Are you looking for some good online management courses in Indore? You have come to the right place. The below list will provide you with some of the best pmp course online.


Project Management did not quite harbor equal importance as any other professional course until recently. But with the rise in the demand for a management degree, this educational arena has sought to level up in its demand and importance.

PMP (Project Management Professional) and CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) are the most looked after courses in the PMC world. But the question that seems to bother every good learner is where they can find the best courses that will help upgrade their skills. And with the outbreak of the pandemic, the offline learning structure has shattered with more learners opting for the online option.

The varied options will help you to make the right educational decision

So if you are one of the many looking for an online degree with the comfort and safety of your home, go through the below list of the rate.

Enroll in our PMP Certification today and develop a strong foundation in the principles of project management.

Following are the PMP course available online

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin logo

When talking about the best Online learning platform for pmp certification, Henry Harvin has to top the list for its quality learning service. The instructor-led courses focus on real-life examples and make the pmp course online learning feel like a breeze. The skilled faculty has top reviews to their names. The course includes 5 modules along with two complementary modules.

The program covers 35 hours of instructor-led learning with 24 hours of online boot camp sessions conducted throughout the year

The Major Takeaways

  • 30 hours of Instructor-led Core Sessions
  • 24 hours of Bootcamp sessions (optional)
  • Free access to all the batches during the period of membership
  • Provides internationally claimed certificate having 10 years of experience in the industry.
  • Provides learners with internship and job support
  • 1 year of Henry Harvin membership.

Henry Harvin PMP Certification Training Course Fee

Henry Harvin also provides these Courses

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Project Management Course is Provided:

AgraAhmedabadNoidaMumbaiBangaloreErnakulamKolkataKanpurOnlineChennai, Gurgaon

2. FREE Diploma in Project Management by Alison

alison logo

Alison is another best online course provider in project management. The project management course initially launched by XSIQ Ltd. is now acquired by Alison. The course is free to take with 400,000 learners already joined the course. The course covers 6-10 hours of learning time with a well-organized curriculum that effectively handles the important areas to make the learning effective.

Major takeaways

  • The course is free
  • Best place for the beginners
  • Paid pmp certification
  • Talks about concepts like GANTT chart and PERT charts.
  • 28 modules covering 98 topics.

3. Applied Project Management by University of California, Irvine

Irvine logo

Created by the University of California, Irvine; this management course assures its quality and hands down the best of takeaways to the learners.

The PMP course online program is a 6-month course with 4 courses in 6 weeks each. The program journeys through the prescribed course flow as mentioned below:

  • Launch of project

Participants learn the fundamentals of the project.

They learn to select and validate projects.

  • Planning                                   

Learn to prepare a project schedule.

Determine success metrics and learn to beat them.

  • Execution

Learn how to execute the project ideas.

Learn the use of traditional and agile methods to adjust to the changes.

Handle risks.

D- Project Management Practicum

To execute learning methodically by handling various projects.

Work in virtual teams.

The Major Takeaways

  • The pump certificate provides 12 units of continuing education academic (CEA) benefit which amounts to 120 PDU (professional development units)
  • The PMP course online is beneficial for candidates with 3-5 years of work experience and are willing to switch to project management.
  • The PMP certificate provides the required educational qualification to the participants to acquire the exam.
  • The course also provides career coaching services.

4. MicroMasters Program in Project Management by Rochester

Rochester logo

The MicroMasters Program in Project Management by Rochester is a rigorous pmp certification program with one year of extensive training led by Leonie Fernandes and Celine Gullace.

From managing teams to overseeing the completion of the projects, the learners will stop by every detail to enhance their understanding.

This PMP course online has 4 different courses-

  1. Project Management Life cycle

The learners will complete the entire project lifecycle of initiation, planning, execution, and completion.

10 weeks with 8-10 hours per week.

  • Effective practices of Project Management

Learn to practice the required skills to achieve success in project management.

Learn to overcome challenges.

11 Weeks with 8-12 hours per week.

  • International Project Management

Acknowledging the different cultural challenges and learning the skills to overcome them.

Learn best tools for collaboration

Learn about the problems that arise because of corruption.

9 weeks with 8-12 hours per week.

  • Project Management MicroMasters Capstone Exam

Putting together overall learning in the capstone exam.

4-5 hours of effort

The Major Takeaways

  • Adopts best practices for international project management.
  • A detailed pmp course online.

5. Project Management Certificate Program by Cornell University

Cornell University logo

This pmp course is one of the few instructor-led courses led by Dr. Linda Nozick, a professor and Director of civil and engineering at Cornell University who indulges the best practices to use in the pmp course online program.  

The course covers 5 courses with an option to join an exclusive PMP study group. The participants learn how to set key milestones, scope projects, set better time and resource budgeting and complete the project within the given resources.

The 5 courses pmp certification provides are-

Planning and managing resources

Organizing the projects and their components

Using earned Value Management for Project Managers

Assessing, managing, and mitigating project risk.

Agile Project Management Approaches

PMP Study group (not obligatory)

The Major Takeaways

  • Instructor-led certification.
  • Provides 5 CEU (Continuing Education Units)
  • Provides 50 Project Development Units for PMP recertification.
  • Study the complete project management lifecycle and prime project features.
  • Develop PERT chart, GANTT chart, work breakdown structure.
  • Understand the effective paths for the completion of projects.

6. Project Management coaching Course for PMP by Brainsensei

Brainsensei’s project management course encompasses a distinctive approach of getting ready students for pmp certification. It provides a straightforward approach to go through various resources, uses a stock of fun quizzes and activities, preparation for the exams via associate degree animated plotline.

The major takeaways                         

  • The course provides 35 contact hours that allow the learners to sit for project management tests.
  • Asserts 100 percent pass guarantee.
  • Provides practice papers with over 900 questions.
  • PM Prepcast Project Management Training Course

Pm Prepcast Project Management can also be a good choice for a management training course. It has earned 66,000 learners over 55 countries. The 35 hours of pmp course online prepares a learner well for management tests.

The Major Takeaways

  • Covers eight modules with self-assessment exercises in every module.
  • Availability of over 50 videos to make learning simple.
  • Use of easy language to prepare learners for exams.
  • Online doubt clearing sessions.
  • Over 1600 inquiries to assist you to observe.
  • Guarantees a reimbursement if not happy.

7. PMP Certification coaching Course by Simplilearn

Simplilearn logo

When talking about pmp course online program, how can we miss Simplilearn. Simplilearn has gained over 60,000 learners for its systematic coursework.

Simplilearn provides skills like project value estimation, value designing, engineering economic science, seven tests as well as 1400 queries, learners are granted to handle eight case studies with over twenty industries state of affairs.

The major takeaways

  • Gantt Charts
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Resource Allocation
  • Mathematical project programming models
  • Options for both self-paced learning instructor-led learning with appointed project submission dates are available.
  • Know more -PMP Certification course in Delhi

8. Master of Project Academy –

With all alternative online course suppliers fastening their seat belts to rank the very best within the on-line market, Master of Project Management is visibly hitting the additional scores for its course quality. With multiple PMP and CAPM courses, Master of Project Academy has earned over 500,000 learners.

The Major Takeaways-

  • Self-paced program
  • 99.6% pass guarantee
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 700+ queries
  • Certification at the end of the program
  • PMP Cheat Sheet

9. PMP test homework Seminar [on Udemy]

Udemy logo

Udemy is one of the leading online learning platforms. It includes nearly every niche of the tutorial spectrum. Out of the best-reviewed courses on Udemy, the Project Management course is one of them. Joseph Phillips encompasses a learner base of 900,000 with 60,000 reviews.

The pmp course online program covers learning basics of the management method, theories, and charts of management and learning formulas.

The Major Takeaways

  • 5 hours of video learning
  • Test observe papers with two hundred queries every.
  • Available on all devices
  • 18 downloadable resources

10. PMP Certification Preparation Course on LinkedIn Learning

Essential Training – [LinkedIn Learning] logo

Now if you’re searching for a quick pmp certification course, then LinkedIn is the best choice. LinkedIn pmp online course is a short 6hours 15 min video content. With more than 25 yaears of experience in project management, Sandra Mitchell has come up with this short and new learning choice.

Major Takeaways

  • Learning with fun quizzes and exercises
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Provides 1 project file for better learning
  • Easily accessible on any device
  • Consists of 15 modules
  • Pmp Certification for the learners at the end of the program

So, here’s the list of the top 10 online courses available for learners in Indore. Go through the list and immediately bank on one of these courses to give a kick start to your project management career.

Project Management did not quite harbor equal importance as any other professional course until recently. But with the rise in the demand for a management degree, this educational arena has sought to level up in its demand and importance.

PMP (Project Management Professional) and CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) are the most looked after courses in the PMC world. But the question that seems to bother every good learner is where they can find the best courses that will help upgrade their skills. And with the outbreak of the pandemic, the offline learning structure has shattered with more learners opting for the online option.

But before getting into the pmp course online providers, let’s have a look at the following points-

What is Project Management?

Project management is a process of applying a desired set of skills, knowledge and techniques requisite to meet the defined project results.

What are the components of Project Management?

The various components of project management includes- 

•       To acknowledge the necessity of the project.

•       To acknowledge the project requirements, estimate the time to complete the project, identify resources needed for its completion, and setting a desired outcome to accomplish.

•       Developing project plans.

•       Directing and motivating the project team.

•       Assessing the changes and issues in the project.

•       Monitoring the project budget.

•       Ensuring cooperate funding and conformity.

What is the importance of Project Management? 

When it is possible with a piece of paper and simple to draw a business structure and assign roles to a team of employees, why is it necessary to have a defined project management structure within an organization?

•       A well defined project management structure in an establishment induces direction and plan for effective execution of ideas.

•       It bridges the gap between the employees and directs their action to a collective contribution in realization of a defined project result.

•       Project management fosters vision, brings direction and clarity, removes roadblocks and pushes the employees to bring the best to the table.

•       A good project management brings strategic alignment, leadership, clear focus and objectives, practical project planning, and risk management.

Role of a Project Manager

• Project Management brings in leadership and direction to the projects.

• Controls the work structure of the employee and directs their action to accomplishment of a defined goal.

• Monitors if the project goals aligns with business goals.

• Encourages the employees to do their best and motivates them to think as a team.

• Observes progress, ups and down of projects, checks the budget, time of delivery and estimates scope.

Why PMP certification is necessary?

Pmp certification is necessary because every organization is now looking for professionals to carry out the intricate management works within an organization. With pmp certification, you land yourself in the professional front and help build trust with the clients. A professional project management certificate opens portals for applying for established businesses. Pmp certification builds trust and holds your accountability. Being a trained project manager will help you learn the important knowledge requisite for a better performance. Handling trainer- led projects provides you with a prerequisite experience to professionally apply the skills in a real life situation.

This is the reason why it is crucial to choose the right PMP course online plan for your career.

Significance of online courses

An unpredictable Coronavirus explosion in 2020 has prompted a massive rise in online education. With the uncountable courses available online, the educational structure looks to be balanced on the hand tips of the online course providers. The educational establishments have shown an outstanding performance in effectively outlining the online courses adhering to the needs of the learners. Learners are offered better chances for banking on the professional course from corners of the world. The bonus comes with internship programs and job reliability offered by the online course providers. With the strategic and well-organized course pattern, a good number of learners are seen with better jobs during the pandemic. Recorded class sessions, downloadable resources, detailed contents for future reference, and one-to-one video calls with the trainers have brought a new and healthy educational difference to the online community.

Learners across the globe are swarming the online platforms to pursue the educational degrees. With all the haste in the online community, be aware you’re looking for the right career choices. Take ample amount of time before applying for any course to save yourself from

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Q-1. What are the factors to consider when choosing the right Project Management course?

Ans: The trainer, the content, the style, the experience, are important factors.

Q-2. Is the course content detailed?

Ans: Is the content detailed and precise? Does it meet your desired result? Does it cover all the important areas to make the learning effective? These are some of the questions you must consider before applying for any pmp course online.

Q-3. What are the benefits of taking the course?

Ans: When talking about benefits a learner must identify the materials and contents provided for future use, and how can the learning be immediately put to use in terms of financial benefit. An effective project management course should offer templates, tools, and detailed learning materials.

Q-4. Are the trainers skilled?

Ans: A skilled trainer has hands-on experience. It is expected of a good trainer to provide the trainee with good employment choices ensuring to draw the right procedure in implementing the knowledge gained from the training.  Proper doubt clearing sessions, availability of the trainer at mentioned times, and trainer’s teaching techniques become all the more important for the online world.

Q-5. Does the course provide an internship?

Ans: There is nothing better than to get enrolled in a course that provides both theoretical and practical opportunities. An internship certificate not only seals the deal as a professional pmp certification online but also provides the learners required knowledge set to bank on the real world.

Q-6. Are follow-on courses available to further the knowledge?

Ans: Check whether the course comes with follow-on courses to expand your understanding.

Q-7. How convenient is the learning platform?

Ans: Does it provide recorded class sections? Is it convenient to attend the class when on a journey? Does it provide downloadable tools for future preference? These are some of the questions asked by the learners. So make sure to check these pointers before taking your educative decision. 

Q-8. Are the trainers professional?

Ans:  Trainers necessarily should be someone who has put themselves in the practical world. A trainer coming from a place learned through mere courses or textbooks will not help. Practical experience is important for a trainer to provide the learners with hands-on experience. Apply for the trainers who are part of the project management arena. It will help gain practical experience.

Q-9. Is the course budget-friendly?

Ans: With the outbreak of the pandemic, everything has gone digital. There is a sharp rise in the availability of content online. Finding the right content in the online world has become a concerning task. Do not get tricked by the numerous benefits listed or at how a course is offered at a low cost by a particular course provider as compared to other pmp course online providers. You do not want to get yourself enrolled in unprofessionalism. Focus primarily on the content served by the course and whether it involves all the requirements for fruitful learning.

Q-10. Is the course reliable?

Ans: To check the reliability of the course, a review page is the best option. Have a look at what others have to say about the course. Apply when you are convinced with the feedback. Learning from the people already enrolled in a course is a great way to know its authenticity and reliability


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  1. The project management training taught at HENRY HARVIN in Indore was absolutely exceptional and crucial. It’s anything but a ground-breaking educational experience, even with teachers that are experienced and skilled in content authoring. It covers every issue that must be resolved for someone to be successful in their line of work.

  2. This project management basic course is excellent. Although it won’t be sufficient in and of itself to pass the PMP test, it will provide you with a fundamental grasp of project management and how to use it in your professional life. Everyone should complete the Capstone project because it is an excellent learning opportunity, and I sincerely hope you will enjoy the course’s journey as well.

  3. Your post on project management was interesting to read. Do your finest work going forward. I heartily recommend Henry Harvin’s course.

  4. This course was really beneficial and a terrific experience. A practice project allowed me to apply what I had learned about project management, which made it easier for me to retain the information. amazing course

  5. pinky rathore Reply

    Very good course. It really helps me to understand the fundamentals of project management and gives you practice utilizing many of the fundamental tools available in the profession. This is a top-notch course.

  6. Pappu chilwal Reply

    I’ve gained so much knowledge about project management, including the value of a well-structured project and the amount of detail and cooperation required to create a project with a high effect. A journey is starting with a set of high-value talents. Good course, really.

  7. Pappu chilwal Reply

    The value of a well-structured project, the degree of detail, and the teamwork required to create a high impact project are all things that I have learnt a lot about in project management. A journey is just getting started with the series of high-value talents. Outstanding course.

  8. Wonderful assignment. It is pertinent to my schooling and beneficial. My project assisted me in putting my project management course knowledge and skills to use. Students can evaluate what they have learned and get an understanding of how to construct a project from start by working on their final project. Even though I cannot claim to be a skilled project manager only from taking this course, I am at least able to use the skills I have acquired in my day-to-day work.

  9. Manoj shokeen Reply

    Excellent Course! I’ve grown because of this course. Regardless of prior knowledge, the course genuinely encourages each student to grasp the principles in their own way. I appreciate the perfect complement to my skillet.

  10. salma singh Reply

    I enjoyed reading your article on Project Management. Keep doing your best work.

  11. ranjeet kumari Reply

    The way you explain every little detail on Project Management in your blog is so unique. Love that part.

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