With the growing demand for skill and knowledge-based management professionals in project management, the Telangana government has tied up with the high-quality virtual international platform Coursera and other digital platforms.  Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge TASK), CEO Shrikant Sinha said that we are elated to collaborate with the globe’s top online education provider to make our youth proficient in digital skills.  The aspirants will learn Project Management professional courses virtually from renowned universities and enterprises’ instructors of the globe.

In response to the Telangana state tie-up, One of the global online platform, Jeff  Maggioncalda, Coursera CEO,  appreciated the government initiative and said that the company is privileged to collaborate with the Telangana Government known for its encouraging foresight, inventive strategies, and responsibility to producing the people available for work of the future. Ever since the leading international organization’s Henry Harvin PMP Academy, Coursera, Udemy, edX have expanded their high-quality online top management courses in Hyderabad.

  The aspirer can attend the Project Management courses online from anywhere with comfort, Provided that aspirer needs a computer, laptop, and stable internet connectivity.

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Ethics of PMI:

PMI has framed certain project management codes of ethics and professional conduct to guide the project manager to behave what is ethical and unethical. Project management is a huge establishment in which you need constant ethical touch with your stakeholders. Ethics cultivates good behavior, builds trust, and develops leadership. As a result of all these- you execute success in project management. It guides the PMP professionals to deliver each work harmoniously in any situation or project.  It helps you to perform the entire task in proper rhythm.

     Hyderabad is a conflux of online project management courses.

Project Management in Hyderabad

Is this not good news for you?

 The top global online institutes have extended their online platform to Hyderabad to provide a high standard of project management courses to the aspirants. You can access it from anywhere you prefer to join the PMP course online.

High-quality digital project management courses by global institutes in Hyderabad.

After the Telangana state government initiative, Hyderabad is turning into the centre of project management online courses.   We have compiled the core 10 top project management courses under:

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s PMP course is ranked at one in India.

Henry Harvin Project Management course is a global online platform. It offers the aspirants the summary of core project management wisdom and knowledge for amateur about the 5 process groups and 10 knowledge regions under the PMI direction.

Enroll in our PMP Certification today and develop a strong foundation in the principles of project management.

Benefits of Project management course at Henry Harvin : 

PM course enhances your expertise and makes self-realization. It also develops the leadership talent to meet the project management necessities.

It supports the amateurs to gain advanced knowledge in divergent projects, such as resource management, value management, control, reform, arrangements schedule management, and Gantt charts. It also combines knowledge and talent in a cross-slicing format.

It leads your commercial talent and project management strength to a higher state.

It elevates your profession with CAPM certification recognized as the gold standard in project management across the divergent sectors extensively. 

It empowers you to execute the CAMP certification course ideas and usage to all categories of projects during your duty at all stages of projects with real-action.

It amplifies your potentialities to recognize, examine and solve project management dilemmas. 

It enhances your project management governance, team management, witty reasoning, and consumer-oriented management talent.

It augments your organizational productivity and enables you to perform smarter even though time is tight and pressure is huge.

Project Management certification makes you suitable for over 3000+ job listing worldwide.

Gain knowledge about the usage of current apparatus in project management consisting of task fragmenting, design, resource allocation, mathematical project organizing version, Gantt charts, cost management, and project cost assessment.

 It enriches resilient methods and makes them suitable for specific projects, presents the project on time with sanctioned finance and resources.

Course duration

It is 24 hours instructor-led course and certificate program for

24 hours, but difficult training (boot camps) program extended over the next 12 months.

You can participate in unlimited batches upcoming 12 months from the date you take admission without additional charges.

 After you finish the course online, you get a certified associate in project management certification CAPM from Henry Harvin that is a gold standard certificate of project management online course.  You can reach out to  CAMP certification online at Henry Harvin from Hyderabad.

PMP certification online at Henry Harvin Management Academy is the most popular and prestigious course .simultaneity, to promote the skillful expedition of management professionals by upskilling them with leading expertise. Henry Harvin is a registered PMP certification online provider accredited by PMI.  The subject matter professionals with extended industrial experience meticulously design the PMP course online. The select lecturers are borrowed from the top organization, having impaneled as field experts with the organization.  PMP course online empowers you to achieve your complete skillful abilities.

Henry Harvin Management Academy determines to aim at performing in its geographical outreach and train 200,000 managers till 2030.

Course particulars

 It has 6 hours core instructor, 50 hours e-learning, 24 hours innovating pedagogue guide, and limitless access.

It has Certified PMP instructors of global repute with more than 10 years of industrial expertise.

You get permanent membership of Henry Harvin Academy for a PMP course online.

You gain the honored Henry Harvin Alumni Status.

You get a guaranteed internship with Henry Harvin or any of its partners.

It offers you more than 10 jobs opportunity a week. 

Precondition and certification particulars

The requirements of PMP certification online are:  education non-graduate, Project Management Experience 5 years ( 7500 Hours), and project management education 35 hours

, Or Graduates, project management experience 3 years (4500 hours), project management education 35 hours.

PMP certification online exam fee for PMI members and non- PMI members:

The members  of PMI need to pay 405 USD for the PMP certification exam., whilst pay 555 USD for PMP exam fee without PMI membership,

 You need to pay 139 USD for PMI membership and 129 USD per year for the renewal of PMI membership.

PMI members have to pay 275 USD for the re-examination fee, and non –members have to pay 375 USD for the re-examination fee.

If you become a PMI member, it entitles you to access commercially available books on project Management and log in to a free copy of the PMBOK book guide. PMI membership gets the privilege to practice exams without any cost.

Henry Harvin is an International REP for PMI, Inc., and It is graded as the topmost amongst other leading organizations in PMP course online training.

 Do you want to earn the most valued PMP certification online from Hyderabad to advance your career as a PMP certified Project Manager?  Then, enroll with Henry Harvin PMP certification course online and attain your cherished goal,

 Once you get your hands on the PMP certification; You can count it as a boon when it makes your dream come true as thousands of employers hunt for PMP certificate holders to recruit with an average salary of 1,25,000 USD per annum.

Also check-PMP certification training course in Gurgaon

 2.Applied Project Management at Coursera

 Applied Project Management at Coursera is a course on a virtual platform. It offers the aspirants the course of selecting and designing projects, implementing work breakdown structure, and planning effective communication projects. You can learn the divergent level of the project with real-time action.   Experienced in project management for 3 to 4 years, the project professional of such class can also apply for the course.  It adds value to their profile.  After you finish the course, you can apply for relevant jobs.

Prerequisite:  there is no specific requirement for the online -applied project Management course.  Either you are a beginner or an experienced holder; you can enroll at Coursera international online platform for the course.

3.Project Management courses at Udemy

Project Management courses at Udemy: Udemy is a global PMP courses online provider. It has many online project management courses. We bring you the four  popular project Management courses of Udemy as under

PMP exam prep-seminar: reap 35 PDUs by finishing the PMP seminar. It will provide you with all of the available means you require to complete the PMP certification course. You will also get 35 exam contact hours to pass the PMP examination.

Agile Project Management: It conducts an agile crash course wherein you gain tools of agile project management and the crucial idea of agile project delivery, agile evolution, and agile control.

Beginning Project Management: It facilitates you to develop as a successful project expert, and explains a project and the way to imply it.

CAPM Prep Seminar with PMBOKE guide book: The course will provide you the opportunity to access the resources to pass the CAPM examination. You will also get 25 exam contact hours from a PMI certified learning caterer.

PMP Exam Prep Project Management professional: It provides you 35 PDUs contact hours certificates and the best video covering each topic.

The learners move forward from one topic to the next at their speed. The course is available at an affordable price of around 9,000 rupees.

Also check-PMP certification training course in Bangalore                     

4.Micro Master Program in Project Management online at edX: 

Micro Master Program in Project Management online at edX:  This course offers you to command the apparatus and method of the complete project management process of a project, the balance of time, cost, and scope to satisfy the customer likeness, proficiency in executing the best practices across the divergent of company,   producing industry, and the development of leadership quality lead the project to success. The Micro Master Program for project management is helpful to the aspirants towards PMP certification online.

Eligibility:   The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree or complete five years of experience in project management enterprises.

 It has four courses, and the duration of completion is 8 months couples with 8- 12 hours a week. The course costs 88,332 rupees. You receive a certificate online from edX under the title of RITx that delivers online through edx.org after you complete the course at edX.online -global platform.

5. PMP exam prep-seminar at Udemy

 PMP exam prep-seminar at Udemy:  You reap 35 PDUs after finishing the PMP seminar. It will provide you all the available means you require to complete the PMP certification course. You will also get 35 exam contact hours to pass the PMP examination.

The preconditions:

Aspirants need to make the grade for the PMP exam.

Commitment to  finish the PMP Exam Prep Seminar

Recognize the basics of project management.

Develop an intense urge to pass through the PMP exam.

The PMP Exam Prep Seminar course costs INR 8640.

You may want to check this out-PMP certification training at Chennai

 6.Prepare for the Project Management Professional Exam at Brain Sensi    

 Prepare for the Project Management Professional Exam at Brain Sensi     It is a completely online platform. It offers you 9 reciprocating tale -oriented e-Learning module, 4 practical tests with 800 usage questions to ascertain coverage of everything, 13 inspiring story narrating challenges, the precision of important information for each plan to overview your learning,   following emails to top off the reminder and guidelines, and responsiveness with 1 hour.   

The professionals conduct the course in a storytelling method that makes the entire course very easy to understanding.

 Pay 499.99 USD and complete the course in six months. It requires 35 contact hours and PDUs. You can complete the course at your pace. It is a self-paced course. If you look to pass the exam with flying color, enroll at Brain Sensi online platform.

7.Advanced   Project Management at SP Jain Institute of Management &research

The institute conducts one of the best-advanced project management online courses in collaboration with Nulearn. It has developed and designed the practical plan to bring the diverse equipment and methods necessary for project management. It helps you build a unique skill for decision-making in a project–formed healthy environment. It has classified the course into the reciprocating module and presented it in a blended learning method. 

       The course has the provision of online as well as offline learning. The deliverance of projects gets focused on time, finance, and quality. The institute offers you multiple projects and hands-on learning to have real-life experience of superior project management.

  A key benefit of the course:

You learn about the various level of the project management plan, such as plotting, purchaser, resource. danger, termination, and tracking

You gain the divergent ideas and supply chain of the project consisting of integration, attribution, rate, and communication management.

You acquire developed talent that is necessitated to encounter cost and time.

You comprehend the process of monitoring, assessing, planning, and executing the best practices for handling the complexity and dubiety of different projects.

The course duration is 6 months program.

 Education requirement:

You must be a graduate or diploma holder in any recognized University and 3 years of full-time work experience. For students, 3 years of full-time work experience is necessary.

Course Fee: INR 95,000 + GST      

Please check-PMP certification training at Pune     

8.Post Graduate Program in Project Management at UMass Amherst, Isenberg School of Management

A postgraduate program in project management provides the knowledge of tools, talent, and framework to drive innovational projects. It also focuses on controlling quality, danger, and intricacy, delivering output, recognizing strategy, and executing best practices. It also parallelizes with the project management quality and offers an opening to gain 146 PDUs as it is necessary for the renewal of manifold project management certifications.

Leading ingredients of the course:

  • Reciprocating companion education through group discussion and project analysis.
  • Gain 35 contact hours and 7 exams to prepare you for the ace PMP exam.
  • Classes by top experts from UMass Amherst.
  • 175 hours of practical learning.
  • Gain 146 PDUs to uphold your continuous certification requirements related to PMI certification.
  • Help you achieve industry-identified project management certification.

The course covers agile management, quality management, project risk management, and project management, besides other courses lean six sigma green belt and digital innovation.

The course program is for 6 months, 6-10 hours a week.

 9.Practical Project Management at the University of Glasgow

 Practical Project Management at the University of Glasgow conducts online courses as project management professionals are in great demand to meet the need of multinational-project challenges worldwide. Why is this course necessary?  The course trains you with practical tools and methods that you use at the workplace.

Professionals with comprehensive knowledge of the industry teach you how to use the concern tools and expertise in the life -process of projects. By the end of the course, you earn the capability and confidence to deal with any project management threat.  You reap the following advantages at the end of the course:

You can recognize the different levels of project project-based life cycles and divergent tools and methods adopted in each level.

You can grow and assess the design of the project, based on time, cost, and liability.

You recognize and explore the project management cycle and its application at the workplace.

Course arrangements:

The course presents you with real-world instances, such as videos, educational articles, presentations, quizzes, and case history and exercises. The course enables you the way to combine all these techniques under tutor-student direct conversation online.  

Admission precondition:

You need to have a graduate degree or equivalent and an ILETS aggregate of 6.5. The course does not require any experience in project management as the course is planned only for a newcomer to the discipline.

Also check-

The course fee:

 The course fee is subject to variation. At present, the online course costs 79,900 Pence.

Duration of the course:

The course breaks down into 10 weeks. The organization designs the course

with key ideas each week to enhance the growth of knowledge with the progress of the course.

Project management seminar at Hyderabad


The government of Telangana tied up with international Online learning platforms to upskill its present 50,000 unemployed youth to mitigate the industrial challenges. Hyderabad has turned out to be a hub of online project management courses. The students can access the online project management courses from anywhere with comfort and self–paced style.

 If you want to excel in your career through a project management course, you can enroll with any online platform.  You must confirm whether PMI accredited the institute.  Project management professionals command a high salary across the world. 

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Q.1 What is the most ambitious course in project management that can make you a successful project professional?

You need multiple courses’ experience. No, any single course would be a compliment enough to fulfill the need of the project management. To be a perfect project manager, you need to know multiple skill sets, such as communication skills, leadership skills, bargaining skills, time management skills, and so forth.  This multiple skill enables you to work with any project at any place in any situation in Industry.

Q.2 Which one is the highest project management certification course online?

Each course has its importance. Despite all, the project management professional certification is the best online management course.  The course makes the aspirants proficient in all methods, skills, and technological management. The PMP certification online approves that you are proficient in the project management skills to deliver the work in any industry. It is the most sought–after management certification. Employers prefer to hire PMP certificate holders that command a great deal of payment.

Q.3 How can I join the online project management course?

At first, you carefully decide the particular course of project management. Then You need to meet the requirements of the desired course.  You will also have to arrange a laptop, computer, smartphone, and strong internet connectivity. With these devices, you can access the course from anywhere in a self–paced manner.

Q.4 What are the ethical points of project management?

In response to the ethical points, it denotes the concept of knowledge and awareness of PMI -framed ethical guidelines. You must know the guidelines of PMI and its approach towards the work. The ethics of PMI makes you evident whether you can work with the particular project environment. The employer judges the candidate during the interview based on project management ethics.

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