resources available for any time between 1 month to 6 months. Saam, IT helps with providing software and hardware support either on a permanent or temporary basis. Business operation segment helps with recruitment in vital office jobs. Manage and oversee projects with clean-up and Chart Abstraction services. Love to Staff, Live to serve rightfully the motto of this staffing services in Tennessee. 

10. Kelly Services

Way back in 1946, Kelly started its operation. The last 75 years have been a testimony of their expertise, skill, and diligence. Today their revenues stand at a staggering $4.5 billion. In 2020 around 370,000 employees got placed. With numbers that back them. A legacy that has become legendary. Kelly thus ranks as one of the top staffing services in Tennessee. 

Since the industry is widespread. To meet the recruiting requirements Kelly branched into many areas of staffing. Name any field and you have Kelly helping you. Kelly professional, Kelly educational, Kelly connect, Kelly science and clinical, Kelly engineering, Kelly Technology, Kelly Telecom & Digital Connectivity, and Kelly Government Solutions. Did we not say! Any field and you will find Kelly helping right back. 

Know all about staffing 

Certain full-time positions need professionals with a certain set of skills. Employers find it extremely taxing to fill this place with trials and errors. A Staffing service thus comes into the picture. In the event of replacing the employee arises, staffing services help. 

Flow Chart of working of staffing services

Employer contact the service provider

Staffing services operate in various sectors. Hence, the employer establishes contact with services that specialise in their sector. Moreover, all the information along with specific requirements like experience and salary gets noted.

Advertising the post

A job description is thus set up. Job alert generated so as to invite candidates. Alternatively, the staffing services also run through their candidate bank to come up with candidates. Once the application process begins, the right and ideal candidate identification takes place. 

Profiling and interviews

For the purpose of selection and recommendations, staffing services call in candidates for interviews. Profiling thus becomes primary as only the ideal ones make it to this stage.

The decision of the employer

After clearing the previous rounds. Candidates go ahead and meet the prospective employer. Once they arrive at a decision the candidate selected gets recruited.

Charges of staffing services in Tennessee

Anywhere across the globe a markup of 25 to 100 percent. In other words, an employer pays 25 to 100 percent of the wages fixed for the employee. So in case, you pay your employee 10 dollars an hour. In that case, the charges for the service would range from 13 to 20 dollars. After all, that would cost for hiring at lighting speed. Although the cost looks exorbitant in the long run it saves the organisation valuable time and resources. 

Staffing services online?

As read earlier staffing services become intermediates between candidates and employers. Fixed costs and commissions will always play in the mind of the employers. What we read above was about staffing services and their work. With the advent of technology, staffing services on different platforms gained mind space. Platforms like Indeed, Naukri, Upwork, and Freelancer to name a few gained popularity. In fact, these platforms see more traffic every day as compared to the previous day. Temporary, permanent, contractual, and part-time positions open to becoming filled in fast. However, these platforms suffer from the problem of accurate profiling. The employers take this responsibility which may again be time and resource consuming.


Cost and time saving would be the terminologies used for staffing services. In short, staffing services in Tennessee or anywhere in the world on creating channels to place good candidates. Definitely, it becomes fruitful to work with staffing services. Imparting benefits to both the employee and employer. 


Q 1. I want to look for jobs. How do I go about it?

First, choose the right staffing services. This will save you from duplication. Choose the service and sector wisely. Subsequently, get registered with them. Attend interviews diligently. Then job search will begin. Respond quickly to all requests. In the meanwhile keep yourself up to date with market trends. The recruitment process may lose its pace. Yet be in touch with the service provider on a regular basis. Soon the perfect job matching your candidature will come along.

Q 2. What roles do the staffing services offer in general?

The world of recruitment is big. While placement is important. Equally important is the time or duration of recruitment. Jobs offered will fall in the following category. Permanent or long-term staffing – an employer looks for a long-term replacement as the company may grow. Temporary – herein the job is time-bound for around 1 to 6 months. Sometimes if the candidate performs exceptionally. A permanent job comes along. Contract or short-term – project-based jobs with a definite completion date. The work ends at the end of the project and no permanent job promise. 

Q 3. Can I get an insight into recruiting trends in India?

Firstly the last decade saw the advent of many forms of recruitment. Secondly, freshers in large numbers get churned by colleges. There is a gap between freshers needing jobs and employers needing skilled employees. Digitisation in staffing gained momentum. Digital staffing services prove to be cost-effective and still get the employer the right candidate. As a result, employers turn to digital staffing space.

Candidates today look for the complete package as opposed to only monetary benefits. Employers’ proactiveness in this area attracts good talent. Good work culture, job flexibility, meals, and off-site relocation these pointers attract talent. 9-5 no longer appeals to the generation Z. A healthy work-life balance, this term becomes the base point. Thus resulting in improved employee satisfaction, retention, and performance.

Q 4. Are staffing and recruitment the same? Or 2 different sets of things?

Well, often this question does appear. We can conclude that staffing is an entire series of events. One such event in this series called recruitment. Staffing includes Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Induction, Orientation, Training and development, and Performance Appraisal. Hope the difference between both of them becomes crystal clear.

Q 5. Would every industry require Staffing services?

Simply Yes, the Payroll expenses of a company determine its growth. Employees being the biggest assets. In such a scenario, there can be no industry that would remain untouched by the magic of staffing services. People run organisations and businesses. Thus it is impossible to find any industry that does not require staffing services. Expansion, retention, and growth depend on the human resources availability of an organisation.

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