Which are the top 10 EMT courses in Columbia? is this what you are thinking? Well, don’t think anymore as this blog will give you just what you needed to know. Not only that, but we will also discuss some important topics related to the EMT field in this blog. 

Top 10 EMT Corses in Columbia


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EMT, which is the short form of the Emergency Medical Technician, is a course in the medical field. People pursuing EMT courses will be trained to perform and manage the medical pieces of equipment and technologies in the emergency medical rooms and on the field.

As the name suggests, emergency situations can be really tricky. So, practical knowledge, hands-on training, and mental training to handle these situations become unavoidable.

Below you will find a list of Top 10 EMT courses in Columbia with some crucial information to know before signing up for that course. I will also add details about the institute to help you make the correct choice.

Great, so let’s not waste more time and jump directly to our list of Top 10 EMT courses in Columbia.

Top 10 EMT Courses in Columbia


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1. Henry Harvin – Best EMT Courses in Columbia

Henry Harvin Contact No:- +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp With Henry Harvin 

Know About the Academy

Henry Harvin is a prestigious academy that offers you all the in-demand courses such as the EMT course you were looking for. Additionally, they also offer amazing placement opportunities. That is what we want right! Their courses are built in a way that not only helps the students to learn the theoretical parts but also master the practicals of that fields.

In the beginning, it is really important to link yourself with an academy that will give you the security of your future. That is what Henry Harvin excels in. Nearly 1000 people have benefited themselves from the EMT course by Henry Harvin.

Finally, it’s time to discuss the details of the course. So, here we go…

Course Benefits:

  • You would get 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy 
  • You would get monthly to monthly brush up meetings 
  • You would get the examination materials to comprehend and follow the themes thoroughly 
  • You can get access to LMS (learning the executive’s framework) Henry Harvin 
  • You would get recorded meetings of classes in case if you miss any sessions.
  • Talks would be taken by the experienced experts
  • Additional Supplements provided for effectively pass on projects
  • 100% placements and job opportunities
  • Classes by most experienced faculty in Industry
  • Monthly Boot camp sessions
  • Unlimited Live Sessions in Membership 
  • Get Recordings of All Batches for Lifetime

The Institution offers other courses like Content Writing, Technical Writing, medical writing, Research writing, Creative writing.

Details of Emergency Medical Technician Course by Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin has strategically constructed 26 different course modules for their Medical Coding Courses.
  • However, the overall duration of the course is 90 hours here.
  • Lastly, the fee for Medical Coding Courses in Henry Harvin is INR 44,500/- only.

Henry Harvin Emergency Medical Technician Course  Fees Structure:-


Henry Harvin® Emergency Medical Technician Course Ranks #1 in India by The Economic TimesNews18

Indian Cities Henry Harvin provides Emergency Medical Technician Courses physically


Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:


2. Columbia state community college – EMT Institute in Columbia

Contact No:- +1 931-676-6966

Know About the Academy

If you wanted to study an EMT course in Columbia from a college or university then this college will be just perfect for you. CSCC offers 2 batches of this course. The first batch is from May to August and the second is from August to December. 

One should remember that taking admission to a college can be a tricky thing. Hence, It is wise to be prepared in advance with all the documents required and check their schedules for application. You can go to their website for more details regarding the application process.

Know About the Course

  • 96 hours of the clinical rotational program.
  • Learn to practice alone as well as in squad format.
  • Morning plus evening classes.
  • Hands-on practical training option.
  • Learn to work with emergency specialists.
  • Semester system.

It is important to remember that the students will have to achieve competency level 1 in categories like math, reading, and writing for being eligible to take a course with them.

3. Medshore Ambulance – EMT Training in Columbia

Contact No:- +1 864-224-4444

Know About the Academy

Learning in the medical field can be expensive due to its practical pieces of training. However, Medshore ambulance has the EMT course in Columbia, totally free of cost. Isn’t that amazing! Their course claims to prepare the students for exams to require them to be certified EMTs.

Know About the Course

  • 40 hours of weekly clinical hours.
  • Classes training for 10 weeks.
  • Paid wages during the internship.
  • Offers for a 2-year employment commitment.

I would say if you wanted to take an emergency medical technician course but the budget was your blocking way then Medshore is your best option for EMT courses in Columbia.

4. Columbia Safety LLC – EMT Classes in Columbia

Contact No:- +1 509-820-3883

Know About the Academy

Found in 2016, Columbia safety LLC is a place where you will be getting an EMT course at a very affordable rate. Big government bodies like American Heart Association standards, American Red Cross, NAMET, and more. Their course is well-aligned with the requirements of the state government. Thus taking this course can help you with your government exams as well.

Know About the Course

  • 3 months course duration.
  • Certification on completion of the EMT course.
  • Gain knowledge on topics like foundations of being an EMT, proper lifting techniques, medical and trauma responses, airway management, and more.
  • 7 hours of HIV-AIDS certification.

Remember that they also offer advanced EMT courses if you are already trained for the Basic EMT program. For courses in the medical field, being aligned with government policies is crucial. By choosing this course you will not have to worry about that because they have already taken care of that concern.

5. RC Health Services – EMT Academy in Columbia

Contact No:- 281-416-5939

Know About the Academy

RC Health Services is a USA-based academy that provides all the courses related the EMS. Which is the most important thing to consider before taking an EMT course? For me, it would be having the experience. With that in concern, RC health services claim to have one of the finest minds on their team to make you an expert on the matter. 

As we are looking for Emergency medical technician courses in Columbia, we should also take into notice academies being in business in Columbia for the same field. Hence, their being in the field successfully since 2010 is a major plus point to look for.

Know About the Course

  • Study using ebooks and audiobooks.
  • 6 months to Learn the didactic portion at your own pace
  • Hands-On Clinical Experience.
  • 140 hours to learn EMT didactic portion.
  • Two skills practice days and at least one National Registry Skills Testing Day.
  • 48 hours of EMS timings.
  • Learn 6 patients transport.
  • 24 hours of emergency department time.

They also have the option to go from basic EMT to advanced EMT training if you wish to advance your career in the field. 

Emergency medical technician in columbia


Image by: Martin Splitt

We are in the mid way of discovering our top 10 Emergency medical technician courses in Columbia. I feel this is also the right time to know what are some of the different roles you can get into after the course. 

What are the roles you can play after taking EMT courses in Columbia?

If you become an emergency medical technician by taking an EMT course in Columbia, you can choose roles like,

  • Emergency room technician.
  • Medical assistant.
  • Trainer – Medical academics field.
  • Health information technician.
  • Medical writer.

Now that you have more clarity on the career options, we can get back to the point where we left our conversation.

6. Midlands Technical College

Know About the Academy

Midlands technical college claims to be academically equivalent to the best colleges in the Southeast, with small class sizes where students can receive individual attention.

Courses like EMT require hands-on practical training and thus having a small class size is a big pro for students. The fact that they offer morning and evening classes at 6 campuses gives the flexibility and is also a pro for the student. 

Know About the Course

  • Short courses for 12 weeks duration.
  • Long courses for 6 months.
  • Flexible timings.
  • Options of on-campus, Virtual, Hybrid, and Online classes to choose from.
  • Practical training.
  • Different locations are available for practical.

MTC has faculties that are experience in their respective field for years. Also, their multiple course options let the students choose from the fee they feel comfortable with. 

7. Coursera: by Angela Wright, Arthur Pliaconis, Whitney Barrett, Kathrine Lopez.

Know About the Academy

If you want to take just the beginner’s level course in the EMT field then this course by Coursera will be the right match for you.

The fact that it is a 100% online course suggests that it is only meant for those who want to learn the basics of EMT and save someone’s life in danger. This might not be the right choice if you want to take this for your career advancement.

Know About the Course

  • Sharable certificate.
  • 100% online course.
  • Learning at your own pace.
  • 7 months duration to complete the course.
  • Their syllabus includes topics like EMT Foundations, Medical Emergencies: Airway, Breathing, and Circulation, Medical Emergencies: CPR, Toxicology, and Wilderness, Trauma Emergencies and Care, Emergency Care: Pregnancy, Infants, and Children, and Prepare for the EMT Certification Test.

According to me, this is a very good basics course if you want to introduce yourself to EMT duties. This course provides a lot of theoretical knowledge with videos and study material to learn from.

8. Allied Medical Training.

Know About the Academy

The founder of Allied medical training was himself an EMT at the start of his career. Which, I feel gives all the aspiring people in the field of healthcare a motivation that you can too become like him.

They are also accepted by NREMT and many more. They have helped over 5000 people to transform their lives. 

Know About the Course

  • Over 100 hours of Self-paced learning.
  • 40 hours of on-field training.
  • Option of day or evening training.
  • NREMT exams included.
  • Full refund in 15 days if you do not like their EMT course.

Well, if some academy is offering a full refund then we can be assured that they have worked on their course with great details. Also, look for details of practical training dates and other details on their website while applying for it.

9. EMT & Fire Training Incorporates

Know About the Academy

Knowing where you take the course from is as important as the course itself is something EMT & Fire Training incorporates an emphasis on.

For the same argument, they mention that their instructors are experienced and they themselves have cleared the NREMT certifications. On the basis of that, their course and training methods are proven to be exceptional for the students. 

Know About the Course

  • Two options to choose from, Online EMT with remote assessment, and Online EMT with in-person skills week,
  • Study at your own pace by using their LMS.
  • 24-hour instructors at the helpdesk.
  • All equipment will be shipped to you.
  • NREMT course preparation.

There are a bunch of healthcare courses available at Safety Unlimited Inc. EMT course is also one of them. They provide so many facilities that it becomes difficult to choose which course you want to sign up for. Let’s learn about some of the benefits of choosing their EMT course.

10. Safety Unmilited Inc

Know About the Academy

There are a bunch of healthcare courses available at Safety Unlimited Inc. EMT course is also one of them. They provide so many facilities that it becomes difficult to choose which course you want to sign up for. Let’s learn about some of the benefits of choosing their EMT course.

Know About the Course

  • Courses to choose from are 40 Hours, 20 hours, and 10 hours.
  • Course fees are within budget and are frequently found on sale price.
  • 24 Hours of Distributed Learning (F3) and 16 Hours of VILT (F5) Training 
  • FRA certification.
  • On the completion of the course, the student will receive a total of 3 certificates, One for the national component, one for the state level, and one for the individual level.
  • Choose dates for practicals from their calendar.

With multiple options to choose from, and fees also being on sale prices, this course becomes a good packaged deal. You can also opt for their other EMS courses depending on the level you currently are at.

If you have decided to go for an EMT course then these are 14 such terminologies you must be aware of.

Emergency medical technician


Image by: National Cancer Institute

Let’s learn a few EMT terminologies used while learning the EMT courses at Columbia.

  • First Responder – The person typically trained to the first-responder level who is likely to be the first person on the scene with emergency care training. 
  • EMT-Basic – The emergency medical technician is trained to the basic level.
  • EMS System – Emergency Medical Services system.
  • Emergency Medical Responder – Under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2005 National EMS Scope of Practice Model, designation of the level of EMS practitioner that will replace the existing first-responder level.
  • Paramedic – The designation of the level of EMS practitioner that will replace the existing EMT Paramedic level to provide the highest level of prehospital care, including assessments, formation of a field impression, and invasive and drug interventions.
  • Prehospital care – Emergency medical treatment is given to the patients before they are transported to a hospital or other facility. Also called out-of-hospital care.
  • Medical direction – The Medical policies, procedures, and practices that are available to EMS providers either offline or online.
  • standing orders- Preauthorized treatment procedures; a type of treatment protocol. See also off-line medical direction, and protocols.
  • critical incident stress debriefing – Session usually held within 24 to 72 hours of a critical incident, where a team of peer counselors and mental health professionals help emergency service personnel work through the emotions that normally follow a critical incident.
  • pathogens – microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses that cause disease.
  • Standard of care – Emergency care that would be expected to be given to a patient by any trained EMT under similar circumstances.
  • Tort – Wrongful act, injury, or damage. See also an intentional tort.
  • anatomical position – a position in which the patient is standing erect, facing forward, with arms down at the sides and palms forward.
  • anatomy – the study of the structure of the body and the relationship of its parts to each other.

Summary from our EMT courses in Columbia list.

There are some basic life skills which should be learned by everyone. EMT course in one of such skills. The fact that learning and taking a basic EMT course can help you save someone’s life in case of emergencies is a good reason to do it. Other than that, in the field of healthcare, Emergency medical technicians also have great career opportunities. 

While other courses may make you a professional by just learning theoretically, the EMT course requires practical training. So, choose the course which you think will give you the best training options and where the faculties are the experts in solving critical situations. 

I hope you found these Top 10 EMT courses in Columbia informative and useful. Do write in the comment section if you have knowledge about any other EMT Courses in Columbia.  

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Ques1. Is there any free course for an EMT available at Columbia?

Ans. Yes, the course by Medshore ambulance is totally free of cost. You can check more details about them from their website.

Ques2. What is clinical rotation?

Ans. The clinical rotations in medical school are assigned shifts at an approved healthcare site. Once assigned to a particular site, students deliver supervised care individually and as a team. Tasks such as patient interviews, examinations, lab data reviews, team discussions, and more are common practices.

Ques3. Which government exams I can take for EMT certification at Columbia?

Ans. You can take the NREMT exam for EMT certification at Columbia.

Ques4. How much can I earn if I become an EMT at Columbia?

Ans. Salary is a subjective topic. It depends on your education and experience. However, the basic salary of an EMT in Columbia falls between $31,420 and $39,580

Ques5. Is there any age limit for taking an EMT course?

Ans. Yes, generally all courses and certification exams require the candidate to be of 18 years or above.

Ques6. what are some EMS levels?

Ans. Some of the EMS levels are EMR, EMT, AEMT, and paramedic.


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  12. EMT, which is the short form of the Emergency Medical Technician, is a course in the medical field. People pursuing EMT courses will be trained to perform and manage the medical pieces of equipment and technologies in the emergency medical rooms and on the field.

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  14. EMT, which is the short form of the Emergency Medical Technician, is a course in the medical field. People pursuing EMT courses will be trained to perform and manage the medical pieces of equipment and technologies in the emergency medical rooms and on the field.

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