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The e-learning and online teaching platform markets are soaring to new heights. We are living in a computerized world. The traditional classroom as we know it is starting to become dull to make way for new technology and computerized classrooms. The incredible news is that students are learning more rapidly and effectively thanks to online programs and applications available. Often these advanced digital assets make learning increasingly fun and interactive through online teaching sites, while simultaneously improving personal development at a young age.

Online learning is a rapidly growing industry. In the previous year alone, online courses made over 46 billion dollars. If you have the knowledge, information, or skills, to share, you can earn money teaching and selling digital courses at any of the best online teaching sites. The idea of teaching and learning anytime anywhere sounds unprecedented. The Internet reaches all around the world. And innovative gadgets bring education to another digital level. Continually developing innovation makes education more successful and available to everybody.

Teaching with man holding a tablet computer

As a result, questions arise: 

Whether computers will replace Teachers or not? 

The appropriate response is NO. Teachers are a fundamental factor in education. Technological gadgets offer a scope of highlights and benefits. Regardless, they are nothing without the human. It is the instructor who gives information using these gadgets and features.

The number of online teaching sites for online education is increasingly developing. And it’s the decision of many online teachers and students. E-teaching is currently a perfect solution. The reason is – it can be done anyplace and anytime. Right now, a lot of online teaching platforms even practice applications. Creating applications is useful for such purposes because it’s quick, accessible, and attractive. Finding the best online teaching platform is a genuine test. To focus on the most basic, discover the best online teaching platforms which will surely inspire you.


20 Best Platforms to Make Your Online Teaching Easier

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin is a renowned company that benefits learners with different courses. It elevates and evolves skill-sets in candidates to reach milestones of their career. 

It is a distinguished competency expansion organization that merely does not focus on the content of courses. However, give hands-on experience in different courses for enhancement of learners’ knowledge.

Henry Harvin makes you compatible with the progressive world and gives you a chance to select your area of interest segment by offering diverse courses. Ponder the below courses of Henry Harvin and take the right decision by selecting your choice of course.

Various courses that make online teaching easier are-

A. Content Writing: Content Writing helps you to comprehend the core concepts of content writing. Content Writing helps you in every profession to be in the limelight. Content Writing is the best way to dive into myriad lexis.

Henry Harvin offers the best Content Writing Course with many facilities and experienced facilitators. It provides 32-of hours online interactive sessions to ramp up your skills. 

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

Ranked No. 1 Course | 100% interview guaranteed | Live Online Instructor-led TEFL Training & Certification | AAEFL Certified TEFL Course

View Course

You can showcase your expertise after completing a content writing course from Henry Harvin. Internship programs and job placement can give you an excellent chance to rise in a progressive world.

B. Teen MBA:  Teen MBA Course can strengthen your skills in the business world. It is the best opportunity for teenagers to comprehend the facts of business. You can boost your business skills by understanding the prime concepts of entrepreneurship.

Henry Harvin gives you a chance to explore the exotic journey of business by honing in business planning, time management, and decision-making and become Teen CEO.

You can possess the prowess of CMO after insights into innovative marketing strategies with Henry Harvin. CFO and CTO Henry Harvin aim to infuse financial concepts and technology into your mind.

C. Technical Writing: Technical writing course assists you in comprehending the practical world. Henry Harvin teaches you the art of transforming data accumulated through a process into technical documentation.

Henry Harvin provides 16 hours of live online interactive sessions, 24 hours of live online-brush-up sessions to explore the technical writing segment.

You can get experiential learning from Henry Harvin in technical writing sessions.

Henry Harvin gives you live projects, case studies to learn novel techniques. You can learn advanced skills in technical writing after joining Henry Harvin.

E. Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is the emerging field that teaches you marketing tactics. The Digital Marketing Course equips you with the knowledge and explicit information of digital marketing strategies. 

Experienced mentors of digital marketing will guide you through the different stages of hands-on experience. Live projects of digital marketing can expedite your prowess to understand the marketing techniques with Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin provides job opportunities and internship programs to get deeper knowledge of the digital world. Recorded videos and upgraded study materials can enhance your digital marketing skills with Henry Harvin.

F. Medical Writing: This helps you to understand the core concepts of medical terminologies. Medical writing is to create content related to healthcare and science. It covers a wide range of content forms including, medical journalism, medical education, and marketing of healthcare products.

Henry Harvin inculcates the learners about pharmaceutical regulatory and medico-writing. You can be aware of the ethics in scientific communication with Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin’s Medical Writing Course gives you the 1-year of gold membership that includes many benefits like monthly bootcamps, monthly brush-up sessions, updated study materials, and many more.

1. Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine is not just an online teaching sites or business for us. We love working with our customers and taking care of their issues while building an incredible business. If you are thinking about why we should be given a chance to assist you to get started with your online course platform, see some of the factors below that differentiate us from our rivals:

 • Every customer is unique to us. Even though you start with a similar establishment/platform as others, we are always open to customizations and expansions.

 • Client Support is the Priority Keeping our current clients is the most significant thing for us.

• We’re an All-in-One shop for Edupreneurs. It does not just enable you the ability to set up your online academy but has huge amounts of advertising and analytics tools to assist you with selling the courses.

• However, we have forms, frameworks, and plans. But in some cases, it comes down to being human. Get on the telephone and discuss what is required for you to prevail with us. We get that.

Website                 https://academyofmine.com

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        11-50 employees

Headquarters        Cherry Hill, NJ

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2014

Specialties             Continuing training, LMS, learning management systems, online courses, eLearning, eLearning platform, teaching platform, teaching software, edupreneur, online education, eCourses, eTeaching, education management, SaaS, and eClassroom.

2. Coursecraft

CourseCraft, an online teaching site, assists individuals with making online courses and offers access to them. Course creators utilize our application to make the course (compose exercises, upload video/audio, and so on), and members who enroll in the courses utilize a front-end that shows the course content.

Website                 https://coursecraft.net

Industries              Computer Software

Company size        1-10 employees

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2012

Specialties             e-courses and internet learning

3. Coursera

Coursera was established by two software engineering professors at Stanford with a dream of providing life-changing learning experiences to anybody, anywhere. It is the world’s biggest online learning platform for advanced education. 190 of the world’s top colleges and industry instructors partner with Coursera to offer courses, Specializations, and degrees that enable more than 43 million students around the globe to accomplish their career objectives. 2,000 organizations trust our venture platform Coursera for Business to change their ability.

Website                 http://www.coursera.org/careers

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        201-500 employees

Headquarters        Mountain View, CA

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2012

Specialties             Education, Technology, and Internet

4. Eliademy

Eliademy is a free online teaching site that permits educators and students to make, share, and manage online courses with real-time conversations, task executives, and certificates of completion. Eliademy’s vision is to “democratize education with technology”. Eliademy is made in Finland, a nation is known for its educational framework, by a group that comprises 10 nationalities, 26 localization volunteers, and a network of clients from 160 different nations.

Website                 https://elearningindustry.com/

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        11-50 employees

Headquarters        Helsinki

Type                       Educational Institution

Founded                2013

Specialties             Education, Technology, MOOCs, and Company Training.

5. Helphub

HelpHub is a constant open market associating students and mentors anytime, anywhere. It empowers students to instantly connect with specialists in more than 500 subjects, from more than 50 nations. This gives instruments for mentors that permit them to create, develop, and grow their coaching business and also empowers them to connect with students through video, telephone, face-to-face, and from their mobile devices.

Website          https://teachonline.ca/      

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        1-10 employees

Headquarters        Vancouver, British Columbia

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2013

Specialties             On-Demand Tutoring, Instant Tutoring, and E-Learning

6. Kajabi

Kajabi gives advanced digital entrepreneurs an all-in-one platform that empowers them to make the existence of freedom on their terms, whatever that may resemble. With our full setup of promoting deals, creation solutions, you can focus on what makes a difference to you most: making content, sharing your story, and making deals. Kajabi has been utilized to control massively famous online training from New York Times best-selling authors, motivational speakers, VIP fitness coaches, and diet specialists, NFL and NBA players, as well as training from regular ordinary people who simply need to make some additional cash selling content about what they’re acceptable at these online teaching sites.

Website                 http://Kajabi.com

Industries              Computer Software

Company size        51-200 employees

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2009

Specialties             membership sites, CRM, marketing software, lead generation, online courses, landing pages, marketing crm, and information products.

7. LearnDash

LearnDash is the premier WordPress LMS intended to bring learning management, and online learning delivery to the WordPress open-source platform.

Website                 https://www.learndash.com

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        1-10 employees

Headquarters        Ann Arbor, Michigan

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2013

Specialties             Learning Management Systems, eLearning, Learning Industry Business Development, and WordPress.

8. Learnworlds

LearnWorlds is a powerful, simple-to-utilize and reliable training solution for people and enterprises. A completely adjustable, white-label answer to train employees and partners, educate client or offer online courses to a wide crowd. Our cloud-based e-learning stage offers Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Training Managers a solution tailored to their particular needs and a group of specialists to help achieve your objectives.

Website                 https://www.learnworlds.com/corporate-training/

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        51-200 employees

Headquarters        London UK, London

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2014

Specialties             Educational Technology, SaaS, online courses, Edtech, Elearning, Edupreneurship, Training, Corporate Training, Employee Training, Customer Training, and Instructional Design.

9. LinkedIn Learning

We are an online teaching site with more than 16,000 courses instructed by real-world specialists and a constantly modern library. Our group of students participates in courses across business, innovation, technology, and more, helping them draw nearer to achieving their professional objectives. Learn the relevant skills you need to build the experiences that will help you reach your meaning of accomplishment.

Website                 https://www.linkedin.com/learning/

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        10,001+ employees

Headquarters        Sunnyvale, California

Founded                2016

Specialties             business, creative, and technology

10. OpenLearning

OpenLearning is a complete SaaS answer for education providers and endeavors to deliver powerful online social learning, employee onboarding, and workplace training. We give a cloud-hosted deep-rooted learning stage, learning design ability, and a global marketplace of world-class courses to over 2.4 million students across 180 nations. OpenLearning is an Australian advancement with more than 40 full-time employees across its HQ in Sydney, territorial office in Kuala Lumpur, and support groups in Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, New York, and Slovenia. OpenLearning’s remarkable assistance offering gives a complete environment that fuses content and community with online collaboration and real-world tasks—to make memorable, motivating, and transformative learning and training experiences for students and employees around the world.

Website                 http://openlearning.com

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        51-200 employees

Headquarters        Surry Hills, New South Wales

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2012

Specialties             Online learning, software development, mooc, social networking, learning management systems, teaching, internal training, employee onboarding, social learning, course marketplace, professional development, skills training, human resource management, online degrees, micro-credentials, online certification, saas, and online learning platform.

11. Peer to peer university

Established in 2009, Peer 2 Peer University is a non-benefit organization that encourages learning outside of institutional walls. Uniting students in face-to-face environments like open libraries, and utilizing open education resources, Peer to Peer University offers a top-quality, low-cost model for long-lasting learning.

Website                 http://p2pu.org

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        1-10 employees

Type                       Nonprofit

12. Podia

Make a living from your passion by selling enrolments, online courses, and digital downloads to your audience.

Website                 https://www.podia.com/

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        1-10 employees

Headquarters        New York, NEW YORK (NY)

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2014

13. Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is a worldwide online education foundation that gives interactive classes, designed to permit students to learn at their own pace. The courses offered by the Shaw Academy cover subjects including finance, photography, wellness, marketing, innovation, design, beauty, music, business, and the English language. At Shaw Academy, students attending the company’s online courses are experts in each subject matter, in the same way, they are also available to help students. Since it was established the Shaw Academy has been developed to offer 70+ online courses, and has more than 6.5 million students around the world.

Website                 http://www.shawacademy.com/

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        201-500 employees

Headquarters        Dublin 3

Type                       Educational Institution

Founded                2013

Specialties             Online Marketing, Personal Nutrition, Financial Trading, Photography, Health and Fitness, Microsoft Excel, Sales, Advanced Sales, Budgeting and Personal Finance, and Advanced Financial trading.

14. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of motivating classes for imaginative and inquisitive individuals, on subjects including illustration, structure, photography, video, outsourcing, and more. On Skillshare, a huge number of individuals meet up to find inspiration and take the next step in their innovative journey.

Website                 http://www.skillshare.com

Industries              Internet

Company size        51-200 employees

Headquarters        New York City, NY

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2010


Check Out The Global Ranking For Best TEFL Certification

15. Teachable

Teachable is a powerful, easy-to-utilize online course creation platform. Since our founding, we’ve been set to make training available, engaging, and productive. We give our course makers everything expected to create, market, and sell their courses online. Our platform permits advantages from unlimited courses and unlimited learners to site customization and individual branding. By enabling individuals to share their most valuable abilities online, Teachable is specially designed with the teacher’s success in mind. We presently have 80,000 published courses on Teachable and over 14,000,000 students that have joined to take a course.

Website                 https://teachable.com

Industries              Internet

Company size        51-200 employees

Headquarters        New York, New York

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2014

Specialties             Online Education, Online Course Creation, and eLearning.

16. Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is the world’s most well-known online marketplace for unique educational assets. More than 2 out of 3 U.S. teachers come to TpT consistently to get teacher-tested, connecting, and rigorous materials. Until this point in time, more than 1 billion assets have been downloaded by more than 5 million instructors including teachers, administrators, and parents. Our mission at TpT is to enable instructors to teach at their best. Teachers Pay Teachers was established in 2006 by Paul Edelman.

Website                 https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/About-Us

Industries              Internet

Company size        51-200 employees

Headquarters        New York, New York

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2006

Specialties             Technology, Marketplace, Education, Entrepreneurship, and EdTech.

17. Thinkific

Thinkific makes it simple for a large number of independent specialists and organizations to quickly create and deliver stunning online courses on their destinations. At Thinkific, we are passionate about helping our clients develop their businesses through education. Our group cares deeply about doing significant, innovative work: we’re building an incredible product that engages course creators around the world while working collaboratively to learn and seek success together.

Website                 https://www.thinkific.com

Industries              Information Technology and Services

Company size        51-200 employees

Headquarters        Vancouver, British Columbia

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2012

Specialties             e-learning, education, online learning, instructional design, continuing education, learning management systems, educational videos, data-driven learning, and learning experience.

18. Udemy

Udemy is the biggest online learning platform that helps students, organizations, and governments gain the aptitude they need to compete in the present economy. More than 50 million students are mastering new abilities from master educators, in the same way, teaching more than 150,000 online courses in subjects from programming and information science to leadership and group building. Udemy is exclusive and headquartered in San Francisco with workplaces in Denver, Brazil, India, Ireland, and Turkey.

Website                 http://www.udemy.com

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        501-1000 employees

Headquarters        San Francisco, CA

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2010

Specialties             e-learning, education, skills, technology, internet, and marketplace

19. Vedantu

Vedantu is a LIVE online learning platform that empowers customized learning. It conveys quality training with cutting edge innovation which brings India’s Top Teachers and students together in a LIVE interactive e-classroom. At Vedantu teachers interact with students through a 2- way intuitive whiteboard, which goes as a bridge to share LIVE audio and video feed. The founders taught and instructed more than 10,000 students but in the same way trained more than 200 teachers. Similarly, the organization’s sole mission is to create a world of quality education that is easily open to all.

Website                 http://www.vedantu.com/

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        501-1000 employees

Headquarters        Bengaluru, Karnataka

Type                       Privately Held

Founded                2011

Specialties             Online Learning, LIVE Online Tutoring, Online Tuitions, Blended Learning, Marketplace of Tutors, Personalized LIVE One to One Tutoring, Online Teaching Jobs, and Teacher Recruitment & Vacancies

20. WizIQ

Established in 2007, WizIQ is one of the world’s biggest cloud-based training platforms. More than 400,000 educators have utilized WizIQ to convey learning services to 4 million + students across 200 nations. WizIQ is a simple method to teach and train online. It’s a cloud-based learning delivery platform with a set-up of integrated features like a virtual classroom, course builder, tests and assessments creation, reports and investigation, eCommerce, and mobile learning. WizIQ engages teachers, education service providers, and corporates to convey and manage live and self-paced learning with easy-to-utilize, versatile, and cost-effective innovation.

Website                 https://www.wiziq.com/

Industries              E-Learning

Company size        201-500 employees

Headquarters        Gurugram, Haryana

Type                       Privately Held

Founder                 2007

Specialties             Internet Product, Web 2.0 Product, Online Education, Online Teaching, Virtual Classroom, Online Tests, Educational Technology, E-Learning, Learning Management System, Online Academy, Online Learning Delivery, Cloud Based LMS, and Moodle Virtual Classroom Plugin.

Here are the best 10 ways to create and sell online courses.

#1. Figure Out the Cost to Develop Your Online Course.

#2. Utilize Best Software and Equipment.

You don’t need the most costly, high-end equipment to get started however, you will require a couple of basic things.

  • Microphones
  • Headphones
  • Screen recording program
  • USB Webcam
  • Audio and video altering software
  • Lighting and accessories

#3. Create Valuable Content.

#4. Differentiate Your Website.

#5. Take Time to Market Your Business.

#6. Have Control Over Your Brand.

#7. Deliver an Exceptional Learning Experience.

#8. Coordinate with Other Tools.

#9. Adjust Sales to Your Budget in Mind.

#10. Leverage Customer Support if You Need It.

Whether to do Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) or not?

To begin with online classes you need to seek an online TEFL course from Henry Harvin. I found the course extremely helpful for recollecting grammar structures just as generating new thoughts for exercises and games to use in the classroom. It was a small investment that I believe particularly improved your teaching skills.

A Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification is a globally recognized capability to teach English abroad and a basic part of your international teaching job application.

A TEFL course covers points including teaching language abilities, grammar, exercise planning, and classroom management. A TEFL course will show you how to:

  • Teach English Language Skills
  • Simplify English Grammar
  • Plan Lessons
  • Manage a Classroom
  • Identify Learning Styles
  • Build Effective Learning Materials

Online TEFL certification courses give you the ability to study where and when is convenient for you. In 2020, consider seeking an online TEFL course. We have handpicked the most elite for you. Beginning one of these courses could be the initial move towards an incredible experience of a lifetime and to start teaching online efficiently.

Front view of laptop on desk with female tutor holding online class Free Photo

 How to Get Started in Teaching Online Sites?

  1. Set Goals
    The main thing you’ll need to consider is what you’re trying to accomplish with this online course. Consider whether the entire of the course will be on online teaching platforms, if it implied as an enhancement to a course, or is implied as an essential before joining a future course, e.g. an online course on essential math skills which may be required before taking an advanced live class, etc.

2. Make a Course Plan
Just like a face-to-face course, courses on online learning platforms need to have diagrams or course gets ready for what you’ll cover each week. Your course plans will be your guides for what sorts of materials you should make for your lessons.

3. Gather Your Equipment
After you’ve thought about what exercises you want to teach and what online learning platform you want to utilize, consider what types of equipment, software, and other tools available at your disposal. Do you have a video camera or other gadget capable of capturing HD video? Do you have a screen programming software program? Will you have to make PowerPoints? Do you have a microphone to capture sounds? Once you figure out what your innovative capabilities and limitations are, you’ll know what kinds of content you’ll want to make.

4. Set Aside Time for Creation and Editing
If you’re going to make videos and screencasts for your exercises, consider not just the time it takes to record these, yet additionally how long it takes to alter them, make title slides, deliver and upload them to online teaching platforms, etc.

5. Get Started!                    
When you’ve finished all of that planning, jump directly in, and start building your online course. It’s extremely just through experimenting on online learning platforms that you’ll know what you’re doing wrong and what’s working. Request for feedback from your friends and social networks and get started teaching online!

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