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Creative writing is a unique style of presenting one’s mind. It’s a work of art and imagination. The out-of-the-box approach and the talent to embellish any content is creative writing.



The usual subject matter is outside technical writing, academic writing, research writing or journalism. It mainly focuses on poetry, narrative or drama under fiction; and under non-fiction, there are memoirs, biography, autobiography and expository non-fiction. Some primary elements of creative writing are characterization, realism, setting, tone and structure and plot.


One’s ability to combine words and punctuation to captivate the reader’s attention requires skill. This skill is innate per se, but sometimes it requires honing. There also exists a debate if we can teach art. Is this a skill that you can acquire? Though this argument persists, the creative writing industry is thriving and growing. Many are mentoring and collaborating with aspiring writers in India. Several people are mastering this skill by enrolling in creative writing courses. 


In India, Creative writing is much coveted. The below chart shows the interest in this subject over time in India. It also shows that this form of writing is intriguing for people to embrace as a passion. 


Many institutions in India provide creative writing courses. They are both offline and online because of the new social pandemic norms. Also, every budding writer should be clear about the objective of learning this skill. They should introspect if it is a soul-enriching hobby or for the betterment of the career for a more lucrative outcome. Although the goals may be numerous, one should decide with discretion.

Here is a list of the ten best creative writing courses in India. 

1. Henry Harvin – Best Creative Writing Course In India

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin logo

It is one of the finest institutions in the country which provides both offline and online courses. Their certification is ranked no. 1 by They believe that each writer has a unique voice and strive to unveil it. Henry Harvin believes in the goal centric and action-oriented teaching methodology. It holds accreditation by the American Association of EFL, content writing association in India, MSME, UKAF, and the govt. Of India. This course equips students to picture a storyline and build the sequence to it. It evokes creativity in a writer and helps them demonstrate it.


Course Highlights

  • Henry Harvin writing academy membership.
  • Helpful sessions every month to revise the curriculum
  • Credentials for the Learning Management system 
  • Internship and placement support  provided to all the writers

Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course fees:

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course is Provided:

Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Noida, Mumbai, Delhi


Henry Harvin® Creative Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by The Stateman

Henry Harvin providing other courses:

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2. Sri Aurobindo centre for arts and communication, Delhi – Best Creative Writing Course In India

Contact No: 8800444836

Sri Aurobindo centre for arts and communication, Delhi logo

Sri Aurobindo centre for art and communication believe that writing can be taught. Here also online and classroom training is given. Admissions are given only to the genuinely interested candidate. An entrance exam ensures that all leisure writers are eliminated. They conduct indoor and outdoor activity workshops and follow a more practical approach to extract creativity from the new writers. This intensive training improves the expressions and helps develop imagination. They focus on different genres of writing.

Course highlights

  • Help develop imagination and creativity and express in a better way
  • Build interesting plots and characters
  • Faculties are renowned journalists, writers and authors.


Course name: Certificate Course in Creative Writing(online)

Course fee : Rs. 19000/- + applicable service tax(online class) & Rs 24000/- + applicable tax (offline course)

Duration : 3 months (only weekends)

3. British Council, India – Best Creative Writing Course In India


The British Council has been working in India since 1948. They focus on art and culture to arouse the creative abilities of young people. They help build relationships between creatives and academicians from the UK and other parts of the world. British council promises to help find the candidate’s unique writing voice through its online creative writing course. However, the candidate requires an upper intermediate level (Grade B2) to apply for this course. They teach various techniques to improve writing skills. They provide an introductory course to creative writing as well as a 3-week intensive course for seasoned writers. 

Course highlights

  • This course enables the writer to find a unique style.
  • Developing plots, creating background settings, writing dialogues, short stories and poetry writing, humour, children’s stories, etc., are some of the course features.
  • The course will help in expressing ideas artistically.
  • After the course, the writer will be able to comprehend and conceive ideas better.
  • The well-experienced faculties complete the package by imparting knowledge about the different writing styles.
  • They cater to both new and seasoned writers.


Course Fee: INR 10,000/-

Duration : 36 hours

4. Xavier institute of communication, Mumbai – Best Creative Writing Course In India

Contact No: +91222265 8546

Xavier institute of communication, Mumbai logo

This autonomous college is a professional media centre and provides various training and production services. They conduct an online creative writing workshop for aspiring writers.

Course highlights

  • Himali Kothari, who is a writer and a creative editor conducts the workshop.
  • A variety of writing exercises are given to the candidates to enhance their perception and writing voice.
  • Learning is facilitated by critiquing the works of other professional and fellow writers.
  • They focus on various elements of fiction and non-fiction story writing and narratives.


Course name: Creative Writing Workshop

Course fee : INR 8,000/-

Duration : 16 hours

5. Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) – Best Creative Writing Course In India

Contact No: 011-2957 2513


Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) logo

It is an open university established by the Govt. of India. They provide need-based and high-quality programmes at affordable costs. They offer a diploma in creative writing; any applicant who is a 10+2 pass is eligible. Their curriculum ensures that the learners progress at their own pace by incorporating the different methodologies imparted at every stage.  

Course Highlight

  • They help participants embrace imaginative writing and understand the artistic expression.
  • The programme includes article writing, story writing, scriptwriting and poetry writing.
  • The study is an enhancement course. It progresses stage-wise. 


Course name: Diploma in Creative Writing in English(DCE) 

Course fee : INR 3800/-

Duration : Minimum 1 year and maximum 4 years

6. logo was founded in 1995. It is one of its kind because they began teaching writing online much before the other institutions. They promise the best teachers from across the globe who cater all around the clock. They ensure attention to every new writer by critiquing and reviewing their works weekly. Their means of instruction is empathetic discussions and feedback where one can freely communicate the standpoints. Their emphasis is more on practical learning as you write. 

Course highlights

  • They give individual attention to every student.
  • Create a safe environment to grow and share the writer’s perspectives without hesitation.

  • World-class authors dedicatedly support and guide the new writer and assist in their development. 
  • There is a writing community that shares its constructive criticism.


Course name: Creative writing course

Course fee    : $315 for 8 weeks and $360 for 10 weeks

7. Writer’s Digest University

Contact No: 800-333-0133

Writer’s Digest University logo

Writer’s digest university has been in existence for over 90 years. Since then they’ve been inspiring writers to become authors. They train writers from different levels and drive them to have a long successful career. The instructors support writers of every genre through online workshops, writing competition and provide services to craftily enhance the writing voice. They bring to life fiction, non-fiction, screenwriting, and poetry through their services.

Course highlights

  • The online writing workshop is sub-divided into different elements of writing. Each workshop covers a particular topic, right from getting started to getting a book published; they meet the end-to-end goals.
  •  Be it an unaccomplished writer, or an evolving one, everyone can relate to the course. Successful professionals who started from scratch share their experience and coach the candidates.
  • They have programmes like literary bootcamps, blogging,novel-writing strategies, advanced poetry writing.


Course name: Creative Writing Workshop

Course fee : Between $19.99 – $799.99

Duration : Participants can contact directly 

8. Coursera coursera logo

Coursera is an American online learning platform where people can access from across the globe. It collaborates with more than 150 universities and professional development institutions. It gives a chance to study subjects that one has only dreamt about. If the completed course is related to their work domain then the employability also increases. People can venture outside their academic domains and explore the artistic world. These virtual classrooms imitate the classroom sessions therefore they provide the highest quality. Coursera also provides various courses on creative writing. The writer can cherry-pick the courses as they have assorted topics. The price of the course also varies and the student can pick one which suits best to his/her needs. The courses are accessible till the validity of your subscription. Creative writers can subscribe to this specialisation and thereby get access to all the content in that specialisation. Coursera gives access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises and discussion forums

Course highlights 

  • Free courses and paid courses tailored for an array of students.
  • Courses are accessible from anywhere.
  • These virtual classrooms are more affordable than any classroom training.
  • Instructors are reputed professors who provide the best online training.
  • Coursera provides both on-demand classes and session-based classes.


Course name: Personal choice of the topic

Course fee : Varies per specialisation

Duration: Between 4 and 12 weeks

9. Udemy

UDEMY logo

Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform where more than 150,000 courses abound.


More than 4 million users take advantage of this platform. This platform is a potpourri of topics ranging from learning makeup to pilates. There are some free and paid ones though the paid ones are relatively low-priced. These courses provide lifetime accessibility to the classes. However, this is not an accredited institute. Therefore the skills learnt here only showcase your acquired knowledge and garner a lot of praise. There are many courses on creative writing here. The writer can select any which suits them best. 

Course highlights

  • Language preference is available
  • Creative writing courses have subtitles, practice tests, and quizzes.
  • The video duration range from 3 to 17+ hours.
  • Students can choose from different levels of training and elements of writing.


Course name: Varies from topic to topic

Course fees: Courses generally vary between $9 – $300

Duration : A lifetime accessibility with a minimum of 30- minutes lecture

10. The Writers Bureau

The Writers Bureau logo

The Writers Bureau is a home study college and was established in 1931. They specialise in distance learning and have trained thousands around the world. They are a member of the institute of training and institutional learning(ITOL) and the national association of writers. This membership ensures their quality and success rate.Institute

Course highlights

  • The candidates receive printed course materials along with the online lectures
  • They teach how to sell one’s writing.
  • Personal attention is given by the guide 


Course name: Comprehensive creative writing course

Course fee : INR 44,400/-

11. Welkin Highs

Contact No: 01982 255 699

Welkin Highs logo

This institute offers a certified creative writing course in India. It is a 12-in-one course that offers everything from training to exam preparation and certification. It is one of the industry-recognized and best creative writing courses in India.


  • Course duration: 24 hours 
  • Fees: ₹9,000/
  • Both weekdays and weekend batches are available. 
  • Internship along with 100% placement support given

Other benefits:

  • Free platinum membership for 1 year
  • Access to abundant resources and materials
  • Lifetime support and guidance for students
  • Updated study material and many assignments and projects
  • Flexible learning options available

Other courses:

  • Content writing course
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Advanced SEO + SMM course

12. Anita’s Attic

Contact No: 074119 29176

Anita's Attic logo

This is the best creative writing course in India as said by many of its students. The institute is situated in Bangalore which offers a comprehensive creative writing program in India. Anita Nair, a bestselling author of 9 novels runs this Anita’s attic in Bangalore and  the one who teaches the course too. This course is not just a creative writing course but also a mentorship program that is held every year for 12 days spread over 12 weeks in partnership with Harper Collins publication.  Her course covers a lot of genres such as


  • Children Fiction
  • Audiobooks
  • Novels 
  • Essays
  • Poetry
  • Travelogue
  • Screenplay
  • Shorts stories

For Fees and batches, one has to fill out the inquiry form on the website, and they will get back in touch with you.

13. Symbiosis center for distance learning

Contact No: +91-20 2521 1111

Symbiosis center for distance learning logo

It is an institute for distance learning that offers a Diploma in Creative writing course in India and the center is situated in Pune. The total duration of the course is 1 year and the curriculum of the course is rich, resourceful, and insightful. People after the 12th or those who have completed their bachelor’s or waiting for results after the final examination in Bachelor’s can choose this course. The Fees for the course varies according to the category and can be paid in instalment. This program will help the learners to get exposure to various forms of writing, and introduce the views of well-known writers.

14. CRAFT Film School

Contact No: 098992 51133

CRAFT Film School logo

Center for Research in Art of Film and Television offers a Creative writing course in India. The total duration of the course is y months which includes three semesters consisting of classroom training, practical projects, field projects, along with an internship. The fee for the program is Rs.1,50,000/ and if paid in instalments costs Rs.5000/ extra. Only 10 seats are available for this course and admission takes place everywhere based on the interview process. The institute during the interview process checks how much the candidate is passionate about creative writing. At present, the institute is accepting applications for interviews till November 28.


Contact No: 093122 37583

RKFMA logo

RK Films and Media Academy offers many courses including a creative writing course in India situated in New Delhi. This creative writing course is a combination of creative writing, script writing, and content writing. Students can also take this course as a part-time course or can also choose to study in one’s comfort at home. This course covers everything from grammar to proofreading and design. The creative writing course will be beneficial to people who are working or want to work in the field of media and communication and also for anyone passionate about writing. This course helps the students to develop a basic aptitude for writing.


These were the best institutions that provide comprehensive coaching and mentoring for budding creative writers. Every writer must diligently decide what his goals are before enrolling. Figure out what form of creative writing interests you the most. There are many online and on-demand courses to choose from if you are a working professional. Younger students must look for hands-on guidance. This approach will help them give vent to their imagination and express it more artistically.

What shall I do next

If you admit that you are still reluctant to enrol then you should read further.

Importance of creative writing

Creative writing helps preserve human emotions in this ever-changing world. Every feeling and emotion can be captured through the art of writing. It produces emotional intelligence. It teaches empathy. Whichever genre or style one engages in, creative writing improves problem-solving skills. It unlocks the imagination to achieve greater heights. Imagination propels human to ideate, solve and create a better future. Just as Einstein said,” imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Benefits of creative writing

Apart from improving one’s writing skills, creative writing courses can profit in several ways. Here is a list of some benefits which you can consider if you are still hesitant about signing up for a course.


  • It will boost your vocabulary. Needless to say but you can express yourself boldly and vividly. Your business and personal writing can be more impactful. Communicating better ideas can lead to occupational success. 
  • This course helps you develop your style of problem-solving skill. Engaging in different forms of writing reinforces your creativity and force you to think out – of – the box.
  • Reviewing the written work is a part of writing and accepting the feedback is customary. This aspect helps a person to take constructive criticism in the right spirit and implement to work harder.
  • The opportunity to critique fellow writers work can help you in giving constructive criticism. Assessment of your colleague’s work becomes easier through the right approach. When you master the art of constructive criticism it translates at work to your advantage.
  • You have to logically organize your thoughts before penning them down. this is a great challenge as you have to forcefully activate your awareness and senses to align your ideas. 
  • Meeting a group of diverse people and discussing various ideas help you grow as a person. It helps in fostering good relationships. 
  • Creative writing encourages empathy and great thinking ability along with loads of fun.

The above were the advantages of engaging in creative writing. But if you are still hesitant and want to understand the monetary benefits, keep reading further.

How to make money as a creative writer?

You can channelise your passion for creative writing into avenues that will yield benefits. Your skills can get you paid work.


Here are some options for creative writer’s who have confined themselves to certain guidelines. However, this is not a cakewalk to make easy money. Writers have to engage in multiple projects to have several income sources.


  • The creative writing contest is a common and easy way of making money for talented artists. Passion-driven people who are more committed to being competitive can take it up as a challenge.

  • Publish a book or even an ebook on amazon
  • Start a blog and grow it into a business
  • pays when members read your content. Writing on Medium is an avenue for income.
  • Online publications, snippets and short stories for magazines can always be an alternate income source.
  • The gaming world is filled with a storyline these days and if this interests the writer he can always give it a shot!
  • Television writing is difficult to break into, however, it would be a big break if you do.
  • Copywriting is a necessity for advertising. Companies need copywriters for all the marketing and designing help. It could be a great source of income as these jobs are very common.

There are many ways to earn using your creative writing skills. Choosing multiple avenues for generating a steady income is always prudent. Nonetheless, you must resort to some satisfying way to keep yourself happy.    

Here are a few tips, for all new and professional writers, to improve the creative process:

  • As a beginner, writing in smaller segments is more productive. This allows you to focus better and develops endurance. 
  • Writing should be a daily routine. Pick a specific time in which your clarity of thought is more.
  • Writers must note every observation they make and add it to their list of ideas. Ideally, they should carry a pen and a notepad to write down any detail worth remembering. These ideas can be used to develop a storyline.
  • Writing is a gradual process and stories and articles cannot be written within a timeframe. They are built upon over time.
  • Always identify the message and then build the theme around the topic.
  • Pick a style of writing that suits you. Practise and determine your strength and work on your weakness.
  • Be persistent in telling compelling stories.
  • The flow of ideas should be controlled and regulated through a lot of reading and 


  • The voracious reader would find it easier to fine-tune his writing skills as he is exposed to different genres and styles. He can critically evaluate situations and characters. His originality improves.

In conclusion, creative writing in itself allows you to enjoy yourself. This non-stressful activity decreases stress levels by releasing endorphins. The flexible working hours allow you to focus on other aspects of life too. However, there may be pressure to meet deadlines but that applies to a major chunk of jobs. Payscale is not constant and it depends on the skills and experience of the writer. Being mindful of these, if your penchant is creativity and painting with words, then there is no stopping. Allow your imagination to take over and sharpen your writing skills. Augment your style and amplify the writer’s voice. Hone your perceptive by enlisting in the right course. 


The courses stated in this article are the most reputed and the best in the country. Due to the global pandemic and geographical locations, all of them offer online courses. This has crossed out the biggest hurdle for many professionals and has permitted everyone to create their learning environment. Make a choice that will decide your future.

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