From the last few years, let’s say since 2000, Internet users have grown exponentially. According to Statista, in 2019, retail e-commerce sales were 3.53 trillion US dollars and projected to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022.

As per Statista reports, there was an increase of 13 %( for February)in the digital marketing budget compared to August 2019 (11.8%).

Digital Marketing statistics

Let’s suppose, Ritesh has given a thought to begin his online business of supermarket but, he is unclear about,

  • How to start an online market?
  • How to engage customers online?
  • Whether customers will buy the product online or not?
  • And many more,”

To answer all questions, let me make you familiar with the term 

“Digital Marketing”,

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing allows you to reach customers through the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, advertisements, and other channels.

It further includes specific strategies to drive customer engagement:

  • pay-per-click
  • paid search
  • and paid social.

Through all the above mediums Ritesh can create his market base online.

Further, it doesn’t stop here. If you are entirely in an online world by only creating a website, and reaching out to customers will not generate revenue. If anyone has to run a business online, it should include selling a product.

Now, Ritesh has created his strong customers base but, he is baffled that none of his customers is buying his products,

What could be the problem and its solution?

With this, a new term comes into the picture “digital selling”.

People tend to make a mistake or confused between “sales” and “marketing”.

Digital selling involves converting leads into prospects.

It will be the responsibility of the sales team to convince their customers to purchase the company’s products.

To succeed in digital selling, you have to have influential communication and excellent persuasion skills.

To be successful in digital selling, you have to start with having a quality database of potential customers. Further, it involves narrowing down on potential leads that have the highest chances of becoming regular customers.

Whenever somebody is thinking about digital selling, it always leads to discussion towards Facebook Ads, search engine optimization, or some other messaging related category. They are each connected to Digital Marketing.

In contrast, a well-designed digital selling involves different digital tools like (CRM systems, content management platforms, lead-generation resources),  

Well let me tell you one thing digital marketing efforts can impact revenue, and it often does but, digital selling entirely focused on driving sales,

Digital Selling Statistics

Digital selling efforts have two major prospect engagement functions:

The first function of digital selling is the inbound activity from potential buyers. 

These prospects are those that visit your website, respond to offers and reach out with interest.

For this reason, the sales and marketing team need to work together to develop both messaging and selling strategies to ensure that their effort is creating a seamless experience.

Second, includes the outbound effort of the team. In an outbound selling method, digital selling team uses a kind of resources to research potential prospects, connect with potential leads, and schedule intercommunications. 

These are the actions that turn prospects into customers.

Have you ever given a thought about why online business fail sometimes?

digital selling

To answer this question, 

Let’s go and check how’s Ritesh business is going?

Ritesh business has been doing well for some time but, after a few months, he observes that his digital selling has dipped down drastically,

The above scenario leads to several questions that,

What could be the reason for sales going down?

  • Customer satisfaction?
  • Whether the customer is receiving a quality product or not?

Let’s examine some common factors that lead to online business failure.

#1 Lack of common business knowledge:

From the last few years, technology has advanced to a great extent, which has made easy for everyone to do business online and can do digital selling. If you have the primary idea of the Internet and HTML, you can conclude that it requires a simple step to set up a business online.

Unfortunately, not having the basic idea of business terms or, how it operates, might be your downfall.

Alternately, if you don’t know what are your operating costs, not keeping a track on profit margin or, keeping track of the values of sales you are running, it might be possible that you are reselling products for more than what it cost to purchase them in the first place!

Running an online business and doing digital selling is quite a difficult task. It is not everyone’s cup of tea.

On the contrary, there may be a few lucky entrepreneurs who were able to do it. 

Whomsoever is running a business online they should more focus on running it rather than how to run it,

#2 Lack of Business Identity

Before starting a business, they should be able to answer a few questions:

  • What I’m offering to my customer?
  • Why will someone buy my product?
  • Who will be my customer?
  • How will this benefit whoever is buying the product?
  • Your long term goals?

If you can answer to above like a pro, you may do well in your business but, if not, pull up your socks, and start from scratch.

#3 Lack of Business goals

Since childhood, many people have goals or long term goals. Likewise, there should be an online business and proper digital selling goals.

One of the reasons is also that many don’t have goals or expectations.

Once your monthly target or goals are met, set a new aim. Make sure your goals are realistic.

One of the most extremely important to do things is to make use of SEO tools effectively. Everyone should know how to optimize the website accurately,

#3 SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

I hope you have read the last point very carefully. To earn a handsome amount from the website, SEO becomes a very crucial component.

For websites doing good digital selling every month, what someone can do:

  • Make use of keywords as much as you can.
  • Websites should have Internal and external links.
  • Include images and videos on your website.

If you have made a note of above, now, you can realise that what mistakes Ritesh was doing.

digital selling strategy

So, what are the essential elements and strategy for Digital Selling?

#1 Make your research ready

 Research of any product becomes very important for digital sellers.

Well-defined research can include a business market, specific companies and many more.

As you go deep into your research, don’t forget to include industry groups, event organizers who can give valuable insight into the current situation of the business. 

#2 Social Media Presence

“Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.”

            –Bonnie Sainsbury 

For digital sellers, social media presence has become very important. Facebook and LinkedIn provide access to the wide array of possible prospects.

Humans have become very active on social media. And, it becomes very easy for anybody to access the profile of digital sellers. Prospect customers can easily see your product online.

#3 Selection of right tools

To support digital selling, below are the tools you can use:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • If you are B2B salesperson, LinkedIn plays a crucial role.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

These tools will boost your digital selling performance.

You may find a different kind of tools, and it becomes difficult to choose one among them. 

Many end up in selecting wrong tools that hamper their digital selling.

The list below are the most popular tools for boosting your digital selling:

  • HubSpot
  • LinkedIn Sales Solution
  • ToutApp
  • Yesware.

Make use of it to the fullest to boost your digital selling.

Now, Ritesh has understood the critical components of Digital Marketing and Digital Selling.

Let’s, make him more pro about Digital Marketing and Digital Selling,

If I ask you a question about what comes to your mind when you are thinking of buying online grocery items?

BigBasket. Bingo!

But, have you ever heard of Grofers?

Great minds behind Grofers are Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa. It was back in December 2013 when they started this online grocery store. Initially, it was hard for them because they are competing against, BigBasket and Zopnow.

But, through public funding, they are now operational in 17 cities.

What’s specific about Grofers is that they allow customers to place low price orders as well as to do some big-budget grocery shopping. 

BigBasket and Zopnow V/S Grofers

BigBasket has its network in 26 cities, whereas Grofers has a presence in 26 cities, and Zopnow has coverage of only 09 cities.

When it comes to social media platforms, BigBasket tops the list.

On Facebook, BigBasket has the maximum likes, whereas Grofers has 128 likes and Zopnow comes with the least likes of about 30.

Grofers mainly target the audience between the age of 18 and 35. 

#1 Search Engine Optimization

To rank top amongst the competitors, Grofers use one of the most popular keywords like grofers online grocery, local grocery delivery, grofers grocery online, grocery website, online grocery and vegetable shopping and online grocery shopping grofers. 

This guarantees that when someone explores for the related terms online, they are bound to find Grofer’s website as one of the first results. This makes the website more accessible to people looking for groceries online, which is ultimately the group of people Grofers wants most to reach out to.

Developing an SEO Strategy has helped Grofers Digital Marketing Strategy!

#2 Social Media Marketing

Facebook is the main social media platforms for Grofers, where they have a maximum engagement rate. On this platform where Grofer’s can ask their follower to share videos of the dish using Grofer’s grocery items.

Others include

  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing


If you still wondering whether you can increase your digital selling with Digital Marketing?

The answer is “Yes” – It is possible to increase sales with Digital Marketing and its tools. If you apply corrective action, smart strategies, capture the target audience, generate conversions, there is a high chance that it will increase engagement.

The increase in digital selling or sales also depends upon what kind of strategy you are applying. If you are not able to achieve the set target, then it’s time to change the approach.

Effectively utilising the tools and correctly examining the results will help you in a better understanding of the online market,

In today’s digital world, digital sellers expected to have a better understanding of the sales process.

If digital seller know the sales process, that will allow them to deliver the right content at the right time,

Conducting keyword research is an essential step in online business, and having knowledge of SEM and SEO practices are critical to digital selling in the digital age.

Lastly, customer satisfaction. If the customer is not satisfied with your service and products, you will end up losing your customers. Make sure your products and services attract customers.

Now, If Ritesh applies to all methods and strategies, he will realise that he can achieve the desired result.

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