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An Introduction to Medical Writing


‘Medical writing satisfies my lust for science but also uses my creativity.’ – A medical writer.

Medical writing is a career in which a person is continuously fueled with new scientific discoveries. He/she has the task of penning down these discoveries for the public. It is a science that indulges in creation of scientific documents. Medical writers work with scientists, doctors and experts in this field. A medical writer in a way becomes the medium to present the discoveries of these doctors and scientists. Medical writing even involves the procedure to use the newly developed products. Medical writing requires an adequate blend of skill and patience. One gets a chance to deliver original work based upon some research.

In a way, Medical writing includes documents based on regulations, disease or medication- related educational and promotional literature, publication articles like manuscripts like journals and abstracts, content for healthcare websites, health- related magazines or news.

A medical writer who has undertaken a medical writing course would be able to write any of these documents easily.

Now here’s the list of top 10 medical writing courses in Delhi


1. Henry Harvin – Best Medical Writing Course in Delhi

Henry Harvin Contact No:- +91 9891953953 | Chat on WatsApp With Henry Harvin  

A medical writing course in Delhi is worth taking. It is one of South Asia’s finest medical writing courses.

Med-marketing and regulatory writing are included in medical writing. This medical writing course increases your strength in the writing field. It gives you a chance to blend your scientific and medical knowledge in your writing. 

This course guarantees freshers to become professional certified writers after the training period.

This course includes Henry Harvin’s signature training in which a lot of time and resources are invested in ensuring that quality content is delivered to the learners.

Course instructors are fully trained and qualified content writers themselves.


Why to choose Henry Harvin?

Here’s Why:

  • It provides 16 hours of learning sessions by teachers, 24 hours of brush up sessions and 50 hours of e-learning. A good enough time to master all the main aspects of medical writing.
  • One gets a chance to experience industry-based products.
  • The LMS portal provided by Henry Harvin allows you to look over the recorded sessions.

  • Helps you get Jobs.

  • This course provides internship opportunities after the course.

  • Henry Harvin covers all the genres of medical writing.
  • This institute provides monthly brush-up lessons for a year.

  • You even get 1 year Gold membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy.

  • It is really a good medical writing course in Delhi. You become certified medical writer in the end and get a chance to enter the same achievement in your resume.
  • Add-on supplements are provided to deliver projects efficiently.
  • Henry Harvin gives a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the medical writing course, post the completion of first-class, they would return your money.

Henry Harvin Medical writing course fee:

12,500 rupees

Details of Medical Writing Courses by Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin has strategically constructed 26 different course modules for their Medical Coding Courses.
  • However, the overall duration of the course is 90 hours here.
  • Lastly, the fee for Medical Writing Courses in Henry Harvin is INR 44,500/- only.

Henry Harvin Medical Writing Course Fees Structure:-

Henry Harvin® Medical Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by The Economic TimesNews18

Indian Cities Henry Harvin provides Medical Writing Courses physically


Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:


2. Symbiosis – Medical Writing Institute in Delhi 

Contact No:- +91 9552588162

It is India’s one of the leading educational institutions.

It is full of varied courses for students.

Medical Writing course in Delhi is offered by this institute.

Writing professionals who can interpret all the medical discoveries and script them adequately are increasing in demand. This course is really beneficial in making qualified medical writers.

Now-a-days proficiency in medical writing is a minimum requirement for professionals who want to pursue the teaching career.

Catering to the scarcity of credible learning platforms this Medical Writing Course in Delhi aims at providing wide-ranging insights on medical, regulatory and scientific writing to those aspirants who are hoping to add value to their writing.


Why chose Symbiosis?

Here’s why:

  • The course duration is 6 months, an ideal time to brush up your medical writing skills.

  • A certificate in Medical Writing would be given in the end.

  • An eligibility criterion for enrolment, allows selective learners to appear with you.

  • They focus on imparting knowledge on different aspects of medical, regulatory, and scientific writing.

  • Access to the learner support centre.

  • Separate non-refundable registration fee.

  • On completion of the medical writing course, one needs to give an online test to get the certificate.

  • Trained instructors

  • Can try out the 14 unique programmes of healthcare.

  • Online registration is available.

  • 24-7 learning management system is given.

  • Virtual classrooms are a new feature.

  • They even provide placement assistance.

Symbiosis Medical Writing Courses in Delhi fees: 

25,750 rupees

For more information on this course

Check out

The website

E-mail ID- [email protected]

3. James Lind Institute – Medical Writing Training in Delhi

Contact No:- +41 22 518 2828

It is a member of the esteemed International Council for Open and Distant Education (ICDE). It has a specialized program for students on global scale to learn and become certified writers.

It’s really an advisable Medical Writing Course in Delhi.

James Lind Institute has a professional diploma in medical writing course.

It provides the student with in-depth learning of medico-marketing writing.

Light is shone on pharmaceutical regulatory writing..

It boosts your skills as a medical and scientific writer.

It’s online courses only require a laptop, internet connection and a zeal to learn.

They offer two kinds of Medical writing programmes. You can choose the course that appeals you.

The longer and more advanced course is Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research and Medical Writing.

The beginner’s course is called Professional Diploma in Medical Writing.


Why opt James Lind Medical Writing Course in Delhi?

Here are the benefits of this Medical Writing Course:

  • It contains 14 modules that cover the theoretical knowledge of medical writing.

  • The duration of this course is 4-6 months, an ideal learning time.

  • Learning effort would only be 10-15 hours per week.

  • An online Multiple- choice test is given after every session.

  • Regular assignments are allotted and even marked after each submission.

  • It is a self-paced course.

  • 18 credits would be there in this course.

  • A minimum eligibility criterion leads to entrance of exceptional students in class.

  • An online support system is available for students to access the teachers and ask doubts.

  • A private mentor is allotted to each learner.

  • This institute has professionals from clinical research industry.

  • The maximum duration of this course can be extended to 18 months.

  • The curriculum of the program is extensive and has been evaluated and developed by experienced medical writing professionals themselves.

  • It is a good course for professionals who would like to shift to more medical form of writing.

  • Learners can even call the trainers to solve their issue.

  • A guidance portal is present to know more about their fee structure.

James Lind Medical Writing Courses in Delhi fees:

27,000 to 36,000 rupees.

For more information

Look up:


Email id: [email protected]

Check out- Medical Writing course in Kolkata

4. IGMPI – Medical Writing Classes in Delhi 

Contact No:- 011 2651 2850

IGMPI- Institute of Good Manufacturing Practises India, provides a diploma in medical writing after postgraduation. This program is approved by the Quality Council of India under Government of India.

This medical writing course in Delhi is offered to students with any background. Their eligibility criteria don’t restrict the admission to only medical students.

This course can be a choice for non-medical students as it offers them a chance to learn medical writing.It aims at skill improvement in medical writing which leads to more qualified writers.It accesses the strengths of the learners and encourages them to become certified medical writers.


Why to choose IGMPI Medical Writing Course?

Here’s Why:

  • This course covers all the technical aspects of medical writing.
  • Online courses are offered in most of the cities.

  • It covers 14 detailed modules including all the aspects of medical writing

  • The e-learning portal is really engaging and equipped with latest tools.

  • Allows learners to improve their self- regulated performance.

  • Assignments after each session are apt measures of each student’s progress.

  • Classes are monitored only by IGMPI faculty which makes this course more understandable.

  • A regular feedback is provided to each applicant after every session.

  • The classes would mainly be weekend classes. Prior the exam, doubt sessions would be conducted.

  • To earn the certificate, you need to solve every module efficiently to gain credits. Each module equals to 4 credits.

  • Job opportunities are provided by this institute. IT has tied up with many organizations to get you the right job.

IGMPI Medical writing courses in Delhi fees:

25,000 rupees


E-mail Id- [email protected]

5. Online Medical Writing Course

It is an online institution that provides an online course for certification in medical writing.

It lays stress on Health Care Communications.

Sitting anywhere on this planet you can have a complete access to this course. This leads to easier accessibility to the students.

This medical writing course is available in two editions-

Standard and Advanced edition.


Why to opt for Online Medical Writing Course?

Here are the Benefits of this course:

  • It a long-term medical writing course in Delhi. This would offer a chance to cover all the intricacies.

  • It contains 14 modules that cover aspects of medical writing. They even throw light on research writing.

  • Demo class can be accessed through their portal.

  • Advanced edition would include a greater number of assignments with their level being high.

  • This medical writing course in Delhi would even cover drafting and editing of medical documents.

  • Get to learn medico-marketing and digital marketing tricks for healthcare products.

  • A module on how to get your write-up published is given in this course’s ending.

  • Submit all assignments and assessments timely and complete the designated hours of training to get the certification.

  • They have an eligibility criterion too.

Fees for Online Medical Writing Course in Delhi:

12,000 to 20,000 rupees


Email id- [email protected]

6. Coursera – Medical Writing Academy in Delhi

The 16 universities that sponsor Coursera courses

Coursera is a well- known online portal. It includes a very wide range of courses that too which are approved by most of the prominent institutions across the world.

Coursera’s Medical Writing Course is known as ‘Writing in the sciences’

This online course takes 30 hours to attain certification.

This course is limited to people with medical background. This course is beneficial for people from the medical field to enhance their presentation of ideas as it focuses majorly on the technical part of medical writing.

This could be considered as a good option of medical writing course in Delhi.

Why to go for Coursera?

Here are the reasons:

  • It covers principles of good writing, tricks for writing quickly and even suggests ways to reduce anxiety.

  • It teaches how to deliver a scientific manuscript, peer reviews and even covers ethical issues in scientific publication.

  • This medical writing course teaches provides scientists with the information to write out their discoveries and display it to the entire public.

  • It teaches grant writing.
  • Writing for general audiences is included.

  • A student’s grammar, medical writing skills, science communication and writing skills are all turned better.

  • Stanford University offers this course.

  • The course is very comprehensive and consists of 8 units.

Coursera Medical writing course in Delhi fees:


Payment is required for certification.

For Additional information,

Check out this website-

Check out- Medical writing course in Bangalore

7. CfPIE

The Centre for Professional Innovation and education's logo. A blue globe present in the end.

CfPIE- The Centre for Professional Innovation and Education is a global institute that provides quality life science training.

They offer a huge variety of course options in medical devices, bio technology, and cosmetics disciplines.

This Medical writing course in Delhi is really a good one.

Why to choose CfPIE?

Here’s Why:

  • It gives the aspirant a chance to get a deep insight in the comprehensive medical and technical writing.

  • Learners gain certification post course.

  • This course covers the main fundamentals of effective medical writing and how to become an efficient communicator and good researcher.

  • It includes 3 core courses Pharma and Biotech Courses, Skin/ Cosmetics Courses and Medical Device Courses.

  • It covers 5 modules which are interactive.

  • An elective course has to be chosen with some other classroom course.

  • After course completion and examination, one receives the certificate.

For this Medical Writing Course fee look up their site.

8. Biomed Informatics

Biomed Informatics Medwin Hospitals Logo. A red cross is present on the left corner.

Biomed Informatics Medwin Hospitals ranked as the best medical writing course in Hyderabad.

Being an online course any one can access it from any place.

This too can be a good Medical Writing Course in Delhi to give your consideration. Their training module covers the aspects of clinical trial documents. Interpreting journal notes is taught too.

Why to choose Biomed Infographics?

Here’s Why:

  • There are three slots in the online classes, namely, Regular, Fast Track and weekend individual. You can choose the one that best suits your speed and time.

  • Placement support for the participants is provided by this institute.

  • 12 necessary modules to become a Medical Writer are covered by this.

  • Case studies and clinical reports would be reviewed by the learners.

  • Learn to write Patient safety Narratives.

Check out this website for fees details and more information:

Email-id: [email protected]

Contact No.- +91 99896884450

9. Udemy

Udemy's logo. A 'u' written in red

This organization not only provides Medical Writing Course in Delhi but also offers a very wide range of courses to choose from.

This medical writing course would help you decide whether Medical Writing is truly your field.

The pre-requisites for this course are a high degree in sciences, English fluency and the art of writing(obliviously) .

This course is really beneficially for professionals who are taking a break from work and want to try out their medical writing skills.

This course would even help monetizing your content.

The basics of medical writing would be covered.

Why to choose Udemy Medical Writing Course?

Here’s why:

  • This online course gives a certification which can be added in your skill in LinkedIn.

  • It helps in your skill enhancement in the field of medical writing.

  • Courses available here are of reasonable prices.

This Medical Writing Course in Delhi fees:

455 rupees

It is an online platform. Which means that it can be accessed where there is an internet connection.

For more information:

Visit this website:

10. Bioinformatics Institute of India

BIT Institute in Noida

This Medical Writing Course teaches unique techniques to scientific and medical writers.

They believe that the research of a document is important. Along with it one should be well-versed in drafting, proofreading, editing, creating journals, and managing them and also writing reviews based on different medical experiments.

It focuses on the researching and writing part of medical writing.

Why to choose Bioinformatics Institute of India?

Here’s why:

  • It gives you the chance to know about all the aspects of scientific and medical writing.

  • Helps you make contribution in the field of medical writing by your contributions.

  • It imparts skills to present the new discoveries in a simple yet beautiful way to the public.

  • It focuses on Promotional Literature.

  • Regulatory submissions are highlighted.

  • Brings out the great importance of clinical trials.

  •  The eligibility criterion for admission is present.

For information regarding fees kindly visit their website.

Email Id- [email protected]


These were the Top 10 Medical Writing Courses in Delhi.

Hope you are able to decide your course aptly.

It’s up to you to choose the right course for you. It may belong in any position on this list.

It is advisable to visit each website and take your time deciding the best course for yourself.

After all, it’s our choices that matter far more than our abilities.

Good Luck choosing the right course for yourself and hope that come out as a skilled medical writer.

William Osler rightly quoted that it is astonishing with how little reading a doctor can practice medicine, but it is not astonishing how badly he may do it.

This quote meant that to achieve success in any field one should be really well-read in all the complicacies and intricacies of that field.

If you aim to become a medical writer, you need to join courses and understand the concept completely before pursuing this career.

Firstly, you need to understand yourself before explaining someone.

Perfection comes with time and practice makes a man perfect. To attain success in this field keep practicing timely.

‘Always remember to do what you love and love what you do.’ Positive feelings about your work increases your potential in it and even keeps your interest aflame.

Don’t feel dejected if your document gets rejected by any firm. Remember to take criticism positively. Medical writing is a huge field and opportunities keep appearing. Be hopeful one day you would surely find your call.

It is said, ‘Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.’

Medical writing is too based on chances and the real worth of the experiment.

Sometimes your articles might not be written for that time. It might hold a prospective future scientific theory in them.

‘Rome was not built in a day.’ A good medical write-up would take time to formulate.

These medical writing courses are your guides through this tricky journey. They will help you learn difficult concepts in a simple and engaging way.

If you are a professional you would grab something new for sure. There is always something to learn from each and every little thing. Being a medical writer, you should be really quick in catching details.

A field like medical writing requires serious practise. These courses will provide you practise and even a platform to show your calibre.

Patience is another important requirement for being a medical writer. Wait patiently for the results of your article but also be patient when you listen.

Medical writers should be patient listeners. They should take in every word of the doctors or scientists they are working with seriously.

Casualness in listening can lead to many faults while writing. Don’t force them to quickly speak up their theory or experiment. Allow them explain everything slowly and completely. You can keep noting the main points.

Experimenting yourselves can too be a valid step. Some R and D yourselves never goes wrong.

Instead, it gives you a deeper insight on that topic. You would even get better ideas. It would be easier to express your views.

While writing try keeping your mind closely on to what you are writing. Distraction can usually make us forget what we were doing.

Lastly, I wish you loads of luck on your journey. Keep following your dreams and one day you would surely nab them.

Just remember; medicines cure diseases, doctors cure patients and a medical writer pens down how the patient was cured.

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Ans. Medical writing is a career in which a person is continuously fueled with new scientific learning and has the task of penning down these discoveries for the public. It is a science that indulges in the creation of scientific documents.


Ques-2. Is an MMBS Degree required for Medical Writing?

Ans. No, you don’t need to be a doctor for becoming a medical writer. Anyone with a basic bachelor’s degree in life sciences can take up this course


Ques-3. Which is the Best Online Medical Writing Course?

Ans. Henry Harvin Medical Writing Course


Ques-4. How much does a medical writer earn?

Ans. A medical writer earns between $52,000 to $80,000


Ques-5. How good is medical writing as a career

Ans. Medical Writing is a growing profession nowadays. More people are joining medical writing courses to become qualified in this field. Medical writers can now easily find a job in BPOs, KPOs and CROs.

Post Graduate Program in Medical Writing

Henry Harvin® Medical Writing Course Ranks #1 online by Higher Education Digest | Strengthen your writing prowess as you boost your skills as a Medical and Scientific Writer

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