What is Writing

Writing is the way of expressing our ideas and thought on a piece of paper. Of course, nowadays writer does it by typing on a computer screen or laptop screen. So, it is the medium of communication. For the learning of any new language there are four skills that we should qualify for:

1. Listening

2. Speaking

3. Reading

4. Writing.


 Generally, when we are in the phase of learning our native language, we first listen to it, based on which we started to speak. Then the skill of reading is developed, based on which ultimately the fourth skill writing comes. For knowing of any particular language these skills are underlined ones. These language skills are related to each other with the way of direction of communication and the methods of communication.

Types Of Writing

There are different types of writing from informal to formal types such as:

1. Business and Marketing Writing

2. Technical and Research Writing

3. Creative Writing

4. Academic Writing

Let’s explore more and have some detailed information about Business writing  and Creative writing.

About Business Writing

It is the type of writing that provides significant information to the reader. In Business writing, the main aim is to transmit information to a reader. Clear language and concise information are required in Business Writing to help the reader to understand the information written. Business writing is the foundation of any business. In this type of writing, the writer only provides the facts. Formal wording and tone are used in Business writing. And there should be to the point information about any product or services. However cordial tone is necessary to build trust and engagement of readers to the content written. Some main factors to consider in Business writing is:-

1. Information should be accurate, complete, and must be relevant to the readers.

2. From the informatory bundle, there should be an extract of only that information that is relevant and is easy to understand.

3. Must be simple to read, as highlighting the important terms with color or underline the words, using the number or bullet points, usage of a short paragraph, giving the proper heading or title.  

4. Use of correct grammar is necessary as these attributes are of much importance in Business Writing.

Business writing as a Career

There is plenty of options for business writing. A business writer works for a business to write proposals, business reports, and plans. They also write the information about any particular product or services. The business writer writes the content to promote or advertise the brand of any product. It includes writing for websites, advertisements, brochures, catalogs, etc. The Business writer also works as a reporter to write stories about economics and businesses. They can work as a full-time employee in a company or can be a freelance contractor. Then there are agencies such as brand promoting companies, web agencies, design agencies, and language consultancy that give employment to both full-time and freelance writers. So, there is your choice of specializing in anything from social media to the corporate office to web editing.

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Qualification for Business Writing

The qualification required for Business writing is a Bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, or business. However, it is not mandatory. In some companies or organizations, it is required. The main pre-requisite is your interest in writing. Since overall your work or portfolio is the main thing that is asked for. And now due to the rise of self-publishing websites, there is the scope of self-publishing our writing. Although if you already qualify for a diploma, degree, etc, in any particular area, it can also be used in the field of Business writing. E.g. if you have qualifications in environmental science you can become an expert in your writing extract about the environment in newspapers, magazines, etc.

Types of Business Writing

For becoming a successful business writer there are some types of Business writing you should be familiar with. Such as E-mail writing, Business Report Writing, Memo Writing, Handbook Writing, Newsletter, Copywriting, Writing product descriptions and reviews, press release, Meeting agendas, resume and cover letter writing, Writing for the landing page of any company website, writing for responses to customer queries and complaints.

Business Writing Course

For effective business writing skill and making your content ready for the market there are the number of the institute and academy providing the required training. Developing your writing skill is an essential career move. As writing always matters, either you are composing emails, memoirs, business proposals, newsletters, making a presentation, or even making your resume stand out, good writing is the skill necessary for a successful business. Business Writing is one of the most important skills for personal and organizational success. These courses will help you to identify and communicate your writing content to the intended audience.

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summary some of the commonly asked questions:-

What is the purpose of Business Writing?

For market place reputation of any particular organization or company and to generate more revenue it is essential to write well-written business proposals, clearly written memos, effective marketing material, systematic email, report writing, etc.

What are the forms of Business Writing?

There are many forms of Business Writing as:
Writing for social media
Press Release
Product Description
Resume Writing
 Training & Educational Content etc.
So, it refers to any form of writing that is used within the Business environment.

What is Business Writing?

It is the purposeful piece of writing that provides facts or relevant information to the reader, gives knowledge about something, and influences someone to take action.

What are the career prospects of Business Writing?

A Business writer has the role of writing website content, press release, proposals, newsletter, and articles. They may be responsible for conducting necessary research and fact-checking data. Some business writers work for the time of regular office hours or some opt for part-time work or freelance job. Freelance writers are typically paid according to the assignment done. They have the flexibility of setting their schedule and place.

From where to do Business Writing?

There are many online Business Writing Courses. A particular course should cover exactly what you want from it. Any of the specific skills which you want to learn from it. The business writing course which you choose should start with the basic level and then it should reach the more comprehensive approach. So some of the choices are as follows:-
1. Copy Writing Course by Henry Harvin Education.
2. Business Communication skill: Business Writing And Grammar by Udemy
3. Tips for Better Business Writing by LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com)
4. American Management Association
5. High Impact Business Writing by University of California Irvine Division of Continuing Education
6. Business Writing by University of Colorado Boulder
7. Universal Class Business Course

About Creative Writing

Creative writing is that form of writing which involves the usage of narrative craft, imagination tools, character development, and the use of different figures of speeches or with various methods of poetry. So that it gives beauty to the piece of writing. In Creative writing, both fictional and non-fictional work comes under this category. Novels, short stories, biographies, poems are all types of Creative Writing. In this type of writing, you can step into the imaginary world. It is the art of expressing ideas and thoughts in imaginary ways. When you are in the field of creative writing your imagination must be inflow. Creative Writing is a form of entertainment. This form of writing we can find in T.V. serials, movies, books, poems, and other mediums.

Creative writing can be a part of professional writing as well as there are types of :

Creative Content Writing

Creative SEO Writing

Creative Blog Writing

Creative Copy Writing

Creative Script Writing

Creative Proposal Writing

Creative Writing as a career

The creative writer has plenty of opportunities available. As creative writing is almost used in every field. Creative writing is very useful in business. Be it the designing sentence for advertisement, to write a quote for the product, or even for designing brand name creative writing is used. Writers working in marketing and advertising companies create write-ups that sell products. Writing copy for marketing campaigns and ads is the job of a creative writer. They can work as a fiction writer, scriptwriter, publisher, novelist, creative writing editor, proofreader, entrepreneur, author, and many other job profiles are there which a creative writer can opt for.

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Qualification for Creative Writing

Creative writing degree for undergraduates students in college are a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Students can also pursue a higher degree of Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Most employers of creative writer and editor have a preference of candidate who possesses the bachelor’s degree. A graduate degree in creative writing may lead to a job that requires creativity, research, writing, and communication of ideas. Having a graduate degree and master’s degree in creative writing allows the students to focus on studies in fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. The creative writer usually starts their writing journey with short stories or poetry. The creative writing students should participate in extracurricular writing-based activities such as school or college-based literary magazines or newspapers, writing contests, publishing clubs, etc. Creative writers seeking to progress their education and want to learn and improve new writing techniques can participate in workshops or writing classes that are available online or through the organization, and there are also seminars provided by successful authors. Then there is freelance writing which is also one of the important career opportunities for creative writers. A freelance creative writer can earn a good income by submitting short stories, poems, blogs, etc., or other creative pieces to the organization that publishes both fiction and non-fiction write-ups.

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Types Of Creative Writing

There is another form of Creative writing also, that you can find out except fiction and poetry which are the main form of creative writing. As generally writer specializes in one form or genre and becomes efficient in that. However, working with another type of writing is beneficial as it is a good way to acquire a variety of techniques in your writing. So, these are some of the types as; memoir, journals, diaries, letters, essays, poetry, song lyrics, script, storytelling, speech writing, vignettes, free writing. Then there is writing for the screen and stage, known as screenwriting that is often taught separately and comes under the category of creative writing. Experimenting with different forms is good as it prevents your work to be repeated and overladen with a specific form.

Creative Writing Course-

Creative Writing is an ability that requires strong imaginary powers to converts any particular thoughts, imagination, and memories into words. You have to open the door of your imagination for the free-flowing of your thoughts. With the help of writing skills and techniques, this ability and talent can be more enhanced. Today there are great opportunities for creative writers to make a path for themselves in the field of authors, poets, scriptwriters, etc. Writing like any other craft or art form can be taught. There is a wide range of courses available for Creative writing, but it is important to choose the one that suits you and your unique style, not just only in writing but in personality also. Any of the course which you choose should make good improvement in you as a writer, gives confidence in your writing, gives you the understanding of what type of writing you are good at, what should need more improvements and what is working in your writing way. There are many types of courses available to choose from as full-time courses, short courses, home study, night classes, residential courses, and online courses. Some courses all types of creative writing styles, some focuses more on specific genre or aspects such as short stories, books writing, etc.

Difference between Business writing versus Creative writing

There is a clear difference between Business writing and Creative writing. Business writing is a purposeful piece of writing that targets obtaining a successful business response from the reader. Whereas in Creative writing, the writer puts their imaginary ideas or thoughts into engaging words.

Differences between Business Writing and Creative Writing

1. The purpose of Business writing is to provide the facts. And to compel the reader or viewer to say yes to something for making any purchase. The formal tone is used in Business writing. It is written clearly and briefly. The purpose of Creative writing is to reveal information into bits and pieces so that there is a build-up of suspense in readers. Their purpose is not to sell anything but to take their readers into the pretend world. It is a two-way relationship between the thoughts of writer and reader. As the writer has to think in view of the reader’s thoughts and emotions in mind while writing.

2.Business writing is reality-based. And is predictable. It usually involves asking or action response at the end whereas in  Creative writing there can be the occurrence of unpredictable events as it gives an infinite number of thinking approaches to the writers.

3.The goals of business writing and creative writing are different. Creative writing is meant for entertainment. And to appreciate the writer’s imagination. Business writing is to handle professional proposals or plans.

4.In Business Writing there are mainly four types of writing: Instructional Writing (E.g. user manual, specifications, memos), Informational writing (E.g. reports, financial statement, write-up of the meeting), persuasive writing( Press release, sales email, proposals), transactional writing( E-mails, official letters). Whereas Creative writing encompasses a wide array of writing types. Almost everything from poetic works to the works of fiction and nonfiction can be in the range of creative writing genres. Some of the varieties in which you can use any choice of word, phrases, and techniques are:- poetry, play, lyrics, speeches, stories, etc.

5.One more point of difference is that there are write-ups of creative writing that may imitate any of the business writing styles in their work, but there is a rare example one can find in business writing where the Creative writing style is adopted. As in Business writing, standard style and structures are adopted.

 About creative writing there is the famous quote- “Creativity is the brain’s invisible muscle—that when used and exercised routinely—becomes better and stronger.” – Ashley Ormon

About business writing for successful professional deals business writer has to keep in mind that “Business has only two functions: marketing and innovation”- Milan Kundera

However, from time to time business writing styles and creative writing styles may be related to each other. Business writing seeks to share information, creative writing seeks the best way to share it. Learning the ins and out of one form of writing can open the door to another form. As writing skills are transferrable, and once it is mastered you can use them practically in any genre of writing. But knowing the difference between the two writing is an important factor. Since it is the essential aspect for the writer to know while presenting their content to their readers.


Writing skills are an important part of communication. Language is the medium of communicating our ideas or thoughts in the form of writing. The main task in writing is to present the ideas and thoughts in an organized and logical way. Writing skills has also many other advantages as it is a way of improving your communication skills, it develops your ability to think critically, it enhances your knowledge due to vast research and reading, it helps you expand your abilities, will give you flexible career options. Writing is the primary way business gets done in today’s competitive world. When writing is done well business also gets successful. Writing has become necessary in academic, professional, technical, engineering, and scientific workplaces. Good writing skill helps your business in several ways. It let you express yourself, helps you become more clear and concise in your vision. With writing skill, you can communicate clearly with others and can also create useful resources for the workplace.  

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Q1. What is Creative Writing?

Ans. It is the form of writing that expresses the ideas and thoughts of a writer imaginatively. It is the medium of expressing the writer’s emotions feelings, experiences that are obtained at a conscious or subconscious level. Its main goal is not to present the fact but to express the feeling of the writer. Information given can be real or can be imaginary.

Q2. What is the purpose of Creative writing?

Ans. Good writing skills are highly important in the workplace. In the online job market, creative writing is one of the trendiest terms used. The creative writer’s job is to write editorial articles, promotional marketing materials, screenplays, etc. with the artistic choice of written words. There are options in different fields for creative writers. As in advertising companies, public relations firms, Corporate offices, etc. The Creative writer may be self-employed or they may develop creative work for academic, business, and publishing companies.

Q3. What are the forms of Creative writing?

Ans. Creative Writing is the way to express your feeling and to entertain others. There are different types of creative writing found in these writing categories: poems, novels, screenplays, short stories, blogging, speeches, etc.

Q4. From where to do creative writing?

Ans. Creative writing can provide you with endless entertainment as it allows you to let your imagination run freely. If you are thinking to step into the field of creative writing or want to improve your creative writing skill to become a better writer. There are lots of courses available that help you in achieving your goal. Some of the selected ones are:
1. Creative Writing Course from Henry Harvin Education
2. Creative Writing: The Full Course from Udemy
3. Guardian Writing Masterclasses
4. Creative Writing Value Suite from ED2GO
5. The Writer’s Toolkit:6 steps to a successful writing habit course(SkillShare)
6. Creative Writing: The craft of plot from Coursera
7. Start writing fiction course from the open university( Future learn).

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