Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Emergency Medical Technicians form the core of the emergency services of The United States of America. The United States of America is a land of diverse cultures and limitless opportunities. The U.S. ranks ultimate in its innovations in all spheres. Health is a crucial component of the State. The state-of-the-art of health care system in the U.S. is unique.
EMS provides an intelligent and steadfast response, care, and transport to millions of sick and injured citizenry.
Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are professionals trained to provide competent care to people in emergency medical settings. Often the lives of victims rely on swift response and expert care provided by EMTs.

Work of EMTs

Immediately responding to 911 emergency calls, Emergency Medical Technicians discharge emergency life-saving medical services, such as CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) or Bandaging a bleeding wound, and transport victims to medical facilities for further care. Often, they work in conjunction with police and the fire extinguishing team.

Terms of employment

The majority of the EMTs work on a full-time basis. The services rendered are physically strenuous and stressful and seldom involve life-or-death situations.

Pre-requisites to Practice as an Emergency Medical Technician in the USA

Here are some Basic Facts on how to become an EMT:

Minimum Age

Must be over the age of 18

Entry-level education

Postsecondary educational program in emergency medical technology

Pre-required education A Diploma in High school or equivalent and certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Program

Available Courses

– Formal EMT course of 150 hours

– Advanced EMT level of 400 hours

– Paramedics (most advanced) of 1200 hours

Job Outlook

(2020 to 2030)

–  About 20,700 job openings each year
– Jobs projected to grow 11% from 2020 to 2030 (Faster than average)

Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

– All states require Emergency Medical Technicians to be licensed
– Must be certified by The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians  (NREMT) at the national level
– Complete 8 hours of course instruction before an EMT drive an ambulance.

Annual Wages

Median annual wage in May 2021 – $36,930 

Work Hours

·    Mostly Full Time
·    Some work for >40 hours/week
·    Overnight or on weekends
·    12- or 24-hour increments
·    Volunteer EMTs may work only a few days/week
Career Advancement May advance as physician assistants, medical assistants as well as other administrative positions
Qualities Required in an EMT . Ability to handle stressful situations professionally
. Gentle and Versatile
. Good Communication Skills
. Dedicated Team Player
. Exuberant
Quick Facts To BE an EMT

Top 10 Emergency Medical Technician Courses in the USA

1. Henry Harvin



About Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is the best choice to master the Emergency Medical Technician course as it dominates as follows:

  • Renowned across the globe, Henry Harvin has its head offices in California (US) and Delhi NCR (India).

  • Henry Harvin is one of the leading Edtech companies with clientele in 97+ Countries globally.
  • In the vicinity of Edtech companies, Henry Harvin ranks amongst the Top 500 globally and Top 100 in India.
  • Offers 200+ highly in-demand courses for retraining and reequipping the personnel in career advancement.
  • Have faculty with 15+ years of experience in corresponding ball fields.
  • The Elite Healthcare Academy provides various medical training and has super-eminent alumni networks.
  • Rewarded with the Top Corporate Training Award, Company of the Year 2021 by Prime Insights, and The 30 Most Admired Companies in 2021 by Insights Success.
  •  An ISO 29990:2010 certified and affiliated with the American Association of EFL, MSME, UKAF, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, UKCert, Project Management Institute (PMI), etc.

Benefits of joining the EMT Course with Henry Harvin

  • Follows NSDC Curriculum designed by concerned field professionals 
  • Retailored study material
  • Also, recorded videos of the sessions are available for revision
  • Guaranteed internship programs, hands-on practical training, case studies, and help in gaining scholarly insights 
  • Additional tutorials on savvy functioning, soft skills, and Resume writing
  • Monthly Boot camps to equip with related current trends 
  • Course available through the mobile app that gives the ease of joining the session from anywhere
  • One year of Gold membership at the Paramedical Academy of Henry Harvin facilitates the acquaintance with different mentors and different batches throughout the membership period.
  • Guaranteed weekly job support as the academy has tied up with various hospitals and diagnostic centers.

Course Highlights

  • The course is self-paced, with live interactive training classes, and it gets completed in 6 months.
  • The course covers the fundamentals of patient assessment, Human Anatomy and Physiology, medical terminology, medical ethics, emergency management, infection control methods, and management of biomedical waste.
  • Familiarizes the student with basic computer skills
  • Offers Technical Modules that explain Trauma care emergencies, Interpersonal communication skills, assessment techniques, and emergency management of medical conditions and triaging.
  • Teaches advanced skills such as giving CPR, ABC (Airway, Breathing, and Circulation) assessment and management, and managing acute medical conditions such as diabetes and asthma.
  • Coaches the medical procedures like starting intravenous access and giving Intravenous medications; resuscitation of trauma sufferers, bandaging techniques
  • Demos the rescue process, stabilizing patients, and transferring them to the medical facility.  

Course Fee for Emergency Medical Technician course with Henry Harvin

  • Fee: Rs.66000/- for Live virtual classroom teaching
  • Fresh batches start every week
  • Accepts NEFT and credit card payments
  • No Cost EMI options also are available. 

Check Henry Harvin’s other courses:

2. National Medical Education and Training Centre (NMETC)


NMETC, located in Massachusetts, offers high-quality Emergency Medical Technician education and training. The education given is not only in the traditional classroom setting but also through online and hybrid programs to facilitate anyone to pursue a career in EMS and EMT.

Further, the NMETC team is devoted to finding innovative solutions to provide education deeply rooted in principles and delivered through feasible methods most suited for the modern tech world. NMETC provides never compromised training to meet the emergency care demands.

Students at NMETC get groomed with skills employing advanced simulations and cutting-edge technology. Later, they are allowed to practice these skills in real-life situations and on actual patients. 

Throughout the training, they are under the supervision of experienced mentors from similar fields to fill students with confidence. 

The mission of the institute is Get Trained, Get Certified, and Make a difference.

Program Details

  • The course requires 192 hours of instruction and training sessions.
  • The approximate training duration is 4-5 months to complete, and the applicant’s age to qualify is at least 17 years.
  • The NMETC has a 100 percent pass rate for its certification-seeking trainees.

The EMT Program Application Fee is $50 and EMT Program Tuition Fees is $1800.

  • Other Associated Fees include Fees for Textbooks, BLS Certification, Uniform, National Registry Examination fees, and travel and accommodations fees for Bootcamp sessions are additional.
  • A $700 deposit should be paid to reserve a seat with facility to pay remaining payment in next seven days of joining. The institute provides In-house financing solutions. 

 3. Allied Medical Training (AMT)


A Minnesota-based Allied Medical Training Institute is a team of Emergency Medical Technicians, paramedics, and doctors jointly striving to convert the general population into healthcare professionals by offering medical courses.

Since its inception in 2010, the institute has transformed over 5,000 people into healthcare professionals. The team provides an unparalleled classroom and virtual learning experience.

Allied Medical Training has accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) and NREMT. Many courses offered have approval for continuing education leverages of the Minnesota POST Board.

Two parts of The Allied Medical Training program –

  • Part – I – Online Learning – Over 100 hours of self-paced virtual learning available 24/7
  • Part – II – Skill Lab – Over 40 hours of hands-on training during day or evening sessions and the NREMT skill exam for the state license, certification, and registration. 

Formats of Skill Lab Sessions

a. Skill week – From Every Monday to Sunday (Seven consecutive days or  one week) it provides learning and practice of hands-on patient care skills over a week.

b. Evening Skills –provides learning and practicing hands-on patient care skills during evening sessions (6:30 pm – 10 pm) two evenings per week for six weeks.

Program Details

  • The course gets completed in six months.
  • The course provides Well-designed and Proven curriculum for students’ success. Students should dedicate enough time reading the textbooks, watching online lectures, and completing the required quizzes and exams.
  • AMT also provides resources in an online classroom to study, depending on one’s learning style.
  • The course fee is $695 for Part I, and $1,250 Part II. Additional Fees for BLS course ($80), rent or purchase of textbooks, e-books ($30 to $110), and NREMT Certification fees.
  • Institute accepts major credit cards for paying tuition fees, gives money-back guarantee within first 15 days if not interested in the course.





The Coursera Institute offers EMT Medical and Trauma Emergency Care and helps trainees evolve into full-fledged Emergency Medical Technicians to provide skilled first responder emergency medical care. 

The Emergency Medical Technician course enables the learner to gain skills in emergent patient care, stabilization of the patient, and disease processes. This specialization teaches to care for stable and unstable patients even before they get to a hospital.

Skill based learning helps students to identify time-sensitive health problems and medical and traumatic conditions in adults and pediatric patients.

 The Emergency Medical Technician Course contains Five modules – 

  • 1st Module – Ensures that the learners can assess a case and prepare to provide care, understand the basics of patient assessment, memories of emergency medical services, and the requirements to be an Emergency Medical Technician. 
  • 2nd Module – teaches about ABC (airway, breathing, and circulation), emergency medications and medication administration allowed for EMTs, and identification of a patient having a specific disease condition. 
  • 3rd Module – covers the advanced skills related to high-performance cardiopulmonary resuscitation, toxicology, and emergency medicine. 
  • 4th Module – offers skills for handling trauma emergencies and 
  • 5th Module – includes care for pregnancy, infants, and pediatrics.

Program Details

  • The learners earn a Certificate upon completion which they can share on their Linkedin profile or printable CVs.
  • Courses offered are 100% online and one can start instantly and learn on schedule.
  • Gives the flexibility to set and maintain deadlines.
  • The course doesn’t require any previous experience.
  • The course gets capped in approximately seven months if done at a pace of 3 hours/week.
  • Classes will be in English. However, subtitles are given in English, French, German, Vietnamese, Portuguese (European), Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic.
  • Free enrollments are at hand, Financial Aid and scholarships are available. There is a facility for refund of fees, and at present fee structure is not known correctly.





UC Davis Fire Department ranks No.1 in the hands-on EMT Certification Program in California. Designed and taught by the UC Davis Fire Department to candidates interested in emergency medical care and who want to pursue advanced medicine.

The program runs on par with the National EMS Education standards for EMTs. Affiliated to Yolo County Emergency Medical Services Agency, UC Davis got accredited by the state of California.

The curriculum planned is meticulous and targeted to prepare eminent EMTs. UC Davis aids students to gain skills in essential problem-solving, evaluation of illnesses or injuries, basic life support methods, and safe administration of medications.

UC Davis Emergency Medical Technician Program will give its student quality EMT training from the UC Davis Fire Department, One-on-one training with pre-hospital care veterans, Hands-on clinical experience or direct patient observation in a hospital emergency department, ambulance, and fire department.

Program Details

  • The program consists of online lectures, simulation-based lab sessions, in-person content reviews and activities, and skills practice.
  • Attendance is always imperative and so students are tracked hour by hour and they MUST make up the missed hours on an hour-for-hour basis.
  • US Davis trains the learners to get eligibility appear for the National Registry of EMTs examination. 
  • A course completion certificate is awarded to those who scored 80% or better upon fulfilling all clinical requirements. 
  • Administrative aspects of emergency medical care, such as workforce safety, communication, and medical, legal, and ethical issues taught most importantly
  • The students who join US Davis should be at least 18 years old, should have a current American Heart Association (AHA) BLS Provider CPR certification, and need to have the ability to read, speak, and write fluently in English.
  • The course fee is $1950, includes a $100 non-refundable enrollment fee that is refunded 14 days before classes begin. No refunds are allowed after that. Additional Fees has to be paid for other miscellaneous things. 
  • No financial aid is available and no credit cards are accepted currently.





Creighton University, located in Omaha, Nebraska, is a gilt-edged college that offers the best training for EMTS. The excellence of Creighton in EMS education is unsurpassed. The college holds the record of 87 percent for higher-than-average first-attempt pass percentage in the NREMT certification test.  

The EMT course curriculum focuses on patient assessment and authenticates the fundamentals of emergency care procedures. The education provided is innovative and gives a competitive edge to its learners. The certification allows them to continue as health professionals and gain educational credits. The University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Paramedicine and American Heart Association Certification Courses. 

Program Details

  • Creighton offers a 16-week EMT course.
  • The students have classroom classes two times a week for a four-hour duration.
  • Secondly, they receive hands-on training in in-hospital clinical and ambulance to practice the skills they need to provide emergency medical care to patients. 
  • Further, Creighton has accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.
  • In addition, as a Nebraska-approved EMS training agency, Creighton is also recognized by the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services.
  • The curriculum was developed by emergency medicine experts and taught by intellectual and experienced faculty. These passionate professionals dedicate themselves to the students’ success in their professional endeavors.
  • The price of the Emergency Medical Technician course is collegial. The tuition fee costs $795. Deposit fees for admission, textbooks, the NREMT certification exam fee, and other materials costs are additional.





Emergency Medical Technician and Fire Training Incorporated, located in Post Falls, Idaho, is renowned for the best refresher courses. The institute offers multifarious continuing education, recertification, and refresher courses. 

For instance, the 40-Hour EMT NCCP Package, 24-Hour Traditional EMT Refresher Course, and the 20-Hour National Component Course Package, 50-Hour AEMT NCCP Package, 60-Hour Paramedic NCCP Package are some of the courses ponied-up. 

The syllabus requirements under the National Continued Competency Program model are met and recognized by the NREMT. CAPCE accredited all the courses set forth by the institute. 

Program Details

  • This course furthers to maintain certification, gain three more attempts at the NREMT exam if already failed three times, or for the purpose of readmission.
  • Classes are taught online with PowerPoint presentations, with an assessment exam following each class.
  • Certain prerequisites are necessary for the course, like good computer skills, a high-speed broadband network for attending virtual classes and viewing videos, a headset, and a passion for learning.
  • Further, the 24-Hour Traditional EMT Refresher Course costs $240, and the 20-Hour NCCP EMT National Component Course costs $165. The cost of an EMT Online Course with Remote Assessment is $2995.





With its headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, American Red Cross is the best institute for recertification. The organization offers the most economical continuing education opportunities to emergency medical technicians (EMTs). 

Red Cross supports the Emergency Medical Technicians learn and staying current with CPR, AED, and other basic life support skills for adults, children, and infants. The Emergency Medical Technicians at Red Cross have chances to improve their skills and foster relationships with other health care providers, thus driving acceptable patient outcomes.

CPR/ECC guidelines for EMT courses are congruent with AHA Guidelines. Red Cross provides a blended format of learning – an in-person or virtual mode of learning. The learners have the flexibility of online learning and completing their training through dynamic Simulation Learning under the guidance of expert instructors. 

The EMT student must have a current Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR certification before the licensing/certification processing. Training depends on current technology, techniques, and teaching, under the mentorship of cognizant instructors.

Program Details

  • The Red Cross EMT training is available round the year, nationwide at Red Cross locations.
  • The course adheres to the criteria set by the accrediting organizations and has the accreditation of state accrediting bodies.
  • American Red Cross EMT has tailored the training sessions to include comprehensive subjects, such as performing primary patient assessments, maintaining ventilation for infants, children, and adults, using CPR and AED judiciously, handling medical and trauma emergencies appropriately, and pharmacological interventions.
  • Additionally, enrichment modules are kept available. The modules included are regarding training in managing asthma and anaphylaxis. The module also teaches epinephrine auto-injectors, applying c-collar, and techniques of back boarding. 
  • Lastly, the cost of training varies depending on the course selected, where the learner hails from, and whether the training taken is online, hands-on, or combined.





UCLA has its administrative office in Los Angeles, California. Being among the top Emergency Medical Technician online training centers focuses on basic-level healthcare providers who care for patients with medical emergencies and traumatic injuries. Utilizes the skills gained in handling patients needing emergency care as pre-hospital patient care is crucial.

This course includes simulation labs to help students get a real-world exposure and provides versatile practical assignments. The duration of the course is eight weeks and aims to indoctrinate top skills in Emergency Medical Technicians. Once completed, the learners are allowed to take the NREMT certification exam that helps to apply for a practicing license. 

Program Details

  • ULCA offers an accelerated EMT program of one month (4 weeks) or the online EMT program of 8 weeks.
  • The accelerated program classes are available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; Wednesday is the day for seeking skills guidance, content review, and clearing doubts from the faculty.
  • The virtual program comprises lectures, interactive sessions, assignments, and skill lab practice every Monday and Wednesday. The rest of the week is to pursue on-site skills.
  • The course prerequisites include a minimum of 18 years of age, BLS Certification, EMT preparation optional course, medical clearance, and complete National Incident Management System course: ICS 100 and 700.
  • Accelerated Classroom Courses fee is $1,595 +Required Materials is $342. The online Course + Skills Sessions fee is $1,595 + required materials is $342.





Prodigy is the best center for renewal, situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The institute is an excellent choice for online learning to get the credits needed to renew NREMT certification. The self-paced method makes getting recertified more clear-cut as learners can choose it certainly and offers a high-quality online learning platform.

Prodigy offers a variety of live courses to choose from; these self-paced classes are only 14 hours in duration. So a student requires proper planning to attend live courses. Contingent to the number of hours of a course, the classes are split into several continuing education units (CEUs). The courses furnished are CAPCE-approved which gives the course completion certificate. 

Program Details

  • Prodigy offers courses round the year. The learners learn from variety of topics such as the pulmonary system, the cardiovascular system, and medical problems like pain management, infectious diseases, and endocrine emergencies. 
  • Students can register for classes online but should remember the timings of the classes.
  • Rescheduling the self routine is crucial to attending the proposed sessions.
  • Mostly, the courses are put forward with increased recertification deadlines.
  • Timely submission is imperative, and not to keep them pending until the last minute.
  • At Prodigy, recertification costs roughly $225 and gives access to all the courses that need recertification.
  • NREMT requires the renewal of certificates. So, renewal is to be done once every two years by taking the cognitive exam or by completing 40 hours of continuing education.
  • Prodigy excellently helps learners finish the required CEUs at one’s own pace and then go for certification.  


In Summary, we have reviewed 10 EMT courses in the U.S.A and compared cost, duration, accreditation, and various courses offered. Further, those who are looking to start a career as an Emergency Medical Technician with no prior certification or necessary education, then you must complete a basic Emergency Medical Technician course and take the NREMT exam. Depending on feasibility, location, and routine one can opt for online and hybrid courses. 

Another key point is that experienced Emergency Medical Technicians looking for recertification also have many ways to get CEUs or take an online refresher course.

Almost all the EMT courses put forth by different institutes are accredited by CAPCE or an equivalent, recognized by NREMT, and approved CEU providers. Every institute has intellectual mentors to teach and provide extra support to prepare students for the NREMT exam. Ultimately, many options are available if someone wants to start or continue a career as an Emergency Medical Technician with resilience. 


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Ques.1 What is an EMT Course?

Ans. The EMT course is a training program that prepares first responders in the arena of an emergency to provide immediate care. The EMT course aims to offer cardinal emergency life saving services.


Ques.2 What is the role of an EMT?

Ans. EMTs immediately respond to 911 emergency calls, discharge emergency life-saving medical services, such as CPR or Bandaging a bleeding wound, and transport victims to medical facilities for further care.


Ques.3 What are the working hours of an EMT in the USA?

Ans. The majority of the EMTs work on a full-time basis. Some work for >40 hours/week, while some work overnight or on weekends, 12- or 24-hour increment basis, and few serve as Volunteer EMTs only a few days/week. 


Ques.4 What is the minimum age required to get trained as an EMT?

Ans. Almost all the institutes in the USA offer training to candidates who are a minimum of 18 years.


Ques.5 How Much Do online EMT Courses Cost?

Ans. Basic EMT online courses range from $1,600 to $1,900. Also, one should pay additional fees for textbooks and online material, travel and accommodations for the skills lab portion, and application and exam fees. Advanced EMT course costs above $4,500, while refresher and recertification courses are much less expensive at around $200.


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  11. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Emergency Medical Technicians form the core of the emergency services of The United States of America. The United States of America is a land of diverse cultures and limitless opportunities. The U.S. ranks ultimate in its innovations in all spheres. Health is a crucial component of the State. The state-of-the-art of health care system in the U.S. is unique.

  12. If you want to become an emergency medical technician without any training or certification, you must take the NREMT exam and complete a basic emergency medical technician course. One can choose between online and hybrid classes based on practicality, geography, and schedule.

  13. I’d like to thank the blog’s author for including so many details. I enjoyed reading this blog and learned a lot about the emergency medical technician program.

  14. Emergency Medical Technician with no prior certification or necessary education, then you must complete a basic Emergency Medical Technician course and take the NREMT exam. Depending on feasibility, location, and routine one can opt for online and hybrid courses.

  15. Henry Harvin will instruct students in a professional course. It aids pupils in developing their abilities across several platforms. It offers classes in every subject, including IT, technical, academic, and medical, among many others.

  16. The majority of the EMTs work on a full-time basis. Some work for40 hours/week, while some work overnight or on weekends, 12- or 24-hour increment basis, and few serve as Volunteer EMTs only a few days/week.

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