Congratulations on the completion of your creative writing learning! Right now, you must be scrolling Google to find a platform where you can publish your work. Why not! Publishing your work online is an ideal way to gain publicity and confidence as a writer.

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun! By – Albert Einstein

There is something magical about the old-fashioned way to write using pen and paper. But for beginners who have just put their first step in the digital world, they definitely need a platform to create a portfolio. For this, either they need to create their own website (that will cost more) or they write can write on various online platforms that accept creative writing submissions or can find the online magazines accepting submissions.

There are a variety of different methods you can pursue before bringing your work online, whether this is a story you have only dreamed of or a story you have been working about and preparing for months. There are new websites coming up at this stage every month seeking to get authors to post online, and it’s not about how to find a place to post, but more what websites are really cool to post to.

A writer’s toolbox is always filled with gadgets and gizmos that assist a writer in crafting anything creative that comes up in his mind. Writing websites are the fantastic tools to showcase your hidden talent of writing and it also acts as your portfolio.

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Through this write-up, I have curated a list of the top 50 websites that accept creative writing submissions. The below websites accept various online publications in fiction writing, creative writing Course, magazines accepting submissions, or to post your creative writing work publicly.

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Top 50 websites to submit your creative writing

1. Wattpad

Wattpad is one of the largest writer’s communities that boast over 65 million users. It allows authors to start off their author journey by meeting millions of potential readers. This website also allows contests to earn the next major hit. It’s an easy way to create a readership for fans. It has a writers’ portal that is supposed to be a modern writers’ resource center. This is one of the most interesting new features of Wattpad, perhaps. This latest investment in Wattpad writers is a direct effort to appeal to the authors who run this enormous culture. 

2. Inkitt

The social media element of writing is taken by and taking it up to another level. Similar to Wattpad, authors will compose and post their work on, but stories that do well in terms of reader reaction, reviews, and interaction will be published in three formats: 

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  • E-reader
  • Printing
  • Audiobook

Overall, the website is simple and convenient to use, and it is progressing every day. It may not have a readership as broad as Wattpad, but it seems like it’s a little more fresh, sleek, and simpler overall than Wattpad. So on Inkitt, essentially, your success could win you a publishing contract.

3. Storybrid brings a variant wrinkle on the online writer publishing platform options or creative writing submissions. Writers can create stories by utilizing various images on the website. Yes, by adding pictures and videos to them, you will actually bring your stories to life, and eventually, I believe it provides a more enjoyable platform for readers, ensuring you will get good exposure with your creativity. If your stories draw a broad readership, they provide an opportunity to build your career and promote your work.

4. Quotev

This website allows polls and stories to be generated by people. It is labeled very well, which makes it easy to browse. If you would like to read or post fan-fiction, Quotev is a wonderful spot. It’s not just fan-fiction, but that genre sure has a huge amount of content.

5. Commaful

Commaful is a great platform for fan-fiction and short stories. Overall, very fun to layout, if you want to get away from your writing’s seriousness, this can be a perfect spot for a little whimsy. 

6. Alter Stories 

Of all the authors who publish articles, this is the most peculiar approach. This reflects on working together to create stories. The first author will come up with an idea for a story and write the first few hundred words. Then people who love the story will pick up the story and write down what happens next.

7. Swoon Reads

Readers/audience reaction to your story determines if you potentially get traditionally published with Macmillan – Think Americas got Talent for authors. Stories that are selected for publishing will get in house resources to publish their book. You can use the app or website to read and write. It is restrictive as it only accepts Young and New Adult fiction. Also, it accepts full-length novels- no serials.

8. Medium

Medium is a popular platform that is known to every person who is looking forward to reading or writing online. Medium is a platform where any content can be published. Non-fiction and essays appear to be preferred over fiction, but fiction also has its place. If you look about where there are large communities for fiction, there are a few publications within the media and sub-communities. Overall, people on Medium are pretty knowledgeable.

9. FictionPress

FictionPress is a fairly popular community that mainly writes novels and plays. It is less popular than some of the other sites on this list, but through it, you will probably get some positive reviews and readership. Here, you’ll find many active writers also the participants of fandoms.

10. Smashwords

It is an e-publishing site where short stories and collections are also welcome, but most novels are entertained. Romance appears to be by far the most popular genre and most of the stories are sold for a price there. This is a very good choice if you are trying to market your book and don’t like Amazon. Here, you can write for free as well. To filter by free and by genres, there are really simple filters, so free books always get good visibility.

11. Archive of your own

If you are a fan-fiction writer (characters from movies or TV shows), then you will enjoy this platform. This community is incredibly involved with millions of readers and contributors. Feedback is hit or missed, but there are certainly some sophisticated readers who read and offer valuable guidance, even editors. 

12. Fanfiction

It is one of the main repositories of fan fiction. The majority of people who come to this site are interested in fan-fiction, so much like Archive of Our Own, if you are posting fan-fiction, only post here. For, many of the same notifications and recommendations for Archive of Our Own are also real.

13. Tumblr

Fanfiction and relatable fiction topics still flourish, while not solely a writing platform. The best opportunity here is that, not only on Tumblr but across the world, Tumblr posts still always go viral. Tumblr is a cultural center where you can tap into it. They will re-share it and get it in front of more individuals if people want it. Fandoms play a huge role in Tumblr, so posts will really take off if you have a fan-fiction piece and use the proper tags. Tags are very relevant, so do some research into the best tags to use to ensure the Tumblr community maximizes your exposure.

14. WritersCafe

Such an old place at school, but still there! There are many users and authors on the web, packed with enjoyable writing challenges, who still use it. On the web, individuals often post short stories, poems, fairy tales, and more. Its specialty is that it also has a range of tools, from writing classes to tournaments.

15. Booksie

You can see from the style that this site is still a little old-school, but it still draws a lot of very talented authors. There are hundreds of thousands of novels, short stories, poetry, spanning a number of genres and subjects on the website. In order to help artists, the platform has competitions and instruments. The self-publishing perspective seems to have a priority. It’s evident, though, that there’s some good talent posting here.

16. RoyalRoad

It is a platform with a genuinely engaged audience, a niche web novel, and a fan-fiction destination. People are really nice and a large number of designers are still around whom also work on book covers. Over the past few years, there have been a variety of famous articles that have millions of opinions. The platform also has a forum for users to hang out, talk, and encourage each other, as well as Discord.

17. The young Writer’s Society

It was primarily built for young authors and contained several short stories. They have a semi-active forum to communicate and exchange ideas with individuals. The website has a tonne of novels and poems written in the genre of fantasy and teen fiction. This website is very teen-focused and also has a somewhat active audience, but it does not appear like many updates have been obtained from the actual site itself as of now.

18. FanStory

For its submissions, this platform has some cash prizes and a number of short competitions related to literature. There are several competitions including poetry, short fiction, and more. To keep it fun, the site has live rankings and prompts for regular writing. This old-style website from the early 2000s is still alive and has a group that is quite healthy. However, many of the features and competitions require payment, so it is not just free stuff. The platform appears to be growing very slowly, but for anyone looking to create an audience, it still has a good user base.

19. Boulevard

The printing of the best literature is devoted to Boulevard Magazine. They want papers on topics like literature, poetry, and non-fiction. They are welcoming freelancers to submit pieces of no more than 8,000 words and no more than 200 lines of poetry.

20. The Capilano Review

The Capilano Review reflects on Canadian authors writing content. They urge authors to submit fiction that does not exceed the maximum of 5,000 words and submissions of 600 words for poetry. The Capilano Review encourages prospective authors to only submit work on their platform, so before beginning the process, please check the details.

21. Glimmer Train

A contemporary literature publication is GlimmerTrain. They consider two kinds of submissions: competition and submissions for people. They assume that individual submissions would not surpass the sum of 12,000 words. Brand new authors are accepted by this magazine and their criteria and requirements have been listed on their blog.

22. Plough Shares

Plowshares is committed to standard literature printing. They are in search of content: poetry, longer fiction, and non-fiction, essays, and papers. For each group, they prefer posts to stick exclusively to the word count. This platform is not available for submissions during the year, although they have a very comprehensive page on their web with recommendations for submissions. Check for opening hours and before proposals are made, make sure the role blends into their brief.

23. The Southern Review

With a distinctive style and consistency, the Southern Review reflects on publishing literature. Among the genres of prose, verse, and essays (including artistic non-fiction and literary essays), their appeal for submissions is They assume that each submission would not reach the cap of 8,000 words. They choose to collect your manuscripts by fax.

24. Sub Tropics

SubTropics is a widely followed, well-respected publication that features comprehensive literary fiction, essays, and poetry. Essays, art, prose, and non-fiction are in search of material. It should be around 500 words for posts and 15,000 words for screenplays. 

25. AGNI

With verse, short stories, and essays, AGNI publishes a diverse selection of content. In those three areas, they are currently in need of content. This website is only available for submissions at some times of the year, so before writing or sending, search their website.

26. Black Warrior Review

The literary quarterly Black Warrior Review focuses on writing comics, poems, novels, non-fiction, prose, and photography. They are now accepting proposals for prose, poetry, and non-fiction. Prose entries that are no more than 7,000 words are eligible.

27. Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse is committed to writing the finest literary articles. They require the following ingredients: prose, poetry, and non-fiction.

28. Grain Magazine

Grain Magazine is committed to presenting literary work that is insightful and enjoyable. They promote submissions from freelancers on poetry, prose, and literary non-fiction. They expect between 500 and 3,500 words to be both fiction and non-fiction.

29. Gulf Coast Magazine

Gulf Coast Magazine encourages quality literature and publishing. They require content like stories and essays, poetry, interviews, and literary selection reviews. They want submissions of essays of between 300 and 1,200 words.

30. Iron Horse

Iron Horse Review is a high-quality journal that deals with short stories, poetry, and non-fiction. Prose manuscripts are supposed to be 5,500 words or fewer.

31. The Creative Pen

This site provides reviews and other services related to book writing, printing, and marketing, managed by the New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Joanna Penn.

32. Writers Helping Writers

This one-stop shop for writing assets provides links to advertising, marketing, and consulting facilities for authors on insightful pages. Information on safeguarding your writing from scammers and cyber plagiarists can also be identified.

33. Publetariat

Proletariat offers functional networking information, websites for writers, and the publishing process. In the world of journalism, it also shares references to major news stories.

34. Positive Writer

For writers with questions, including the author of the website, Bryan Hutchinson, a Constructive Writer, was created to have inspiring posts to help authors keep writing.

35. Blots and Plots

The blog of Blots and Plots instructs authors to keep in the habit of writing, targeting particular topics, and explaining how even with a full-time job, it is possible to write a book.

36. Writer’s Digest

All sorts of advice and resources for writers are offered by this well-known and informative platform. The site’s numerous creative writing prompts are of special interest. New challenges are released on a weekly basis, and in the comments section, writers share their findings.

37. Poets and Writers

It is a non-profit organization that supports innovative authors. You will read about career growth on this platform, interact with other writers in your field, and find weekly poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction writing prompts.

38. Reedsy

This is one of the best websites for authors to draw inspiration, with Reedsy’s collection of over 250 writing prompts to get you started on your next artistic idea. To help you locate prompts from your writing genre (e.g., romantic, fantasy, mystery), it also includes a search feature. There is an opportunity to upload your own writing prompts, too, if you want to link to the website and support other aspiring writers.

3.9 Live Write Thrive

Operated by C. S. Lakin, an experienced narrator, copyeditor, and writing mentor, Live Write Thrive offers a wealth of knowledge from proficient guest bloggers with the intent to teach, inspire, and promote young and seasoned writers.

40. Write it Sideways

Real-life advice (such as writing grants, author naming, and gift purchasing) as well as writing tips and tricks, such as finding dialogue flaws and learning how to generate suspense in your fiction, are illustrated in the posts for authors that can be found on Write It Sideways.

41. Warrior Writers

The best-selling author Kristen Lamb runs Warrior Authors, who advise authors to utilize extensive and informative articles that have a funny and easy-to-read sound.

42. Write to Done

For authors, this website specifically explains helpful subjects, such as curing impostor syndrome, healing from adverse feedback, and seeking a pen name.

43. Campus Diaries

As its name suggests, campus diary is a great platform for students who are looking to get their content publish.

44. Square Space

If you are progressing through creative writing content, this website will help you make a variance in showcasing your work. If you are in aesthetics, then this website will act as a huge bonus for you.

45. Svbtle

In case if you lose a brilliant idea, this website is a unique platform that helps you click your ideas and curate them till the time you’re ready to materialize them. It provides a writing interface with a 30-day trial period (paid afterward).

46. Big Bridge

Literature, poetry, photography, and non-fiction webzine founded in 1997, they retain a reputation as one of the most visited literary webzines in English. The Big Bridge is named for its guiding philosophy of constructing “bridges” between creative cultures to develop new ideas together.

47. Toasted Cheese

The Writer’s Digest has called Toasted Cheese one of the 101 Best Authors’ Websites four times. Toasted Cheese is both a literary magazine and a writers’ group, providing sound advice and a series of free contests for fiction. When reviewing submissions, the editors concentrate on consistency, so note to plan the work before submitting it!

48. Carve Magazine

Carve Magazine welcomes short stories, entries of poetry, and non-fiction from anywhere in the world. The authors they print are also compensated by them.

49. Short-Story.Me!

Readers and authors will score each other’s work with over 1000 stories published. Stories tend to be 2000 words or so.

50. Story Day

The month-long competitions for this platform to write a short story every day of the week are its highlight, but the writing prompts, Accountability Groups, StoryADay podcasts, efficiency tools and more are equally valuable.

Points to Remember

Before sending your write-up to the magazine accepting submissions or creative writing submissions, note to read previous articles and fiction on the internet. Ask yourself as well: 

  • What sorts of fiction are written by them? 
  • What is the intended demographic for them? 
  • Does your short story fit their fictional tastes? 
  • Take a look at their webpage for details and see who the editors are.

Bidding Words

Remember, if creative writing has worked for Shakespeare, why can it not work for you? Choose a spot or two and start reading other authors’ material. Interact with the groups, and then start writing about the one you think best suits your character and content. Note that on these pages, you don’t have to share your main idea; they will serve as a perfect forum for a side project. You can proceed to learn creative writing too. 

Look at these creative writing submissions as a way to express your art and focus on it, to get reviews in real-time, while building an audience. Don’t forget about creative writing-related blog posts, which provide writers with all the tools and guidance they require to perfect their creative writing. It helps in understanding planning and drafting any type of creative writing. Focus on magazine accepting submissions or creative writing submissions and hit the leading world of creative writing.

Recommended Read- 

Happy reading, creators!

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