Emergency Medical technician is advanced in the healthcare industry known as lifesaver or paramedic; this course mainly aims to produce efficient medical resources in emergency medical services with the necessary knowledge and skill.

Emergency medical technician provides first-line medical care for injured, sick, and medical emergency care for the patient.

The branch of medical tech sciences deals with emergency medical treatments, diagnosis, and treatment of many diseases and health problems using cynical labs, diagnostics tools, X-rays and ultrasounds, etc.

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It is called paramedical science. Due to the shortage of large quantities of the paramedical workforce has increased.

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics care for the sick or injured in emergency medical settings. People’s lives often depend on the quick reaction and competent care provided by these workers.

EMTs and paramedics respond to emergency calls, performing medical services and transporting patients to medical facilities.

Emergency medical technicians provide emergency care while transporting the patient, and they transport the patient from one medical facility to another.

Top 10 Emergency Medical Technician Course in India

1. Henry Harvin

Emergency Medical Technician Course is a highly demanded job in healthcare centers worldwide. The course works and focuses on developing all the necessary skills.

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Henry hat in is a highly qualified healthcare professional with around 15+ years of work experience recognized and partnered by various organizations. The certificate from Henry Harvin’s course in India is exhaustive.

This emergency medical course certification proves that you have taken a big leap in mastering the domain of a perfect emergency medical technician.

The courses and course certificate as an emergency medical technician from Henry Harvin are trusted by big industry leaders.

The course covers all the skills and knowledge needed to become an EMT-Basic, including:

  1. medical terminology
  2. patient assessment
  3. patient care scenarios
  4. response to emergencies
  5. handling of legal and ethical issues.

Benefits of the Course

Become a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with our self-paced online course. The course is designed to be your partner throughout your journey of becoming an EMT, starting with your very first steps as a First Responder and continuing through EMT training.

You’ll master the critical skills and knowledge needed to immediately treat those in medical distress. The course provides eligible students with access to the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians cognitive exam.

Becoming an EMT or paramedic requires the completion of a postsecondary educational program.

All states require EMTs and paramedics to be licensed; requirements vary by state. Most EMTs and paramedics learn their profession through postsecondary education programs such as certificates and associate’s degrees.

Duration and skills learnt

These programs usually last from 6 months to 2 years and lead to a certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree.

Emergency medical technicians learn how to give CPR, administer glucose to diabetic patients, help asthmatic people and extricate patients for transport.

Paramedics learn all that plus advanced skills such as administering medication, starting intravenous lines and providing advanced airway management for patients; they also learn how to resuscitate patients who have suffered trauma.

EMTs and paramedics may take classes in anatomy, physiology, cardiology, medications and medical procedures.

Their courses consist of lectures, hands-on skills training and clinical or field internships.

Course Types, Benefits, Fees:

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2. Tech Mahindra Foundation (Smart Academy)

Become a skilled professional in pre-medical care and emergency medical situations by enrolling in the certificate in emergency medical technician course in India.

The EMT course In India certificate is offered by tech Mahindra smart academy in various parts of India.

After completing the emergency medical training, you will be awarded a certificate since the training center involves clinical training, classroom training, soft training, and course work.

Tech Mahindra Foundation is a good platform that can help you offer basic life support to a patient in an emergency.

3. Vivo Healthcare (EMT Training)

Vivo healthcare offers emergency medical technician courses in India; many students can take classes in the VIVO healthcare platform and get a certificate.

Vivo healthcare platform is designed and created to train and educate healthcare professionals in advanced aspects of emergency hospital care as emergency medical courses in India.

And jobs have a huge demand and many opportunities. Vivo is working on many platforms and an array of placements partners, including hospitals, diagnostics centers, ambulance service providers, eye care, ophthalmic clinic, and other territory care hospitals.

And Vivo team feels privileged to provide the much-needed skilled workforce in the industries.

4. Virohan (Institute of health and management science)

Virohan(Institute of health and management science) has a technology-driven platform that can easily train personnel, both in their allied campuses and online.

The emergency medical technician course in virohan can help healthcare professionals develop necessary skills that are very helpful to respond in basic emergency lifesaving situations.

5. Life Supporters

Life supporters emergency medical technician course in India is designed to instruct a student on a medical emergency technician basis.

After completing a medical emergency technician course in life supporters, a technician or student can easily perform the following functions at the entry levels.

The facility of this platform is drawn from highly experienced medical professionals who are well-experienced and certified instructors.

Lies( life supporters institute of health sciences) is a registered platform that initiated the journey towards developing emergency healthcare in India in 2005.


The Institute of paramedical science and management for EMT course in India, the emergency medical technician course in this Institute, has a huge demand.

This platform has skilled and well-experienced professionals. After completing the studies, the students can perform the following functions at the maximum entry-level.

• Perform a good safely and effectively the expectations of the job description

• Life, move, position, and handle the patients according to the situation and minimize the discomfort.

• Recognise the seriousness and patient’s condition.

7. Krishna Group of Institutions

Emergency technicians courses teach the student skills and promptly transfer a seriously Ill patient to a place where they can be easily treated better.

After completing the emergency medical technician course, students work directly with the doctors in the emergency patient care field. Krishna group of institutions is a wonderful platform for various world students. The EMT course in India has a huge and unexpected demand.


The goal of the paramedic program is to prepare competent enter level paramedics in the cognitive, skill effective domain of learning; the Indian river state college offers several various degrees and certificates leading.

IRSC ensures that its students gain deep knowledge in their chosen area of specialization and learn the holistic skills that will easily equip them to face real-world challenges to the hospital and management.

9. ENTICE Institute

The EMT course in Indian institutes is growing faster after the Covid 19 pandemic; The ENTICE institute is working hard on this platform with many training professionals. The ENTICE institute conducts the EMT-A and EMT-B courses and training.

The classes are through the healthcare sector skill council, and these courses are mainly designed to instruct the students on the level of the emergency medical technician- basics.

It includes all the skills necessary for the individual to provide emergency medical patient care at a basic life support level with an ambulance service or other specialized service.


Staredu education and training institute is a well-known healthcare institution providing good quality medical institutions established in 2014.

A highly qualified, unique, dedicated, and experienced faculty facilitates academic excellence and leadership qualities.

In addition, STARTED provides a world-class emergency medical training certificate course, and this will easily help students become qualified EMT courses in India lifesaving technicians when needed.

Role of Emergency Medical Technicians

Emergency medical technicians courses play an important role in many countries, and proper education and training will be given on how to deal in an emergency.

Currently, emergency medical technician courses and jobs are in high demand in the healthcare industry.

The EMT institutes focus on guiding students on required employable skills to match the healthcare industry demands.

Apart from these institutes, they can also provide course certification and job training internships.

The EMT course in India helps great hospitality and emergency platforms in the country. Allow them to deal with emergencies, be assistants with the nursing and doctor staff, and be part of serious and big departments like ICUS; these paramedic courses encourage many students and provide them with an EMT certification.

Job Opportunities

School of medicine launches hybrid EMT course | Tulane News

There are plenty of job opportunities for an EMT technician; the emergency medical technician course helps to work in private ambulance services, fire department hospitals, police and fire departments, etc.

EMT course has a wide range of carrier growth in the healthcare sector in any part of the world. It can easily climb up the ladder of better opportunities with relevant experience and expertise.

Who is the Emergency Medical Technician Course for?

The emergency medical technician course is ideal for class 12th students and graduates who wish to manage hands-on medical emergencies.

In addition, many big institutes offer certified courses to train students in emergency lifesaving situations and provide pre-hospital critical care.

Things to know about EMT Course

This job requires individuals to easily work in a team and make simple decisions about their given area. Individuals should be able to maintain composure in extremely stressful problematic conditions to assess medical situations.

They should perform easy emergency lifesaving procedures according to the methods the training has been easily imparted to them.

All Individuals must always perform their duties in an easy and calm, reassuring and efficient manner.

The individual must behave powerfully and be able to lift between 45 – 99 kilograms of body weight with a partner, as patients’ weight differently will typically fall within that range. The fitness and health of the individual should be assessed and examined using the Defense Man & Woman guidelines.

Paramedical Course

There are a number of paramedical courses available that can easily opt to become a paramedic. However, these paramedical courses mainly depend upon 6months and 1-year internships.

Brief Job Description

The individual at this job needs to provide emergency medical support and care to critically injured or ill individuals and safely transport them to a medical facility within stipulated time limits.


These emergency medical technician courses institutes help students a lot as they are trained to respond quickly to emergency medical situations.

EMTs are in very high demand at all the hospitals and nursing homes need to be trained in handling all kinds of critical and emergency difficult situations.

Providers reported a lack of respect as a major contributing factor to their burnout. Better paying jobs with better working conditions are important to reduce burnout and increase retention rates for EMTs.

Major contributing factors include younger age, insufficient resources, disrespectful treatment from patients, poor relationship with seniors and concern for physical safety. Prevention of burnout should be a key focus to ensure safe staffing levels in emergency services.”

The study showed that Indian EMTs experienced high levels of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and had high rates of intention to quit. One-quarter of EMTs were experiencing burnout at the time of this study.

It means that they were more likely to be fatigued and lose patience with patients. It can lead to EMTs possibly mistreating patients or making errors in their work.

The study also showed that younger EMTs were at a particularly high risk for burnout. With a number of health care facilities hiring younger workers to save money.

This can help nurses and other medical professionals take steps to prevent burnout among their colleagues and promote patient safety.

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Q1. How can I become certified ?

Ans. Once you complete the course you will have to give a state certification exam known as National Registry Exam. It is a separate test which you have to give.

Q2. What is taught in the basic course of EMT ?

Ans. In the basic course the anatomy and physiology for serving as EMT focusing on nervous system, respiratory system and cardiovascular theory is taught. 

Q3. Who has control over the license of EMT?

Ans. The EMS authority has control over License of EMT.

Q4. What are tools essential for paramedics ?

Ans. Tools such as bag valve mask, suction unit, ECG Monitor with Defibrillator, Incubators, Cervical Collar, Infusion Pump and Syringe.

Q5. Do EMTs use Stethoscopes ?

Ans. Yes, EMTs do use Stethoscopes,as its their most important tool, it helps them to listen inaudible voices.


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