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Introduction to Medical Coding course

Medical coding course is to transform healthcare diagnosis, procedures, and medical services into universal alphanumeric codes.

The transcriptions of physician’s notes, laboratories, radiologic results, etc are taken from the medical records to make the diagnoses and procedure codes.

The Medical coding experts ensure the correct utilization of the code for the medical billing process.

It includes the abstract information from the documentation, assigning the appropriate codes, and creating a claim to be paid by insurance carriers. That helps to summarise the heavy medical reports into efficient and data-friendly codes.

Medical coding should describe the whole story of the patient’s encounter with the physician and must be specific in capturing reimbursement for rendered services. Find the details of the top 12 medical coding courses in Delhi as below.

Delhi, the country’s capital, has a healthy healthcare industry thanks to government initiatives. Needless to say, taking a medical coding course in Delhi is a lucrative career option in this day and age.

Top 12 Medical coding courses in Delhi

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the top-ranked institutes in Delhi. The institute is recognized for its uniqueness and quality of training. Henry Harvin’s customer base extends to 97+ countries with offices in the US and India.

They have business verticals including College Programs, Public Programs, Corporate Programs, Skill Development Programs, Books, Assessments, and Consulting Services. The institute is known as a career and competency development organization.

They are quoted as an Online University with around 200+ Programs for Upskilling and Reskilling. The vision of the institute is to reshape the growth of individuals and organizations globally by delivering excellent training and services.

With the mission to continuously innovate products, processes, people, and markets the institute builds the highest levels of operational efficiencies to increase customer value. Click on the link to see the details of the Medical Coding course in Henry Harvin.

Nine advantages in One Course 

  • Training: Two-way live online interactive sessions for 90 hours 
  • Projects: Projects are related to the fields of HCPCS, ICD-10 CM, CPT, and many more
  • Internship: Internship assistance to get experiential knowledge in Medical coding Course
  • Certification: Completion of Medical coding Course Certificate is provided by Henry Harvin 
  • Placement: 100% placement assistance fortified for 1-year of post-completion of the Medical coding course
  • E-Learning: Access is given to varied tools and techniques along with the subject related videos and assessments
  • Bootcamps: Bootcamp sessions are provided for the next 12 consecutive months of Medical coding course completion
  • Hackathons: Free Access is given to the subject related Competitions and #AskHenry Hackathons 
  • Membership: A year of Gold Membership from Henry Harvin® Writing Academy for the Medical coding Course is provided

Trainer’s fine points

  • Industrial expertise with over 15+ years of working experience
  • Training partners select the faculties from numerous reputed organizations blended with years of work experience
  • Trainers from Henry Harvin are invited for 150+ keynote classes for the Medical coding course
  • Over 350+ lectures are delivered from the domain expertise

Gold Membership Benefits of Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin provides 1 year of Gold Membership of Henry Harvin 
  • Bootcamp sessions free for 1-year
  • Secure the Alumni Status from Henry Harvin and become one of the reputed Alumni
  • Guaranteed internship
  • Assistance with Weekly job openings
  • The institute emphasize on industrial proficient projects

Benefits from learning Medical coding Course from Henry Harvin

  • Get extensive knowledge about Medical coding along with Medical Terminologies and their usage
  • Learn to segregate difficult Medical words related to Medical coding
  • Recognition of common medical abbreviations, symbols, and plural words
  • Exploring the importance of Documentation in Medical records and related dictation formats
  • Dealing with Medical Records and learn confidentiality
  • Introduction to the history and actual coding process of the ICD-10-CM coding system
  • Determination of various infections, parasitic diseases, and neoplasms, and learning to code them
  • Fetch extensive knowledge about V-codes, E-codes, and ICD-10-CM coding practice

Henry Harvin Educational Recognitions

  • Top Corporate Training Award winner, Game-Based Learning Company under 40 Business World Award
  • Affiliation from American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKCert, UKAF, Project Management Institute(PMI), and ISO 29990:2010 Certified
  • 200+ Youtube Testimonials with 4.5+ Rating, 1400+ Google Reviews, Rated on Trustpilot, Goabroad, and many more

Course Types, Benefits & Fees:

To know more information about fee structure please check it here:-

Cities in India where Henry Harvin medical coding course is provided:


Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin® Medical Coding Course Ranks #1 in India by Teh Economic TimesNews 18

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2. Magnet Medical Coding Solutions  – Medical Coding Institute in Delhi

Contact Number –  095406 00910

Magnet Medical coding Solutions is the best-growing institute for Medical coding courses in Delhi. The Medical coding course in this institute has aimed to make anybody make their career in the Healthcare industry as Medical Coder.

The institute helps individuals to get work as a freelancer or employees in the Medical coding field. The institute has complete R.C.M included in the course.

To enable the individual to jump into the Medical coding company without prior experience in the Medical field. The institute offers live online classes along with offline classes.

Main Objectives of this institute for Medical coding

  • Classify the uses of the CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II code books
  • Understand the application of the official ICD-10-CM coding guidelines
  • Code diagnoses and procedures according to coding conventions
  • Understand the information in the appendices of the CPT code book
  • Determine the E/M service levels
  • Provision of the practical application of coding operative to manage, evaluate and generate appropriate reports

Achievements of the institute

  • Around 973+ students have completed different Medical coding courses from the institute
  • Currently, almost 200+ students are pursuing the course 
  • To date, 1000+ students are hired by the reputed companies

3. Odyssey Informatics – Medical Coding Training in Delhi

Contact Number- +91-7303310930

Odyssey Informatics is the growing institute for the Medical coding course in Delhi. The institute provides live online classes with experienced Certified Medical Coder trainers. The institute helps students take their respective classes as scheduled timetable and prepare for the CPC Certification exam under the trainer’s guidance.

Key features of the institute

  • Online training: In an online Medical coding course training, students can opt to study at any time from anywhere through the internet. The institute has one-on-one dedicated training professional expertise to help learn the course
  • Classroom training: Classroom Medical coding course training is provided by CPC certified trainers every weekend(Saturday and Sunday) for three hours. Medical coding course Certification is given upon the successful completion of the course.
  • Certified candidates are assisted to attend their Medical coding job interviews via video conferencing through the video call. The institute helps to get hired for Work from home opportunities.

Training Program Involves

  • COC/CPC/CIC Certification exam by AAPC
  • CCS Certification exam by AHIMA
  • Live one-on-one class sessions
  • Helps students to crack the CPC exam
  • Provide sample questions and practice question papers.

4. Resolve Medicode 

Contact Number -91 8148452460

Resolve Medicode is one of the best institutions in the top 12 Medical coding courses in Delhi. The institute provides the certification course and placement assistance to the students.

The Medical coding candidates completing the Medical coding course from this institute are placed in the leading MNCs across the country.

Resolve Medicode institute customizes any type of Medical coding course in the medical facility guidelines. Online and classroom training facility is provided by the institute.

Advantages of joining Resolve Medicode institute

  • Industry based Medical coding training
  • High skilled professionals are involved 
  • The institute has links with the leading brand for Medical coding training
  • Study materials as per the course requirements are circulated at the end of each class
  • Certification in Medical coding course, after the completion of the course

Course duration details 

  • 40hours course duration
  • Weekday classes (Monday-Friday)
  • Weekend Saturday batch is available

5. Genus Healthcare Solution 

Contact Number – 099112 22639

Genus Healthcare Solution is an emerging competition among the top 12 Medical coding courses in Delhi. The institute offers a combination of the healthcare industry and Business Process Management technology.

The institute helps students to get solutions based on industrial practices. And ensures the best service in providing knowledge. They deliver high-standard training with the most relevant infrastructure, technologies, and rendering solutions in varied spheres of medical care.

The Medical coding course modules cover the CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM codes, and coding guidelines.

Main features of Medical coding course in Genus Healthcare Solution 

  • 80 hours course duration for experience trainees in class
  • 120 hours course duration for freshers in class
  • CPC exam scheduled after the completion of the course syllabus
  • Weekday classroom sessions held for 2 hours from Monday-Friday
  • Weekend and evening sessions available based on the working professionals
  • Training will have basic principles and guidelines for Medical coding 

6. Elate Academy

Contact Number- 085068 03446

Elate Academy institute is ranked one of the top 12 Medical coding courses in Delhi. The institute teaches the fundamentals of Medical coding to prepare its students for certification and help them fetch a better career in the Medical coding industry.

The online training is provided at the AAPC learning portal to enrich students with study materials, interactive lectures, mock tests, etc.

Features of Elate Academy

  • Around 60+ Certified trainers are available 
  • 215 courses completed to date
  • 1015 mock tests conducted
  • 1070 interactive lectures are delivered
  • 24*7 technical support  

Why to select Elate Academy for Medical coding course 

  • The institute is the first AAPC approved institute in India
  • 1-month of free internship after the completion of the Medical coding course
  • Flexible online learning through the AAPC learning portal

7. AOP Training Institute

Contact Number – 090333 05099

AOP Training Institute is one of the reputed training institutes in the top 12 Medical coding courses in Delhi. The main aim of the institute is to give reliable and precise data to the students of Medical coding. The institute also focuses on the students to become self-confident and become new expertise in Medical coding.

Main features of the AOP training institute

  • Course Duration: 3 months is the course duration. The institute works with experienced guidelines. The institute provides two hours of classes per week. Trainers of the institute are CPC certified and are specialized instructors with subject knowledge.
  • Training course: The institute offers 100% certification and job oriented Medical coding course. Trainers are the Medical coding expertise from Medical professional companies. The focus of the training is to clear CPC exams successfully.
  • Corporate training: The institute provides corporate training services with the best global teaching strategies. Excellent learning with all the help of effective tools is part of corporate training.
  • Live projects: The institute provides live projects training from the healthcare industry. Helping students to get real-time experience with the projects.

8. Medesun Healthcare Solutions

Contact Number – 098739 22932

Medesun is one of the recognized institutes for 12 Medical coding courses in Delhi. The institute has the course material designed by professional coders that run in the current Medical practices.

Dr. Gupta sets the course curriculum for the Medical coding course. The main focus is to fit the 100% exam pattern.

Medesun authorized Medical coding training for online and classroom modes to help students advance their careers. 2 months of Weekday training for 2 hours per day (Monday-Friday).

Learnings in Medesun institute on Medical coding

  • Differentiate assigned codes and coding systems according to ICS-10-CM
  • Application of relevant CPT codes 
  • Use HCPCS codes to generate reports to billers
  • Generate reports to insurance companies
  • Integration of modifiers and complying with various compliance rules
  • Mock tests to prepare for the CPC exam

Benefits of learning Medical coding at Medesun institute

  • Grasp an opportunity to learn Online Medical coding
  • Instructors dedicated to providing real-life knowledge in Medical coding
  • Recent coding trends and techniques emphasizing a comprehensive learning
  • Remote classes with appropriate time duration per class are focused
  • CPC Exam book guidance and study materials 
  • Weekly and daily tests are conducted

9. CIGMA Medical Coding Academy

Contact Number – 484 402 0640

Cigma Medical coding Academy is well established among the top 12 Medical coding Courses in Delhi. The institute helps transform the fresher into an experience Medical coder. The institute provides classroom training and online training. 

Best features of the Cigma Medical coding Academy institute in the Medical coding course 

  • High-quality training with the best class certified trainers
  • The institute has accredited by IAF and IAS associations and is ISO certified
  • Students are made job-ready with the well-focused real-time projects
  • 100% placement assistance is focused
  • Corporate training is provided for 120 hours
  • Weekend and weekday training is available with 2 hours of daily classes

10. Acusis

Contact Number – (412) 209-1300

Acusis Office Photos | Glassdoor

Acusis is a leading healthcare institution in the top 12 Medical coding courses in Delhi. They focus on e-learning Medical coding courses with the self-paced online training facility. They provide successful and sustainable home-based Medical coding courses across India, the US, and the Philippines.

Highlights of the institute in Medical coding course

  • The institute is a self-paced online course providing the institute with the focus to produce qualified Medical coding professionals
  • In-depth knowledge in Medical coding is designed according to the US Healthcare
  • Subject expertise with around decade-long experience in the real-time industry
  • Certified trainers with the purpose of online mentoring are provided

Details of the Institute for Medical Coding course:

  • 3 months course duration
  • Assistance in successfully clearing the interview
  • Can join the Acusis for Medical coding course online from anywhere around the globe
  • Completion of CPC/COC certification within 3months
  • Enhance the student’s capability as an independent coder
  • Help to continue to work from home on a salary and incentive basis

11. Apex Medcom

Contact Number – 088920 44518

Apex Medcom institute is one of the best online top 12 Medical coding courses in Delhi. The institute focuses on supporting students with a “can-do attitude to life”.

The entire team of instructors, staff, and trainers are well-qualified and facilitate students with all the necessary details of the Medical coding course.

Features of Apex Medcom in Medical coding course 

  • Completed around 500 batches 
  • About 1200+ students are certified
  • Almost 5787 placements provided

Why select Apex Medcom for the Medical coding course

  • Trains students to complete their course with the in-depth knowledge in the course
  • Well-experienced training staff to help students to build a basic foundation in the Medical coding course
  • The syllabus is designed as per the industry standards with the well-equipped learning environment

12. Pinnacle Coding Academy

Contact Number – 098737 28842

Pinnacle Coding Academy is the fast-growing institute among the top 12 Medical coding courses in Delhi. IndusInd Global started this institute to train the students about Medical coding and its uses in the Healthcare industry.

The institute provides different coaching centres in Delhi. The institute caters to online training to learn easily and comfortable without travel.

Importance of Medical coding course in Pinnacle Coding Academy

  • Classes are scheduled to cover all days of the week to accommodate working professional timings.
  • Weekday classes for 1-2 hours daily
  • Weekend classes on Saturdays and Sundays  for 3hours 
  • Online classes for around 1-2 hours


Contact Number – 1-800-626-2633

AAPC - Advancing the Business of Healthcare

If you’ve ever searched for a “medical coding course near me,” you’ve come across the American Academy of Professional Coders, now known as the AAPC. A reputable training and certification body supporting the healthcare industry. AAPC offers a condensed medical coding course in Delhi, but also offers a complete package that teaches the nuances of medical coding and trains candidates for certification and assessment so that new coding professionals can enter the economy and have stable careers.


  • Get education and training from an expert who is one of the creators of certification exams.
  • Additionally, there is an assessment at the end of each module to gauge your progress. In addition to reading assignments, it includes audio lectures, critical thinking exercises, and other learning activities.
  • You will also receive instruction and guidance from AAPC Certified Trainers.
  • Finally, you get all this for a fraction of the cost of a college/university medical coding program.

Medical coding course Fees and Duration

Please visit the AAPC website for terms and a full-price list.

14 Absolute Medical Coding Institute (AMCI)

Contact Number – 412-212-8327

Even if you search for a ‘medical coding course near me’, you can learn from any institution in the world thanks to our virtual educational medium. This is what brings us to Absolute Medical Coding Institute (AMCI). Located in Pittsburgh, USA, this institute offers one medical coding course in Delhi.


  • Learn medical coding while preparing for exams.
  • A one-stop coding training institution with certified expert trainers. 
  • And with its own trademark, Test-Taking Techniques (TTT), participants are encouraged to pursue the most challenging yet rewarding area of medical coding: forensic coding.
  • You also earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through post-certification/exams support.

Medical coding course Fees and Duration

The 80-hour full Professional Medical Coding course package includes textbooks, membership, and exam fees, and is priced at $3,500.

Academy of Medical Coders India

Another medical coding course in Delhi is the Academy of Medical Coders India (AMCI). The institute is a non-profit constituent academy of the Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India (IGMPI), providing professional training, news, and analysis on all aspects of medical coding. It offers PG Diploma in Medical Coding, Executive Diploma in Medical Coding, Part-time Diploma, and Distance Learning Diploma in Medical Coding via Virtual Media.


  • The industry-recommended executive/part-time program offers flexibility to study while working or doing business.
  • They also offer free learning materials, training kits, LMS support, and deployment assistance.
  • You can pay in installments too. 
  • The curriculum is approved by the Quality Council of India.
  • Moreover, IGMPI certification expands your professional qualifications.

Medical coding course Fees and Duration

Please visit The website to request course duration and program fees.


Contact Number – 099444 78988

Another search result for a “medical coding course near me” is Vcodemy. This institution offers one medical coding course in Delhi. Led by AAPC-certified coder Vijayarani Sivakumar, (20 years of experience in the US healthcare industry), the curriculum covers medical terminology, physiology, anatomy, ICD, CPT, and the HCPCS coding system.


  • Many modules are divided into 256 lessons of “digestible” learning units.
  • The importance of anatomy and physiology is easy to understand, even for applicants without a scientific background. 
  • Doubt clarification session with the instructor.
  • Finally, practice exams to prepare for the AAPC certification exam.

Medical coding course Fees and Duration

For more information on course lengths and course fees, please visit their website.

16.Procertes Institute

Procertes Institute

The next result for a ‘medical coding course near me’ is Procertes Institute. We offer short-term medical coding and billing certification programs to pursue a lucrative career in the healthcare industry. Procertes Institute offers two medical coding courses in Delhi, Basic and Advanced. Advanced Medical Coding and Billing online training provides step-by-step instructions for ICD-10CM, CPT, and HCPCS coding and an introduction to medical billing.


  • Expert trainers are assigned according to the candidate’s schedule and region.
  • Also, a series of tests to assess the candidate’s weak areas and work on them further. 
  • In addition, candidates will receive a certificate of completion after completing the course training.

Medical coding course Fees and Duration

For more information on course duration and course fees, please contact them through their website.


Medical coding is to transform healthcare diagnosis, trials, medical services, and types of equipment used to treat patients into universal medical alphanumeric codes. In USA & UAE, Medical coding is the backbone of Medical care.

The Medical coding course is the process to cover abstraction of information from documents, assigning the appropriate codes, and creating the claim for the insurance companies to pay.

Therefore, medical coding professionals make sure the correct code is applied during medical billing. A massive number of Medical coding professionals are required by Medical care to code the record of the patients.

The salary of Medical coding professionals as freshers is around 15000 to 20000 per month.

Medical coding professionals have capabilities :

  • Handling information of patient’s treatment, diagnosis, and related procedures to ensure proper coding
  • Clinical review and coding for the medical necessities of payment claims
  • Documenting of clinical rationale to help to review the policy coverage and procedures’ of the client
  • Providing technical assessments and medical policy review
  • Investigation of the rejected claims rejected and working on the denial issues
  • Report if any fraud insurance inspected

Nowadays, many employers are adopting Medical coding from home. Many healthcare industries are providing work from home with flexible working hours to increase productivity.

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Ques1. How can I become a Medical coder?


Ans. To become a Medical coder you need to do the following:

– Complete the Medical coding course 

– Take the respective examination

– Gain the appropriate experience


Ques2. Is Medical coding the correct path to choose?


Ans. Yes, you can. As per Medical Healthcare, the requirement for the Medical coding professionals would increase by 40%-50% in next coming years.


Ques3. Can I work as a Medical coding professional from home?


Ans. Yes, there are many Medical-Healthcare industries looking to hire the work from home professionals.


Ques4. What would be the average salary for Medical coding professionals?


Ans. The average initial salary would be around 4-6 lakhs per year. And experienced professionals can earn an average of 15 lakhs per year.


Ques5. What would be the Medical coding course fees?


Ans. The Medical coding course fees can range between 20,000 to 2 lakhs per annum depending on the level of proficiency being chosen.


Ques6. What can be the duration of the Medical coding course?


Ans. The course duration may take around 1 to 3 years.

Post Graduate Program in Medical Coding by Henry Harvin®

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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