A Creative Writing Courses in UK lets you flex your storytelling capabilities and study in-depth the work of literary legends. Creative Writing  Course also includes Scriptwriting and Poetry Writing.

In a Creative Writing Courses in UK, you will study the art of making things up in the most attractive, appropriate, and convincing way possible. Alternatively, this is also known as writing, which comes from your imagination. In other words, you have to create something from nothing. Characters, creatures, organisms, entire living breathing worlds.


 What’s Creative writing:-

Creative Writing is writing that expresses ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way. It is the art of creating a Creative Splash on writing from fiction to non-fiction and poetry to scriptwriting, encompassing a number of different styles to help you flourish as a writer.

Why join a Creative Writing Course:-

Understanding what makes a story click and how to get people to engage with it, is a valuable skill. It helps make people see the world your way, with compelling, brilliant, and soulful stories, arguments, and differences. You can harness the power of language and develop your own distinctive voice as a writer. You will also be able to transform your passion for reading into the ability to produce prose worthy of public recognition.

Are Creative Writing Courses in UK necessary:-

You’ll have heard many people say that they are a waste of time. Others, of course, strongly disagree with this, suggesting instead that they provide an important space for budding writers to share their craft. Creative Writing Courses in UK is an art that needs to be practiced and worked at, with unstoppable persistence. Writing is not just about feeling inspired and putting a pen on paper.

Like learning a musical instrument, writing requires skill and practice. This is not something that you can just pick up like that. Whilst you can be self-taught as a writer as much as you can as a musician, there is no harm in putting in those extra hours– with professional support and writing exercises – to produce the best lines and narratives you can. It is all about practice, practice, and more practice.

Of course, it goes without saying then, that a creative writing course, even if is online is the best place to start.

What Jobs can you get as a Creative Writing Graduate:-

The following is a list of possible career paths:-

  • Author
  • Copywriter
  • Press Officer
  • Travel Writer
  • Journalist
  • English Teacher
  • Brand Consultant
  • Social Worker
  • Marketer

Here, we are going to show you some of the best places to study creative writing courses in U.K.

TOP 10 Creative Writing Courses in UK

1. Henry Harvin

Established: 2013

Henry Harvin is an education establishment that provides both online and offline certification courses around the world. Henry Harvin conducts the best learning experiences for the Creative Writing Courses in UK they conduct. More than 200 courses are available in more than 97 countries right now. They have the best course module devised perfectly for each course’s requirement and the trainers are highly experienced professionals. It makes Henry Harvin a great choice for doing the Creative Writing Courses in UK.

Contact Reference:

Website: https://www.henryharvin.com/creative-writing-course

Phone: 9891953953

Check Henry Harvin Other Courses

Henry Harvin Provide Creative Writing courses in these Cities


Henry Harvin Creative Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by India Today, The Statesman

 2. Lancaster University:-

Established:- 1964

Lancaster is ranked highly in all major U.K. league tables and is in the top 1% of ac academic institutions worldwide. It has an excellent reputation for research, teaching and student satisfaction. Students from more than 100 countries choose to study at Lancaster.

Contact Reference:-

Website:- www. lancs.ac. uk.

Email:- ugadmissions@lancaster,ac.uk.


3. University Of Birmingham:-

Established:- 1900.

With almost 5,000 international students from more than 100 countries and 35% of its academic staff from overseas, the University of Birmingham is a truly diverse and global place that attracts the brightest and best Creative Writing Courses in UK for international students and staff.

Contact Reference:-

Website:- www. bham.ac.uk

Email:- international@bham,ac.uk

Phone:- +44(0)1214142894

4. University of Warwick:-

Established:-  1965.

It was founded as part of a Government initiative to expand access to higher education.  Through partnerships, it shares Creative Writing Courses in UK resources and knowledge with academic communities throughout the world. One-third of its students are from overseas and it is the University of choice for over 45 international governments and sponsor bodies.

Contact Reference:-

Website:- www.warwick.ac.uk.

Email:- [email protected].

Phone:- +44(o)2476523723.

5. Queen Mary, University of London:-

Established:   1915.

Another most popular Creative Writing Courses in UK is Queen Mary, University of London is a public research university located in London, U.K. It has a strategic partnership with the University of  Warwick, including research collaboration and joint teaching of English history and computer science undergraduates. Queen Mary also collaborates with Royal Holloway, the University of London to run programs at the University of London Institute. There are 5 Nobel Laureates amongst Queen Mary’s alumni and current and former staff.

Contact Reference:-

Website:- www.qmw.ac.uk

Phone:-+44(0)20 78826530.

6. Bangor University:- 

Established:- 1884.

Bangor University is a Welsh university based in the city of Bangor in the county of Gwynedd in North Wales. According to Sunday Times University Guide, it is rated top in Wales for teaching excellence and places in the top 15 Creative Writing Courses in UK. universities in this category.

Contact Reference:-

Website:- www.bangor.ac.uk.

Email:- [email protected]

Phone:- +44(0)1248388633.

7. Queen’s University, Belfast:-

Established:- 1849.

Queen’s University, Belfast is a public research university in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The University offers academic degrees at various levels and across a broad subject range with over 300-degree programs available.

Contact Reference:-

Website:- www.quts.ac.uk.

Email:- [email protected]

Phone:- +44 28 9097 5088.

8. University of Nottingham:-

Established:-  1948

The University of Nottingham is a public research university based in Nottingham, England. Nottingham is into 5 organized constitutional faculties within which there are more than 50 departments, institutes, and research centers. Nottingham has around 34,000 students and 9000 staff.

Contact Reference :-

Website:- www. Nottingham.ac.uk.

Email:- [email protected].

Phone: +44(0)115 951 5247

9. University of Surrey:-

Established:- 1966.

The University of Surrey is a Creative Writing Courses in UK has a beautiful campus, situated close to London and specializes in hospitality and tourism courses with a great collection of science and educational programs. It has a long history of welcoming international students from all around the world. The University currently has nearly 145 different nationalities represented and its among the top 10 Creative Writing Courses in UK for student satisfaction.

Contact Reference:-

Website:- www.surrey.ac.uk.

Email:- admission @surrey.ac.uk.

Phone:- +44(0)1483 682222

10. Brunel University, London.

Established:- 1966

Creative Writing Courses in UK is a Brunel University is a Public Research University, located in Uxbridge, London., U.K. It is organized into 8 constitutional academic schools and around 10 research institutes. Brunel has around 15,200 full time students and 2,500 staff. In June 1966, Brunel College of Advanced Technology was awarded a Royal Charter and became Brunel University.

Contact Reference:-

Website:- www.brunel.ac.uk.

Email:- http//www.brunel.ac.uk/courses/admissions/contract

Phone:- +44(0)1895265519.

11. University of East Anglia, UEA:-

Established :-  1963

The University of East Anglia (UEA) is considered as one of the best Universities in the U.K. for student satisfaction. Creative Writing Courses in UK offers excellent academic, social, and cultural facilities which it offers to over 15,000 students from over 100 different countries, who enjoy studying over 300 courses at UEA.  The University has strong links with local media organizations such as the BBC and has Internship, Careers and Employability teams to help students find practical opportunities.

Contact Reference:-

Website:- www.uea.ac.uk.

Phone:- +44 -1603 593280

12. Lead Academy:


It is a hub for learning that offers many courses that offer creative writing course online. The CPD UK accredits this creative writing course offered by the lead academy. The course fee is 25 euros without any hidden fees and is accessible for a lifetime. Anyone can learn this course as there are no academic requirements to study this course. Furthermore, 24×7 support is available and the course can be studied online with high-quality study materials that will be also available online. After completing the course, one has to take the online assessment that consists of multiple choice questions and the certification will be awarded.

13. Faber academy:

This academy situated in the UK offers many courses both online and offline and it includes a creative writing course. It offers many categories of courses under creative writing. The tutors and mentors from this institute are celebrated authors and writers and whatever course one chooses, they will get full support. From one-day workshop to reviewing manuscripts this academy offers everything. 







Writing a novel

2500 Euros



6 months

Start to write




1 to 5 days

Masterclass: The whole process of writing




1 to 5 days

Getting started: Beginner’s Fiction




8 weeks

14. Curtis Brown Creative:

This is a school specially dedicated to writing and they offer many courses in relation to writing as well as creative writing in the UK. It was started in 2011 to help talented writers and it helps learners to write their novels and to develop their full potential. With their sister agency, they help in book publishing too. Anna Davis, the author of 5 novels is the founder and director of the academy. They offer a Creative writing course which is best for beginners. This course contains video lessons, weekly writing sessions, resources, notes, professional feedback from writers, student forums, etc. 


  • Course duration: 4 weeks
  • Mode: Online
  • Fees: 125 Euros

15. The Writer’s Bureau:

This academy dedicated to writers has been in the field since 1989 offering a number of creative writing courses in the UK. They offer many courses to students regardless of their age and educational background from children to adults. It offers a writing apprenticeship program to guide the writers. Some of the best creative writing programs that this institute offers are given below.

  • An introduction to creative writing – This is a free course for beginners to help them in the journey of creative writing.
  • Fiction writing course – This course comes with a 15-day free trial and includes all forms of fiction writing.
  • Biographies, Memoirs, and Family Histories writing course 
  • Comprehensive creative writing course 
  • 16. Oxford Royale Academy:


This academy situated in the UK offers many courses in various branches from arts to engineering. Under arts, the institute offers a variety of creative writing courses in the UK. These creative writing courses are varied for ages 13 to 15, ages 16 to 18, and for ages 19+. The creative writing course for more than 19 years of age is 5995 euros and the duration is 2 weeks. This course is offered by the University of Oxford. The creative writing course is designed in a way that enhances the confidence and creativity of the learners through exposure to many novels. Apart from the course, the institute offers many cultural programs, tours, etc.


In these fast-paced times, it is essential for one to keep up with the furtherance in any given field. Creative Writing Courses in UK is one of the fields that has been in existence for a long time, and has seen its part of change throughout the years. It is one of the common skills found throughout. Any skills need an update, to be more refined and have more technique than before. 

Hence, Creative Writing Courses in UK are essential to keep oneself equipped with the ongoing trends for it will come in handy and the above mentioned institutions are the best in providing it for the Creative Writing Courses in UK.    

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